• Poe in ballot if SC fails to rule on DQ cases


    IF the Supreme Court (SC) will not issue a decision disqualifying Sen. Grace Poe by February 1, 2016, the senator’s name will be included in the official ballot, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) said on Wednesday.

    The High Court issued a temporary restraining order stopping the Comelec from canceling Poe’s certificate of candidacy but it is yet to rule on merits of the case.

    Oral arguments on the senator’s disqualification cases started on Tuesday and will continue on January 26.

    Comelec Chairman Juan Andres Bautista said the poll body is completing the list of candidates in preparation for the printing of official ballots next month.

    “I think that right now the schedule or the printing of ballots is on Februrary 1,” Bautista told reporters.

    “If it’s already time to print the ballots, we will look at the situation at that point of time and what is the legal order in place. In which case, we will follow,” the poll chief said.

    Disqualification cases against Poe were separately filed by Estrella Elamparo, former senator Francisco Tatad, college professor Antonio Conteras and Amado Valdez.

    All of the petitioners maintained that Poe is not qualified to run for President because she is not a natural-born Filipino.

    The senator insisted that she is a natural-born Filipino even if she is a foundling.

    The Comelec had asked the SC to schedule the oral arguments earlier so that the cases would be decided before the scheduled printing of ballots and avoid the scenario of a disqualified candidate winning the elections.

    The High Court denied the motions.


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    1. Ang Hirap sa Pilipinas ang daming batas na P-A-S-U-B-A-L-I P kala ko bha transparent ang kungtitusion ng pilipitnas o palagay ko ang mga magbabababatas lang ang nakakaka intindi kaya ayun ang mga matatalinong pipinoy d malaman kung ano talag kailanga pang supercourt pa ang mag decision eh teketeka at hahahaha ewn WOW na lang PINOY total malapit na tayong sakupin ng mga Muslim dahil pinayagan na ni PINOY ang BBL eh takot lang tayong labanan ang mga muslim palagay ko mas maigi pa si ERAP ibali para eruption ulit ang mga palatuntunin kahit pano may tapang nga gawa ay oo nga pala si duduterte nalang pala ang pangpang palit kay PIPINOY

    2. Juan (John) Delacruz on

      This is what Justice Leonen said: “We are here not as a legalist, we are here as justices. The root word is not “legal” but it is “just”- meaning to say we do justice in accordance with the law but if we can interpret law so it can do justice then so be it”

      Non- lawyer like me can define “legalist” as a strict adherence of the law, and “justice” is a quality of being just. We expect the justices to interpret the law (text) on how it was written, NOT the spirit of the law. What Justice Leonen did when he wrote his opinion was that, he made something that did not exists to something that exists, and we must abide by that. He also mentioned about the 1987 Constitution, which should be the upgraded version of 1935 and 1973 Constitutions. However, the 1987 constitution did not have a clear definition of foundlings to be natural born citizen. It might have said that foundlings will be given citizenship status.

      To me, there was nothing to interpret, as far as the presentation of evidence is concerned. However, Justice Leonen committed grave injustice to the complainant seeking justice. He made too much deviation in interpreting the Constitution and he let his emotions interfere with his legal mind.

      • I think the JURY should defend the constitution not their choosen or favored candidate.They are dutifully bound to uphold the rule of law,They should not twist the law as what happens now a days.Grace Poe is short of her residency period while living in the Philippines since renouncing her US Citizenship and no proof of Filipino ancestry since she cannot prove her biological parents.

    3. I disagree with Drilon in delaying the printing of ballots. The printing has been delayed already, what more does he want. Also, I am optimistic Grace Poe’s name will never be removed from the list of candidates anyway.

      If Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares is disqualified, why allow her name to be on the ballot? Is the reason to provoke a sense of public frustration and trigger a revolt? How foolish, unworthy of being officials and loaded with an evil mentality have our Comelec officials, Drilon et al. have become? May God punish them!