• Poe confident of legal victory


    As the country awaits the Supreme Court’s decision on her disqualification case, Senator Grace Poe, the frontrunner in various recent presidential surveys, remains confident that the tribunal will rule in her favor.

    “Not only am I hopeful, I’m confident because we have been truthful to them (SC). At sa tingin ko naman ay ang interpretasyon ng batas o ang diwa ng batas ay para bigyan ng proteksyon ang mga kababayan natin, lalong-lalo na ‘yung mga naaapi, (And in my view the interpretation of the law is always for the protection of the rights of the weak),” said Poe who visited Agusan del Norte Monday.

    Poe said the High Tribunal’s ruling will finally put an end to speculations regarding her case.

    The senator added that she will accept whatever decision the High Court will hand down.

    “Kung ano man ang magiging desisyon ng Korte Suprema ay tatanggapin ko, pero ang aking ipinaglalaban dito ay para sa mga ibang batang katulad ko rin na doon talaga sa tingin ko dapat magkaroon ng malinaw na desisyon ukol dito (I will accept the decision of the Supreme Court, but what I’m fighting for is the rights of the children who are in the similar situation, there must be a clear decision on that),” Poe said.

    The senator admitted that she is more concerned about disappointing her supporters because so many people are hopeful on her presidency and are looking forward to her promise to establish a government that really listens and is sensitive to the needs of Filipinos.

    Asked about her feelings now that the SC is scheduled to rule on her case soon, Poe said she is at peace because her only intention in running to serve the Filipino people.

    Poe recently has also been bombarded with black propaganda to create a notion that she too had been involved in irregularities.

    The latest was a newspaper article claiming that she and her husband purchased a property in United States using a bogus Social Security number.

    But the lawmaker dismissed the story, saying it is baseless.

    “My husband and I have our official number. We have our own place in the US before we returned to the Philippines all the documents regarding that have been submitted to the court,” the senator noted.

    “I did not steal from you, I did not deceive you nor have been remiss of my duty to serve. I am not like the people who they are trying to protect. I’m not a liar,” she stressed.

    Poe lamented that there are people who resort to inventing stories to destroy her.

    A group also criticized Poe for her failure to come up with a measure to protect the poor.

    The senator said that while she is only on the first half of her term, she was able to pass several laws like Republic Act (RA) 10639 otherwise known as the “Free Mobile Texts During Disasters Act” and RA 10640 which streamlines the “Three-Witness Rule” of the Dangerous Drugs Act governing the seizure and custody of drugs.

    She also co-authored six bills that became laws: RA 10635 (MARINA Act), RA 10644 (GO Negosyo Act), RA 10645 (Expanded Senior Citizens Act), RA 10653 (Income Tax Exemption of 13th Month Pay), R.A. 10654 (Amending the Fisheries Code) and RA 10659 (Sugarcane Industry Development Act).

    With the help of her colleagues, Poe also institutionalized the free lunch feeding program for public school children nationwide to address malnutrition.

    Poe, who was abandoned as an infant at the Jaro Church in Iloilo, is the first foundling to run for president.


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    1. Migs Doromal on

      She will hurdle the SC obstacle. Present indicators appear to point that way.

      Next, ERAP will come out to officially endorse GRACE as his chosen candidate.

      There goes the presidential ambitions of the poor brown kid.

    2. Well, Grace Poe is very confident and it seems like the money have been deposited to the individual accounts for the justices. I am not surprised if it turns out to go this way because I have known how corrupt our government is. If she happens to win the Presidential election, it will be on the front page of TIME Magazine, and the caption would say–Republic of the Philippines just elected an American Citizen as its President, and therefore, we (Time Magazine), will give this honor as the “Most stupid Country in Asia”, second time in this decade. The first award was given when Nancy Binay was elected to the Senate.

    3. opinionated na pinoy on

      Politics is evil and dirty, and Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares should have known before getting into the world of politics. However, many Filipinos see her as a greedy politician, liar, and manipulator as well. Is she Greedy? yes she is, because her very short time serving the people, she already have her eyes on the presidency, and she wants it regardless of the price she has to pay and the obstacles she has to go through. Is she a liar? yes she is, and a manipulator as well.

      At some point, a group of voters have asked Sen. Grace Poe what legislation or some type of measures she has proposed, authored or sponsored protecting the poor? She replied, all the bills she authored and sponsored that have nothing to do with the specific question that was being asked.

      Can anybody guess why Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares is hesitant to file defamation lawsuits against anybody? like the accusations on her social security number? Well, on the advice of her legal team, she will be cross examined under oath and that would not be a wise thing to do. She will be scrutinized and questioned to death. She will become an open book and the truth might come out.

    4. Pray that justices will not be bought. Pray that if it is God’s Will, Poe will be able to have a fair chance just like other candidates. I trust the minds of SC justices who are not influenced by any politicians.
      God help the Philippines.

    5. The sources of these Black Propagandas are mandarambong Binay and Incompetent Roxas. The recent black propaganda against Sen. Poe regarding Social Security Number and condominium was published by Daily Tribune whose publisher NINEZ CACHO OLIVARES IS A SUPPORTER OF MANDARAMBONG BINAY together with Francisco Bisugo Tatad and Emil Jurado. These columnist have no credibility at all.

    6. Foundlings or not has the same right as the other’s except the constitution required “natural born” to be a government official…there basic rights are synanomous..!!And please Grace do not involved or used the other foundlings for your ambition!!

    7. I ‘m 100% agree senator Grace Poe of what you have said ….

      “I did not steal from you, I did not deceive you nor have been remiss of my duty to serve. I am not like the people who they are trying to protect. I’m not a liar,” she stressed.

    8. Natalia Salvacion on

      Naniniwala akong papaboran ng korte suprema si Sen Grace POE. Lahat naman tayo, nagsimula sa pagiging ordinaryong tao, nangarap maging mabuting mamamayan, hinangad na makatulong sa kapwa, sadya lang talagang may mga taong hindi marunong tumanggap ng katotohanan. pinuno nila ang isip at puso nila ng mga pangit na strategy para lang mapanatili nila ang sarili kung nasaan sila, pinagtakpan ang batas dahil sa perang meron sila, kulang nalang maging by one take na ang hustisya. sa panahon ngayon isa lang ang taong nakikita kong hindi magiging bias, hindi magiging puppet, hindi pipiliin ang tutulungan at hindi mananahimik sa mga nakikitang problema. yes, hindi pa ganun kahaba ang kanyang karanasan sa politika pero hindi naman iyon dahilan para husgahan siya na walang kakayanan. tigilan na din natin ang pagkumpara sa kanya sa mga pulpol na pulitiko. nag iisa nalang siya na may paninindigan at kusang maglingkod. kaya naman senator grace poe, huwag ka papatinag, manatili kang matatag sa lahat ng hamon ng iyong mga kalaban at detractors. nandito lang kami na susuporta sa bawat laban mo :) ikaw ang aming presidente!

    9. Well,Llamanzares should blame the following:
      1. Escudero
      2. Herself for being too ambitious to be president
      3. Binay, Tiangco, Tiglao and the corrupt lawyers of Binay who first initiated and attempted to bribe the justices. This team has a history of bribing and harassing judges most especially the CA justices. The end is near for Binay that’s why he will do everything illegally just to win the presidential elections. With all the LIES of Binay and his lawyers, we keep on praying to save the Philippines from the Binays and may the wrath of God be on them (Binay family, lawyers and blind supporters) the soonest.