• Poe rejects VP run


    SEN. Grace Poe will not be anybody’s running mate in 2016 because for her, it’s the presidency or nothing, a source said on Saturday.

    The source who asked not to be identified for lack of authority to speak on the matter said Poe is not considering running for vice president. He said the senator believes that running second fiddle to any presidential candidate would not bode well for her political career since she could just be used as a tool to boost somebody’s chances.

    “She doesn’t want to run for vice president. If she will run in 2016, it would be for president. She could be a lock for vice president, but in the long run, she is thinking, how would that work out for her? If she wins as vice president, she will occupy that post until 2022. By that time, she can’t be so sure that she will still enjoy the same high level of popularity and trust of the people, and she knows it,” the source, who has confirmed that some political parties are convincing Poe to be in their team as the vice presidential bet, said.

    “Hindi tatanggapin ni Grace yang offer to run as vice president. Ayaw niya. (Grace will not accept that offer to run as vice president. She doesn’t like it),” the source added .

    “She wants to run while she has good chances, and she knows that 2016 is the best time for her to run for president,” the source pointed out.

    Poe, daughter of the late actor Fernando Poe, Jr. surprisingly topped the 2013 senatorial race with 20 million votes.

    In last week’s Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey, the senator trailed Vice President Jejomar Binay by only five percentage points. Binay, who had consistently topped presidential surveys, got 36 percent, down from his 37 percent rating in December last year.

    Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte ranked third, surging to 15 percent from five percent in December. Duterte tied with Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd of the ruling Liberal Party, whose rating fell to 15 percent from 19 percent in December.

    Sen. Miriam Santiago and Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada were tied at 11 percent.

    Binay had from the start been very vocal about his presidential ambition. Roxas was reported to have expressed interest in running for president, but Poe and Duterte have yet to announce their plans to run in 2016.

    Poe led the Senate investigation on the killing of 44 Special Action Force troops in Mamasapano, Maguindanao in her capacity as the chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Safety. She has criticized President Benigno Aquino 3rd for allowing then suspended police chief Alan Purisima to be involved in the Mamasapano operations for the arrest of two high profile terrorists.

    In its report, the Senate panel found the President responsible for the operation that left at least 60 people dead, including the 44 police commandos.

    “The President must bear responsibility for giving assent to and failing to prevent the unlawful exercise of official functions by Purisima in connection with Oplan Exodus,” the report said.

    Poe blasted Aquino for allowing Purisima’s “unlawful exercise of official functions” despite being aware that the latter had been suspended by the Office of the Ombudsman for graft.


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    1. Note that this news is not a direct quote of ms. Poe. You dont know from where it is coming from. It might bw the spin doctor of another politician. Let us all be keen and analytical of news that appears eithee in broadsheets ortabloid. Wag padalosdalos sa paghusga. Ganito tayo ginago ng mga polpolitiko

    2. for the many who said that she lacked the experience, tama kayo pero kung ang nasa isip ninyo ay wala ng iba kundi si Binay A.k.a. Mandarambong at magnanakaw, kayo ang walang mga isip! Ang linaw pa sa araw ang kahalimawan ni demonyong Binay, eh yung iba meron pa ring sampalataya sa demonyong nagkatawang tao na ito. Pag si Binay ay pinalusot pa rin ng pilipino, parang ipinako ninyo na ang Pilipinas sa karumaldumal na pagkawasak nito. Integrity first is more important and I can assure you Binay, his family and cohorts do not have such!

    3. Amihan Dela Cruz on

      Hindi ko inakalang magiging ganitong ka-disappointed ako kay Grace Poe. Hindi ko rin inakala na yung humble and diligent senator anak ni fpj ay magiging ganitong kakapal at kaambisiyosa. Okay lang kung maging presidente ka pero magvice president ka muna. Kulang ka pa ng experience!

    4. I don’t know what kind of “source” this did came from… but you can’t build her candidacy upon mere hearsays… wag pilitin kung hindi pa talaga hinog, sobrang halata kasing hilaw pa, from her experience to the kind of will power that she is showing us e hindi talaga siya ready for the presidency. Magagamit siya as VP? then it could be worse if she’s the president! kaya wag ngayon, saka na, she has better chance, not only of winning, but of running this nation very well if she will run for the presidency AFTER 2016…

    5. ambitious! she has yet to show her accomplishments, especially in helping the unprivileged and poor sector of the society. just because she is the daughter of a reel hero who was adored by the masses, she thinks she owns the right to become the leader of a nation? she has not even bared any plans (nor shown) how she will lead the divided country with a social chasm between the haves & have nots. she is still part of the elite class that continues to use popularity to get elected! what a pathetic nation we have that may never awaken!

    6. eltee mulawin on

      >>> Filipino People of the Philippines !!! Mag-ISIP ISIP NAMAN TAYO !!!!
      GRACE P.L. is just a popular because she is the daughter of the movie idol Fernando Poe Jr. What experience she have had, aside being appointed as chief of Board of Censors and now a suddenly a senator ?
      We Filipino people really until now (if not all) are IMMATURE IN POLITICS. We are treating the political and governmental management as like a movie and television sitcom and/or telenobela.


    7. to the people who commented. First these statements are not from Grace Poe herself or any person that has credibility to speak on the matter cause if their source has that credibility I think he /she wouldnt be wary of saying who he/she really is. second With her performance right now in the senate and legislations that will really be helpful to the Filipino people I dont think she is not another person banking on the popularity of his father and mother. Lastly Id rather have a president that is not corrupt and has guts to stnd on their principles. I guess she is really inexperienced. Inexperienced in cheating and stealing money from the Filipino people :)

    8. George George on

      Binay pa rin. Despite the demonization, he will win. Poe is good but she lacks experience.

    9. Here we are again , looking for another pure untainted
      Just like Cory Aquino ,BS Aquino you guys better think
      It over .

    10. There are already perceived presidentiables, let a forum be held where they will be asked to appear and for them to comment on various issues so that popularity will not be the primary basis in choosing who are the most probable and possible.

    11. I am for Grace. Just by looking at her face you will see a very sincere person, But there are great obstacles to that. #1 is hocus pcos will surely make the yellow kingdom’s next in line (black outside/sparkling yellow inside). #2 if her family still holds the priceless “utang na loob” from the yellow king, and #3 if she can hurdle all the problems to be inherited as the successor from the world’s real time government run like hell and the ever multiplying demons in our political arena.

    12. If she runs for president she could end up like FPJ and become a cry baby protesting she’s cheated. Huwag sya magpasulsul sa mga politico around her. Filipinos shun neophytes or look at her as too ambitious. Magpahinug muna sya. If she reLly wants to run, she couldn’t lose in the vice presidency.

    13. apolonio reyes on

      Is Sen. Grace Poe ready to go inside Malacanang, the Lions and Crocodiles Dens ? I believe NO, Not Yet ass of Now. How will she respond to the graft and corruptions of the passed administrations which is also rampant in Pnoy’s administration. What will she do to the Senate and Congressmen involved in the PDAF and DAF Scam and also to the executives particularly ButcAbad and Pnoy?? How will she take China’s West Philippines problems? What will she do if the BBL will not pass in Pnoy’s term? I, for one, believe Sen. Grace Poe Lamanzares is not READY and PREPARED to be our president. Maybe 2022 election, Sen. Grace Poe will be READY and PREPARED, Madam Senator Poe, EXPERIENCED IS THE BEST TEACHER SO WITH THE PRESIDENCY.

      • You are right. Topping the senatorial list for the past election does not mean that she is already a potential candidate for the presidency on 2016. Wala pa ring kadala-dala ang majority ng mga botante na mahilig bumoto sa mga kandidatong kulang sa qualification. She just became a senator because she carries the name Poe. Winning a slot in the Senate due to the 60-30-10 pattern. Ni VP eh di din dapat dahil wala nmn talaga siyang political background tulad ng kinagisnan niyang tatay na si Ronnie (SLN). Napakagaling lng ng mga nang-uto sa kanila para pasukin ang pulitika. Ung isa nga dyan anak ng asendero, pulitiko, apo ng collaborator, nahing congressman at senador bago naging “Accidental President” FOR NOTHING. More, he’s just what we can call as the Out-of-Emotion President, hehehe. Wag na lng muna si Grace until she has experienced and mastered public administration.

      • Atin To Pre(s) on

        AGREE! Grace Poe is not yet ripe to be president, come 2016! Ang pagiging presidente ay hindi lang papogi sa TV.

        Grace, run as VP of Duterte first to learn from him good governance and leadership.

        Duterte already laid down his framework of government for 6 years for the good of the country.

        Grace, up to now, we never heard of your framework or platform. Where are you going to bring this country?

    14. Strike while the iron is hot! Politically speaking, she is at an advantage. She has shown great performance in the Senate with her committee hearings and her statements are very presidential. I just wish that those who will guide her through this, she will come out as an independent mind not easily manipulated by populist thoughts and ideals. The President position is a hard one, let’s hope she will be the light that our country dearly needs.

      • Atin To Pre(s) on

        Kalokohan ang strike the rod while its hot. Ang pagiging presidente ay hindi sinusuka kapag napaso. There will be millions of Filipinos will suffer if Grace Poe will bring this country to nowhere. Wala syang framework na nababangit for the country. Ano ang Pilipinas, experimento lang?!

        kaya, kalokohan ang strike the rod.

    15. This is just a media hype, does she has the political machinery and money to spend? If not don’t because these chair leaders will hang her dry when actual money change hands. Popularity now is pop up by Surveys but how accurate are those surveys? As long as SWS and Pulse Asia are not transparent who paid them to conduct a survey, there’s a credibility issue. Electoral brain washing are the main reason why they are paying this surveys. Those who pays for the surveys comes out “always the man of the hour”!

      • The “source” who does not want to be identified smacks of fiction to me. This seems to be a concoction of the Binay-aran camp who are trying to diffuse the Roxas-Poe blockbuster combo. My take is that no one wants to team-up with Susmaryosep so it won’t be a surprise if she takes in Nancy Binay as his VP. Nancy and Grace have the same qualifications as first term senators anyway. Elenita will make an exquisite FL and the youngest Binay daughter can take over Nancy’s senate seat while Junjun remains the Lord of Makati. This will be the crowning moment for the Philippines.

    16. Though I’m quite shocked at this little revelation (and very muchly doubting the words of this unknown source) , Mme. Poe vying for the Presidency is a very welcome option. Though new to the scene, her academic background and studied finesse could easily propel her to a win, and her recent achievements may just pin that she’s the one this country needs. Nothing’s sure until I hear the bid from her own mouth, though.

    17. I wonder if she is strong and seasoned enough to run a country , amidst all the vultures that will surround her and put up concrete walls around to control her. I hope and pray that she will have the wisdom to know the right people to be associated with.

    18. I wonder who and how reliable the “source” is?

      Regardless, Poe would be a welcome addition to the race. People are always questioning her experience. But didn’t our prior leaders/government officials who had way more experience than her ended up disappointing us and some even stole from us?

    19. I will vote for Sen. Grace Poe as president, i find her a very sensible and direct senator that would settle issues as they happen. She responds to the MRT problem and the Mamasapano incident which is a great service of informing the Filipinos that these are the findings to seperate problems. Even our current president had a one term experience in the Senate and I wonder how many national concerns did he chair in the Senate during that time. She listens and is attuned to the concerns of the people and has no corruption issues. That is what I like in a leader,

    20. Oscar Valera, Jr. on

      Allow our fellow Filipino people to choose who we want to be our next President, Senator Grace Poe has not even gave any inclination that she is interested to run while others are already campaigning so hard for years and yet Sen Grace’s survey is SOARING and thats an indication that she has the trust of majority of our fellow Filipino people………so Senadora Grace, please listen to our people for you to please consider running for the presidency…….we know that you will win just like when you run for senator…you made it as number one and up until now you have not failed our expectations from you…….we hope to hear from you soon!! Go go go MADAME PRESIDENT!

    21. Assuming Poe runs, what guts and experience does she have to eradicate drugs, crime, corruption, insurgency and poverty? The only thing familiar to her are perhaps the walls of Congress. She doesnt even know the meaning of the word massacre.

      This country needs not just a popular person but one with track record of competence and incorruptibility and Political Will.

      Furthermore, out of curiousity, I wanna ask is she really a daughter of FPJ?

    22. Samuel Santos on

      Will she jail PNoy when he steps down from the Presidency in 2016? Yan ang aking nais malaman. Dapat sana, “categorical” ang kanyang katugunan.

    23. Wow!!!,a welcome news indeed…Senator Poe has still the time to go around the country and see for herself how the people live. Building hope for our poor and country takes a lot of sensitivity and courage inorder to shape up good Public Policy.
      Like what she did in the MRT…would it be nice if she will travel with Congresswoman Cojuangco a very articulate legislator whom I think is fearless….Both are fresh, uncorruptable and I think can put alot of real reform agenda to our nation…

    24. I am still for Duterte for 2016. He has all the qualifications. Poe is still a greenhorn on politics. Once elected, she will be used by the evil mafia of the elites and dynasties who control the Philippines.

    25. Pete Gabriel on

      Go Poe. I hope that she can bring some good things to the country. We need a good leader to look out for our poor and disenfranchised brothers and sisters. Let’s hope she’s the one. Binary has questionable track record and only looking out for his family down with Binay.

    26. Poe wants to be president and will not settle for less because… WHY?

      Because she used to be the chief movie censor? Because she is the adopted daughter of FPJ? Because she is a nice lady? Any other qualifications?

      God, not another Cory!

      • You forget she has good bloodline. To complete the daily double, her running mate should be Bongbong.

      • I dont think she’d fall into the trap of being another Cory. no offense to the supposed mother of Ph democracy, but Mme. Poe actually has the wit and the political intelligence to back her up if ever she does decide to run. Her name may have helped her in her Senatorial run back in 2013, but that plus her astounding record in barely 2 years could just give her the presidency, if she truly wanted it.

    27. Pagtumakbo ng pangulo si Poe dapat na independent candidate!mahahati ang boto nila kapag-sumabay sa pagka-pangulo si duterte!Marcos,Lacson,,Santiago!
      Malamang manalo si Mar Roxas,dahil ito talaga ang gusto nilang mangyari!magulo nila ang isipan ng mga tao!
      O kaya mauwi ito kay Estrada,na pumangalawa kay Aquino noon kahit masama pa ang tingin ng tao sa kanya! Ngayon may BBL malamang mas! malakas ang dating niya!

    28. Being a president is not like acting in a movie. Will she be ready to decide between life and death. We already witnessed how noynoy is still detached from reality. The current problems facing the nation now is much worse when President Marcos lead the country.
      I can not see any one among the presidential timbers that has even a fraction of intelligence of President Marcos. The next leader should not play politics. There should be no kumpadre or kumadre if he is willing to save the republic.

    29. Ikabod Bubwit on

      If Grace Poe runs for president the issue of her true biological parentage will become an issue. If she is asked the question: “who is your real father and mother ?”. What will will be her answer? Half of the Filipino people already know who her real parents are and she should also know. Will she be honest?

      • Her life is a bed of roses and marke-believe. If she lies about her origins, how can she be honest as president? Mga Filipino, di na natuto.