Poe, Marcos forge ‘tactical alliance’


    A “tactical alliance” has been struck between independent presidential candidate Sen. Grace Poe and Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., a leading contender for Vice President, sources of The Manila Times said.

    The agreement was sealed in early March this year, according to the “pro-Chiz” source in Poe’s camp, through Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos, eldest sister of Bongbong.

    Chiz is the nickname of Sen. Francis Escudero, Poe’s running mate who is regarded as Marcos’ closest rival for the vice presidency in the May 2016 elections.

    In early February, when Poe held a campaign rally in Batac, Ilocos Norte, Gov. Marcos showed up.

    The governor even joked of a Marcos-Marcos win, alluding to unending rumors that Poe is the daughter of former President Ferdinand Marcos.

    But Poe had denied the rumors, saying her family had been friends with the Marcoses for a long time.

    Her father, action star Fernando Poe Jr., shot one of his famous movies, “Ang Panday,” in the province.

    The Poe-Marcos merger comes amid a surge in Marcos’ ratings in recent surveys.

    The latest Pulse Asia poll, whose results were released before the Holy Week, showed that Marcos and Escudero “statistically tied” as the top aspirants for vice president.

    In past surveys, Escudero always enjoyed an edge over Bongbong, pushing his fellow senator to second place.

    The source said Gov. Marcos initially met with Poe in Ilocos Norte to forge the alliance.

    The two continued their negotiations in an exclusive village in Metro Manila, according to another source.

    The political union seems to have been validated by the proliferation of “Grace-Bongbong” stickers in many parts of Metro Manila.

    One of the sources said the Poe-Marcos merger has caused friction in the Poe-Escudero camp.

    Apparently also fueling the silent war between Grace’s group and Escudero’s is that people from “Malacanang and DILG [Department of Interior and Local Government]” are in charge of making Poe’s media presence felt, to the exclusion of Escudero’s, the pro-Chiz source told The Manila Times.

    One of these communication specialists, according to the source, is an “Assistant Secretary” close to President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    The source said Escudero had thought all along that the President fully supported the senator’s bid to become the country’s second-highest official.

    The supposed backing stems from Aquino reportedly having said that he would never allow a Marcos to enter Malacañang again and, also, that Escudero is the only candidate who could thwart Bongbong’s bid for the vice presidency.

    The President is seen throwing his support behind Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo, the running mate of the administration Liberal Party’s Manuel Roxas 2nd.

    The skirmish between groups in the Poe-Escudero camp seemed to have emerged right after Escudero was reported to have met with the camp of Vice President Jejomar Binay in Davao City a few months ago when he was already the declared running mate of Poe.

    Much earlier, during the 2010 elections, Escudero was widely suspected of having been behind the “Noy-Bi” caper, wherein Noy (then-Sen. Benigno Aquino 3rd) junked then-vice presidential candidate Roxas for Bi (Binay).

    Aquino eventually won the race for President and Binay, for vice president.

    Binay, the candidate for President of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance in this year’s synchronized local and national elections, has faltered in recent surveys, which early on he was topping for the most part.


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    1. anything is possible in politics, never close the door and never believe anything or everything, make up your own mind. Crack your brain a little bit, and psycho analyze what is happening. Ha ha! iba dian mamatay matay ke poe, iba naman ke mar. ano ba nagawa ng mga yon sa pinas? sus, santisima marya kurdapya!

    2. chiz poe and BBM they on top of the survey i dont believed this article gawa gawa ng mga kulelat liberal party strike again halatang halata

    3. This article is meant for the multitude of ignorant people that still think that everything published must be true. That’s where we’re at.

    4. Wah! Politicians will do their BEST to FOOL PEOPLE! no matter how conflicting is their interest nor how big compromises are as long as THEY will WIN… THAT’s ALL! PATHETIC!

    5. When providing information, I always doubt about this statement ” sources says ‘ because the news cannot be verified. I really do not believe that this information is true. As I know, the information to be considered truthful must come from 2 sources. Without these 2 unnamed sources, this so called news must not be publish. Am I correct ?

    6. Jacinto Baybay on

      This is clearly to muddle the political chemistry for the presidency. Bongbong is his own man. He does not need to to go on tactical alliance with anyone. He is comfortable with Miriam.Chiz is in a quandary whether he is also included in the secret ticket of Abnoy indorsing Poe.

    7. Even Pnoy cannot prevent BongBong Marcos enter Malacanang and that Imee Marcos sign an agreement with Grace Poe for a Grace-Photo BongBong Tandem as the adage ” BLOOD IS TICKER THAN WINE and DO NOT DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU DONT WAN’T OTHERS DO UNTO YOU “.
      There were rumors that former President Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos sired many children, one was an Australian and another from a sister of Susana Sonora Poe. This rumors even if not true is taken seriously by Imee and BongBong Marcos and to help “LITTLE SIS” Grace Poe in her problem on being a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, BIG BRO. BongBong Marcos offered ” LITTLE SIS ” Grace to have themselves take a DNA test. Grace reply was ” after the election ” as this might jeopardize her run for the presidency.
      Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares, like Ferdianad E. Marcos, if your DESTINY is to be a president, you will be in spite an AMERICAN, against all odds and of being a ” MARCOS”.

    8. Senator Grace Poe ikaw ang aming pag asa sa lugmok na bansang pilipinas. Sana po ay maingat po ang ating bansa sa yung kamay. Tulungan mo kaming iyong mga kababayan sa mga namumuno na walang awa na dinadaya ang kani lang mga kababayan.

      • ay naku lori, walang alam si poe sa kahirapan na tinatawag. punta lang ng restaurant prima donna ang action how much more when she becomes president? eh kung yong no smoking sign, sige ang smoke nia, ano ang masasabi mo ngayon dian? she doesn’t really care for others but herself. marya santisyam!~

    9. Do I see a crack in the Llamanzares-Escudero tandem? With Greg and Chizmis Queen Alan so low in the surveys, I would not be surprised if there will be a Binay-Duterte tandem which may be the winning combination. An alternative would be two new combinations: Binay-Escudero and a Duterte-Marcos team sprouting out in mid of April.

    10. DNA testing will confirm the validity of rumor. Marcos siblings in tandem to determine the future of the country if both gets elected. Only in the Philippines. Tatang will be buried smiling at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani.

    11. Ergo, these politicians are only playing games to fool the electorate. In order to teach them a lesson, let us not vote for all the names mentioned in this article. Anyway these people are all tradpols and political butterflies. .

    12. The abnoy’s statement that he will never allow a Marcos to enter Malacanang again is really out of reality. Why? Is the abnoy the people? As if he owns the people! Talagang mayabang this abnoy. One day, he will air his kayabangan from his jail cell.