• Poe, Chiz vow government with a heart


    IF elected, the tandem of Senators Grace Poe and Francis “Chiz” Escudero will establish a government with a heart and get rid of slow and inefficient people in public service.

    Escudero, in his speech after he was introduced by Poe as her vice president in 2016, said that the only way to address the most pressing problems of the country is through a detailed platform for each government agency.

    “In governing this country, we cannot afford to dawdle or hold ourselves hostage to analysis paralysis. We should hit the ground running from the first day until the last. We cannot afford to do otherwise,” he said.

    A Poe administration will also strengthen the fight against corruption through the passage of the Freedom of Information Bill (FOI) and by ensuring that government will be run on a simple principle— discretion equals corruption.

    “Minimize discretion and we will be able to minimize corruption; eliminate it and we will be able to eliminate corruption,” Escudero said.

    The senator said he and Poe decided to run without a party because they believe that their loyalty should remain with the Filipino people and not to any political party.

    “We must raise the quality of government service. We must work together and help one another to forge into reality our collective dream of a progressive, developed, orderly, and happy nation, where justice prevails and peace reigns! A country where every Filipino is treated equally, where no one is left behind,” he added. Jefferson Antiporda


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    1. Sana tama na ung panahon na me MALAYSIANONG Presidente ang Pilipinas. Delikado na naman na this time eh AMERIKANONG Presidente ang susunod na iboboto ng mga Filipino. Pilipinas, a nation ruled by foreigners. Quo vadis, Pinas!