• Poe: Pick a leader who won’t use violence


    Sen. Grace Poe has called on the electorate to choose a leader who is stable, has a word of
    honor and will not use violence.

    Poe on Thursday said a good leader should know how to respect and listen to the people.

    “Many of us have children and what kind of a Philippines do we want our children to have?” she asked. “I don’t believe that violence is the solution to the problems of the country. Let us choose a leader who could take us out of poverty but bullet is not the answer to our problems.”

    The senator showed her tough side after being branded a “weakling” by Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

    “Baka hindi niya ako kilala [He does not know me well],” she quipped, as she dismissed the general sentiment that she is the only person standing in the way of a Duterte administration.

    “Maybe we’re standing in front of each other. Sa tingin ko hindi naman siguro patas, makatarungan sabihin na [In my view it is not fair and just to say that] I am standing in his way. He could also be standing in my way,” Poe told reporters.

    The senator, however, said that stopping Duterte has never been her motive and that she is offering herself to the people as their next leader and it is up to them to choose.


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    1. Juan T. Delacruz on

      In a lawless, corrupt and violent country, a leader must have the courage to stand on his/her ground in order to achieve changes. A Gobyernong may Puso cannot protect its citizens by being nice and cozy with criminals and corrupt politicians. Duterte’s political opponents are mislabeling him as the bad person. The questions they should ask are; why Duterte is killing all these criminals? Why not bring these criminals to justice? My understanding is simple, and he is doing all these to protect the citizens.

      He have said several times that “there is no law to prevent him from threatening criminals” and if criminals will put up a fight while they are being arrested, his Police Force have all the right to protect themselves. This is how criminals are getting killed, putting up a fight during drug raids, during arrests, or simply fleeing an investigating team of police. Duterte, doesn’t do the killing himself.

    2. Rodan Guerrero on

      VERY PRECISE STATEMENT! This is the only statement I like Grace Poe told the Filipino people. But most importantly Grace Poe should also tell we must elect a natural born Filipino President, a person with only one Genuine Birth Certificate and somebody who does not steal one`s identity in her advantage, Somebody who must be honest that does not make serial lies to pursue a foolish ambition. Someone who is experienced, who can really address the problems created under the regime of a stupid president. We need an HONEST, NOT A LIAR PRESIDENT!

    3. And pick a liar with no credibility like you? You are yellow, you are white, which one are you really? Maybe you yourself don’t know. Talk to your backers, they would know what they want you to be.

    4. Tama, dahil hindi solusyon ang violence sa pagtapos at pagtigil ng kahirapan, korupsyon at krimen. Kung sa tutuusin ay mas nakakadagdag pa ito kaya iwasan natin ang leader na violence ang sagot sa lahat ng mga problema sa bansa.

    5. kaya sumikat si duterte dahil maraming droga na sa ating bayan kahit maraming batikos sa kanya kahit murahin niya si santo papa 80% catolico sa ating bansa pagsalita niya noon dapat bagsak na siya pero makita mo mataas pa rin ang rating niya talagang desperado ang mga taong bayan ang nanyayaring krimen sa bansa kasi kung mahina ang pangulo walang manyari labas pasok lang sila sa kulungan