Poe ponders running as independent bet


IF Sen. Grace Poe decided to run for a higher post in 2016, she would do so as an independent candidate, not as a bet of a political party.

If she won, Poe explained on Wednesday, she would be indebted to the people, not to the party and the politicians who had fielded her.

She, however, clarified that she has not made any decision on her political plans for 2016, national-elections year, when the next President of the Philippines will be chosen.

“Importante talaga ang konsiderasyon at tulong ng mga ordinaryong mamamayan, para ang utang na loob ay nasa kanila [The consideration and the help of ordinary citizens are important because they are the ones whom I would owe a debt of gratitude],” Poe said in a radio interview aired over dzMM.

Choosing a political party for herself, according to the senator, is not yet on her mind.

In fact, she disclosed, she still trying to determine if she will run in 2016 or not because she knows the difficulties she will face based on what was experienced by her father, former movie king Fernando Poe Jr., during the 2004 elections.

Like her father, who died shortly after allegedly being cheated in the race to the presidency by the camp of then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the senator said she also loves the Philippines but there is also a need for her to know how she could help solve the country’s problems if ever she decided to run for higher office.

Poe added that many are urging her to run for President next year since she has nothing to lose and would still be a senator in case she lost.

“But that should not be the case. I’m trying to really find out how can I help, what do I want to achieve and what are my plans for the nation,” she said.

The senator recently met one-on-one with President Benigno Aquino 3rd, who told her about his plans for 2016, particularly on looking for an “alternative” candidate who would battle the presumptive standard-bearer of the opposition, Vice President Jejomar Binay.

According to Poe, there was no discussion about a particular position and that the President was just looking for somebody who can continue the anti-corruption reform of his administration..

“I’m a principled ally of the President, kahit po meron kaming mga hindi pagkakaunawaan sa ibang bagay, iginagalang namin ang kanya-kanya naming trabaho [even if we have differences on several things, we respect each other’s work],” the senator said.


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  1. sonny dela cruz on

    If Grace Poe wants to help the country recovers from the present situation I recommend that she team up with MR. RICHARD J. GORDON as the vice president as a learning process to become president after RICHARD GORDON’S term is done. It will be her patriotic duty to bail out the mess in the country and help many of our kababayan who are HUNGRY and unemplyed. Many children are out of school which is a sign of country’s weakness in the near future. This children are inhaling RUGBIES to pass their hunger, they commit crimes and become the problem of the society. Senator grace Poe is electable no question about it but I believe she is not yet ready to be the president to solve the current problems of the country. We need somebody who has track record and VISION to solve the problem in short time. The Filipino people should make no mistake to choose the right person for the job. We are in the critical point where many Filipinos are losing their patients because no help is coming from the government. Many are unemployed and losing their jobs, high prices of commodities and utilities without help coming from the government. Senator Poe should consider teaming up with MR. RICHARD J. GORDON to be his vice president comes 2016.