Poe, mom attend SC arguments

FIGHTING TOGETHER Senator Grace Poe chats with her mother, Susan Roces, before the start of the oral arguments on the disqualification cases filed against her. Also with poe is her running mate, Senator Francis Escudero. PHOTO BY DJ DIOSINA

FIGHTING TOGETHER Senator Grace Poe chats with her mother, Susan Roces, before the start of the oral arguments on the disqualification cases filed against her. Also with poe is her running mate, Senator Francis Escudero. PHOTO BY DJ DIOSINA

Senator Grace Poe personally witnessed oral arguments on her disqualification case at the Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday.

She was accompanied by her mother, actress Susan Roces.

Only 13 justices were on hand because Justice Arturo Brion is on leave and Justice Martin Villarama Jr. retired last Friday.

The senator, however, slipped out in the middle of the oral arguments.
Before the en banc session started, Poe expressed confidence that the law will side with her and all abandoned Filipino children who could be stripped of their right to a nationality.

“Matibay ang pananalig natin na kakatigan tayo ng batas sa ipinaglalaban nating karapatan ng mga inabandonang bata. Hindi ko kasi matanggap ang sinasabi ng ilan na ang isang foundling ay ituturing na stateless o walang nasyonalidad pagkapanganak. Responsibilidad ng batas na proteksyunan ang karapatan ng mga mahina at walang laban [I have faith that the law will uphold our fight for abandoned children. I cannot accept what others are saying that foundlings are stateless. It is the law’s responsibility to protect the rights of the weak],” the senator said.

She insisted that foundlings like her should be considered natural-born Filipinos.

“Ang isang bagong panganak na sanggol na inabandona at natagpuan sa Pilipinas ay isang natural na Pilipino. Kung may makakapagpatunay na ang batang ito ay may dugong banyaga, nasa kabilang kampo na po ang responsibilidad na patunayan ang bagay na ito.
Wala po sa ampon ang ‘burden of proof’ o magbigay pruweba na ang kaniyang mga magulang ay hindi Pilipino [An abandoned newborn found in the Philippines is a Filipino.

If someone can prove that this child has foreign blood, then the responsibility to prove this lies with the other camp. The burden of proof does not belong to foundlings],” she pointed out.

Late in December, Poe was disqualified from the presidential race by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) on grounds that she is not a natural-born Filipino and she failed to meet the residency requirement.

The High Court, however, stopped the poll body from dropping the senator from the list of presidential candidates.

Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo asked Poe’s counsel Alex Poblador if Poe used her US passport in 2011.

Poblador told the court that Poe’s dual citizenship allows her to continue using her American passport.

Poe’s camp had admitted that the last time the senator used her US passport was on March 9, 2010.

Del Castillo also asked Poblador about the error Poe made in her certificate of candidacy wherein she stated that she resided in the Philippines for 6 years and 6 months.

Poblador said it was an honest mistake and there was no intent to deceive the public.
Poe went out of the session hall before Associate Justice Antonio Carpio started grilling Poblador.

Carpio took Poblador to task for citing the proceedings of the 1934 Constitution.

The magistrate said Poe’s camp failed to quote completely deliberations between Constitutional Convention delegates Nicolas Rafols, Ruperto Montinola and Manuel Roxas pertaining to inclusion of foundlings as a class of persons considered as Philippine citizens.

“You were saying that Mr. Rafols proposed that children of unknown parents should be considered natural-born Filipinos?” Carpio asked Poblador who answered yes.

The magistrate noted that Poe’s camp did not include the entire deliberations.

Rafols wanted foundlings to be considered natural-born Filipinos.

“You missed out the most important part … the next page… here… the president [of the Constitutional Convention]says, ‘Does the gentleman from Cebu insist on his amendment?’ and the president said, ‘Let’s submit it to a vote… the amendment is rejected,’” Carpio pointed out.

“The records of the Constitutional Convention of 1934 clearly state that Mr. Rafols’ proposal was clearly rejected by the majority,” he added.

Top choice

Despite lingering question on Poe’s citizenship, the Nationalist People’s Coalition, the second largest political party in the country, said the senator remains its top presidential bet.

NPC spokesman Mark Enverga also on Tuesday said Poe is the choice of the majority of the NPC members.

The party also met with Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

“The disqualification cases [against Poe]s not an issue for us. A lot of our members would want to support Senator Grace. She remains the top choice of the party,” Enverga told reporters.

“We are of the belief that she is qualified to run, and the Temporary Restraining Order that was issued by the Supreme Court validates that there was a grave abuse of authority on the part of the Comelec,” Enverga said.

He added that the NPC will support one presidential candidate this year.

“This will be different from the previous one. We are bent on choosing one presidential candidate,” the NPC spokesman said.

Aside from Duterte, the NPC also met with Poe, Vice President Jejomar Binay and administration candidate Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd.



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  1. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    20 Jan. 2016

    In the oral arguments in the Supreme Court reported here, Lawyer Poblador, Poe’s lawyer, tried to pull a fast one on Justice Carpio–but got knocked out!

    Justice Carpio told him that “Rafols’ amendment was rejected.”

    That exchange does not bode well for Grace Poe Llamanzares. The fact that she may have falsified the Certificate of Candidacy which she submitted to the COMELEC has come out in the oral arguments, and she may be subject to nothing less than a criminal action. An “honest mistake,” she claims. Give me a break!

    How about the other fact that at one time she used her US passport? If she was then a Filipino citizen–and a natural-born citizen–and assuming she had a Philippines passport–why did she use the US passport? Another honest mistake?


  2. Hindi naman tanga si Grace na hindi niya malaman kung tinatraydor talaga siya ni Chiz. Theories theories… Wala lang masabe. para lang masiraan. Pathetic

  3. Bashing ang ruining his image won’t bring him down. Desperate moves ng mga kalaban niya dahil sa lahat ng lumabas na survey na legit, siya yung palaging una.

  4. opinionated na noypi on

    If I were one of the Justices, sitting en banc at the Supreme Court, I would vote to disqualify Senator Poe-Llamanzares based on the evidence presented and also the interpretation of the 1934 Constitution. My vote would be without prejudices and biases but derived from facts. One of the greatest lies that Poe’s attorney said was, Grace Poe elected to become American Citizen because permanent visa holder will be very difficult to find a job after 9/11 attack. This is not true, unless an individual tries to get a job at the Pentagon, occupying sensitive position, and requires to have a security clearance because of national security reasons.

  5. pagmamahal ng isang ina ay hindi talaga matatawaran kahit kailanman. napakaswerte ni sen grace poe dahil kahit siya ay ampon ay itinuring na totoong anak si sen grace poe nila FPJ at Susan Roces, na hanggang ngayon sa laban na ito ay patuloy na sumusuporta si susan roces kay grace poe. at sa pagmamahal na ito ng isang ina, alam ko na sila ang papanigan ng hustisya.

  6. Annie Marasigan on

    The Constitution provides for the qualifications of all candidates; also the Constitution per se connotatively articulated that Grace Poe is qualified.

    The 1987 Phil. Constitution and The International Law offered the answers about the issue of citizenship, wherein it clearly specified that no man is stateless and that foundlings acquired his/her citizenship according to the place where s/he was found.

    More so, issue about residency was also addressed when Senator Grace Poe submitted all the evidences needed that since May, 2005 she already staying here in the Philippines. Further, an honest mistake which was later realized was already admitted by the latter due to confusion. But it should be clear that Grace Poe didn’t mean to deceive the public.

    Likewise, I, personally, cannot take if in case they disqualify the only Presidential aspirants whom opened and offered a well of optimism to the majority (including me). I hope Supreme Court will give Grace Poe a fair fight and chance to attest how good she is as a leader.

    • laguatanlawzen.com on

      Grace Poe-Llamanzares does not have the gravitas of a learned legal luminary and the erudite knowledge and experience to be an effective leader contrary to your assertion. She is no different from Cory, an inexperienced housewife, who was thrust suddenly into the presidency.

    • Rodan Guerrero on

      Grace Poe cant tell what kind of work was she employed in the US because its a shame on her part if she reveals she worked most of her time in US as NANNY. She is a woman who lived within lies, she continues to lie in pursuit of her foolish ambition. What she did in the MAMASAPANO Senate Inquiry tells much if she is qualified to become President. albeit he paid her political debt to Pnoy that is why she junked the report one obvious reason too is she does not know what to do so she prefered throwing it to the dustbin. She conspired in hiding Aquino`s responsibility and she will suffer much against herself once Enrile will unmask their conspiracy.

  7. Disgualify candidates according to the law no politics,corruption addict VP Binay should be disgualified and put to jail we cannot have a magnanakaw running for president.

  8. Akala mo ba chiz hindi namin nakita na wala ka namang ginagawa nung sinampahan ng DQ si grace kaya walang lugar ang isang katulad mo sa gobyerno

  9. Sonny Alejandro on

    Pagkukunwari lang naman chiz ang ginagawa mo eh dahil sa pagiwan mo sa ere kay poe kaya wala kang maaasahang suporta sa amin