• Poe confirms meeting with Iglesia official

    GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS Sen. Grace Poe confirmed meeting with an INC official but maintained that it was mostly an exchange of ideas between them and she did not ask for the religious organization’s electoral support.

    GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS Sen. Grace Poe confirmed meeting with an INC official but maintained that it was mostly an exchange of ideas between them and she did not ask for the religious organization’s electoral support.

    Sen. Grace Poe confirmed she had met with an official of Iglesia ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ) in a courtesy call, becoming the first presidential candidate in this year’s elections to have an audience with the massive religious group that has become a politically influential bloc.

    Sen. Sergio Osmeña 3rd said all other presidential candidates are set to follow suit. He said on Sunday all presidential aspirants in the May 2016 local and national elections will be meeting with the INC, hoping to get its support in the coming polls.

    The INC is known to practice bloc voting, with its millions of members carrying it out without questions.

    Poe, according to reports, met with the INC executive last week, or a few days after she was endorsed by former president and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, who is reputed to be close to the religious sect.

    On Saturday, she confirmed paying a courtesy call on the INC but pointed out that there was no commitment made.

    “There was no commitment. Every time we visit a place or a religious or private organization, we always pay courtesy to them,” Poe said, adding that she never asked for the support of the church.

    She maintained that it was mostly an exchange of ideas between them and she did not ask for the religious organization’s electoral support.

    The INC endorsed Estrada when he ran for Vice President in 1992 and for President in 1998, winning on both occasions.

    She is leading in the more recent surveys on the voters’ preferred new leader to succeed President Benigno Aquino 3rd.



    Osmena said it is normal for candidates to ask for the backing of the Iglesia ni Cristo since it is known to deliver votes for the candidates whom it endorses.

    According to the senator, he expects Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Vice President Jejomar Binay and Liberal Party standard-bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd to also meet with the officials of the INC in a bid to get their endorsement.

    In 2010, the church “anointed” the tandem of then-Sen. Benigno Aquino 3rd and Roxas.

    But it seemed that the bloc-voting power of the religious group was not enough to help Roxas win the vice presidential race.

    Binay bagged the country’s second-highest post.

    Meanwhile, Osmena admitted that the endorsement of Estrada is still a big factor in the candidacy of Poe.

    He said with way the presidential contest is shaping up, all the candidates need all the support they can get.

    “He [Estrada] has been a big factor since 1986 when he ran as senator, so you cannot downplay the influence of Erap,” Osmena said, using the Manila mayor’s nickname.

    Although it is not as big as 30 percent, he added, Estrada’s influence is still sizeable and enough to make a difference.

    The Manila mayor has endorsed Poe, her goddaughter, instead of Binay, his running mate during the 2010 presidential elections.

    For Vice President, he vouched for Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.


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    1. Josemakabayan on

      Tell that to the marines!!!
      Bakit kelangan makipagmeeting sa pamunuan ng INC samantalang araw araw sa inyong pag iikot sa kampanya ay pinaliliwanag nyo sa mga tao ang iyong plataporma at mga gagawin pag mahalal, at ito ay nsa mga pahayagan, radyo at telebisyon, kaya bakit kelangan pa ang pakikipagpulong???
      Dahil sa bawat pagkilos ay may katapat na reaksyon. Yan ang law of motion.
      Nagseseguro lang ang bawat partido sa usapan na sa bawat boto maibibigay ay may katapat na kahilingang pabuya. Hindi bobo ang mamayan!!!!! Meron lang ilang nagtatangatangahan!!!

    2. With due respect to Sen. Serge, erap has no more influence to the Filipino voters. Namulat na po ang mga mata namin. ERAP, a convicted PLUNDERER at ang mga anak niya (JINGGOY JV) ay sinampahan na rin ng CORRUPTION; SILA PO AY PAMILYAN NG MANDARAMBONG! si erap at asawa iba’t ibang kandidatura ang sinuportahan. Tingnan niyo po ang mga katawan nila, OBESE po kasi PERA NG TAONG BAYAN ANG KINAKAIN NILA! Guwapo po imong lawas Senador, kay wala man nakakaun sa kwarta ng bayan. Tan-awa ang mga politiko NANGA-ON SA DILI NILA KWARTA? OBESE O BAGA NA-UNG, di ba, hehe…

      INC wala solid o block vote? Kung meron sila, dapat magpatakbo na sila ng presidente o senador nila. Ang mga tao, meron ng isip, alam na nila sino ang karapat dapat. Ang church, lalo na ang CULT, huwag na sasali sa politika o gobyerno. Tingnan po ninyo, ang kinasangkutan ng INC bago lang? NAGISING NA PO KAMI, E, SERGE!

      Ang solusyon ng lahat na ito, DUTERTE lang po.

      DUTERTE 2016!

      • Tama, wala nang epektp ang endorsement ng Erap na yan!Kaw ba naman papayag mag paendorso sa convicted na plunderer at corrupt?Wag na toy!

    3. hayz..highest bidder lang ang labanan sa INC..swerte talaga ng Manalo Family, malaki nanaman ang mga kikitain nila..

    4. masiadong binibigyan ng mga ibang tao yung pag punta ni sen.grace poe. hndi naman ito about sknyang pag kandidato. para samin sen.grace poe ikaw parin ang aming iboboto.

    5. By definition: negotiation accompanied by shrewd bargaining and reciprocal concessions.

    6. This is the style of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. They will be supporting candidates either for national or local elections of course with several conditions. Your mind is as good as mine. However, if you look at it, it is not the INC votes that brings to win the candidates they will supposedly support. It’s the Muslim and Catholic votes that has the big chunk in winning the candidates. Please remember out of 100 million people in the entire country, only 6 million were INC. So, sumasakay lang sila sa isyu sa tingin nila mananalo ang kandidato. Do you think they will support for Miriam which got only three (3) percent in the recent survey? O come on…..

      • Hey Abnoy, you really have no idea on what youre talking about..you just let your jealousy talk and doesnt mind if its correct or not..Thats exactly is the reason why politician sought the help of the INC.. the 6 million strong vote! That vote cannot be be delivered by the catholic and muslims because we dont have unity like them… so instead of criticizing them why dont you ask yourself first .. are you going to vote for someone who will not do anything good for you or the country? Think again!

      • nerrisa reyes on

        what is your source in saying that inc have 6 million followers?I thought they are not even a million strong coz they can’t even make their alagad party-list win.

    7. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Only Serge believe in Erap giving disGRACE an advantage because of Erap’s endorsement. Erap does not have the following and respect he had before. I, for one, who voted for him on two occasions would never repeat the same. He is for himself alone and not for the country as he claims. They are not for the “Rule of Law” rather they are for “Mob Rule”. God save the Philippines from evil.

    8. Jerome Suarez on

      INC CULT will only give its formal list of endorsed candidates 2-3 days before the elections.

      their leaders want to make sure who will be on the top on surveys and these people will surely be endorsed to its cultists to be voted.

      the cult will not endorse candidates who are below on surveys.

      so those candidates who are not yet on the top are just wasting time and money asking the cult’s endorsement for vote. they should instead focus on campaigning hard to reach the top and surely the INC will endorse you even you dont ask for it.

      Dont believe on INC defenders’ lies that the cult’s endorsement has no exchange. there is and that is asking the candidate who won after endorsed by the cult to let some of their cultists to sit on some permanent positions of the gov’t.

      click here for proof: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/metro/view/20100806-285354/Iglesia-ni-Cristo-displeased-with-P-Noy

      INC is really a power hungry cult and crime syndicate where politicians will never dare to crush in the country.

      • True. INC always support the virtual winner – thecandidate who’s on top. The INC would then say later, we supported the winner – insinuating that they’re voting as a powerful bloc. This way, come election time, they could make demands and concessions, including billions to the survey winner, or else, he/she might find himself at the losing end, once INC shifts it’s “imagined” solid bloc votes. Election has always been a business – a cash cow for religious sects. Kayo naman Bro Mike and Bro Eddie?

    9. Such an arrogant comment from Poe saying that she did not seek the INC’s support. So why go to the Central Office in the first place? Just to say hi? She claims that it was only a meeting to exchange ideas, well, she could have done this over the phone. She’s just preparing herself for embarrassment in case the INC supports another candidate.