• Poe-litically correct?


    JOLY Benitez will be missed by many whose lives he touched. We first met in the 60’s in an extempo speaking contest. We differed on martial law but we respected each other’s position. ‘Bye Joly.

    Judged by his VERY best, he must now be with decent FPJ, whose daughter, Grace, just made what her many fans see as a Peo-litically Correct decision. The body English indicated as much earlier. No Bulaga!

    DTI Sec. Greg Domingo’s apparently Bulaga! resignation has again made PNoy’s administration seem like a chickenhouse one. Last one to know? Pindeho. Elementary courtesy would have required no shocker. Better would have been after the vital APEC confab. Or Sec. Domingo could have confirmed that he resigned, effective on Dec. 31, 2015. Less irresponsible, more thoughtful.

    If his idea was to embarrass the administration, he has probably succeeded in figuring in a tempest in a teapot. Poor PNoy, who can tell whether he is being stumbled over or kicked. He and our people deserved better and more considerate Cabinet members.

    A fan of the DTI Secretary remarked that Greg did not figure in any scandal or controversy. The fan-atic believes Greg performed his duties as DTI Secretary very well.

    He narrates that he met Greg way back. Before China totally gobbled up the export markets, they often bumped into each other in different trade fairs and expos promoting Pinoy products and services. One of the fan’s focused advocacies then (mid-90s to 2006), was to help promote the export products of our SMEs: he believed that in doing so, he is helping create jobs and opportunities (although indirectly), for the most marginalized sector of our society. SMEs are the ones which can provide employment or livelihood for our unskilled, uneducated folks in the countryside; who might well join the NPA, the rebels, and bandits, if they were not attended to, and given better things to do.

    The duo, others and their colleagues in both IT and telecommunications industry, also quietly helped build Philippine outsourcing industry by scouting, inviting, and bringing in clients here. Likewise, they also introduced newly established Philippine-based call-centers, medical transcription companies, bookkeeping companies to prospective US clients, way before BPO became a major Phil. industry. And, mostly pro bono [in our lawyering recket, puro abono, by abonados, not abogados). Our Outsourcing and BPO industry have come a long way, and now, one of the country’s top dollar earners, concluded the fan.

    How did the Palace react to the Bulaga! resignation? "Palace confirms Secretary Domingo’s intention to quit DTI post.” "Confirms”?

    "Malacanang on Saturday [last]confirmed that [Sec.][Sec.]go, according to Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa, Jr., had submitted his resignation to President Aquino and that this is under consideration,” Communications Secretary Sonny Coloma said in a note to reporters on Saturday afternoon. “Secretary Ochoa is awaiting word from the President regarding this matter,” Coloma also said.

    Dapat yata planchado na.

    “Earlier,deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said Malacanang had not received any information that Domingo will be quitting his post next month as indicated in an earlier report. `I saw Secretary Domingo a few weeks ago and wala naman po siyang nabanggit na ganyan’,” Valte said. Sad

    Citing “informed sources,” a report in the Philippine Star said Domingo is leaving because he “feels burned out.”

    Valte also said that he has a big role in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation-Leaders’ Summit in Manila. “Malaki talaga ang papel ng DTI pagdating doon sa mga substantive meetings [ng AP[ng APEC leaders]alte said.

    PNoy appointed Domingo as DTI secretary on June 30, 2010. Domingo had had a string of sparkling accomplishments. His resignation came in the middle of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings in Manila, which will culminate in the APEC Leaders’ Summit in November.

    A couple of hours before the official Palace announcement, Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte was asked about the then reported resignation in an interview on state-run Radyo ng Bayan. At the time, Valte could not confirm the report, but said that Domingo has a major role in the APEC Leaders’ Summit, which is aimed to provide an avenue in sustaining economic growth in the region.

    Sought for comment, Henry Schumacher, executive vice-president of the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, said of the DTI chief’s resignation, “Life will go on. [He] h[He] good second level of undersecretaries and assistant secretaries. They will be able to keep DTI and Board of Investments running,” Schumacher said. For John Forbes, senior advisor of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, “Cabinet resignations can be expected to increase as the end of the current administration approaches.”

    Thus, political animal Kiko Pangilinan’s resignation was routine. He plans to return to the Senate. Maybe a shoo-in. I wish I could say the same of Rep. Neri Colmenares, who I am supporting. Neri has my vote for his Senate run.

    Grace’s announcement would come yesterday, Thursday, in Club Filipino, per Obet de Leon, the Club’s head honcho. He told me as much last Tuesday evening when I went there after a taped TV interview on martial law on TV5 (to be shown tomorrow?). It seems what would come yesterday in Club was Chiz Escudero’s announcement that he would be Grace’s Veep. Causing a headache to some Grace’s supporters.

    Parking in the Club vicinity is a headache. There is a proposal to limit car ownership to those with carports. Many owners park their vehicles all day all night on narrow public streets where even sidewalks have been appropriated by the owners. The proposal may be of doubtful constitutionality and denounced as anti-poor. The wrong thing? But, even the right thing – such as resignation – must be done at the right time in the right way and for the right reasons. My four Rs’.

    Is Chiz that indispensable to Grace. Is anyone indispensable? De Gaulle noted that the cemeteries are full of indispensable people.

    Asked who I would vote for in 2016, I say let’s see who will remain standing a few months from now. Harold Wilson said a week is a long time in politics.


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    1. Just visited the Philippines last week, and I believe banning cars is not the answer for our traffic problems in Metro Manila. It is where you park your car after you drive. Only, if you banned the double park cars on every street, traffic will flow faster. However, if you drive a car and park within the street right of way, you have to pay for your convenience. The solution – install parking meters. Also, limit the flow of delivery trucks in the wee hours of the mornings. BTW, I look forward for the baseball playoff for the fall classic. From a Traffic Engineer of California.

    2. ‘No garage, no car ‘ policy is necessary under the circumstances we are in at present.
      Impose it ASAP. If there is anyone who would question its constitutionality, it is the rich
      who has cars more than what he needs and uses the street as extension of his garage.

      • as atty saguisag said it is unconstitutional. banning cars is not the answer. singapore did it coz they have limited space BUT WHAT THEY DID WAS IMPROVE THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM which the gov’t here does not seem to see and no stamina to do. as i have been saying so many times, only fools, trying hards and the rich will waste their money on gas and parking fees just to be seen driving around. for many of us who own a car, we would use the public transport system if the gov’t can provide a fast, reliable, SAFE mode of public transportation like trains and buses and taxis. why is uber and grab car/taxi popular now?? because their rational for being is safe, reliable service to its customers. medyo mahal pero laging available kesa sa mga taxi na namimili ng pasahero sometimes kriminal o kasabwat ng kriminal yung driver.