Poe can run – SC

MY VICTORY IS YOURS Senator Grace Poe thanks her supporters during a Women’s Day rally at Liwasang Bonifacio in Manila. PHOTO BY CZEASAR DANCEL

MY VICTORY IS YOURS Senator Grace Poe thanks her supporters during a Women’s Day rally at Liwasang Bonifacio in Manila. PHOTO BY CZEASAR DANCEL

The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday lifted all legal obstacles to the presidential run of Sen. Grace Poe, the first foundling to seek the country’s highest post.

With a vote of 9-6, the High Court said the Commission on Elections (Comelec) committed grave abuse of discretion when it disqualified Poe on the ground that she is not a natural-born Filipino.

Those who voted in favor of Poe were Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and Associate Justices Presbitero Velasco Jr., Diosdado Peralta, Lucas Bersamin, Jose Mendoza, Francis Jardeleza, Marvic Leonen, Benjamin Caguioa and Jose Portugal Perez.

Associate Justices Mariano del Castillo, Antonio Carpio, Teresita Leonardo-de Castro, Arturo Brion, Bienvenido Reyes and Estela Perlas-Bernabe voted to disqualify the senator.

Perez was appointed the new ponencia since his 45-page separate dissenting opinion has become the majority ruling.

It will be the valedictory decision of Perez who is set to retire in December.

Del Castillo, the original ponente, pushed for Poe’s disqualification.

Two Comelec cases reached the SC–the complaints filed by Estrella Elamparo and Francisco Tatad, Antonio Contreras and Amado Valdez.

Another case against Poe is pending at the High Court–a petition for certiorari filed by Rizalito David who questioned the decision of the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) upholding Poe’s candidacy.

With the SC ruling on Tuesday, however, David’s petition may also be dismissed as it also questioned Poe’s citizenship.

Tatad refused to issue a statement on the high tribunal’s decision.

He said the National Transformation Council, made up of non-politically affiliated civic leaders and Catholic bishops and clergy, met Tuesday afternoon in Butuan City (Agusan del Sur) to discuss the issue.

Victory for all
Poe said the SC ruling is not only her victory but also of the millions of Filipinos who have been longing for a government that has sincere concern for the people.

While the decision is not yet final, she noted, there is now a big chance for the country to have real change and a government that will listen and provide the needs of its constituents.

“Ako po ay taos-pusong nagpapasalamat sa ating mga kababayan na hindi bumitiw at hindi nawalan ng tiwala at higit sa lahat ay nagdasal at nanalangin hindi lamang para sa akin kung hindi para sa hustisya [I wholeheartedly thank our countrymen who did not let go and who did not lose hope and who prayed not only for me but for justice],” Poe said in an interview with reporters on her way to the International Women’s Day celebration in Manila hosted by party-list group Gabriela.

She also thanked the High Court for choosing to side with the truth, justice and protection of the oppressed.

“To those who do not know their real parents but grew up with integrity and determination, we now have a chance to aspire big. But most important, to our poor and oppressed countrymen, this will be my mission: The government should protect and treat everyone equally,” the senator said.

Poe broke into tears upon learning of the SC decision.

Vendors who saw her when she arrived at Quiapo Church noticed that her eyes were swollen from crying.

The senator said her vehicle was approaching the church when she learned about the good news so she decided to make a brief stop at the church to pray before proceeding to the rally.

The Comelec said it respects the SC ruling.

“We have voted on that. Each one of us has our own stand on the matter. But after all that was said and done, I think we did our part, we did our job, and the Supreme Court has already ruled on the matter and we have to respect that,” Chairman Juan Andres Bautista pointed out.

Commissioner Arthur Lim congratulated Poe.

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate her for this victory. While I wish her all the best, I can only hope for the sake of the country that this is not goodbye to the rule of law,” Lim said.



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  1. Supreme Courts decision is fair. Imagine, being a foundling is bad enough and now some people want to DQ her. There are a lot of bad people in our country. Some of them are old politician, some are dean that really wants to get public attention and many wannabes. Take note that if Grace is DQ, Binay will be the next president. What a nightmare.

  2. Keep this in mind when and if Poe is elected.

    Sen. Grace Poe plans to tap President Benigno Aquino III as an adviser on anti-corruption should she win the presidency in May.

    Guess we can forget about getting justice and holding any of the Liberal Party accountable for the many scandals.

    Forget the Dap Fund scandal
    Forget the Pork Barrel thieves in congress
    Forget justice for the SAF 44

  3. Shame on this Supreme Court… Lahat natutuwid kahit baluktot.. Dapat palitan na ang batas sa Philippine Constitution.. Poe Violates rule of the law. By the way, kung sakaling manalo sa pagka Presidente, maipakulong nya kaya si Abnoy sa kanyang mga kasalanan??? MAIPAKULONG KAYA NI POE SI PNOY AQUINO KUNG MANALO SI GRACE POE SA PAGKAPRESIDENTE??? SAMANTALANG SI POE ANG SECRET CANDIDATE NI ABNOY…

  4. Kasama sa laban at pagkapanalo ni Sen. Grace ang lahat ng mga foundlings, marginalized, mga Pilipinong patuloy na nakikipaglaban para sa hustisya at mga Pilipinong nagnanais ng tunay na pagbabago at mas maayos na Pilipinas! #POE2016

  5. During the oral,arguments on Poe’s Petition on her DQ case, Justice M. Leonen, who was questioning Atty. Regalado, Poe’s lawyer, premised his question on the unfairness and injustice on Foundlings status and for all Foundlings for their unfortunate circumstances of being abandoned by their parents which he stressed is not their fault. He even minimized the status of babies who had been born with evidence of birth certificate, as if it is non-admissible since the birth is certified by other persons ( like doctors, nurses or midwife) other than the parents themselves. Leonen failed to accept that the birth certificate is evidence of babies birth from a “known parents” as it declares on it who the parents are and their citizenship. Leonen is definitely wrong on his perception that Foundlings are natural born despite the lack of its known parents. It is true that Foundlings are unlucky to be classified as non-natural born since their they are abandoned persons, which is not their fault but by their parents.
    Leonen is also stretching his emotional sadness towards Foundlings by using and playing words to suit his personal sentiments. Instead of declaring himself as a Justice who interprets the law and the Constitution, Leonen label himself NOT as a “legalist” but as “Justice” who must be just and fair. He forgot to put himself as the “interpreter” of the law as a Justice and, therefore, must first be a “legalist”. As such, in the process of interpreting the applicable law, Leonen must find the “meaning and spirit” of the law which may be harsh and not just and fair but still must be so construed against justness and fairness. Leonen emotional sympathy towards Foundlings, if only to allow Grace Poe to run even if not a natural born required by he Constitution, must NOT sear in the Supreme Court as Justice but instead should be seating and holding office in the Dept. of Social Welfare, where the policy and principle of “justness and fairness” is needed, but not in the judiciary.

  6. Samuel Santos on

    If Manuel L. Quezon were alive today, I wonder what he would say, if and when, we get a government run by an American like hell.

  7. What a shocker! There goes the Philippine Constitution! In the end, money talks! The Oligarchs and their “fixer” in the Supreme Court prevailed! Was it 50 million pesos per judge as earlier reported? Poor Philippines. The country is doomed. Now the people will have to choose the “least of all evils” from among these five candidates: “Lying Grace” – known as a liar and identity thief, VP J.Binay – believed to be a thief and plunderer of Makati’s assets and other places such as Batangas, Davao Mayor Duterte – a sexual harasser of young women and a “killer” thug of drug dealers who loves to curse incessantly, Sen. M. Santiago – a sick “Brenda” who refuses to leave the stage for a last hurrah, and former DILG Chief Mar Roxas – PNoy’s choice and heir of “daang matuwid” which may, in fact, be “baluktot”. Well, as they say, may the best man win!

  8. Disgusting SC decision. Poelot followers should not lose track of the fact that she once renounced her Philippine citizenship to become an American…..and then, she renounced her American citizenship to secure a job in the Philippines with the MTRCB. Kung ano convenient sa kanya, doon siya. Plain and simple. “Sincere, may puso, intention to serve the people”………….please, nagpabola naman kayo.

  9. carmen natividad on

    I commend the Supreme Court for upholding the truth and bringing a fair justice to the case of Senator Grace Poe. I wish her all the best on her campaign and the fight for a better government.

  10. Harold Imperial on

    It was the Supreme Court decision so let us honor and respect it. She is the people’s choice. God bless Senator Grace Poe!

  11. Reginald Villamater on

    walang mali sa desisyon na ginawa ng Korte Suprema. 9-6 ang botohan. may botohan na naganap sa pagitan ng mga eksperto sa batas. at hindi lang nila basta binase ito sa kanilang emosyon, o kung ano man. kasama dito ang pagbatay sa saligang batas at mga batas ng pilipinas. kung tayo ay nagrereklamo sa desisyon, bakit di ninyo antaying ang rason na ilalabas ng katataas taasang korte?

  12. Francheska Ramos on

    It was a grand slam for Grace Poe with Justices crossing “partisan” (a matter of perception, not necessarily reality) lines to uphold the rights of foundlings and OFWs, migrants, dual citizens, and global Filipinos. It’s wonderful to see the system work, with Justices voting their consciences.

  13. Naglabasan na ang mga Tuta ng CORRUPTION at mga DYNASTY FAMILIES , they can’t accept the new changes, and they want to remain to continue corruption for that iwere thier way of life!

  14. Sen. Grace Poe is my candidate for president of this rich, bountiful and beautiful country where the problem is the corruption of its leaders starting from the very top since the year 2000 up to now 2016. Grace Poe is a fresh beginning, corrupt free and there is no single corruption case against her person, she went home from a comfortable life in the U.S. to help serve her country and now she is back in the race. I hope this country does not vote a proven and tested government leader but has several corruption cases pending and delaying decisions and findings. Let’s wake up to a new corrupt free beginning for a change…we should believe in.

    • Yes, now we know what the millions of San Miguel can do to a supposedly independent supreme court.

    • This means that you also want to keep the corrupt Noynoy a free man.

      Poe already recommended Noynoy to be her anti-corruption adviser

      And now you are hoping for a “corruption-free” country. What an irony.

  15. noelsalaysay on

    It is ironic that the Supreme Court has allowed the rumoured daughter of the late President Ferdinand Marcos to run for President while his son Bongbong Marcos is running for Vice President. Can you imagine the scenario if both of them wins?

  16. noelsalaysay on

    Is it not ironic, that the Supreme Court allowed the rumoured daughter of the late President Marcos to run for President while his Bongbong Marcos is running for Vice President?If both candidates win on May 9th, Bongbong Marcos will run for President on May,2022 and the Philippines will have a Marcos rule for 12 years. I understand the financial backers for Grace Poe are the same people backing Bongbong Marcos.

  17. This broadsheet reported yesterday that a 50M is offered to each SC Justice to disqualify Grace Poe-Llamanzares allegedly by Mar Roxas and Pnoy. I could not and I did not believe the report. How could Pnoy do that when we know Ms Llamanzares is her secret candidate? It could be the other way around with a businessman as big financer. I was thinking the report was being floated to make it appear the SC is independent devoid of any outside influence. And so it came to pass. The SC, by a vote of 9-5 decided to reverse the Comelec. Can we now say the SC has not been bought? With the learned Seniors Associate Justices voting to disqualify Grace Poe-Llamanzares, were they the one bought? Hardly. They seem to be the most principled Justices of the Supreme Court superior in wisdom than those who voted to allow the Americana to run.

    Meantime, here is another “food for thought” from Commissioner Arthur Lim:

    “I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate her for this victory. While I wish her all the best, I can only hope for the sake of the country that this is not goodbye to the rule of law,” Lim said

    Take it from the Sereno SC, an Abnoy creation.

    • me thinks that the expose was correct. the report said that a former malacan lawyer (de singko???)close to benito and boy pickup is making the offer, me thinks it was boy pickup’s men who were backing her financially and not benito boy sisi since we knew all along that llamanzares is benito’s manchurian candidate. my comment is based on the commentary of charlie manalo of the tribune entitled ‘noy’s fingerprint seen in sc decision on poe’

  18. Juan Delacruz on

    This good news was not received well by Vice President Binay because deep down, he knows where he ends up if he is not going to win this election. The VP might want to shift his strategy on his campaign sorties, but there wouldn’t be that much choices left because, I think, the bank accounts of Limlingan and Baloloy are still frozen.

    The inhabitants of the world know that Philippines, the “Pearl of the Orient Seas”, and one of the most beautiful country in the world because its beautiful beaches, inhabited by God fearing and God loving Filipinos is located in South-eastern part of Asia. However, this beautiful country is also the most CORRUPT country in Asia. It was also once called (about 3 years ago) the most STUPID country in Asia by TIME MAGAZINE, when Nancy Binay won the Senate seat.

    MONEY is a very powerful element that can change all the impossible to favorable, whoever have this mighty element. Elected officials to include those with political appointments, from the highest level, to include Supreme Court Justices have prices and can be bought, if the price is right. Lastly, voters seems to vote for popular candidates, not ability and integrity. Don’t get me wrong, there are still honest politicians and public servants serving the people.

    Political corruptions is frustrating to the majority of the population right now. Ordinary people, like myself, already aware that if candidates spend too much money just to get elected in office, their government salary won’t be enough to recuperate their expenditures during their campaign, kaya yung pera ng bayan ang pag iinitan. Is there any brave legislator / lawmaker that can introduce a law to get these rampant political corruptions under control?

    • The tune of your opinion and belief is that all FLIPS are corruptable amd maybe you are one among them as you speak! Not all FLIPS are CORRUPT but a majority of them as they put these corrupt in the office and keep asking for dole.

    • Penoy Okey-No on

      After Ferdie Marcos, no administration came out clean. The tuwid na daan was parodied as Tuwad na Daan or Tumuwad na Daan just for nothing. If Poe wins, it’s pay-out time. If Binay, Duterte, Miriam, or Roxas wins, it’s pay-out time. Walang tulak-kabigin, puro tadyak-sipain lahat. How many presidential campaigns have we bet our last peso on only to shout corruption in the end?

  19. Cecilia Yamson on

    The SC decides very well with regard to this issue. The issue with regard to Sen. Grace Poe’s residency and citizenship issues is indisputable. Grace Poe is a true-born Filipino and acquired the 10 year residency that is stated in the constitution. She is the best candidate in this race and having a result which in favors her makes me believe that this country have hopes to become a better nation.

  20. Wala nabang hindi mabibili nang kwarta sa Pilipinas? Ito ba ang Pilipinas na binayaran sa dugo nang ating mga bayani? O kailangan ulit ibuhos ang dugo ng mga mamamayang Pilipino upang maging malaya ang ating bayan sa mga ahas at traydor na nanunungkulan sa gubyerno? Kung hindi maaring pagkatiwalaan ang mga supreme court justices, sino pa ang mapapagkatiwalaan?

    Gising na bayan! Pinagbili ang mga kaluluwa ng mga supreme court justices sa diablo! Pinagbili din ang ating bansang pinakamamahal sa isang dayuhan na gustung sumupil sa ating mamamayan. Handa ba tayong ibigay ang ating buhay upang makuha muli ang ating kalayaan? Pagpalain at samahan tayo ng Puong Maykapal.

    • Ginawa lang ng SC iyan para iligtas ang amo nilang Abnoy na makulong.

      Puro appointed nina Noynoy at GMA (nung BFF pa niya si Cory) ang bumoto ng pabor kay Poe.

  21. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    08 March 2016

    Yes, finally, after struggling for several weeks now on a decision whether or not to disqualify Grace Poe Llamanzares as a presidential candidate, the Supreme Court has finally “spoken”–in a close 9-6 decision–in her favor.

    The Court completely reversed the ruling of the COMELEC, the constitutional body charged with the task of vetting all presidential and vice-presidential candidates, which disqualified GPL on two constitutional grounds: 1] she is not a natural-born Filipino citizen, and 2] she is not in compliance with the 10-year residency requirement.

    And to add insult to injury to the COMELEC, it charged the COMELEC with “grave abuse of discretioin.”.

    If the Supreme Court can substitute its own judgment just like that for that of the COMELEC, it is clear that the COMELEC has been divested of its raison d’etre by a Supreme Court which has no problem acting “with grave abuse of discretion”–the difference being that there is no higher authority than the Supreme Court to which an appeal could legally be made, thus making it free to be DESPOTIC.

    I suggest that there is a need to amend the Constitution to divest the COMELEC of the responsibility for vetting candidates for public office, and to limit its function simply to conduct the elections. Let the Supreme Court take over its function of vetting candidates for public office.


  22. naniniwala ako na nanalo si grace poe hindi lang para sa kanya, nanalo siya para sa mga foundlings rin at lalong lalo na sa mga pilipino. dahil sa pagkapanalo niya na ito, naniniwala ako na may pag asa pa ang pilipinas.

    • There is HOPE despite our government has a lot of corrupt politicians running it and bilking the treasury of massive money and instituting political Dynasty, the new DAWN is coming like a fresh new morning that will change the direction of our country and give hope for a new beginning for us all. Fairness for all, “fair and square”.

    • Saka ung pagkapanalo ni Poe ay para na ding panalo ni Noynoy

      Ligtas na ang Abnoy sa pagkakakulong

  23. Truth Seeker on

    Is Poe saying now that the government for which she was a part of was not sincere?
    Nahuli sa sariling labi. Nakakahiya!

  24. taga palm springs on

    Dumb, dumber, dumbest decision of Supreme Court CJ and Justices who legislates! Poor Filipinos will suffer through this foolish and partial maneuverings. We’ll see what happens!

  25. natalia salvacion on

    Supreme Court decision will make a big difference in our country, because starting today we can achieve whatever we want for this nation if we work hard, be vigilant, and make sure we have an honest person like SENATOR GRACE POE to guide us through our journey. ‪#‎POE2016‬

  26. Wow! Dapat na nga sigurong gawing trapo ang bandilang pilipino; at gawing toilet paper lahat ng kopya ng constitusyon. Nakakahiya!!!

  27. mikhail hieronymus on

    Another 6 years of “wait and see” if the people should decide to elect grace llamezares as president. Such is the fate of our country.

  28. To Our Supreme Court or is it still Supreme or a Kangaroo Court: How much? How much did you sold us out? How much did you sold your principle, your dignity, your pride? Chief Justice Serano, shame on you. You have no right to be the Chief Justice, you are totally dumb, mas masahol ka pa sa mabahong isda. Nakaka-awa ka at ang mga anak mo, dahil sigurado nasa history ka na ngang pilipinas, you will be the first ever Chief Justice who violate the constitution. SHAME ON YOU SERANO.