Poe and Opo: Mr. Binay’s nightmare words


Indeed this is very scary afterthought to pit Grace Poe to Jojo Binay in the presidential derby in 2016. But this idea is now becoming a reality if the Liberal Party intends to preserve its hold to power and securely protect the back of the present inutile president after it bows to power after 2016. This Liberal Party strategists may now have realized the reality of necropolitics rearing its ugly head especially that a general perception have already been planted in the minds of many naive electorates that Fernando Poe Jr was cheated in the 2004 presidential election. Majority of these naive electorates are big fans of popular high rating telenovelas in which the plot will not be complete if there is no scene of one main character being mourned in a casket complete with all those emotional crying led by the main character being portrayed as the “inaapi” and that sooner or later will have his/her triumphant revenge in the end.

Voice from the Wilderness


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