• Poe leads Church-sponsored survey

    THE TRUTH SURVEY Bishops Broderick Pabillo and Teodoro Bacani Jr., along with Clifford Sorita, explain the results of the Veritas survey. PHOTO BY EDRICH VERGARA

    THE TRUTH SURVEY Bishops Broderick Pabillo and Teodoro Bacani Jr., along with Clifford Sorita, explain the results of the Veritas survey. PHOTO BY EDRICH VERGARA

    SENATOR Grace Poe clinched the top spot in a survey conducted by Church-run Radio Veritas.

    Unlike the surveys of Pulse Asia and Social Weather Stations, the Veritas survey was based on 10 servant leadership qualities of the presidential candidates, namely: listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, commitment to the growth of the people and building community.

    Radio Veritas President Rev. Fr. Anton C.T. Pascual on Wednesday said the poll was conducted to determine if the candidates possess qualities of a servant leader based on the points of view of the voting public and to assess how such qualities would affect voters’ decisions.

    Poe took the top spot in 9 out of 10 qualities of a servant leader with an overall score of 59 percent.

    She was followed by Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago of the People’s Reform Party with 51 percent.

    Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Liberal Party standard-bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd were tied in third spot with 44 percent, followed by Vice President Jejomar Binay who got 41 percent.

    On the first quality of a servant leader which is listening, three out of four respondents chose Poe.

    A great majority of the respondents (70.8 percent) said the senator is the most empathetic among the presidential candidates. Binay placed second with 52.5 percent.
    On the third quality, healing, half of the respondents favored Poe. She was followed by Santiago and Roxas.

    Three out of four respondents, meanwhile, said Santiago has the servant leadership quality of awareness. She was followed by Binay with 65 percent, Roxas, 61.7 percent, Duterte, 56.1 percent, and Poe, 48.7 percent.

    Also, 56.4 percent of those polled said Poe is the most persuasive. Majority also said she had the best conceptualization.

    Poe was also the choice of a great majority of the respondents when it comes to stewardship, commitment to the growth of the people and building community.

    The Veritas Truth Survey was conducted by the research department of Radio Veritas.
    It polled 1,200 respondents from urban and rural areas nationwide. Respondents were chosen on the basis of stratified random sampling, with +/- 3 percent margin of error.


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    1. Is it not also the church (roman catholic leadership) that Mr. Aquino sought solace and comfort and making his decision to accept running as President in 2010. In short, the church are partly “actors” in placing him in current position now and look where the country is heading–no clear direction, “like a rudderless” ship.

    2. Note…Pasalamat ang BSA3 government sa Du30 bad mouth…natakpan ang bad deed of this government in Kidapawan. Hungry FILIPINO farmers rallied, begged for “bigas” and this government gave “bala”. Bad mouth received more media, church and organizations “strong/violent” reactions (worldwide )than a bad deed! Bravo!

    3. Ang Hirap kse sa Catholic church masyado pakialamero. Wla nman unity. Bawat bishop o kahit parochial priest nagsasalita, iba -iba naman ang gusto. No wonder wla nman silang mga followers. Walang bearing pag mga pari ang nag endorse!

    4. LOL!!! Hahahahaha….. “Veritas” means “truth”. And Radio Veritas found Lying Grace to be number one in the servant leadership survey? Well, maybe the survey should have included and measured the quality of “truthfulness” of the presidential candidates! Then let us see how Lying Grace would fare!. How can one trust a “servant leader” who is now known to be a fraud and a liar? Just today, Lying Grace’ spokesman Mr. Rex Gatchalian presented Lying Grace’ student ID card from Boston College (BU) to the public. This is in response to a previous accusation by Ms. Ninez Cacho-Olivares of The Daily Tribune that Lying Grace had used two social insurance numbers while living in the USA, one of which had been issued in 1956 to a deceased person. Lying Grace denied doing this, and claimed that the deceased person’s SSN was in fact identical to her student ID at BU, and it is this ID number that she used when she and her husband bought a house in the USA. Well, guess what? As I suspected earlier, having researched BU’s website, the ID card explanation was a lie, and now it turns out the ID card that was shown by Mr. Gatchalian to the public today is a fake ID! I wonder how Boston College would react once its Registrar or Management finds out about this fakery by a former graduate. As they say, “once a liar, always a liar”! And this is the candidate that her patron The Philippine Daily Inquirer frequently shows in several solo photos to be kneeling and apparently praying in church!

    5. Wake up people to what the devil BSA Caligula has done. He corrupted congress, the senate, the Supreme Court and most government bodies,
      And now the Bishops. God save the Philippines and I don’t care how many times he insults the Pope!!! I will now vote DUTERTE. Nag mamalinis pa kayo mga alagad ng demoyong kalbo! Nakakasuka kayo. O

    6. That’s the reason why the Catholic Church is losing patronage. The clergy teaches us to be truthful, yet here they are supporting a LIAR, IMPOSTOR AND A HYPOCRITE. They know where Llamanzares is coming from and yet they support her? This is what I hate about religion getting involved in politics. These Bishops can’t seem to distinguish the truth from the lies. Hey you guys! HAVE YOU READ THE CONSTITUTION? I wonder if you ever bothered. You have demonized President Marcos and succeeded in destroying a good leader, supported a devil woman Cory and now see where the country has gone. Why don’t you mind your own flock and leave politics alone.

    7. So the Catholic Church is favoring a foreigner with no governance experience to lead this country? How much did it take to convince these bishops?

    8. Nasa side talaga ni grace poe ang Panginoon. Sana ay patuloy siyang gabayan nito. Good news ito para sa lahat ng sumusuporta kay Grace Poe.

    9. hindi masyadong natuwa si poe sa survey hindi kasi siya naniniwala sa mga nagsagawa nito,

    10. From the time she obtained multiple social security numbers, renounced her citizenship and filed her certificate of candidacy, Poe has been a serial liar. Now she tops a church sponsored survey ? What kind of culture is this ???!