• POC election committee allows Vargas, Tolentino to run


    The Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) election committee allowed Ricky Vargas and lawmaker Abraham Tolentino to run as president and chairman, respectively, in today’s POC election at the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club in Mandaluyong City.

    Election committee members led by Frank Elizalde, Br. Bernardo Oca and lawyer Alberto Agra announced the decision on Thursday.

    POC President Jose Cojuangco Jr. FILE PHOTO

    “After all, they (POC election committee) listened to the court. Let’s just pray for the betterment of Philippine sports and we are really thankful to the decision of the election committee,” Tolentino told The Manila Times in a phone interview.

    Gymnastics Association of the Philippines president Cynthia Carrion, a known supporter of Vargas and a member of the POC board, welcomed the new development.

    “That is a marvelous news. I’m really happy that democracy prevailed. We are thankful to God and we are praying all the way for this. May the best man win tomorrow,” she said.

    Vargas and Tolentino, heads of NSAs for boxing and cycling, respectively, will challenge incumbent POC President Jose Cojuangco Jr. and his running mate Philippine Table Tennis Federation president Ting Ledesma in today’s POC poll.

    Cojuangco has been the president of the POC since 2004.

    Last December 1, Judge Maria Gracia Cadiz-Casaclang of RTC branch 155 ruled that the POC executive board has abused its authority in disqualifying Vargas and Tolentino to run in the last POC election. The court ordered the POC to hold a new election on February 23.


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