• Poe: Duterte not telling the truth


    Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s apparent refusal to open his bank account at the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Julia Vargas Branch in Pasig City (Metro Manila) indicates that the mayor may not be telling the truth when he denied having hundreds of millions in the bank as claimed by Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th.

    FAILED MISSION Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th arrives at the BPI Julia Vargas Branch in Pasig City surrounded by his bodyguards and policemen. The lawmaker, however, left in a huff when bank officials did not release documents showing the transactions of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who was represented by his lawyer, Salvador Panelo (below, center). PHOTOS BY RUY L. MARTINEZ

    FAILED MISSION Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th arrives at the BPI Julia Vargas Branch in Pasig City surrounded by his bodyguards and policemen. The lawmaker, however, left in a huff when bank officials did not release documents showing the transactions of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who was represented by his lawyer, Salvador Panelo (below, center). PHOTOS BY RUY L. MARTINEZ

    Although Sen. Grace Poe did not directly accuse Duterte of lying, she said it appears that it is Trillanes who is telling the truth about the mayor’s alleged hidden wealth.

    She issued the statement after Duterte’s camp failed to secure a certification from BPI that the mayor does not have P211 million in his account.

    “Ibig sabihin siguro totoo ta­laga ‘yung sinasabi ni Senator Trillanes [It would mean that maybe Sen. Trillanes is really telling the truth],” Poe told reporters.

    She said real change cannot be achieved if the person who wants to lead the country would rather come up with excuses rather than honor his word.

    Poe found it “very troubling” that Duterte earlier said he is for disclosure but cannot back it up.

    020516_panelo3“If you have proof that could help prove your innocence, the easiest way is to disclose it all,” she said.

    Poe announced that she has signed a waiver on her bank secrecy rights in line with her commitment to freedom of information (FOI).

    “As a public servant, I firmly believe that it is every government official’s responsibility to give the people open and fair governance,” she pointed out.

    “To our countrymen, if we really want to experience true change, we should think carefully and choose a leader who really wants to bring change,” Poe said.

    Duterte had issued conflicting statements about his account at BPI.

    At first, he denied having an account at the bank, and later retracted it, saying he has an account but it contains only a small amount.

    Later, the mayor said the account contains less than P200 million.

    Poe said the mayor’s changing statements is the practice of those who have been in politics for a long time and who already know how to circumvent the system.

    She earlier urged Duterte to bare all of his assets after Trillanes released a list of 49 pieces of real-estate property belonging to his children.

    Unexplained wealth
    Liberal Party presidential bet Manuel ‘Mar” Roxas 2nd also believes that with the issue of unexplained wealth hanging over Duterte’s head, the mayor will not win next month’s elections.

    “This would weigh a lot [on his Palace bid]because he already insulted women, cursed the Pope, disrespected people with disabilities, and then this corruption. Corruption is a big issue. People will choose, and this person has hidden wealth even before he is elected,” Roxas said.

    “We are not talking about thousands here. These are hundreds of millions, on top of the 40 properties which were undeclared [in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth]. Billions of money went in and out of this account,” he added.

    Roxas said the last time the country had a President with hidden wealth and an iron fist, there were enforced disappearances and extra-judicial killings, referring to former president Ferdinand Marcos who imposed martial law.

    He slammed Duterte’s running mate, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, who dared candidates to open their bank accounts without preconditions to prove their transparency.

    “If the candidates have nothing to hide, they’ll have no problem signing the waiver document. But if they refuse to sign, they will not only betray their sincerity in fighting corruption, but also put to serious question how much they have accumulated and the source of their wealth. [Those are] the words of his running mate,” Roxas said.
    “But look at them now. It’s all propaganda.”


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    1. Juan Cesar Cruz on

      Ganda sana kung magandang pananalita ang sinusulat ng ating mga kababayan. Hindi insulto at galit. Mangatwiran ng maayos. Walang personalan na lihis sa katotohanan at mangandang asal.

    2. Ung waiver ni mayor duterte at sen. Cayetano nong marso, hangang hanga ako sa kanila. Pero ngayon puro palusot at kasinungalingan na ang namamayani sa kampo ni duterte. Sayang. Akala ko totoo nang may mag liligtas sa pilipinas. Joke lang din pala ung waiver na yon. Sayang po talaga.

    3. I will vote for Senator Grace Poe dahil may prinsipyo at may malasakit sa kapwa.
      Siya ang maaasahan ng bawat pilipino para sa ikakaganda ng buhay ng bawat isa.

      Sino ang karapat dapat at walang ginagawang pag nanakaw at pananakit sa kapwa.
      Mabuti ang hangarin ni Sen. Grace Poe. #Go4Poe

      Sen.Poe is much desrving to be are next presedent.. compare to others she has a
      ability to improve the country much better from now… #Go4Poe

      Nagiging maganda ang laban ng magkabilang kampo ng mga presedentiables..
      habang papalapit ang halalan nakikita natin kung sino ang mas karapat dapat na
      manatili. isang tao na kahit ano ang lumabas sa survey still humble at patas lumaban #Go4Poe

    4. Kilala si sen.poe bilang maunawain na tao… isang matulungin at mapagmahal na
      ate, nanay, at kahit na ano pa.. Kung siya kaya niyang tumulong sa kapawa..
      Tayo naman ang mgabalik ng tulong sa kanya she needs our cooperation to
      improve her fight against Block Propaganda #Go4Poe

      Isa na naman itong block propaganda na ginagawang strategy ng ka laban ni
      sen.poe kahit na ganun pa man naniniwala ako sa kanyang kakayahan na siya
      ay tunay na Pilipino #Go4Poe

      Di nya tayo pababayaan , dapat nga sya ang maging presidente , para wala na
      akong nakikita ng mahihirap na lalo pang naghihirap dahil sa mga kurakot sa Gobyerno .
      Hindi siya susuko sa laban hanggang dulo #Go4Poe

    5. Binigyan siya ng pagkakataon nalumaban sa eleksyon..
      Kung siya ang papalarin na manalo bilang Pangulo..
      at sa loob ng ilang taon ng kanyang panunungkulan kung
      hindi niya magagawa ang kanyang ipinangako kami na
      mismo ang gagawa ng hakbang para siya ay pababain sa pwesto #Go4Poe

      Si Grace Poe ang nagbigay sa atin ng importansya. Siya rin ang nagtaguyod
      ng aking lahi.. Hindi na ako makakapayag na muli na naman kaming apihin ng
      ibang tao.. saLamat poe sa inyong tulong sa amin #Go4Poe

      Binigyan kayo ng pagkakataon na sabihin ang inyonbg mga hinaing sa buhay..
      Naging PIPI kayo… Ngayon kami ng aking mga kababayan ang humihingi ng
      pagkakataon na pakinggan ang aming kahilingan. Si Grace Poe ang aming
      kailangan para sa bayan #Go4Poe

    6. Hindi tulad ng kasalukuyan tinatawanan lamang ang problema at may
      gana pang magsalita ng laban sa ating senadora #Go4Poe

      Dahil sa inyong mga magagandang hangarin sa ating bayan ay halos lahat ng
      kabataang aking nakakasalamuha ay nais ding makibahagi sa inyong mga programa

      Kayo po ang kailangan ng bansa para mamuno dahil alam naming tapat
      ang mga tulad ninyo at may konsensya na wala sa iba ninyong mga katunggali

    7. ronto caniada on

      Mr. Cayetano, you were strongly believed then regarding your team mate and What are you going to say about him now? . if I were you I would reneak. He is only Mayor and where in the world his hidden money come from.

    8. Daniel B. Laurente on

      A neophyte in Politics accusing a seasoned lawyer of not telling he truth. Ohhh what a funny thoughts. That is the mentality of all people who are less in comprehension why lawyers are lawyers. Not all the time that what happen to seasoned lawyer like CJ Corona will be brought down by a well paid mob of non lawyers. Duterte might be different from the late CJ, i suspect.it will be different, you can’t bismirch a person by thowing filthy mud because he has been playing and cleaning mud throughout his life, a reason that his city government in Davao and the constituents are also cleaned of filthy inhabitants. He grew up with a filthy surroundings and he survived while those who accused him has an environ of well manicured landscape throughout their upbringing that people think they are clean and cannot play on filthy things, very good foreground to hide any form of anomalies.

    9. Ang Panday on

      Si Trillanes is very toxic politician. walang moral values. maybe its how he was brought up by his parents. tsismoso ! walang credibility na tao. kung na babae yan, burikat.
      sayang, nagpagamit kay pinoy.
      what a waste kind of person.

    10. Kitang kita naman kung sinu ang gusto ng taong bayan ang Tambalang DuterteCayetano sabik na sabik na ako sa pagbabago at wakasan ang bulok na sistema ng gobyerno.

    11. Mga kababayan ko DuterteCayetano ang huling pag asa natin para may kaunlaran, malinis at mapayapang bansa tayo na mag kaisa DuterteCayetano lamang.

    12. Dito ko lang nakita sa tamabalang DuterteCayetano may loyalty sa isat-isa at iisa ang hangarin na mapabuti ang mamamayan pilipino.

    13. Nalalapit na araw ng eleksyon kaisa nyo ako iboboto ko ang tambalang DuterteCayetano para tunay na pagbabago sa ating bansa.

    14. Dapat DuterteCayetano ang iboto natin wag na tayo magbigay ng ibang bise presidente ni Mayor digong para parehas ang plataporma at totoong nagmamalasakit sa mga pilipino.

    15. To all Dutertards,
      magisip isip kayo. inilalagay nyo sa kamay ng sinungaling at magnanakaw ang Pilipinas. It is so obvious na may itinatago si Duterte at nagde-delaying tactic lang.

    16. ernie del rosario on

      Why did you suppress my posting – the first one today ? Yellow na rin ba kayo ?

    17. I change my statement that “Poe is a proven liar” to “many columnist has alleged that Poe has stated too many false statements.”

    18. She don’t know what she’s telling? Its better to find out first your own mother and father before accusing mayor duterte!

    19. No need for Grace to meddle in the issue of Duterte’s bank accounts. Not from a proven liar, the latest of which is that her husband has renounced her American citizenship. We’ll he is still an American and not a Filipino. She probably thinks we all stupid and we’ll believe everything she says. Looks who’s dumb.

      When she was accused of not having a Filipino father or mother, she said the burden of proof should be on the accuser, not on the accused. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, she want Duterte, the accused, to prove his innocence or else he is guilty. Give me a break!

    20. “Ano ako, uto-uto?” Duterte did not want to run for president and was late in the filing of his candidacy, because his closet may be examined.

    21. Who authored the demolition job of our Mayor Rudy Duterte? It was Abnoy, Roxas and Poe with their hatchet man Triliones. Poe & Roxas relied on the CHISMIS of Triliones. You ride on to that black propaganda based on hear say which is not acceptable in court as evidence. Kawawa naman ang ating bayan kung kayo ang manalo na puro CHISMOSA AT CHISMOSO. Your actions speak of your desperate state & cowardice of the VICTORY of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

    22. Manny de Castro on

      Pinapakita mo kong anong uri kang tao, ganito ba ang trato mo Ina mo?

    23. Juan T. Delacruz on

      A “FAILED MISSION” for a moron, Antonio Trillanes 4th, because he wanted so much but does not want to give anything in return. Trillanes should execute a sworn affidavit, like Duterte has requested him to do in order for him to grant his wishes, to open his bank accounts. Trillanes is not displaying enough intelligence, as what he would like to be known by the people, nor man of his words, but rather, a TRAPO, trying to earn a recognition because his survey ratings have not improved since the beginning, always at the bottom. Trillanes should willingly withdraw his candidacy, even today because he will never get pass the last place, and it will never make any difference by the voters. Trillanes was only testing the political waters, but it did not work in his favor, contrary to his expectations.

      Trillanes is one of the reasons why Philippines is now a Lawless Country, because he can get any bank information on anybody he doesn’t like, especially his political opponents. He should concentrate his efforts and connections in identifying drug smugglers (specially of those coming from China), Shabu laboratories and operators / owners in the country, politicians involved in drugs or padrinos of drug smugglers and drug Lords such as De Lima and Escudero, and law enforcement connections of these drug lords. Trillanes could have been a contributor if he has done on the suggestions mentioned above, not prying on somebody’s bank accounts.

    24. Totoo naman ang sinasabi ni sen.grace poe kung wala kang tinatago din ilabas mo agad. Ang aga mo naman digong lokohin ang pilipinas. mayaman ka pa pala kay Binay. linis linisan lang pala ang porke mo.

    25. The biggest Lie is POE herself !

      BINAY is still the most Presidential amongst the 5 Candidates. He has the less baggage to carry and can Work Starting on Day 1 if elected . Let’s think about our Country come Election day.
      NO TO LIES and Corrupting the Constitution and OJT, Poe !
      NO TO Human Rights Violator and MORAL corruption Duterte !
      NO TO FALSE Leadership and Corrupt and Air Head Roxas!


      Nobody is perfect !

      • I agree with you “butter” if he would be able to defend and clear himself from the charges against him [under oath of course] in a proper court as he promised before … not going around places , like a “butterfly” , telling people …who do not read newspapers and no television to watch … that he is innocent and is only a victim of politics !

        By the way , while it is true that nobody is perfect , human imperfection is not a good reason to plunder the hard earned taxes of the people !

    26. Listen to the baying of the losers. They still do not get it. Hit Duterte harder and you keep getting the opposite effect of what they intended. They lose more votes to the groundswell that is building up.

    27. jeff jaramillo on

      Itong babaeng si Grace Llamanzares, kung magsalita, para siyangnagsasabi ng tutuo.

      Hulinghuli isya sa pagsisinungaling tungkol sa kanyang sitisensip and nga kanyang asawa pero nagmamatigas. Ngayon, kung magsalita siya laban kay Duiterte, para siyang hindi sinungaling.


      • Manny de Castro on

        Jeff, ipinakikita mo kong anong uri kang tao, siguro ganito rin kong tratuhin mo ang iyong Ina. Manny

    28. Trillanes should file a legal binding document affidavit to the effect that it is his moral duty as a senator, he is telling the truth that he had illegally accessed Duterte’s bank account details showing 211 million pesos. To prove this Du30 must open his bank account details to authorities to prove this truth.

      • ernie del rosario on

        Trillanic shd FIRST explain (even if he is a Senator) and be prosecuted for accessing somebody else’s account and compiled its contents and disclosed this to the public. There are enough warnings in the bank website on this. The bank can in fact sue him for this illegal intrusion. Ano siya confessed hacker ?

    29. marx perfecto garcia on

      what’s the hurry. cases could be filed after elections. this only shows that people are desperate duterte will win the elections. why bring out this bank accounts 1 week before the elections. it seems trillanes is the attack dog of the lp. remember the lp has two candidates vying for the presidency. with duterte out anyone between poe and roxas is ok. even the fake inc endorsment shows the desperation of the lp to put duterte down.

      • Everything is blamed on the LP. Not this time. It could be Poe who is backed by Trillanes.

      • Trillanes must disclosed if the documents he showed to the public are legal. BPI, AMLA and others denied that they were the source of the documents. So it makes Trillanes a liar. How do you classify this kind of political leader?

    30. itong si traPOE magkunwaring abogaga…ang waiver at SPA ay iisa lang yun kahit grade 1 section 12 marunong umintindi sa dalawang dokumento..si duterte na nga ang ang nag utos sa bamgko na ilabas lahat ng transaction ni digong sa kanyang account si trillones puro sa palusot sa kanyang affidavit na galing lahat sa tsismis..o ikaw traPOE bakit sa brgy.kapitan nag renounce ang asawa mo sa pagka amerikano?sagot hindi palusot ang gusto ko..wala na kayong magawa sa DU30 presidency.balik amerika ka na lang.

    31. I thought grace poe was a sensible person. Why she wants duterte to prove his innocence? Their is no case yet. And assuming that there is a case, it is the duty of the one who lodged the accusation to prove the guilt of the the accused and not the one who denies the accusation, as such the burden of proof is on trillanes. It’s clear now that poe is an issue rider.that’s all.?

      • Poe is not a lawyer. So she is excused if she can not understand a legal document. If she will be our President, it will be disastrous for the country. Remember, her husband renounced his citizenship in front of a barangay captain. Will he automatically become a Filipino citizen? Just asking, Mr. Tatad?

      • Hindi po kasi alam ng isang amerikana ang batas ng pilipinas kaya sumasakay lang sa tsubibo.

    32. Doj and ombudsman should start an investigation and charge him if its true

    33. Anybody who alleges that somebody is telling a lie should be someone who , himself/herself , is telling the truth … is it not ?

      Does anybody among the politicians is telling the truth , nothing but the truth ?

    34. The Catholic leaders are correct. Pray the holy rosary to lead the voters to a good discernment as who is really qualified to lead our beloved country. The voters should be scared of Duterte because:
      1. Duterte’s children are the masterminds of smuggling and drug syndicates in Davao.
      2. Chinese nationals who are drug lords in Davao were freed by Duterte
      3. 30% of Davao’s city tax goes to the banks of the Dutertes
      4. Kung gaano kapangit ang mukha ni Duterte ay ganoon din ang kanyang ugali.
      5. Duterte is the Godfather of Chinese drug lords and the NPAs.
      So beware of the family of Duterte. Don’t let be fooled by his promises, for Duterte will be worst than Marcos and Binay. If Duterte will win, Sarah Duterte will be the most abusive member of the first family. She will be the leaders of the drug and smuggling syndicates of the Chinese.

      • Keem Wong your name sounds like K*KI. You brought up allegations by means of conjecture. Your ignorance paid-off with your hearsay statements. Ignoramus indeed.

    35. Pierre Noel Raspeguy on

      “Poe: Duterte not telling the truth” — Teka … Teka …. let’s have some proper introductions first … “Mrs. Pot ? This is Mr. Kettle”. LOL.

    36. the burden of proof lies with the Accuser , do not subject Duterte to public opinion trial , file a case in court so you can open the accounts.. Coming from Ms honest mistake pwe keep your opinion to your self…

      • ernie del rosario on

        Well they have virtually “killed” the first victim of this method of destroying a person’s reputation without due process. I am talking of CJ Corona. Now they are salivating for the next victim.

    37. It should be: Duterte: Poe is not telling the truth! Kahit ano pa Ang Gagawin nyo Duterte Na Ang susunod Na maging Pangulo ng Pilipinas. Ang masang Filipino ay Kay Duterte! Go Go Go Duterte at Marcos!

    38. Look who’s talking? The Sereno SC ruling, despite its approval, is more ‘compromising’ than whatever truth is asked of Duterte. As indicated by another MT columnist, “Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet”, if ever Poe is elected President. There’s more truth to this than we’d like to believe. At worst, there will be a Constitutional crisis which Poe, herself, may be so naive to realize, being an ‘alien’. Therefore, she doesn’t care. After all, she can always leave the country with her husband, being an American Citizen. If not, her grown-up children can re-petition for her.

      May God bless the Republic of the Philippines and its people!

    39. mikhail hieronymus on

      It is funny at Grace poe is accusing somebody of lying. in other word, a LIAR. She herself had lied many times in affidavits to the government. It is like the Pot calling the Kettle black.

    40. we dont need american family in malacanang and wwe dont need another yellowtards in malacanang… Duterte pa rin kami whatever you say…