Poe, Binay trade barbs in 2nd leg of presidential debate


CEBU CITY: IT was delayed for at least two hours, but the much anticipated second-leg of the presidential debate organized by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) did not disappoint the public, as four candidates showed up prepared to face each other on fierce arguments.

One of highlights of the event, held at the University of the Philippines in this city in central Philippines, was the exchanges between independent candidate Sen. Grace Poe and Vice President Jejomar Binay, standard-bearer of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), on the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill.

Poe was responding to a question of one of the panelists about the failure of the administration to pass the FOI bill and who among the presidential candidates she thinks would also block the passage of such measure.

She said the Senate of the 16th Congress was able to pass its version of the FOI, which she authored, during the first eight months but was stuck at the House of Representatives because of the failure of the administration to make it a priority.

Binay seconded Poe’s statement on the importance of the FOI bill and even declared that he will issue an executive order on FOI bill if he is elected President, but Poe expressed serious doubts on Binay’s sincerity, noting that he even refused to face the Senate investigation on the corruption allegations against him.

“How can we believe that you will support a true freedom of information?” Poe told him in Filipino.

Binay then attempted to turn the table on Poe and reminded the senator about the issue surrounding her citizenship – that she renounced her being a Filipino when she decided to be an American citizen several years ago.

“When you took your oath, ikinahiya mo ang pinanggalingan mo (you were ashamed of your beginnings),” Binay said.

Poe rejected this, noting that there are more than 10 million Filipinos living in different parts of the world, and the country even enacted a dual-citizenship law in recognition of those who would want to be citizens of another country of their choice besides their country of birth.

“They may have decided to live in other countries but their love for the country remains,” Poe said, addressing Binay.

“You may be living here in your country, but then you embezzled,” she added in Filipino, drawing cheers from the crowd.

Binay then tried to pull a fast one on Poe by reading from a document containing Poe’s oath when she renounced her Filipino citizenship at a time that she became an American citizen.

But he was stopped by the moderator, TV5’s Luchi Cruz-Valdez, reminding him about a rule against using any document and/or notes during the debate. JEFFERSON ANTIPORDA 



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  1. I believe that VP Binay, although a HR lawyer, lost in his debate to Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares in the 2nd Presidential Debate. Binay was not given the chance by Poe to answer his questions and VP Binay question on Poe when she abjure “TINAKWIL” the Philippines was answered properly by Poe. Binay should have asked Sen. GPL that when she took the oath of allegiance to the United States of America, did Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares, promised under oath to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States even to the extend, if called, fight other foreign countries even her former country, the Philippines?
    VP Binay questions was very shallow and easily answered by Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares at nag mukha si, VP Binay, “SISIW” at si Sen. GPL ‘AGUILA ” lalo na ng tinanong ni Sen. GPL anG “PHILREM” at lalong nangitim si VP Binay at tumalikod. DI BA JLDC?

  2. Migs Doromal on

    BINAY was the BIGGEST LOSER in the second presidential debate.

    ONLY BINAY (pun intended!) wanted to bring his “kodigo” in the “entablado.”

    What a big joke and yes his rivals made a big joke off him during the delay which was recorded by TV5!

    BINAY is a goner.

  3. Rizalito David on


    Can somebody please tell Grace Poe Llamanzares that there is an ocean of difference between having an acknowledged popularity and a recognized leadership. Binay and Duterte have the latter. Grace has the former and so with Mar for a brief period of time. Binay and Duterte have mass followings as their base of support given their recognized leadership. Grace and Mar have mass followings that are really fleeting and cannot be relied upon as bases. There are people willing to die for Binay and Duterte. Something that Grace and Mar will never have. Incidentally, except for Sen. Jovy Salonga, none of those who emerged number 1 in the Senate races ever became Senate president. This post is a testimony somehow of ones recognized capacity to lead. And with the exception of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, none of the topnotchers of recent memory ever made it to the presidency. Gloria certainly has the kind of leadership which is not present in Grace and Mar. Seriously, the contest is just between Binay and Duterte.

  4. My God is it is not only BInay but also Mar and his supporters ……including Tony Carpio
    of the notorious lay firm called THE FIRM during Ramos(FVR) time and the other oligarchs most of whom have dula citizenship as it almost impossible to trave fast due to the LOW REGARD FOR THE PH PASSPORT.

    furthermore were it not for the OFWs , the PH economy would be in the pits……

    Ano ba naman, evemn the resoning of the elite who want to continue the STATUS QUO are supporting the DQ of POE.

    Nakakahiya……so kapal and stupid,,,,,,,no not stupid,,,,,they make the country STUPID

  5. Binay got toasted. He panicked when he was asked about how sincere he is about passing the FOI, then attacked Poe on her personal choices that is not related to her eligibility or competence to be a President. Low blow by Binay, only showed he has no class or will do all means to get an advantage, but he failed.