• Poe not a ‘registered’ foundling


    There are 4,350 registered foundlings in the country and Sen. Grace Poe is not one of them, a lawyer disclosed Saturday.

    “She is not registered. It is a pre-requisite. You must be registered to avail of legal presumption as natural born,” Manuelito Luna told a news forum in Quezon City.

    Luna is the counsel of radio commentator and presidential candidate Rizalito David who sought to nullify Poe’s proclamation as one of the winners in the 2013 senatorial elections.

    He also filed an electoral offense complaint against Poe before the Commission on Elections. In both cases, David assailed Poe’s claim that she’s a natural-born Filipino citizen.

    David argued that being a foundling with no known biological Filipino parents, Poe has no basis to claim being a natural-born Filipino.

    The Senate Electoral Tribunal had voted 5-4 dismissing David’s petition. The case is under appeal.

    According to Luna, the Philippine Statistics Authority which serves as the national civil registry requires the registration of a foundling before the Office of the Civil Registrar of the city or municipality where the child was found by the finder within 30 days from the date of finding.

    In Poe’s case, he added, there was no registration whatsoever anywhere in the country.

    He said 4,350 foundlings were registered with the PSA – which was earlier called the National Census and Statistics Office and the National Statistics Office — from 1950 to the present.

    “Not one Grace Poe has been registered,” he claimed.

    Poe was reportedly found abandoned at the Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral in Iloilo in 1967. She was eventually adopted by celebrity couple, Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces.

    Banking on the popularity of her late adoptive father, Poe ran for senator and topped the 2013 mid-term elections. She has filed a certificate of candidacy for President in next year’s general elections.

    Luna said there is still hope that the case filed by David with the SET would be reversed.

    If not, he added, they will go to the Supreme Court.

    All of the three justice-members of the SET voted in favor of David’s petition.

    “We are hopeful of victory before the SC, a better avenue to get justice. I really felt bad with the decision because some senators looked at the case at bar as not doctrinal, a disrespect to the Constitution,” he said.

    David for his part, said he is hoping that the SET will suspend the five-vote requirement once a voting is held.

    It could be recalled that SET voted 5-4 to junk the disqualification case thrown against Poe.

    Those who voted in favor of the neophyte senator were Senators Pia Cayetano, Cynthia Villar, Paolo Benigno “Bum” Aquino 4th, and Vicente Sotto 3rd.

    Those who voted granting David’s petition were Senior Justice Antonio Carpio, Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo de Castro, Associate Justice Arturo Brion, and Senator Nancy Binay.

    The public wants to know the position of Cayetano, now that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has filed his certificate of candidacy for President.

    Cayetano’s brother, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano is running for vice president in tandem with Duterte.

    It could be recalled that Duterte for some time refused to join the presidential derby only to change his mind after the SET has ruled in favor of Poe.

    Duterte said he could not allow an American to be elected president.
    Poe had been leading the surveys.

    Duterte topped a recent survey in Metro Manila.


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    1. Some of us are equipped with opposing personal opinions which is a usual practiced in a democratic society. For the disqualification case against the subject candidates, one or many of us may think that it’s an strategy to win by the opposing party. Whatever reasons behind this disqualification cases filed by certain individuals, without wasting our time; let’s just wait for the Supreme Court Justices to decide as we believe they will always fairly decide base on the existing law – we’ll pray that majority of the Judges will decide for the benefits and interest of the People of the Republic of the Philippines rather than because of some underground strategy which is perhaps triggered by dishonesty. For my personal opinion, why prevent others to compete in the Presidential election and wait for the people choice. In addition, It’s also good for this country to go back to the two (2) party system so that whoever elected President would truly represent the voice of the people rather than a minority President which encountered lot of noises in the surrounding environment.

      God bless us all this 2016 election and the voice of majority should be our true President. We should watch for the vote buying strategy as it’s an indicator of corrupt leadership – whoever buy votes should not be voted as we’re already matured Pilipinos and we want a President to work and bring this country from third world into first.

      Manny Paner

    2. The act of birth and not the registration of such act is the source of a foundling’s right to a natural born status.. In the same manner that the act or solemnization of such marriage is the fount of such marital status.. Not registration which is only for record keeping.. The parties at the SET agreed that GP is a foundling.. No registration issue was raised. David and his lawyer are estopped..

    3. Luna, abogado ka pa naman sana pero di ko alam anong konstitusyon yang pinagbabasehan mo. Wala sa konstitusyon ng Pilipinas na nakasaan na kailangan rehistrado ang isang foundling para ito ay maging isang natural-born.

      Section 2. Natural-born citizens are those who are citizens of the Philippines from birth without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect their Philippine citizenship.

      • apolonio reyes on

        maliwanag naman ang sinabi ni Atty. Luna na pre-requisite yan para ikaw ay maging isang ” Foundling ” at maliwanag din sa sinabi mo na sa 1987 Cory Cinstitution ARTKULO IV, SEC. 2 ay nakasaad na ang ” NATURAL BORN CITIZEN as those who are citizens of the Philippines from birth without having to perform any act to ACQUIRE or PERFECT their Philippine citizenship”.
        1) Maliwanag ng pineke ni Ronnie (FPJ ) Poe at Susan (Roces ) Sonora, na alam ng marami na sya ay isang baog, nang iregister nila sa San Juan na si Grace ay pinanganak ni Susan sa bahay. Hindi ba ito Mike salungat sa sinabi mo na ” WITHOUT HAVING TO PERFORM ANY, ANY, ACT TO ACQUIRE OR PERFECT HER PHILIPPINE CITIZENSHIP”.?
        2) Mike, nang sumumpa ng allegiance si Grace Poe Llamanzares nuon nagging US Citizenship TINAKWIL NYA ANG PAGIGING PILIPINO ” at ipagtatangol nya ang Amerika hangang sa kamatayan sa banta ng ibang bansa, at nag apply ng DUAL CITIZENSHIP ( American at Pilipino) at ng tumakbo si Grace Poe Llamanzares bilang sinador ay ni renounced nya ang US Citizenship at nga apply ng Pilipino Citizenship. MIke, sa pag RE-APPLY BA SI GRACE POE LLAMANZARES BILANG PILIPINO, HINDI BA MAYROON SI GRACE POE GINAWA ” TO ACQUIRE OR PERFECT HER PILIPINO CITIZENSHIP ?”.
        Hindi ako abogado pero sa akin napakmaliwanag na meron ginawa si Grace Poe Llamansares para maging NATURALIZED PILIPINO PERO HINDI NATURAL BORN PILIPINO pero ginagalang ko ang paniniwala mo, Mike, ipaubaya na natin sa SC ang intempretation ng Constitution at kung ano man and decision ng SC ay tangapin ng maluwag sana ng lahat nang PILIPINO.

    4. Maria Gatchalian on

      I believe that Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares is qualified and that her administration will push through!

    5. The fact that there are only less than 6000 registered foundlings in the Phils since 1950 speaks volumes that the reporting system is flawed

    6. nun pinanganak siya..dapat ni-register niya ang sarili niya as foundling….
      grabe… ang takot nila kay grace poe…
      American citizen… sino kaya sa atin ang tatangi kung may pagkakataon maging American citizen… marami masyado nagmamalinis at nagmamarunong… at maraming natatakot…. grabe….

      sino kaya nag funding kay rizalino david…??? mukhang madami bigla nag pera niya ah… :)

    7. dapat kasi umurong na lang siya kasi sa totoo lang sakaling malalo siya laging gulo sa korte at marahil pati sa langsangan dahil sigurado di papayag ang mga talunan gagawa at gagawa ng paraan ang mga yon para pabagsakin siya so ano resulta e di mga tao ang kawawa look what happen to Joseph Estrada sino nakinabang??

    8. >>> Filipino Natural Born Citizens of the Philippines !!!!
      Lets not give too much attentions publicly this issue since this matter was already filed in the Comelec and Supreme Court.
      1935 Constitution of the Philippines already superseded and shall not be the basis of any arguments, debates and discussions.
      During the time of endorsed President (by Enrile and Ramos) Cory Cojuangco-Aquino, 1987 Constitution of the Philippines was approved, SO IT WAS WRITTEN, SO IT SHALL BE DONE !!!


      >>> Si Grace Militar naging si Grace Poe , then nag-asawa at naging Grace Lamanzares hindi ginamit ang Militar na apelyido………..siya ay nagpunta, nagtungo, nag-aral, nag-asawa at naging US Naturalized Citizenship, say Ok na yan !!!! at take note…sa USA hindi allowed ang dual citizenship, kaya binasura at binaliwala ang kategorya niya Filipino Citizenship at PINILI ang US Citizenship. Ngayon nahaharap sa Senate Electoral Tribunal at ipinahayag na AYON SA CONSTITUTION NG BANSA, HINDI SIYA NATURAL BORN FILIPINO CITIZEN, BAGKOS SIYA AY NATURALIZED FILIPINO !!!

      >>> Si Grace Poe Llamanzares -US Naturalized Citizen…… pabalik-balik sa Pilipinas. Binigyan ni Abnoy BSC-Aquino3rd ng trabaho sa MTBRC as Chairman, kumandidato, binasura at BINALEWALA ANG US Naturalized Citizenship and muli nagbalik deklara bilang isang Filipino at naging Senador 2013.

      >>> Si Grace Poe(?) Llamanzares…. nais kumandidato sa 2016 bilang Pangulo !!!!

      >>> Si Grace Poe(?) Llamanzares…,. nasabi, sinabi at sinasabi niya na ” ANG CONSTITUTION NG PILIPINAS AY DAPAT AT TAMA LAMANG NA IGALANG AT SUNDIN NG SINUMAN !!!! Kaya nararapat lamang na umamin na siya sa Senate Electoral Tribunal na siya ay nagkamali at tama lang na magbitiw bilang illegal Senator at not qualified as Presidentiable.

      >>> Si Grace Poe(?) Llamanzares…….naging Filipino, Tinakwil ang pagka-Pilipino upang maging Amerikano tapos tinakwil naman ang pagka-Amerikano upang MAGING PILIPINO MULI at para magkaroon ng pwesto sa gobyerno sa tulong ni abnoy aquino3rd at iluklok bilang chairman MTRCB !!!!


      KUNG PANANATILIHIN IKABIT SA PANGALAN ni Ms Grace ang “POE”…… wowwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!!! ISA SIYA SA MGA TUNAY NA ” HIPOKRITA” AT “INGRATA”, KATULAD NI abnoy BSC-3RD, F.Abad, L. De-Limaw, ThrillANES, Curruptano at abnoy-infected Mar Roxas.

    9. You said it! ‘Truth is stranger then fiction’ and it seems you are trying hard to fictionalize the truth. The truth is right in your face, but you refuse to accept it because you are an ignorant who wont read the law to the letter…Give it up, and stop sounding intelligent.

    10. There is something confusing about this news item. Maybe the reporter missed or misunderstood something that Atty. Luna may have stated, or maybe Atty. Luna failed to elaborate on his statement. The thing is that Mrs. Grace Poe Llamanzares does not have to be “registered” to be considered a foundling. During the SET hearing, both the opposing lawyers stipulated that she is one. So this business about registration is now irrelevant. When the case is forwarded to the Supreme Court, one of the agreed facts would be that Mrs. Llamanzares was a foundling.

      The confusion arises because of this alleged quote from Atty Luna: “You must be registered to avail of legal presumption as natural born”. This does not make sense and is not correct. Registered or not, a foundling is stateless, and according to the Philippine Constitution cannot be a natural-born citizen.

    11. The fact that her husband and son s not renouncing their U.S. citizenship is a proof that grace poe’s allegiance to to our country is really questionable. Better for her to run as U.S president..

    12. Its not a matter of play safe or the people will decide but it is the legality. The law has to be applied to anyone and there will be no any distinction. By all means she is not qualified and lying under oath is punishable by law. Let’s respect the rule of law.

    13. I respect you Ms. Grace Poe, but to consider n tumakbo ka sa Pilipinas na d n man napapatunayan n Pilipino ka tlga eh sana wag k n po tumakbo, Duterte Cayetano lng ang karapatdapat s pwesto.. #changeiscoming #DC2016

    14. i feel sorry for Grace Poe about her birth and biological parents issue, but im still not gonna vote for her.. aside from the fact that she is running for the Highest position in the country is a big insult to our constitution which holds us together.. kung ganyan rin lang na hindi masunod ang constitution natin should we just abolish and take it for granted.. i like poe pero wag nlng ipilit.. ayusin nya muna ug birth issues nya.. if she is truly destined to be the president of the country, God will put her there.. pero I wish that she’d respect the Constitution.. she is stil young.. marami pa syang pagkakataon.. its just so sad to see her getting drunk with her ambition..

    15. Annie Marasigan on

      In order to stop all the issues about Grace Poe, just let her run and leave the decision to people since we are in democratic country. Stop all these issues and focus on more essential ones…

    16. laguatanlawzen.com on

      I hope that the SET will reverse its decision and that Sen. Pia Cayetano must, this time, look at the case based on its merits, and then vote for the disqualification of POE as natural born citizen. Pia should support the stand of Mayor Duterte since her brother, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano is the running mate of Duterte. Dapat mahiya si Sen. Pia Cayetano kay Mayor Duterte.

      • Filipino mentality as usual. Vote based on the Philippine constitution–not because her brother is a running mate of Duterte.

    17. Grace P. Llamanzares is sinking further down the hole. With the recent information, Grace is therefore not certified as foundling so she cannot claim such. What kind of lawyers does Grace have. With this additional information, Grace will suffer a technical knockout legally.

      • With this new information, in my defense of Grace Llmansares with the Delegate Mar Roxas in 1934 answered to the question foundling is natural born filipino and no need to write explicitly in the constitution since the foundling are very few. This guides the lawmakers, courts and even SC to come out with rulings born out during the intents of the delegates of the constitutional conventions. The intent of the constitution. Added, to it the case of foundlings are SUI GENERIS, unique and legal authority outside the legal scope but the new information she was not a registered foundling to avail of presumption and being considered is in peril.

    18. Play it fair Mr. David, its the people who must decide if ms poe is to become a president not you or the others na lagi sinasabi na its about the constitution, ang tatagal nyo na sa pulitika pero ano nagawa nyo, did the life of the Filipinos get better, big no is the answer! It’s all the talking and paeksena, pasiklab lang lagi ang nagawa. And now here a young woman with great dreams for the Filipino at pagtutulungan nyo ibagsak, what right do you have, can you sleep at night, can you face your family with a thinking that your doing the good things and can you go to church and pray and ask for help sa selfishness mo na ginagawa, life is to short pra lang gumawa ng sala!

      • Hey Romeo give me a favor pls… Try to study and research on the issue or topic before u post ur comment..it is not correct to say that it is the people who will decide on the citizenship issue of Poe! Try to google the rules and law in citizenship pls… D po un basta ka Lang makatype!

      • you sound like the doses of daily teledrama your yellow media is feeding the gullible filipinos…

      • Yes it is up to the people to decide and vote who our president is. BUT, a candidate must first fulfill the requirements. Ms. Poe has not and should not be allowed to run for president. Rules are rules, let us follow them.

      • what fairness you still want? Isn’t it the people who ratified the Constitution in a plebiscite? The constitution is the voice of the people who holds us together as a nation. Do not throw out the constitution, the voice of the people, just to make Llamanzares run in 2016. Based on the evidence presented, she should be ousted also as senator.

        If the SET senators who based their judgments not on the constitutional doctrine but on friendship with Llamanzares will uphold their vote the second time, then let the SC, the sole guardians and interpreters of the constitution, decide.

      • Only a brainless person will attack the integrity of petitioner David who went to all lengths to uncover the scam Dis-grace Poe is trying to inflict upon the Filipino people. Question! is Poe not contravening the constitution to meet her ends? Just the same can you go to Church and ask for for help to cure your being biased? And can sleep straight at night knowing this opportunistic woman is the destruction of our constitution? And you sir, are a traitor.

      • Romeo, you don’t know what you’re barking at. GRACE Poe is not qualified to be a senator & even for president. She & her supporters fooled the whole nation believing that she’s a qualified candidate. PERIOD………

      • Mr. Romeo kaya walang patunguhan ang bansa natin kasi kahit alam na nating labag sa saligang batas pinipilit pa rin. Matagal ng naghain ng disqualification case against kay Ms. Poe right after she won the senatorial race, hindi ngayon lang. Kasi nga kaalyado sya ng kaslukuyang administration kaya di gaanong binigyang pansin ang kaso. Lumabas pa naging pabor kay Mr. David ang pagkandidato ni Ms. Poe nabigyang diin ang matagal ng disqiualification case against her. Alam ni Ms. Poe ang kanyang katayuan, but she insisted to run for President, yan lalo tuloy nahalungkat ang kaso. Marami pa namang pagkakataon to run for President, but masyado siyang nagmamadali, hindi na niya namalayan na wala pala siya sa posisyon to run legally for President even as a Senator. It is clear a betrayal of public trust ang ginawa niya, dahil nagsinungaling siya. Nilamon na rin kasi siya ng pulitika. If a person really wants to help the needy one, di naman kailangang maging senador o presidente, ang kailangan lang ay ang taos pusong pagtulong, kasi kahit konti lang it feels worth it. Di rin naman kailangang maging mayaman ka, dahil di naman sapilitan ang pagtulong sa kapwa ng may malaking katumbas na pera o halaga, kundi your desire to help base sa kaya mong itulong….

      • Your young woman with great dreams for the filipinos is an opportunist. Parang si Abnoy yan namatay lang nanay niya pwede ng tumakbo ng presidente.

      • What is the use of the constitution kung ganyan ang pag iisip mo. Para mo na ring binaliwala ito. Napakababaw ng yung paningin sa ating constitution. Bumalik ka sa college para mas maintindhan mo..

    19. Stefan Bernoulli on

      Mapilit kasi tong si Grace Poe, Alam naman niya sa sarili niya na hindi siya karapat dapat pinipilt pa. Bakit kasi hindi nalang tanggapin na si Mayor Duterte ang kailangan ng Pilipinas!! #DC2016

    20. Legally, there’s no way Llamanzares Poe is qualified to run for President. She should also be disqualified as a Senator. To qualify Poe would be tantamount to a mockery of the supreme law of the land, the Philippine Constitution. The only way she can qualify is to apply corrupt Philippine politics, along the mentality of the four senators in the SET who voted to qualify her.

      She has only guts and ambitions, but mediocre qualifications!

      May God bless the Philippines.

    21. Are we to assume then that Grace Poe should have registered herself as a ‘foundling’ Keep in mind she was only a baby girl when found.

      The question as to why she is not on a ‘foundling’ registry is really a moot point. We know she was found in a church in in IIoilo and then adopted by Fernando Poe and Susan Roces. Grace did not just fall from the sky.

      It’s truly mean-spirited to continually ask Grace to address issues pertaining to her birth and parentage when even she does not know. Mr. David and his counsel seem more intent on breaking her spirit than anything meaningful than can be gleaned here. In life you win some and you lose some. Mr. David has never been able to accept the fact that Grace beat him. All the sour grape complaints will never change this fact. It’s difficult to say I lost and move on in life at times. But life does require we move on. If not, the bitterness can consume one.

      Grace Poe won her SET case and precedent was set here. Now Mr. David want to ‘appeal’ that also. Where will we find ‘neutral’ ‘unbiased’ court or tribunal to hear such appeal? Will such a venue if found contain or have members who have expressed bias against Grace Poe? During the SET hearing the SC members voted against and the Senate members voted in Grace Poe’s favor. This occurred with even one senator who should have recused herself due to Grace Poe running against her father.

      It’s been said, ‘truth is stranger than fiction’. Here we see it. It’s politics that goes round and round. Better to junk all appeals and let election run it’s course. The people should be able to decide who they want to elect..

      • Absurb, Andre Leonard, who in the right mind a baby can register herself to the Civil Registration office? Do you believe that yourself when you wrote it? If no then your argument as being moot is not valid. Iy must be rejected. The reason is whoever found the baby must register. Is this clear enough?