Poe neither natural born nor dual citizen but still American till 2012


My three previous columns on Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares have drawn a lot of reaction from various sources around the world, but not a line from Ms. Poe herself on her constitutional right to remain in the Senate, and to aspire for higher office in 2016. This is a purely constitutional issue, not the least personal nor political, but even the normally acute and active constitutional analysts seem to have grown cold feet.

In this highly corrupt and morally indifferent environment, the more cynical do not mind saying, “let her run,” as though the Constitution did not count at all, and as though Smartmatic’s precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machine no longer existed, and there were enough intelligent voters to bar the unqualified from getting elected. Some opportunistic politicians who would like to benefit from FPJ’s cinematic following, even suggest Poe “would make a good president,” despite her constitutional impediment.

To repeat what I said at the outset, I do not know Ms. Poe, and have nothing against her. I campaigned vigorously for her late adoptive father (Fernando Poe Jr.) when he ran for president in 2004, and I sought to be returned to the Senate after serving two consecutive terms. But she was a US citizen living in the US then, and I never saw her on the campaign trail. She came home after FPJ died in December 2004, but gave no intimation of her interest in the affairs of the nation. Since then I have been impressed by some of her political sound bites, but none of these give her the right to sit in the Senate or to aspire for the highest or second highest national office, under the Constitution.

Although nothing would give me greater pleasure than to be shown wrong in my thesis, no one has come forward to refute my position. To the contrary, a naturalized American citizen of Filipino parentage living in Virginia, where Ms. Poe reportedly used to live, has written to provide data in support of my position. This is the reason for writing yet another piece on Ms. Poe at a time when more people are more anxious about other things. We shall consider this reader’s input in a while.

Under the Constitution, no person shall be elected president or vice president or senator or member of the House of Representatives unless he/she be a “natural-born” Filipino citizen, among other things. This means that if Grace Poe is a natural-born Filipino, she is qualified to remain in the Senate and to set her eyes on the presidency or vice presidency, whatever are her other qualifications. But if she is not, then she has no right to sit there or to entertain any higher ambitions.

What are natural-born citizens? Natural-born citizens, according to Article IV, Sec. 2 of the Constitution, are those who are citizens of the Philippines from birth without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect their Philippine citizenship. Those born before January 17, 1973, of Filipino mothers, who elect Philippine citizenship upon reaching the age of majority are deemed natural –born citizens.

The 1935 Constitution, which was in force when Ms. Poe was born on Sept. 3, 1968, does not define “natural born” in its article on citizenship. But it provides that Filipino citizens are those whose fathers are citizens of the Philippines, and those whose mothers are citizens of the Philippines, and, upon reaching the age of majority, elect Philippine citizenship.

Contrary to her claim, on the basis of which she ran and won as PNoy’s senatorial candidate in 2013, Grace Poe is not a natural-born Filipino, either under the 1935 Constitution or the present Constitution. Not by a thousand miles. As a foundling who was admittedly abandoned upon birth by her biological mother inside the Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral in Iloilo City, nobody knew her parents or the nationality of the same. No one could say her father was Filipino so that she could be a Filipino under the 1935 Constitution, or that her mother was a Filipino so that she would be qualified under the 1987 Constitution.

But whether, in fact, she could be presumed to be Filipino, she is certainly not natural-born. Assuming the court allowed her to adopt the citizenship of her adoptive parents, she had “to perform a legal act to acquire her original Philippine citizenship or to perfect it”, and this precisely destroyed her claim to being natural-born. Assuming, arguendo, that she was, in fact, natural born, she threw all that status and distinction away when she took her oath of allegiance to the United States and renounced and abjured absolutely and entirely all fidelity and allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines, or to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, of whom or which she had heretofore been a subject or citizen.

There was no dual Filipino-American citizenship at the time. The dual citizenship law came into effect only in 2003, with the passage of RA 9225. This allows “natural-born citizens of the Philippines” to retain their Filipino citizenship while becoming citizens of a foreign country simply by taking the following oath: “I_____________ solemnly swear or affirm that I will support and defend the Constitution of the Republic of the Phlippines and obey the laws and legal orders promulgated by the duly constituted authorities of the Philippines; and I hereby declare that I recognize and accept the supreme authority of the Philippines and will maintain true faith and allegiance thereto; that I impose this obligation upon myself voluntarily without reservation or purpose of evasion. So help me God.”

This oath, however, was immediately reduced to a mere scrap of paper as soon as the Filipino citizen renounced and abjured absolutely and totally his fidelity and allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines in order to become an American citizen. Thus the dual citizenship is at best legal fiction. Yet neither under the provisions of the 1935 Constitution nor under those of the 1987 Constitution could Ms. Poe seek refuge in that legal fiction. She was never a natural born Filipino nor a dual Filipino American citizen. She was American only when she was American, and she is Filipino only now, after she has renounced her US citizenship.

She came home in 2005, according to her latest statement—in 2006, according to an earlier sworn statement. She obviously came as an American citizen using her American passport, which she used once again on December 27, 2009. She got a Philippine passport on May 16, 2014, one year after she was electronically elected as senator.

In 2010, Aquino named her chair of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board while she was still an American citizen. This appointment was in clear derogation of the sovereignty of the Philippines and a clear violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.

Now, according to the Quarterly Publication of Individuals who have chosen to Expatriate, as required by Section 6039G of the US Internal Revenue Code, during the quarter ending June 30, 2012, as reported in the Federal Register, the Daily Journal of the United States Government, Mary Grace Poe Llamanzares renounced her US citizenship only during that quarter. The exact date is still unknown, but it happened during that quarter.

This was two years after she had accepted an appointment and starting getting paid as MTRCB chair, and one year before she ran for the Senate. Our laws prohibit naming a foreigner to a position reserved only for a Filipino citizen. And the Constitution requires that no person shall be a senator unless he/she is, among other things, “a natural-born Filipino citizen,” and “a resident of the Philippines for not less than two years immediately preceding the day of the election.”

On both counts, Ms. Poe is in grave violation of the Constitution and the law. She is not a natural-born Filipino, and she did not have the two-year residency to be qualified to run for senator. Although she claims to have arrived in 2005 or 2006, she remained an American citizen until she renounced her US citizenship during the first quarter of 2012. And while still an American citizen she accepted a government job as MTRCB chair and got paid for it, contrary to law, which reserves such position only to Filipino citizens.

No matter how you feel about it, Sen. Grace Poe has a lot to answer for. If she does not voluntarily renounce her present position, the Senate has a duty to demand it of her.



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  1. Hope magising na ang taong bayan na ang kailangan natin ay ang leader na MAY NAPATUNAYAN na sa kanilang lugar di yun puro nakikita o naririnig lang sa telebisyon. Lagi nalang tayong niloloko at pinapangakuan na laging NAPAPAKO. God gave us a beautiful paradise country, too bad we always have stupid and junk leaders!

  2. May GOD have mercy on the Pilipino people..Each one has its own opinion,intention, and desire on G Poe’s case. I am not in a position to say or not to say that G Poe is not qualified to run as P or VP. There are people who are tasked to do that and it is my prayer for GOD to give them wisdom to do what is best for the country.
    For me, I go for people (candidate) who have honest and pure intention in their desire or ambition to run.I prefer candidates who do not have a party affiliation.Why? Because candidates who have a party become blind followers of their party’s decision even if it is wrong..They become BLIND SLAVES of their party’s intention,
    decision and policies even to the point of throwing mud on the face of rival candidates. If they won in the election their victory was credited to their party not to the people who voted for them. And so, their loyalty and performance of their duties and responsibilities as elected public officials is dictated by their party not by the people who voted for them.
    GOD Bless us all!!!!

  3. Has GPoe announced she is running? Geezzzz Citizen or not, what the heck are you talking about.
    Mr. Tatad, I don’t know where you are coming from. Your era as FEM speaklouder had been long gone. Stop riding on GPoe popularity. Write something else. Mr. Tiangco (Binay speaklouder) had already buckled and made GPoe more popular and her rating for PH aspiring for the top official candidate ZOOM upwards. Mr. Tatad your article might further zoom GPoe’s chance of becoming our top leader.

    For Anti GPoe and Pro GPoe, Just let it be. Supreme Court will decide for everyone about GPoe’s citizenship. Not Tatad nor Binay’s think tanks that blundered.
    Just go on with your daily life and thank God Almighty for the Blessing and Grace everyone are receiving. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.

      “What are natural-born citizens? Natural-born citizens, according to Article IV, Sec. 2 of the Constitution, are those who are citizens of the Philippines from birth without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect their Philippine citizenship. Those born before January 17, 1973, of Filipino mothers, who elect Philippine citizenship upon reaching the age of majority are deemed natural –born citizens.”

      Where was GPoe found Mr. Tatad? Was it in Jaro Iloilo? How old where she when she was found? Where was she born then? Or shall I say where did she came from? She just appeared if I am not mistaken in the church? Basta na lang sumingaw siya duon? Or did she fell from heaven… then she is an angel Mr. Tatad. Again, no one can prove as you stated if her parents are pinoys or foreign nationality. So again let me ask you, where
      did she came from. Was she born in the Philippines or she just appeared in the Phiippines from nowhere at her very infant stage of birth.

      Mr. Tatad, it’s just plain common sense. Think please. It’s either GPoe is a “Singaw” since she just pop-up from nowhere or an Alien, or an Angel who fell form heaven. COMMON SENSE Mr. Tatad. No need to look for the constituiton loopholes. PLAIN COMMON SENSE I guessed was used by the makers of the Constitution then. During those time I think our state men doesn’t deal with many” che che bureches” and too much details because they used the “Sintido Comon” unlike now. Natural dito ka pinanganak. eh di Pinoy ka by birth. Yun lang yun Chong. Wala ng pagtatalunan pa.

  4. Unless someone could show who her parents are, she is considered a natural born Filipino citizen; regardless of Mr. Tatad’s chronological summation of facts.

  5. filipino or half filpino…..basta makakapaglingkod sa bayan ng PILIPINAS ng tapat at di PAGNANAKAWAN ang kaban ng bayang pilipinas ay may karapatang tumakbo kahit na anung posisyon sa pilipinas politikal.
    Kung yung mga legal (natural born pilipino citizens daw) nga na nakaupo ngayun e pinagsasamantalahan ang mga pilipinong nakawin ang kanilang yaman e saan pa kayo lulugar.??? Sa legal na pinoy na MAGNANAKAW o sa Inaakusahang illegal alien na pinoy na NAGLILINGKOD naman ng tapat at nagsisilbing iangat ang pilipinas sa pangunlad.
    Fuck the rules….ang gumawa ng patakaran na yan ang mga inutil….dahil sila dati ang nakaupo hanggang ngayun na sila ang matagal nang nagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayang PILIPINAS…..Please PHILIPPINES….ITS TIME TO WAKE-UP!!!!!


    JUS SOLI…by place of birth, if she’s indeed was born in iloilo…jus sanguines…if she can find her filipino parents…but if she’s a GI, then no problem…genuine ilongga…opod na sila ni day mirriam…toto carter, nonoy reagan, nene hillary kag si manoy bush ah!

  7. John Laurence Domingo on

    This is a lot of nonsensical logic and interpretation of the law even for Kit Tatad. The Supreme Court has rules several of times already on similar issues, including the popular Imelda Marcos case and G.R. No. 180088 Japzon vs. COMELEC and Ty where the court said that “It is axiomatic that factual findings of administrative agencies, such as the COMELEC, which have acquired expertise in their field are binding and conclusive on the Court.” So when COMELEC approved Grace Poe’s candidacy back in 2013, the court will have to take the presumption of regularity in the way COMELEC vetted out candidates’ qualifications to run for elective posts as COMELEC has “acquired expertise in their field.”


    this is a clear demolition job. kahit saan nyu angulo tingnan si madam grace pinay. shame on you pag sinabi nyung di xa pinay. pinanganak yan sa pinas kaya pinay yan though the real parents are not identified. why all of the sudden this is an issue? because she’s a real threat of binay (only answer). i think binay should clear his name first and face all the case if he’s really innocent. i voted him as VP now those scandals make me hesitant to pick him again. as far as i know lagpas na sa 10 years ang paninirahan ni madame grace

    • Prince Dihaj on

      Yes, I believe Ms Grace Poe is a Filipino and I will vote her in the coming election. To me, naturally born or not shouldn’t be the issue because there were so many (not all) and so called public servants in the past and present naturally born Filipino holding positions in the government were the same NATURALLY BORN CORRUPT seemingly showing good deeds to win people’s trust and gain their weaknesses …but in reality they blinded by their own ambitions with entrenched personal interests. Ms Grace Poe maybe the right person although not perfect to hold the highest position in the government relatively to the coming election.

  9. And who will be your President? Binay? tsk… tsk.. tsk…. Nakakatakot kayo! Only Grace Poe can defeat Binay, and if you are hitting Poe then… it’s all clear, you are all for Binay! Are all your eyes really open or you just keep those covered all this time?

  10. Agueda Kahabagan on

    I thought Grace Poe is unlike other traditional politicians. But then her disregard to the Constitution is a disGRACE to the Filipino people. She is very ambitious. She is just like Chiz Escudero. No wonder they are so close. Same feathers flock together.

  11. Grace is a natural born Filipina by virtue of her physical appearance. Her being pandak and pango is a clear Filipino identity. For her skin, her parents either mother or father is a mestisa or mestiso with american or spanish heritage which every filipino has including chinese like Krissy. He was born here and raised here and studied here. In the U.S the appearance is not an issue whether your an american citizens. Just being born in their land ,air, and water territory makes one a U.S. citizens. The real issue here is her previous renunciation of being a filipino to be an american and her coming back to renounce again her being an american and embrace her original roots as Filipino. So the real question here is her 10 year residency and not her being a natural born-filipino. Grace should prove that residency issue no more no less.

  12. I Remember... on

    Disgrace and Pnoy should become living partners! Then they can share lies and lie to each other!

  13. The TRUTH, the FACT , and the OBVIOUS if you will see Grace from her eyes and her overall appearance is she is a real Filipino. Pango ang ilong, di gaaanong mataas ang height, kaya lang medyo maputi. May pagka mestisa o mestiso ang isa or both of her parents pero Filipino pa rin. Nagyon ang tanong ay kung siya ba ay natural born Filipino at this moment or before the 2016 election ? That is for the court to decide. Her renunciation of her Filipino citizenship to turn American before and her reacquiring of her Filipino citizenship to be Filipino again and not as dual citizens are factors to consider in deciding this issue. Not what people thinks as who she is really from what we read from the mouth of lawyers and politicians who interprets the constitution as if they know it fully well. Don’t judge yet you are not in a position to do so.

  14. If she is the daughter of Rosmarie Sonora the sister of Susan Roces then she is a boost to her filipino thriving family…I met Rosmarie Sonora at my friends house in California doing home service as a beautician, she was with her American husband a retired seargent. I even volunteer to take her husband along with me at the Casino so he would not get bored. I could sense he was uneasy with all the women all giggling and tsismisan… I thought poor Rosmarie ! She used to be a movie star now she is doing home service.

  15. This case of grace poe is of national concern… how could an american citizen able to sneaked in through the strict screening of our gov’t. Offices (MTRCB) and COMELEC to become a head of an agency and file a certificate of candidacy for the position of senator….. well enough of the incompetence of the officials who approved of her occupying those positions but recent developments should put to task these ignorant officials to correct their previous mistakes…. we now have a sitting senator who was an American citizen at the time she filed her COC that is blatantly against our constitution….I voted for Gordon during the last election so I think Dick should pursue his case as the 13th placed senator…. grace should not be staying a second longer because she was not eligible and is lawfully disqualified during that time due to the status of her residency….

  16. hi Grace, You are a disGrace to the Country and to the constitution just like your master panot! you better resign or face trial!

  17. according to the mouth of Susan Roces, Grace Poe-Llamanzares “CHEATED NOT ONCE BUT TWICE” being as MTRCB chairwoman and being senator.

    • Mistral, where did you get that Susan Roces statement that” she cheated not once but twice”. That is an absolute betrayal and a revelations of Grace Poe’s controversial citizenship status. I know so far Susan is mum about it and wouldn’t be drag into this controversy.
      Are you putting these words inti Susan’s mouth to make her appear as a traitor adoptive mother. Better still say Grace Poe is her blood niece being the daughter of her sister Rosemarie Sonora, with whom Grace has facial features! Though her father is said to be Marcos! Imee Marcos she in her TV patrol interview that ” she is proud to have Grace Poe her STEP-SISTER! That’s a loaded statement!

  18. Becka Hilado on

    I would like to comment on Tatad’s statement in his article and I quote:

    “I campaigned vigorously for her late adoptive father (Fernando Poe Jr.) when he ran for president in 2004, and I sought to be returned to the Senate after serving two consecutive terms. But she was a US citizen living in the US then, and I NEVER saw her on the campaign trail. She came home AFTER FPJ died in December 2004, but gave no intimation of her interest in the affairs of the nation.”

    I am apalled to learn that Grace Poe did not even campaign for his father FPJ when he ran for President in 2004. I did not vote for Grace Poe in 2013 because I did not know anything about her and was soo surprised how she can top the senatorial elections. I beleive in the “PNoy Hcos Pcos cheating in 2013. What kind of a daughter or person is Grace Poe – that she did not even campaign for her adoptive father and she prefered to be in the US during this critical time for her adoptive father. Poe only returned to the Philippines when her father FPJ died. Its hard to understand.

    Another statement of Tatad above which I quote:

    “No matter how you feel about it, Sen. Grace Poe has a lot to answer for. If she does not voluntarily renounce her present position, the Senate has a duty to demand it of her.”

    This is thought-provoking – Hello Mr. Drilon, Mr. Cayetano, Mr Trillanes ??!!! we are now waiting for ALL of you to schedule a Senate hearing about this citizenship issue of Grace Poe – this is a big matter that deserves a Senate hearing. If you can organize non-stop Senate hearings regarding Binay’s case on the Makati parking lot – it will be suspicious if not one of you will take up this matter on Poe’s citizenship at a Senate hearing asap. It shows you are all biased and do not deserve to be in the Senate yourselves. It now seems legally that Grace Poe should not even be sitting as a Senator !!! Can you imagine – Grace Poe wants to be a law-maker but she is actually a law-breaker !!

    • I am not surprise that Grace Poe did not campaign for FPJ presidentialu run and instead chose to remain in U.S. Grace Poe CAN NOT personal engage in political campaign in the Philippines since FOREIGNERS are prohibited by law to do so. Grace Poe was at the time an American citizen and to do would maker personally liable to be violating Election law. This is also could have been a campaign issue agains FPJ had she did so!

      I absolutely agree with you to have the Senate investigate via Senate hearing the citizenship status issue of one of their colleagues, Grace Poe
      to determine her qualifications to be Senator and be one of them. The Senate Commitee on ethics could do this as it relates to an ethical behaviour. Such investigation need not be in “aid of legislation” but commission of an illegal behavioral acts of one of its member. I am PAGING DRilon, Escudero, Trillanes, Pimentel, Cayetanos, Guingona, Sotto, Osmena, and the rest to spearhead this effort to avoid the critical issue of its member not being a “natural-born” or even a foreigner (American) serving in the Senate! Also to avoid electing a NON-natural-born” citizen as VP or even President of the nation!

  19. Lerma P. Jacinto on

    I hope that someone will challenge Grace Poe’s citizenship in court when he accepted the MTCRB position, when he ran for the senate and again if she runs for another government position. And if proven (in court) that she violated the cConstitution, even PNoy who appointed her in her 1st public position should not go unpunish.

  20. Eh di what Pnoy did was culpable violation of the Constitution. an impeachable offense when “he appointed Poe, an American Citizen, to a government post, reserved only to Filipinos”.. And how do we view this act by the President? Was it done in blatant disregard of the fundamental law?.. Was there bad faith? Was it deliberate? Was PNoy suppose to know the qualifications required by the Constitution before appointing Poe? Many years has passed, has the offense prescribed? What do we do now? Election is just around the corner.. Can he still be impeached? Can Poe, who now sits in the Senate be made to answer for knowingly, willfully and deliberately, acting on a appointment as MTRCB Chairman, when she clearly is prohibited by the Constitution? What will happen if the Filipinos just let this incident in history pass by without doing anything? How willing are we to just let this “thing” go by? Does nationalism and patriotism matter anymore?

  21. Wolfgang Struck on

    Susan and FPJ had “adopted” her from Rosemary. She has the traits of Dona Josefa. I spoke to her during the wake in Sto. Domingo 2004 when she was still almost shameful (not arrogant as she is today). They were not decided then which way to go. In the end they followed the line of FPJ brother Konrad: Not Marcos!

    Thanks, Frank Tatad, you create, again, a well-founded public debate and get people from all walks of life involved.

    Wolfgang Struck

  22. Arlene Rafiq on

    This citizenship issue is quite complicated and very confusing. I thought that when a child is born in the Philippines, she is considered a Filipino citizen. If Grace Poe was born in Jaro, Iloilo but went to study in the US and eventually got her US citizenship, does that make her not a natural born citizen of the Philippines? And if dual citizenship means maintaining both Philippine and American, why is Grace Poe not qualified? A further explanation on this law should be explained thoroughly. US Homeland Security can and will help bring light to this and our own government hopefully will help without any trace of politics. Grace Poe and other Filipinos who became US citizens and again decided a dual citizenship should once and for all know exactly…ano ba talaga??

  23. PNoy violated the Philippine Constitution by appointing foreign nationals / non Filipino citizens in top Govt positions not just in the case of Grace Poe as MTRCB Chairman in 2010. PNoy also appointed as cabinet secretary Jesse Robredo who is a Chinese National /Citizen . Jesse Robredo lied too and worse fraudulently “falsified” all his documents at the Bureau of Immigration,etc . Check out the cases filed at the Supreme Court and Bureau of Immigration regarding the Jesse Robredo citizenship case – it is a big cover-up since he was Mayor of Naga City. President Ramos and DILG Sec Mar Roxas (Jess Robredo’s best friend) was instrumental in the cover-up of the real citizenship of Jesse Robredo. Filipinos should be watchful on the case of Grace Poe as it might be another case of cover-up and falsification of documents to reverse Grace Poe’s citizenship problem similar to the cover-up and lies and falsification of govt records/docs that Jess Robredo did (Robredo bribed immigration officials during the time of Pres Ramos and all the documents of Jess Robredo proving he is a Chinese citizen mysteriously disappeared at the bureau of immigration)

  24. If Poe is truly honest on her claims to be …….then she should not run for any government office until she can fulfill all the necessary requirements needed as stated in the Constitution. There should be no exceptions. She has not proven herself with any tract record of governing the country.
    Why the rush ? She is just another typical politician, Talk is cheap . We should worry about people who speak to fast before thinking. Sounds like a Salesperson to me!
    The fact that she pledge allegiance to another country for Convenience and denounce it back, sounds like a flip flapper to me. We should take this as a serious Warning!

    We need a leader that has Strength of Character, Someone who can Unite this Nation and who will never give up his Loyalty and Love for his own Country no matter what!

    Maraming Salamat Mr. Tatad for your honest views. Let’s all strive to help our countrymen come into their senses for this election!

  25. What about PNoy for breaking the constitution by appointing an American citizen to a position reserved for Filipinos only? Is he not culpable too?

    I do hope that he will be prosecuted after his term ends for the so many crimes against the constitution he has committed. This is to TEACH a lesson to those who will follow.

  26. Bonifacio Claudio on

    What would Susan Roces say on this? After all, as whispers had it, she was the one who put Grace Poe on it all.

  27. P.Akialamiro on

    There have been a lot of dscussion about Sen. Poe’s qualification wihtout a definite conclusion on her Filipino Citizenship. What a waste!

    Aside from her citizenship, is she really qualified to lead the country considering her experience, loyalty, heart and intelligence?

    Unusual circumtances of corruption, smuggling and crime worsened by natural disasters call for an unusual benevolent down-to-earth leader with ‘balls’; not with the inexpereince, naivte and questionable loyalty of one like Ms. Poe. Down with popularity and mediocrity!

  28. Leodegardo Pruna on

    The law is the law. No personality nor P-Noy can be on top of the law. And, the TRUTH must prevail in this case. Sen. Grace should come out and clear the matter otherwise she herself has broken her own principle of honesty and integrity. God bless the Philippines.

  29. Grace has to stop her “I have a dream” tour and face these issues squarely as she demands honesty from today’s favorite corruption punching bag. If she does it would be safe to already assume that we’ve been had or at least those who “voted” because of FPJ. And likewise we can safely say, following Susan Roces’ immortal outburst against GMA, “You did not only lie to us once, not twice, but thrice!”.

  30. Please excuse my ignorance of your Philippine law but my question is: Who is supposed to have screened and approved Ms. Grace Poe’s application for candidacy for the Philippine Senate before her name qualified to be printed on the ballot? Isn’t there a procedure for that by the COMELEC? Or can any one just drop their name in the hat and become a candidate? How do you people run your government? In other words, how much has she paid to be allowed to run when in fact she is not qualified? And what now, is she going to be recalled, impeached, vanished or dragged out of senate by force? Or maybe crowned as a beauty queen? What? Please tell me. I’m interested.

  31. fred villaragoisa on

    All what you are saying is she is not a natural born citizen because she cannot prove it otherwise. You want her to find her biological parents to prove your are wrong. If she cannot find them you want her to agree with you that she is an American citizen. How did she become a US citizen to begin with? She must have passed all the INS requirements, Birth Certificate etc..etc.. So she must be a Filipino by birth, except that no one can prove is she a natural born. To be 100% natural born is based on who the biological parents are. How if someone who are 100% Pinoy come up and claim her as their biological daughter, would you stop writing? Any volunteers?

    • Jose A. Oliveros on

      If someone suddenly comes forward to claim that he or she is the father or mother of Sen. Poe-Llamanzares, there will be serious doubt about their claim because failure for a long period of time to assert something that one knows to be true raises questions of credibility. If that person is a male, he has to prove that he had recognized or acknowledged the Senator as his child. If a female, then the bigger problem because a child born of a Filipino mother whose father is not known must elect Philippine citizenship within three years after reaching the age of majority.

  32. For one who likes to talk a lot, grace poe is suddenly silent on her residency issues, other than standard lawyer type statements.

    Increasingly she is being seen as deceitful, dishonest, and not to be trusted, and clearly hypocritical and opportunistic – a typical old fashioned trapo from the incestuous bed-hopping elite/establishment.
    She always wanted to be an actress and maybe is now playing the role of some-one who loves her country and has always had a dream to serve it! A two-faced politician – par for the course.

    After a lifetime in US with little interest in the philippines and no political experience, she suddenly exploits the opportunity of a ‘parents’ death and starts branding and brandishing the FJP name and appealing to emotions/sympathy vote – out of the pnoy aquino playbook. 2 P’s in a pod, and she also exhibits the passion of a bag of frozen peas. To P or not to P, that is the question.

    The electorate got it wrong in 2010, and 2 wrongs won’t make it right

    • P.Akialamiro on

      Besides, what are her qualifications to run for a higher position? Seems like she became a Filipino Citizen for convenience; she doesn’t have the loyalty, sincerity and the heart of a Filipino leader.The country is in a ‘mess’ with all the corruptions and crimes, in and out of the government service. We need a strong leader with strong convictions and not mere ambitions!

    • in short, she is like biNOY. si biNOY corrupt (daw) at si little ms poe-pet (pet name given by herman tiu laurel of tribune meaning puppet of boy sisi) sinungaling. sabi ng nanay nanayan nya na ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw. tama ba aling susan????

    • Kasi magaling lang sila kung ibang tao ang may sabit.
      Pag sila na or KKK na, same same na rin.

  33. There are unclear points here. Renunciation and issuance of new passport (PH) are two different matters and could not have occurred on the same day. On the issue of being natural-born, the renunciation of US citizenship means recovering her original Filipino citizenship. Poe never elected her Filipino citizenship; meaning, she is natural-born. If she renounced it to become US citizen, her renunciation also restores her original citizenship, including civil rights.

    • Jose A. Oliveros on

      One derives his or her citizenship from that of his or her known parents under the citizenship principle of jus sanguinis. So how, in the first place, did she become a Filipino citizen, in the first place when both of her parents are unknown and so are their citizenship? Please read Art. IV, Sec.1 of the 1935 Constitution which was in effect in 1968, the supposed birth year of w Sen. Poe-Llamanzares, on who are citizens of the Philippines for your enlightenment.

    • The problem is that “natural born” means no act is necessary to become a Filipino citizen. Sen. Po acquired Filipino citizenship by virtue of being adopted by Filipinos. So she can never become ‘natural born.’

  34. Dalisay Alonzo on

    Wow.., this is something that The Aquino gov’t needs to anwser to the constituents…We are not Banana republic

    • Bayani Regala on

      Wow, what planet are you from? The Philippines is a Banana Republic of the worst kind. They have a president who is missing a few marbles, a Congress & Senate whose services are for sale to the highest bidder & a form of government that is self serving. God help the Philippines.

  35. laguatanlawZen.com on

    Kit, this is a highly erudite thesis about Grace Poe’s citizenship. Your researches have a grain of salt for all Filipinos to ponder.

    • I’m on to that. let the people choose the next president by heart not by pockets. someone incorruptible and not be manipulated by the syndicated cartels who pays the campaign and sits a muppet leader.
      citizenship is not a big issue but the LEADERSHIP. the constitution’s
      implication holds unto it yet a true born Filipino politician who’s intention is to steal millions from government funds is nothing but a laughing Hyena’s.
      THEY RUN and THEY STEAL meals from other packs.

  36. MyrLA bryant on

    What a big mess. The president and the senator are probably ignorant of the laws governing the country , but ignorance of the law is not suppose to be an excuse. They are both in violation of the Philippine constitution.

  37. Felimon A. Soria on

    I commented on her citizenship since it came up in another Philippine newspaper stating that it is not easy to renounce a US citizenship because it involves a long process and it seems to me that I am vindicated by your article Sir. Of course Filipinos look the other way when popular people are violating laws of the country. It seems to me that our constitution can be discarded just like that. If I am not mistaken, Sen. Poe Llamanzares may be the most popular person to be a candidate for a higher office right now, if it is true what she says that she is honest and principled like her father, she should be gracious enough to resign and apologize to the Filipino people for the “mistake”.

  38. With Mr. Tatad’s assertion, Grace Poe is a bare-faced liar and dishonest judging from her public pronouncements. Aquino and his political allies, including Poe, are habitually mocking our laws and even the constitution. If our leaders and administration are not showing respect to our constitution and laws, who can blame the lowly citizens for disrespecting our laws as well. If our society condones their utter disregard of the constitution, we therefore has no reason to exist as a nation. We are showing the traits of a failed state. In fact, several signs are coming out for this country to be called drifting into that direction. Surging narco-politics, rampant graft and corruption, absence of patriotic fervor, widespread immorality, deteriorating education system and control of the nation’s wealth and economic well-being by less than 100 families and oligarchs.

  39. Roldan Guerrero on

    This is a national issue and we should not stop to pursue until this undesirable person will be kicked out of her position. Gordon should come out now and contest the seat. Let us not be fooled by too ambitious people who are pretending to be honest!

  40. it’s a mockery of the system and the philippine government allows for the law to be trampled and taken lightly. nobody to blame but the electorate. even so, the candidate herself. yes, ms. grace poe llamanzares herself. and now she is talking about honesty. why doesn’t she start being honest herself?

  41. She looks Filipino, why can’t her adopted mother tell the real truth, what are they ashamed of??
    Even if she is, she is not qualified to run for president ,No qualification.How then her last name is POE???. Where is Rosemary Sonora, why won’t she come back to PI and clear up everything.

  42. Hey Grace admit your mistake and return the money received from MTRCB and return the money while sitting as senator and RESIGN for the county’s sake!