• POC aims to build training center for athletes


    To address the lack of sports training centers in the country, Philippine Olympic Committee President Jose “Peping” Cojuangco plans to create a special training program for Filipino athletes particularly those who are gearing up for international competitions.

    “What I plan to do now is to put up a special training program for strengthening of athletes and adopt those recommended by the NSAs (National Sports Associations) and put them into that kind of program,” Cojuangco told The Manila Times in an interview.

    Cojuangco said that he aims to start formulating the program by March in connection with the Philippines’ goal to reclaim its glory in international competitions including in the 2017 Southeast Asian Games to be held in Malaysia.

    “We did it partially last year, pero ngayon uumpisahan natin by March. I’m talking about the future. Basically, we will have a lot of competitions to face in 2017 kaya nakahanda tayo,” he said.

    Besides the SEA Games, the POC plans to send athletes to the inaugural World Beach Games in San Diego, California.

    Cojuangco said that he wants the program to focus on scientific training.

    “What we really need is a training center. That is very important. How can you prepare an athlete when you don’t have the proper training facilities? Ang daming nating sport na walang facility,” said Cojuangco.

    “We cannot house them properly, feed them right, and monitor their sleep cycles. Things like these are very important. Not until we have that kind of setup we cannot really be competitive,” he added.

    Cojuangco stressed the paramount importance of a proper nutrition program.

    “Food is No.1. It is not just the amount of food. It’s the quality and the time you feed them. Breakfast, lunch, dinner would no longer suffice. That’s no longer the way athletes are being fed. It’s always the timing,” said Cojuangco.

    “You only build muscles that are needed for the movement of the sport. We need to feed them right to give them the right movements so that they can develop the muscles they need.”

    A proposed measure for the establishment of a Philippine Amateur Sports Training Center is still pending in the Senate legislative committee.

    Filed by Senator Sonny Angara on August 26, 2014, Senate Bill No. 2371 seeks to build a training center that is furnished with modern training equipment, technology, facilities and modern amenities that will ensure the highest level of training for national athletes.



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