‘Poe-quino’ secret pact sealed SC pro-Poe ruling


Deeply concerned about the developments in the Grace Poe Llamanzares case, highly reputable Malacañang sources have revealed that a private meeting between President B. S. Aquino 3rd and Mrs. Llamanzares a week before the Supreme Court met in Baguio City on April 5 had paved the way for the pro “Poe-quino” Justices to declare the former American citizen of no known biological parentage “qualified” to run for President of the Philippines.

This may have plunged the country into a constitutional crisis.

SC decision
Last Saturday, the Supreme Court En Banc released from Baguio a minute resolution denying the Motions for Reconsideration filed by the Commission on Elections and private respondents Estrella Elamparo, Francisco S. Tatad, Antonio Contreras and Amado Valdez on the Court’s March 8 decision voiding the Comelec’s disqualification of Mrs. Llamanzares, for falsely misrepresenting herself as a natural-born citizen and a resident of the country for 10 years and 11 months immediately preceding the May 9 elections.

A one and one-half page Notice, signed by Clerk of Court Felipa B. Anama, said all the issues raised in the MRs “had already been passed” upon by the Court in its March 8 ruling, and that “no substantial arguments were presented to warrant the reversal of the questioned Decision.” Thus, the Court denied the Motions by the same vote of 9-6, with which it had earlier declared Mrs. Llamanzares “qualified” to run for President.

As to why the Court issued a minute resolution rather than a full-blown decision, Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno, in her concurring opinion, explained that under the Internal Rules of the Supreme Court, a minute resolution may be used to deny a motion for reconsideration “in the absence of a compelling or cogent reason to grant the motion, or the failure to raise any substantial argument to support such motion.”

Not compelling enough
It appears that as far as Sereno is concerned, the respondents’ argument that the majority has turned the Constitution upside down when they decided that Mrs. Llamanzares is a natural-born citizen by statistical probability and disputable presumption, is not compelling enough to merit a reversal of the decision.

The MRs had forcefully argued that in declaring Mrs. Llamanzares “qualified” to run for President, the nine Justices had in fact sought to amend the 1935 and 1978 Constitutions without any authority to do so.

The Justices refused to engage the respondents on the difficult issues they could not refute. But while saying that “the motions do not raise any new substantial arguments,” the Justices were prepared to consider foundlings as natural-born citizens just because a 1934 constitutional delegate had proposed their inclusion in the enumeration of citizens, even though the proposal was ultimately rejected. In any case, the Court’s statement is contradicted by the fact the MRs have pointed out all the errors in the ponencia written by Justice Jose Perez.

In fact, the MRs may have exceeded their zeal in exposing the folly of the theory of statistical probability and disputable presumption, which Solicitor General Florin Hilbay advanced to argue the alleged natural-born status of one foundling named Mary Grace.

Still no majority
There was no showing in the March 8 decision – as Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio has revealed in his dissent – that a majority of eight Justices had voted in support of Mrs. Llamanzares’s claim that she is a natural-born citizen and a resident of the country for at least 10 years immediately preceding the May 9 elections. On the citizenship issue, seven supported her claim, five opposed, and three did not vote; on the residency issue, seven supported her claim, six opposed and two did not vote.

There is still no showing that this lack of a majority vote was cured during the En Banc session in Baguio. But the Court has warned the parties that “no further pleadings or motions will be entertained.”

What happens then to the rights of the respondents? Under Rule 15, Section 3 of the Internal Rules of the Supreme Court, the parties may file a second or even a third MR, as has happened in several cases, when the court ruling is patently unjust, and potentially capable of causing serious damage or injury to the parties – in this case, the entire Filipino people.

Expecting attack
Are the parties simply going to be gagged, even if they do not accept the justness and fairness of the ruling? Sereno says she expects the dissenting minority to attack the decision. But worse than that, the people themselves may not accept it. This is what we mean by constitutional crisis.

Some legal luminaries had earlier suggested that the Court might have to reverse itself, as it has done in the cases involving Ang Bagong Bayani, Imelda Romualdez Marcos, Cebu Shipyard, and the League of Cities, in the face of error so patent and so gross. But this did not happen. Why? Sereno lends us her own special insight.

“Had the Decision dated 8 March 2016 been reversed,” she writes, “this Court would have authorized the Comelec to continue to play politics. The Decision and the concurring opinions were strong indictments of the grave abuse of discretion that infested the Comelec’s actions ‘from roots to fruits.’ The ponente characterized the acts of Comelec as bordering on bigotry, and similarly strong language was used by the concurring opinions on the unfairness and prejudice displayed by the Comelec toward petitioner. This Court thus rightly issued strong words of disapproval of the Comelec’s actions.”

Who’s playing politics?
This was completely unexpected. Having followed all the proceedings and read all the opinions from the Comelec, I have to ask what is the factual basis of this offensive paragraph? At the Oral Arguments before the Supreme Court en banc, one had the distinct impression that when CJ Sereno delivered her long harangue to the Court, she was in fact already openly ‘lawyering’ for Mrs. Llamanzares and, yes, “playing politics.”

In fact, a columnist for another paper speculated that Sereno’s motive was strictly personal: she reportedly feared that if any other candidate should win the presidency, she might be impeached and removed, just like then-Chief Justice Renato Corona was removed at Aquino’s behest.

Now she says the Comelec had to be stopped from playing politics by making Mrs. Llamanzares a bona fide candidate, despite her constitutional disabilities? It just doesn’t wash.

During the interpellations of Commissioner Arthur Lim, who spoke for the Comelec, no question was ever asked about any alleged unfairness or prejudice displayed by the Comelec against Mrs. Llamanzares. Almost all of the questions from the Justices were on Mrs. Llamanzares’s citizenship and residency; Justice Francis Jardeleza was about the only one who suggested that the Comelec “might have crossed the line” when it disqualified her without first proving that she was born of foreign parents.

To which Lim replied that there was no need to prove anything because she was the one who had declared at the very beginning that she was born a foundling, of no known parentage, found inside the parish church of Jaro, Iloilo on Sept. 3, 1968. The rest of her personal circumstances were then stipulated.

In 1974, she was adopted by the movie actors couple Fernando Poe, Jr. and Susan Roces. In 1991, she traveled to Boston to study; got married to an American citizen of Filipino descent; in 2001 became an American citizen herself. She visited the Philippines after her adoptive father died in Dec. 2004, and later decided to repatriate herself and renounce her American citizenship. In 2010, she was named chairman of the Movies Television Review and Classification Board, while still an American citizen. In 2013, she ran for the Senate after having resided in the country for six years and six months immediately preceding the May 13, 2013 election.

Straightforward cases
To any neutral observer, it seemed a completely straightforward case of applying the 1935 Constitution, which was in force when she was born, and the 1987 Constitution, which is now in force. The first provides that one should have a Filipino father in order to be a Filipino from birth; the second provides that no person may be elected President unless he is a natural-born citizen, which means a citizen from birth without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect one’s citizenship.

Under either Constitution, she cannot run for President.

As far as her 10-year residency is concerned, it’s a simple case of computing backwards from May 9, 2016 to May 13, 2013, when she was elected to the Senate, and adding six years and six months, which according to her was her period of residency in the country when she ran for senator. This does not add up to 10 years, so she cannot run for President.

But the Sereno Court has ruled that the Comelec committed a grave abuse of discretion when it disqualified her, and cancelled her Certificate of Candidacy, on the basis of the Constitution and the relevant facts. How did this happen? There were earlier suggestions of extraneous influences upon the Court. But the latest allegation speaks of Aquino intervening following his secret meeting with Mrs. Llamanzares.

‘Poe-quino’ at Pangarap
According to sources, the meeting took place at the Bahay Pangarap. Mrs. Llamanzares was allegedly accompanied by Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa, and her Chief of Staff Nelson Victorino. Two solemn commitments were exchanged. She would protect him from all possible legal harm, should she become the President. And he would work now on the Justices to qualify her as a bona fide presidential candidate.

The immediate impact of this would be on the candidacy of LP standard-bearer Mar Roxas. He is Aquino’s publicly anointed candidate. But he has not been rating well in the propaganda surveys, compared to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Mrs. Llamanzares. Aquino has given Roxas until April 25 to improve his ratings, the sources said. If nothing changes, Aquino’s support shifts to Mrs. Llamanzares.

The new Villaroyo?
However, should there be a groundswell in favor of Roxas, Mrs. Llamanzares is likely to be undressed as PNoy’s failed candidate. She could end up like the once extremely popular Manny Villar in the 2010 campaign, who ultimately ended on the ocean floor after he was exposed as “Villaroyo,” meaning President Arroyo’s candidate.

Aquino and his Justices would like to impose upon our politics a former American citizen whose claimed natural-born status our people need not recognize or respect. We cannot risk our national dignity and national security interests; they are paramount. Without a higher forum where we could appeal our case, we have nowhere and no one to turn to but ourselves. Sovereignty resides in us, the people; from us emanates the full authority of the State. We must now learn to do things by ourselves. As we prepare to get rid of Aquino, we must expose the wiles of Mrs. Llamanzares, and prepare to throw out all our unworthy Justices.


Justice, says the philosopher, prophet and Nobel Prize laureate Frederich Hayek, is the indispensable foundation and limitation of all law. But if our faith in justice and in the majesty of our Constitution and the law is extinguished by the very forces whose sole reason for being (raison d’etre) is to keep that faith burning in our hearts, how can that faith ever stand and why should we ever allow those forces to subsist? A positive evil has been introduced in our midst, and passive resistance alone may not suffice; active resistance, which is legitimate under moral law, may have become necessary.


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  1. marco garcia on

    Mataas ang moral at integridad ni Sen. Grace Poe. Siya ay isang transparent na tao at hindi nagtatago ng kahit ano. Malinis ang kanyang intensyon sa pagtakbo. I support Sen.Grace poe!

  2. God bless Phil. God, please save our country from the crocs & liars. We need a real change. #FIGHTINGFORACHANGE!!! ???

  3. Kurokuro lang on

    Duterte or binay to the presidency! The best way to change the course of our history. I will settle for an allegedly corrupt indivividual or a wominizer as president rather than voting for a foreigner. Ang pilipinas ay isang ina n kahit masama o mabuti ang tunay na anak, d nya kayang itakwil.

  4. What a dis-Grace for us Filipinos. Anyhow, OFWs are very much aware of this issue. We will actively campaign against her so that she can’t win unless PNoy will do the “magic” (read as cheating). Let us all join hands in exposing this gross injustice by the Supreme Court and the PNoy government.


    Now-a-days, or present day Pinoy’s no longer research an issue. Before commenting on the subject you probably would like to READ and UNDERSTAND The Philippine Constitution, which I believe is written in simple English. FYI, In Makati, Kap. Kidlat is for Grace Poe.

  6. These SC justices think they are a group of brilliant legal luminaries, but in actuality they are mediocre. Graduating in a prestigious law school or even landing in the top 10 (mostly by luck) does not automatically make one a brilliant legal luminary. It takes years of actual practice and thousands of midnight candle burning in researching the laws. These justices have almost nil court practice or if they did it was just for a few unnoticeable cases. As to research, they have done some serious researching when they studied for their Master or Doctorate degree in law, only on a specific area in law, and through the passage of time would become obsolete or of little use, now that they are seating as justices, because those they had learned are now overtaken by new laws and jurisprudence. No wonder the SC decision cannot make neither head nor tail the issues on Poe’s citizenship and residency..

  7. There should be a movement to counteract or eradicate the effects of the Sereno SC decision on Poe-quino or Poe-juangco. Her election will be “worst” than electing a ‘corrupt, or a ‘berdugo’, or a ‘Rox-quino, or an ‘ailing’ candidate..

    With such ruling, the SC is now in a ‘bind’, once it becomes “res judicata”. Inevitably, a constitutional crisis follows.

    As one columnist wrote: “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet’.

    May God save the Republic of the Philippines

  8. Demetrio Ponce on

    If it is proven that indeed BS Aquino dipped his hand in the Supreme Court to influence the Justices in favor of Grace Poe Llamanzares, the only recourse the Filipino people have is the ballot box. The only sure way to make BS Aquino and his minions accountable is to dump Grace Poe Llamanzares on election day. The new administration and the next Congress should also look into the attempt to inject politics, investigate alleged bribery of Supreme Court Justices and initiate impeachment proceedings against these same justices. This is the only way we to restore confidence back in the the judiciary

  9. Di ko alam kung hanggang saan aabot to si Tatad… Mawalang galang na ho, dati ho kayong nasa politika at nasa tamang edad na ho kayo para malaman ang mali sa tama… Sana umusad na tayo, nagdesisyon na ang Korte Suprema at tigilan na po natin ang paninira. RESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM naman ho sana… Salamat ho.

  10. Federico Lojo on

    The SC’s plurality decision being falsely endorsed as a majority one is the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

  11. Wow another kathang isip ni tatad. sige pa more tatad baka may maniwala sa iyo this time. What a pathetic person this tatad is.

  12. Why we will wait, we the sovereign must take action to remove these 9 SC Justices. The will of the Sovereign People are Supreme to those 9 SC Justices. Thru Sovereign People we act now. The ARMED FORCES OF THE PHILIPPINES, IBP, BAR ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES, BAYAN KO AND ALL BRILLIANT LAWYERS to take a lead we must march on the street for protest and remove these 9 SC Justices for not upholding and protecting Our Constitution. If PNOY REALLY BRIBING THE SC JUSTICES HE MUST BE REMOVE FROM HIS POST AS PRESIDENT WITH THE HELP OF THE ARMED FORCES OF THE PHILIPPINES. I think there’s way to remove PNOY he is not worth to be a president. Wake up Peoples of the Philippines we must do something to protect our country.

  13. As what Sereno mentioned…dissenting opinions dont matter.
    The result is that Poe never committed any material misrepresentation.
    Her detractors should just stop already. If she wins, then challenge her qualifications again, But i doubt that Poe would lose.

  14. Les Miserables on

    How I wish we can replicate the French Revolution! All institutions have been corrupted and the worst is the corruption of the Chief Justice and her minions. Can amlac peep on the bank accounts of these justices who destroyed the Constitution??

    • AMLC is just as corrupt as every other Aquino appointed agency, The Executive Director of the Anti-Money Laundering Council is Julia C. Bacay-Abad the daughter of Florencio Abad the Secretary of the Philippine Department of Budget and Management.

      You might remember Florencio Abad as the brains behind the unconstitutional DAP fund, the mentor of Napoles’s pork barrel scheme.

  15. This is PNoy at his best! What do we expect? PNoy has to look after himself so he doesn’t go to jail. Now it would be Poe & Bongbong, half sister & half brother.

  16. alam natin kung sino ang nararapat at hndi nararapat sa halalan na
    ito. kaya wag na tayo mag bulag bulagan o nasisilaw man sa peraa na
    natatanggap. GO SEN.GRACE POE

  17. I think its about time for Honorable Justices Antonio Carpio, Teresita Leonardo-de Castro, Mariano del Castillo, Arturo Brion, Estela Perlas-Bernabe, and Bienvenido Reyes to voluntarily resign from their posts to show their sentiments and disgust to the other Justices who are disrespecting already our Constitution. If Carpio et al loved themselves and the Filipino people as well then they better resign and lead the Filipino people in the streets for demonstration…..but peaceful

  18. Leodegardo Pruna on

    By not reversing its March 8, 2016 decision, Justice Sereno allowed for the Comelec to continue playing politics not otherwise. We got somebody in the Supreme Court who has been self-righteous all the time always finding reasons to justify herself. God save the Philippines.

  19. Juan Delacruz on

    The “Dynamics of Money” in Philippine politics is at work and we are witnessing the result on how money can turn impossible into favorable results. The Philippine Constitution can be twisted to favor moneyed politicians, and the most recent ruling on Grace Poe, is a testament that most of the Supreme Court Justices are only human beings, and Filipinos that inherited corrupt mentalities from Colonial Spain.

    Over three years ago, Time magazine wrote an article about Philippines as the most STUPID country in Asia for electing Nancy Binay to Senate. I hope, that some type of article will be written after the election about “The nine (9) Philippine Supreme Court Justices voted to let an American Citizen to run as the President of the Philippines and won”. This would be the reflection of the 9 corrupt Justices and dumb Filipino voters. When this happens, I will change my nationality from Filipino to Ilocano.

  20. Erlinda Rabe on

    Anyone who violates the law is punished and that should apply to SC Justice Sereno who clearly violates the Constitution. We can’t have a Supreme Court who can’t follow the laws of the land..

  21. This should be exposed to the public through a massive information drive. This is very insulting to us as voters. Mr. Aquino is making all Filipino a fool. Ms. Sereno should be impeached of her malicious intent to support Ms. Poe. Justices should not be involved in politics.

  22. Ramon Barredo on

    Mr. Tatad (Kit): It will be interesting to know what you think the SC”s rulling or stand would be if, all circumstances being similar, the surname of the concerned candidate were Binay or Duterte instead of Poe. Will this Court still rule the same?

  23. Our only recourse now is to NOT VOTE FOR GRACE POE. However, she will continue to be a senator. How can we get rid of her?

    Why doesn’t she just disappear from the scene? What ambition is driving her! – a kindergarten assistant teacher and a clerical clerk aspiring to be President of this republic? Shame on her.

    • Another recourse might be for people to assemble in front of the supreme court and declare their unwillingness to bow down to the injustice perpetrated by this court.

  24. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    10 April 2016

    From this latest Narrative of former Senator and now Manila Times columnist FRANCISCO S. TATAD, there is a very good possibility that a Machiavellian plot is afoot between President Aquino and presidential candidate Grace Llamanzares on one hand, and between President Aquino and his Supreme Court nominees led by Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, on the other hand, who, intriguingly and unexpectedly, assumed the role of Lead Counsel for Grace Llamanzares in the “oral arguments” on her disqualification case, relegating Alex Poblador, her counsel of record, to a minor role.

    This case is thus far from over and done with because “it stinks to high heaven!” The time will come, with the Integrated Bar of the Philippines and the Bar Association of the Philippines criticizing the Supreme Court for its patently faulty decision “on the merit,” plus the other infirmity that in FACT only 7 Justices were “sold” as the Majority in a Supreme Court of 15 justices, that the TRUTH, the unadulterated and unvarnished TRUTH, will finally surface.

    When the time comes–and hopefully soon!–a case could be made for the House of Representatives seriously considering drawing up Impeachment Charges against the 7 justices who clearly “acted with grave abuse of discretion,” not to mention anomalously “legislating from the bench,”in the process shredding the very Constitution the people have the perfect right to expect the Supreme Court to obey,protect, and defend.


    • Erlinda Rabe on

      I hope that day will come and no one should rest until these Justices are impeached specially Chief Justice Sereno.

    • mariano patalinjug, impeachment of the DEADLY 7 or 9 JURISTS would be a pipe dream if llamanzares aka poequino-poejuangco wins. as you very well know, the pork hungry congressmen would form a bee line to her door and pledge allegiance to her. impeachment of the DEADLY 7 or 9 WOULD BE NEAR IMPOSSIBLE. IT IS HAPPENING NOW with benito. all his impeachments complaints are now dead in the water in the justice committee level. ONLY A NON-BENITO trojan horse or official candidatelike du30 or maid miriam or even the alleged evil binay, can make this pipe dream of impeaching the DEADLY 7 or 9 JUSRISTS prosper. as to the senate, the corona impeachment would give you a clue how to go about it in the senate. DAP clone is the solution. DISGUSTING is it not?

  25. The Country is doomed! The Gang of Nine SC Justices have just destroyed the Philippine Constitution. Due to their action, they are no longer fit to serve as justices. The process to purge and impeach them should be initiated as soon as it is feasible to do so.

    Mayor R. Duterte is the only presidential candidate who voiced his disagreement with the original decision when it was announced. For this alone, he deserves a second and third look, in spite of his “dirty Harry” reputation, propensity for cursing, and public fondling of young women. He is the candidate who would most likely be willing and not hesitate to restoring the Constitution and impeaching the Gang of Nine. Although VP J. Binay has criticized Lying Grace Poe-Llamanzares during the second presidential debate for giving up or abjuring her Filipino citizenship, and it was his spokesmen who first brought her citizenship and residency problems into question, still he has not yet commented on the SC decision. Does he agree or disagree? Someone should ask him this question. As for Mar Roxas, he has been noticeably silent on this matter presumably because he is the designated heir of PNoy. One of the best ways that he can prove his independence from PNoy and mark his own pathway is to voice his disagreement with this SC decision which is clearly a betrayal of the Constitution – a document that reflects the will of the people, and which the Justices, as well as the President, have sworn to protect and defend.

    I read somewhere that there was a US president who, upon winning and assumption of office, declared that he accepts the resignations of all of the Justices of the US Supreme Court, even though no such resignations had been offered. Of the presidential candidates, I suspect that it would only be Mayor Duterte who would be capable of this kind of action to force the resignations of the Gang of Nine. This way, there would be no need for a long and protracted impeachment process.

    COMELEC and the petitioners and all concerned citizens must prepare to fight back and reestablish the Constitution. Would that the COMELEC Commissioners be capable of carrying on the unfinished without fear, have courage and balls to ignore the Gang’s non-constitutional decision and remove Lying Grace Poe-Llamanzares’ name from the list of presidential candidates! Let us then see what enforcement powers this Gang of Nine can exert to implement their unconstitutional, preplanned and conspiratorial decision.

    At this point in time, a second Motion for Reconsideration must be filed by COMELEC and the petitioners. The issued SC decision states that no further reconsideration will be entertained. However, whether the SC Gang of Nine wants to or not, the second Motion must, nevertheless, be filed in order to generate a formal refusal and denial. This denial can then be used during any impeachment process as further evidence of the Gang’s grave abuse of power and discretion. There is a current or pending constitutional crises; and yet this Gang refuses to reconsider their decision a second time? Talk about indifference, lack of due process, bias, slant and prejudice! They should be reminded of the Philippine Airlines’ case which they reconsidered twice, and each time, they changed their decision!

    The plan of the Gang of Nine is easy to discern and must be thwarted. For them, the end justifies the means. They have declared Lying Grace to be eligible to run, in the hope that she will win and they can then claim that the people have spoken. Filing a “quo warranto” before PET may prove to be useless as it will take forever for the hearing to take place. The Gang of Nine plans to allow Lying Grace to serve her term and the case to then be declared “moot and academic”. That is: “too late na; tapos na”. That is why it is imperative that if Lying Grace wins, an injunction or temporary restraining order should be filed immediately against her proclamation. This has been done several times in the past for other candidates, and should be done in her case. Of course, even before all this happens, all concerned citizens must exert every effort to make sure that Lying Grace will be defeated in the election. Spread her lies to friends, relatives, acquaintances and even strangers. She is not eligible to run and should not be considered as a legitimate candidate.

    The Filipino people will take the country back from this illegitimate and unelected Gang of Nine Justices. The insanity will be stopped, and the Constitution will be restored. Just wait and see….. ….

    • Erlinda Rabe on

      I agree entirely to your comments we the people of the Philippines must not rest until these corrupt Justices will be removed from the Supreme Court.

    • Who endorsed duterte? Koko. Who is Koko? PDP-Laban and son of Nene. Who is Nene? From Cory ‘local gov’t’. who appointed all local officials at that time with money-down involved before getting appointed as gov,mayor,etc.

      Like in horse-race, four entries are caring for noy. mar, poe, binay and of course, duterte.

      I’ll go for miriam with full credentials to be pres. It’s like interviewing for a position in a company to be employed. Sickly? no one will know the death of a person. She’s still alive.

  26. James Mcpherson on

    We get what we tolerate and we tolerate politics. A true democracy will eventually crumble from within. Until we demand accountability and eliminate politics from the judiciary, we will continue the inevitable slide to anarchy.

  27. Ever since I been seeing this scenario. Grace is out there to thwart Binay.and other candidates hoping her popularity would prevail.

    The scenario would supposed to be Grace Poe wins and Roxas runner up. Poe will be disqualified so Roxas takes over.

    The problem is Duterte is making wave.

    This creates a dilemma among the justices.

    • No one to blame but us. We already knows that bs Aquino has mental illness but due to a very good propaganda done by mafia in media he won the election.

  28. Poe abandoned being a Filipino once — that is a strong reason for thinking, patriotic Filpinos not to vote for her. PNoy supporting Poe? It is not an aberration, it is in the blood, remember his grandfather was a Japanese collaborator! Now he wants to save himself by collaborating with someone who denounced her country. Birds of a feather!

    • Sadly, some people see her supposedly good intentions for the country basing on the fictitious hero that her father played in the movies. Come on what legacy did FPJ leave in this country? Enlighten me, I never heard even a foundation under his name.

  29. noel salaysay on

    The best way to rebuke the 9 Supreme Court Justice’s decision is for the people to vote for either Binay or Duterte for the Presidency of the Philippines. Grace Poe can return to serve her 4 years unexpired term of office as a Senator.

    • They are both race-horses of noy. All the four in the fixed surveys are being used to brainwash the electorate.

  30. Our Constitution is our only defense against the State and its abuses. We must not allow it to be trampled upon and violated. People of this country UNITE!. We have nothing to lose but our chains!.

  31. Kawawang Mar Roxas inilaglag na naman for the nth time. This Ochoa who is a drinking buddy of Llamanzares seems to be very influential since 2010. First, there was NoyBi..Now Poequino…

  32. What’s important right now is that Senator Poe is qualified to run without any hindrances. These SC justices who voted in favor of Senator Poe are more knowledgeable than us. Let’s just accept the fact that she is qualified!

    • Most people are more knowledgeable than you and we say impeach the supreme court justices who violated the constitution to aid themselves.

    • More knowledgeable than us?,or of you only.Because if they are more learned and discerning,how can this brilliancy of a decision were reached into by this so called magnificent 9 justices? The truth,an important piece of a constitutional provision had just been trampled upon.And those justices who are bound to effect it,were the ones guilty of infringing it.These justices should be impeached and should be required to answer for violating the constitution they swear to protect…

    • Rodan Guerrero on

      You may not be a natural born Filipino, maybe same with Poe ( She should be called Grace PWE, a bastard pretending thru lies) You better convince Grace Pwe to go back with you in US and stop menacing the Filipinos.