PNR Boss’ wife, a DOTC contractor?


What’s this I have been hearing over there at the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) that the wife Philippine National Railways (PNR) General manager Joseph Allan Dilay is one of the main contractors of the said department’s projects?

Gina Dilay reportedly supply’s the electronics, office equipment, and construction needs of the agency allegedly using various private corporations.

But an employee of the DOTC, who requested anonymity, said Dilay is not actually a contractor but only acts as an agent or broker of the suppliers or contractors.

“Mrs. Dilay would look for huge projects inside DOTC. Once a multi-million project is identified, she would then contact a company, mostly owned by her friends, who would supply or deliver the services needed by the agency,” the employee explained.

The same source said that for acting as a middleman or broker, “Ma’am Gina” charges 40 percent commission from the company which would definitely corner the targeted DOTC juicy project.

“Usap-usapan sa loob na 20 percent ng commission kay Maam Gina napupunta at yung 20 percent naman para sa mga bossing namin dito sa loob,” my DOTC source added.

Veteran lawyer Nelson Borja said if the report is true, Dilay is not only violating the government procurement act but the Civil Service Code as well since her husband not only works for the government but also heads an agency that is directly under the DOTC.

Legal experts agree that Mrs. Dilay’s business dealings with the DOTC is a perfect example of conflict of interests since her husband works for the same department.

This is not the first time that the PNR boss’ wife was linked to a government transaction. In a news report in 2012, Gina Dilay is said to have brokered for the no-bid proposal for the construction of the LRT 1 expansion to Cavite.

Using the family business, the JAD Group of Companies (short for Joseph Allan Dilay), the Dilays allegedly made its fortune on its transactions with the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA), according to the same report.

My mole at the DOTC suggests that the Senate should invite Mrs. Dilay to its next hearing to shed light on her reported participation in tapping the Autre Porte Technique Global Inc. (APT Global) for the continued maintenance of MRT 3 despite its contract having already expired in September last year.

The Senate definitely should summon Mrs/ Dilay to its next hearing. I’m sure she has a lot to say when it comes to DOTC needs, and the LRT and MRT operations.

Right, Sen. Grace Poe?

* * *

Another nasty DOTC rumor going around
Aside from the story that the wife of PNR Boss Joseph Allan Dilay is a contractor at the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC), a nastier rumor is circulating among its employees.

The gossip that is going around these days over at the DOTC, is that Mrs. Gina Dilay had a hand in getting Autre Porte Technique Global Inc (APT Global) to be the current maintenance provider of the MRT 3,

The DOTC admitted that it is paying P57 million a month to APT Global for the upkeep of MRT 3. But MRT 3 always has a breakdown that endangers the lives of passengers.

Rumormongers claim the reason the MRT continues to break down almost everyday is that APT Global does not purchase new parts for the train but merely hammers or glues unserviceable parts.

And where does the monthly P57 million-maintenance budget go? According to them, P15 million goes to the broker or middleman; P30 million is divided between two cabinet members, while the rest to pay for its CEO, Mario Dela Cruz, the consultants, engineers, and technicians who laboriously try to fix these trains with hammers, screws drivers, and glue every night.

Tsk,tsk,tsk…good thing this is just a rumor. Or is it???


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  1. This is why our country sucks. Millions of people suffer from poverty because of these corrupt people. The simple MRT which is supposed to benefit thousands of people making a living, students, and elderly is now undergoing unsustainable deterioration. These everyday riders are suffering while these corrupt officials continue to reap in millions every month from our taxes.

  2. Remember also that Marlo (not Mario) dela Cruz is an incorporator and director of PH Trams, a two-month old company with under-capital that managed to replace the reputable Sumitomo after DOTC ejected them from the MRT’s maintenance. So now we have some clue where the P57M monthly budget goes, an obvious question that the Senators mysteriously never bothered to ask. Rumor or not, DOTC has clearly not bought any spares. That much is certain.

  3. I hope my comments won’t be deleted. This is really a very disappointing news if true. It would just prove that all the measures to curb corruption have been in vain. Can anybody within that “select group of recipients” still sleep thinking about the hardships of the MRT/LRT passengers as they struggle to work everyday? Where’s JUSTICE ?

  4. Shouldnt all this information be passed onto the angencies that check into corrupt practices, or whatever it is called. It seems in every single department where money is made there is someone corrupt. How can this ever be sorted out. 1st of all get rid of the bank secrecy law, then under any pretence anyones bank accounts can be freely accessed by the authorities & people can then be quickly bought to task.
    Then speed up the courts system & we know that can be done as the laude case with pemberton will be sorted before a year is out. So if the power of the law can be quickly used against foreigners then do the same with pinoys, or is there discrimination involved here.

  5. In the Philippines, this is normal – just look at every public official across the land – a relative is involved in providing services and products to the govt inspite of conflict-of-interest laws which obviously mean diddly squat in the Phils – look at the lifestyles of some pols – Bong Revilla and family – they live multi-millionaires when the main source of income of Bong, Lani and their children are their public positions; Jinggoy and family – they can afford a build a 150 million house on very questionable sources of income and a lot of other pols

  6. All kind and types of corruption is possible under the PNoy administration, so the meat of this article is not unexpected.