• Poe seeks speedy passage of bill to solve traffic woes


    Sen. Grace Poe asked the President to certify as urgent the passage of the bill granting emergency powers to put an end to the traffic crisis in Metro Manila.

    This after a report of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) showed that the Philippines loses P3.5-billion a day due to traffic issues in the metro.

    According to Poe, in order to address the crisis, the government must be able to build a reliable mass transit system along with roads and bridges, and develop economic centers outside the metropolis. However, this would not be possible without coordination between national and local government units, thus, the need for the passage of the emergency bill.

    “The emergency powers bill is in its advanced stage of discussion in the Senate plenary. What is perhaps needed to expedite it through the last mile of approval is presidential certification of urgeny,” Poe said in a statement on Friday.

    “There is a need to grant extraordinary powers, because current laws do not adequately provide for the means to expeditiously and effectively solve this traffic and congestion crisis. Some laws even create roadblocks to acting promptly,” Poe said.

    “If we do nothing, it will become P5.4-billion a day in 2035,” JICA chief representative Susumo Ito said, noting that there are 13.4-million trips per day.

    Meanwhile, the Department of Transportation said: “Transport infrastructure is just one thing. Efficient traffic enforcement and traffic education are another. These, coupled with citizen cooperation, will help address the issue.”


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