Poe eyes Duterte as crime czar


DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will still have a chance to prove that he can eradicate crime in six months even if he fails to win the presidency.

Sen. Grace Poe said that she is willing to appoint Duterte as crime czar if she wins in May.

Poe in an interview during a mini rally at Baseco compound in Manila said Duterte can make good his promise to put an end to criminality in six months under her administration but she will have to replace him if he fails to do it.

This was Poe’s counter offer to Duterte, who earlier said that he will name Poe as secretary of either the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) or the Department of Tourism (DOT).

Poe thanked Duterte for his offer.

“He has been saying that he will voluntarily quit if he can’t do it in six months, so for me that will be a challenge to him,” she said. Jefferson Antiporda


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  1. Ernesto Tolentino on

    Ang sa akin lang ay… … .
    Kahit sino ang manalo sa May 9,2016
    Election bilang pilipino at gusto natin ng pagbabago sa atin mismo magsimula.Huag na nating payagan na may news block out,Tayong mamamayan ang bumubuo sa Gobyerno at nagluluklok sa pamamalakad nito.Ang pag sugpo sa ano mang elemento ng karahasan,pang aabuso,sa tungkulin Bitayin antimano matapos mapatunayang guilty. Basta ako ang Presidente ko ay si Grace Poe ang bise Presidente ko ay si Bong2 Marcos Ang senatorial bet ko ay
    1.Sotto. 2.Gordon . 3.Recto. 4.Pangilinan. 5.Tolentino. 6.Villanueva. 7.Gatchalian 8.Zubiri
    9.Drilon. 10.Osmena 11.Colmenares

  2. Again, Grace Poe shows inconsistency of mind. In her campaign, she condemns the methods Duterte use to solve or stop crime, and now she wants to offer Duterte to be her crime czar if she wins….Conclusion derived is, … She agrees that Duterte’s way is the best way to solve and stop criminality. … mabuhay si Duterte!

  3. matinong pinoy on

    Grace Poe from the beginning, has a very shallow mind and doesn’t have an analytical skills besides telling lies, and she had promised a lot of things to the voters, even things that do not make sense and cannot be achieved politically. She will continue campaigning doing and saying the same things that even Miriam Santiago challenge her to take an I.Q. Test not to measure her intelligence but rather to measure her competency, because she keeps on promising to the people everything that cannot be achieved. Promising to build an “International Airport” in Ilocos and building a 14 kilometer bridge to connect other province to Batangas are only few of the promises that cannot be done during her whole time of presidency or 6 years.

    The government still needs to address problems in Drugs, politicians that committed pluder, and all types of Criminalities, Education, Heath Care, Agriculture, and many more infrastructures besides INTERNATIONAL Airport and the 14 kilometer bridge. I have noticed that these politicians do not want to sincerely talk about upgrading or restructuring the Educational System by allocating more money, so more young Filipinos can have a better chance to compete in the world. We should be proud exporting all kinds of fairly educated professionals, and not so much of helpers.

  4. Normita Francisco on

    I agree with Thino, Duterte has awakened the suppressed anger of the poor and the middle class and Duterte’s candidacy will open the door for a real people power revolt.The people has been suffering enough. Too much corruption and accumlation of wealth in the higher sector, the ruling class and the business elite manipulation of businesses at the expense of the poor. If Duterte lost through cheating, all hell will break loose, I can see it.

  5. kung ibibigay man ito ni Grace Poe sa kanya e di sige baka maganda ngang idea ito, ngunit kung di makaya ito ni Duterte tingin ko na mas maganda kung si Grace Poe talaga ang hahawak dahil sa tingin ko e mas makakayanan ito ni Grace Poe na tapusin kesa kay Duterte.

  6. Maybe Rody Duterte forgot that Grace P. Llamanzares is a liar and have committed treason therefore cannot be trusted. Grace will only be a headache to Rody.

  7. You don’t need a crime czar ! You have the PNP and DILG to control crime! Nobody can eradicate crime even Singapore has crime! You need a honest to goodness implementation and enforcement of laws.