• Poe should be ashamed of herself


    GRACE Poe-Llamanzares, indeed, should be. Her consuming greed for power, her vaulting personal ambition to be President has yoked even the highest court of our land to her will, dragging its justices to the level of her and her patron President Aquino’s legal manservants.

    One can argue that the question of whether Llamanzares is natural-born or not, whether qualified to run for President or not, is such a complicated legal issue that the nine justices appointed by former President Arroyo were divided on it, so that five voted in her favor while four didn’t.

    Guess who shouldn’t really be running, with the least experience, but for whom the Supreme Court bent over backward to accommodate

    Guess who shouldn’t really be running, with the least experience, but for whom the Supreme Court bent over backward to accommodate

    But to have four justices, the least experienced and least qualified to be Supreme Court justices and, therefore, the most beholden to Aquino, to all vote for Llamanzares is as strong an indication as any that the President, well, told them to do so. It just can’t be coincidental that the following shameless four voted in Llamanzares’ favor:

    The Shameless Four

    1. Ma. Lourdes Sereno, a lackluster legal academic plucked out of obscurity by Aquino and put in the High Court in 2010, and then in 2012, over the heads of all the other 13 more senior justices, appointed to replace Renato Corona as chief justice in 2012, at 52 the youngest ever appointed to the post and the first female — and I would insist, the most unqualified. The analogy is that of Aquino appointing a lieutenant teaching at the Philippine Military Academy to serve as Armed Forces Chief of Staff. If you wonder what Sereno, a college chum, did to deserve that post, read her voluminous dissenting opinion against the Court’s decision ordering Hacienda Luisita to comply with agrarian reform laws.

    2. Marvic Leonen, two years younger than Sereno, and like her, an obscure, although noisy academic, his appointment a sort of reward by providing the legal (yet flimsy) justification for the peace agreement with the MILF, and the consequent Bangsamoro Basic Law.

    3. Francis Jardeleza, who has had no experience as a judge in his entire legal career, his working life devoted to lucrative corporate lawyering  for the country’s elite. His post at the court is a reward as being the main backup for Ombudsman Conchita Morales in their campaign to put opposition figures to jail and as Aquino’s Solicitor General; and lastly,

    4. Alberto Caguioa, 56 years old, Aquino’s college classmate, his legal counsel in Malacanang for the past four years, and so clearly Aquino’s legal factotum competing with Sereno and Leonen as the justice with the least qualifications to be a justice of the highest court of the land.   His legal career is so obscure that one can’t even find any information on him on the internet, except a news article about him when he was appointed to the Court last January. He replaced Martin Villarama, who strangely, or not so strangely, retired seven months before his scheduled date in August, so that Aquino could appoint another one of his boys to the Court.

    That’s how Aquino has debased the highest court of the land, appointing to it the least qualified but the most willing and ready to do his bidding. And who defended Poe in the Supreme Court? Of all people, Aquino’s Solicitor General Florin Hilbay, who is supposed to defend government agencies and not individuals. How much more in-your-face declaration of Aquino’s backing of Poe could you get?

    And it is this kind of men that really allowed Poe to run for office.

    How dare her?

    How dare Poe debase our system for the rule of law, so that the Court would throw to the dustbin the clear constitutional provision that the highest post of the land, must be reserved only to natural-born citizens? This essentially and philosophically means persons without an iota of doubt are members of this nation that they didn’t have to do anything to be Filipino citizens?  How dare her say “God wanted the Supreme Court decision?” Or is Aquino now her deity?

    How dare Poe insist to be President, when she, a daughter of a rich celebrity couple abandoned her nation and denounced her Filipino citizenship?  (Her adoptive fathers indeed were such a rich,  celebrity couple  that President Marcos and Imelda, at the height of their popularity and power in 1968, were their wedding principal sponsors.) Poe then became “Filipino” so she could be  a Senator,   sensing that she could exploit people’s incapability to distinguish real people from the movie roles they play.

    It’s even an open-and-shut case that she used the US social security number of a dead man in her first years there, a modus operandi of illegals in that country. That’s a federal offense. In the event she becomes Philippine President,  the US can use that as a threat to make her act as a Washington puppet?

    Who the hell does Poe think she is? The messiah sent by God to save the Philippines? Can anyone please tell me what particular skill or talent or wisdom she has, for her to deserve to be the nation’s President? How dare Poe insist she can lead this land when she is the most unqualified person to ever seek this highest post?

    She spent most of her working life in the US as a kindergarten teacher and in the lowest rungs of white-collar employment. What experience did she gain acting as head of the agency that rates movies and television shows for her to think she can be President of this nation of 100 million people, the 12th largest country in the world?  Since when has articulateness in English – a skill Filipino immigrants to the US achieve in a few months’ time — become enough qualification for the presidency?

    Even if he bungled most of his jobs, at least Manuel Roxas 2nd has had 23 years of experience as congressman, senator  and Cabinet member.  Vice President Jejomar Binay had engaged himself in serving the people as a human rights lawyer fighting a dictatorship in the 1970s and served as mayor of a major city for 22 years, and the last six as vice president. Rodrigo Duterte had been fighting crime as a prosecutor in Davao, then headed that city for 28 years, and by his own claim even killed enemies of society.

    Poe takes us for fools

    Yet Poe takes us for fools by saying that “she lacks experience in politics, yes, but also in corruption.” Utter nonsense. What would you do if you were being prepared for a heart surgery, and the surgeon told you that yes, you were his first patient, but not to worry, nobody has ever died under his knife?

    This nation is going down to the dogs, and we don’t even realize it. Poe is the most unqualified candidate to run for President ever, and will be – next, of course, only to her father Fernando Poe, Jr.

    FPJ may have even had a nobler purpose, to save his bosom friend, the ousted President Joseph Estrada, who begged him to run for office so he could be President and free him from jail.

    Poe is just 48 years old this year. A more responsible person, one with the country’s welfare in mind would have thought: “I’ll first  be vice president, or senator, or a Cabinet member for six years, so I’ll have the experience and the wisdom to be president in 2022, when I’ll just be 54.” But no, she can’t wait.

    Why does she want to be President right now? Is she thinking that giving up her US citizenship was too big a price, a fair one only if she becomes President now?

    What motivates Poe? Sheer egoism, and her tongue, after having tasted power, has become a serpent consuming her.

    Or is it a classic case of foundlings, and she’s out to prove her worth, which her biological parents denied her?

    Poe is very much an educated person, an Assumptionista, a UP college student majoring in development studies, and with a B.A. in Political Science in Boston College.

    She knows in her heart she doesn’t have the experience to be President of the Republic, and that she, analogously, has the skill set of a nurse or even an orderly, who insists on undertaking surgery on a person lying on the table in the operating room.

    But she isn’t deluded as, say Duterte’s spiritual teacher Apollo  Quiboloy who has been declaring he is the Son of God.  Poe knows that she is exploiting the most ignorant facets of the psyche of Filipinos who confuse her for the daughter of the mythical hero Panday, the role played in the movies so often by her adoptive movie actor father.

    Indeed, in a survey I’ve cited before in a column, 45 percent of those who would vote for her picked her because she is “kind, like her father,” that she will “continue the good work of her father” and that she will “fulfill her father’s promises.” The father here obviously does not refer to FPJ as a person but to his Panday image and other movie-screen heroes he had portrayed.

    She is fooling the country and knows it.  Yet she insists on running, even debasing the Supreme Court by getting it involved in allowing her to run for President, despite the Constitutional ban on naturalized citizens.

    Shame on her. And on Aquino who helped her debase the Supreme Court because of his fear that he would go to jail immediately if the opposition won the presidency. Shame on Chiz Escudero, her adviser who has been using her as his path to power and wealth.

    Shame on the powerful figures behind her, among them Estrada and William Gatchalian, with the former thinking that Grace’s run for the presidency is “FPJ Part II,” the winning episode, and with Gatchalian seeing it as Erap Part II.



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    1. obviously the article is made by those against sen.poe it seems the columnist is better than those who sits in SC..lets just face the truth lets says your data is right about some judge in SC..its the reality of this partisan govt.we had even those time with the ARROYO adminstration is far worst than this time with AQUINO…atleast this govt,has provided a lot on infrastracture and military hardware.than those who are ARROYO’S DOG who are all corrupt and a puppet of red china..as far as i can see SEN.POE a good candidate second to DUTERTE..if he sits ARROYO will not be freed like nothing happen..thats why pro arroyo hates her..its better to have a president who is not tangled with this PARTISAN system.not A TRADITIONAL POL..TRAPO..JUST REMEBER THE MAMASAPANO investgation in the senate..WHO AMONG THIS SENATOR ASK THE MOST STRAIGHT QUESTION OTHER THAN HER..some senator seems to just repaeat all the question made earlier.

    2. Lolito C. Rubillos on

      Says the Lord God of wisdom equality fraternity brotherhood who are not sinners pick stones and let this woman be stoned to death amen ??

    3. Agree! Hope someone will translate it to Tagalog coz most of GP’s fans are would easily understand

    4. Nats Nazareth on

      if GP really did have the country’s interest and future in mind, she should have just dropped her candidacy out of “delicadeza”. She could gain more experience and be a citizen again before running in the next election. Why the hell is she in a hurry?

    5. sonny torres on

      bakit nyo sinasabing pinaka hindi kwalipikado sa lahat ng mga kumandidatong presidente si senadora grace poe ever??????? anak ng pating naman po o o! nung kumandidato si former president corazon aquino, sinuportahan ninyo! gayong simpleng maybahay lang si dating pangulong cory. ni kapitan o konsehal ng baranggay ay hindi nya naranasan…tapos, sasabihin ninyong, hindi kwalipikado si senator poe??? eh naging chairperson sya ng mtrcb at ngayon ay senador!

      • Zilean Iceberg on

        Kaya nga dapat pigilan para hindi na maulit yung nangyare noon. We are bound to make mistakes, wag lang sanang maulit ulit.
        And besides, nahalal lang naman si Cory kasi asawa sya ni Ninoy. Ika nga nila, “itutuloy ko ang sinimulan ng tatay/asawa ko”. Di magkakalayo ang mangyayari sa termino ni Cory pag nanalo si Poe.

      • Noel Casurra on

        Kaya nagkaganito ang bansa natin dahil sa pagkakamaling iyon! Uulitin pa ba natin yun?

      • Nats Nazareth on

        That was because there were only two candidates, Cory and Marcos. Ad people didn’t want more Marcos.

      • wala po naman choice at that time. Actually natalo si Cory sa Election, then nagka EDSA revolution, napatalsik si Marcos then naging president si Cory. Ganun po yon. Pero ngayon ngayon may choice tayo, make it right this time for the future ng family natin.

      • exjopa dagenpas on

        kaya nga siguro may pagsisisi dapat. kasi dapat di na maulit yung gaya ng kay cory…

      • exjopa dagenpas on

        at saka di na sinabi na di qualified. ang sabi eh least qualified..na totoo naman kung ikukumpara dun sa ibang tumatakbo pagka presidente..kung matalino kang botante, sino ba ang iboboto mo? apat pa ang pagpipilian mo na mas magaling at mas qualified pa kesa kay poe…

      • kung gusto mo maayos ang buhay ng iyong mga mahal sa buhay, isipin mo kung sino ang iboboto mo.

      • Jingay gregorio on

        So dahil nagpakagago ang sambayanang Pilipino noon at nailagay sa pwesto ang ina ng mga berdugo ng kultong dilaw ay dapat ulitin ng lahat ng mga Pilipino ang pagkakamaling yon? Buksan mo mga mata mo at tugana mo saan tayo dinala ng pagiging utouto ng mga bumoto sa kultong dilaw. This is the main reason we are all here looking for change dhil tama na ang malaking pagkakamali na naniwala sa kanila tpos ngayon uultin pa ulit.

      • marco dimakita on

        simple lang, nilabag nya ang batas…nakikinig, nanunuod at nagbabasa ka ba ng balita?

      • what can i say to a man who uses the pen to malign a person, a woman at that. with no specific wrong she has done. Nagnakaw ba sya, naescandalo ba buhay nya? what is so shameless in her? she is just providing us, voters a better alternative. you want marcos, go ahead. you want dutterte, go ahead. who are you to opine that she is without delikadeza? did she scandalize you? why? i can only conclude that you, mr. tiglao is of skewed judgment and a hell bloated with jealousy. if one believes she can be a good president, why not let people decide?
        all i can say to to you, tiglao is, “YOU ARE PATHETIC!”

    6. Frodo Godofredo on

      It’s “Happy Hour” my friends let’s get our darts and throw them on the constitution and poke more holes on it like how these 9 “legal culinaries” did. These “kooks” just served us some “lutong makaw” for “pulutan”.

    7. Malaki ang respeto ko sa mga supreme Court justices, pero sa ginawa nila, yung mga pumabor kay Grace Poe oh ano na ngayon di man lang kayo tinablan ng hiya! Daig pa kayo ng mga mangmang na marunong manindigan kung alin ang tama o mali!

    8. Nanding Pasion on

      Gloria Arroyo was told to just allow Erap to win because Erap is not vindictive and will not send her to jail. Arroyo did not listen to the advice and allowed Noynoy to “win”. Arroyo paid for her mistake and is now in jail. Aquino was now advised to just allow Binay to win so that Aquino will not be jailed. But Aquino wants Poe. Poe will surely send Aquino to jail.

    9. Joe Dela Victoria on

      I really thought I was joking when I said when GP filed her candidacy, “Let’s vote American GP so once we have her, we’ll be led by an American and then we’ll become an American State”…
      Painfully this be funny false hope becomes disgusting to think about.

    10. Team galing at may puso ! Magaling manikas! May puso hindi nga lang pusong pinoy! Sad nangyare sa ating constitution inapakan, dinurog ang sakit!

    11. ICCKS MISMO ! Icks ! Yuck !

      Thats what I think of your article……..you stick to the old ways, OK if you are for BInay
      but your opinion on Grace sucks and really not worth the paper its written on.

      Ambition ? Anything wrong with that ? performance in the Senate was super !
      How about the performance of GMA and Mike of which you were a part , you did not see any shenanigans ? You are blind ? Your partisanship and bias in this article is so stupid and with out logic.

      • Vincent Laibes on

        Doesn’t change the fact that the constitution was stepped on and disregarded. You don’t have to be a lawyer to see the obvious bastardization of our nation’s laws.

      • exjopa dagenpas on

        I may not be a lawyer but I know for a fact that justices of the supreme court and even the lower who are supposed to uphold the law should therefore decide a case based on laws of the land and other established laws. And in this case the basic law that serves as the pillar of this country…I have never heard (except for sereno et al) of justices basing and justifying their decision on probability (statistics) instead of the constitution and accepting an “honest mistake” alibi when it was done under oath and therefore with full knowledge of her representation.. is this not ridiculous? the revelation on the backgrounds (of sereno et al) in this article would tell you why…yet people here still believes in poe and have succumbed to her deceiving tactics as she did with pnoy and sereno et al….how can some do not see that….

      • exjopa dagenpas on

        Mind you she has done similar tactics in the states successfully…that is why she became an american citizen and renounced being a filipno..and became fluent in English…

      • POE has not done anything in the Senate..Look at her records if she have authored any senate bills..! Wag magpadala kung anong gobyernong may PUSO…it is an old adage..may puso pero walang utak! How can you give the rein of our government to a neophyte? Is having my PUSO enough for her to qualify her presidential ambition? If most people are like you who thinks POE deserves to run…this country is going into the abyss!

      • Ha.ha.ha.ha….”performance in the Senate is super” ? Ni hindi nga niya alam ang pagkakaiba ng Senado at Kongreso! Ang sabi pa niya na natapos na daw nila sa Senado ang kanilang parte pero hindi pa naipasa ang sa Kongreso. Hindi pala niya alam na ang Congress is composed of two houses…the Senate and the House of Representatives! At hindi Senado at Kongreso! Sus Ginoo Day!

    12. Virgilio Segundo on

      The SC decision regarding Grace Poe is really hard accept. Just a few years back she was an American citizen and now these 9 justices are allowing her to run for the highest office in OUR LAND. Nakakapanghina.

    13. Sore losers, whiners ang mga taong hindi masaya kapag ang gusto nila ay hindi nasunod.Just vote for the right candidate that you think is good for the country. Sa lahat ng mamayan ng Pilipinas.

      • Nats Nazareth on

        You are right. Vote for who you think is the right candidate. HOWEVER, based on the country’s laws, she shouldn’t be a candidate AT ALL. Putting her on the ballot will just be a waste of votes for those voting for her because they are misled. It is also a big fat proof that the nation’s laws were broken by those who are supposed to know the laws and are supposed to be the ones to guard those laws.

    14. The people are looking for alternative candidate and they saw it in Poe. I am not voting for Grace Poe. But look at us now? How many “EXPERIENCED” Presidents have ruled the Philippine Government with out exploiting the country and abusing their power? NONE of them! All of them exploited the country and corrupted the nations wealth by using the power vested to them by the people. Look at us now? we are STILL at the bottom despite of the past “EXPERIENCED PRESIDENTS” that ruled the country. Let us respect the decision of the supreme court and let the people exercise their power to vote. Let us not manipulate them by this kind of publicity. I appreciate Mr. Tiglao but who is he anyway? Common people…open your eyes…

      • ano po ba ang magagawa nya as president. palagi nyang sinasabi to continue the legacy of her father FPJ…anong legacy po ba? pagiging matulungin sa mga oppressed, nanghuhuli ng mga kriminals…eh lahat po yun are scripted roles in the movies na pinalakpakan ng mga tao, kasama na po ako doon na ngenjoy sa bawat punches na pinatatama nya sa kalaban….pero HINDI PO SHOWBIZ STAGE ang Pilipinas..there is no SCRIPT but reality po ang droga, corruption, criminalities…. why can’t we see the big scenario of our situation now…..marami sa tin ang galit ki aquino pero ung pipiliin natin na magiging leader ng bansa ay isang crony ng mga cojuangco at aquino. anong DIRECTION na ang tatahakin nating mga pinoy with her taking the reins of gov’t?

      • “All of them (who) exploited and corrupted the country’s wealth” are Grace Poe’s supporters! God please help us!

        Thank you for not voting for Grace Poe.

    15. Before the Poe decision, there is a news article that alleged that the Liberal Party is paying 50 million to some justices to disqualify Poe. But the opposite happened. Either the news article is wrong or the justices took the money and voted against the wishes of the Liberal Party.

    16. Agree with you.I just feel so sick for her in that race, shaking our nation into division and so much money spent for her case. she can turn the govt for her baseless ambition.

    17. Abraham Manlulu on

      So complicated for people like me who has limited knowledge and understanding on basic law which is so broad and so deep to understand.
      If there are so many reasons to doubt, it is because our supreme justices are not in unison in rendering decision. If there is dessenting opinion,then there is doubt where common citizens could speculate.

      • I would like to as you a question not based on morality or politics, rather one of basic human logic. Would you elect somebody who had earlier rejected your lineage and country, to lead you as a president? You would have the question in the back of your head rise to your consciousness. Who is she really loyal to then?

    18. Ravenous Bird on

      Si Pnoy ba ay namamangka na sa dalawang ilog? Playing safe na ba kaya he is supporting lackluster Mar and unqualified Poe?

    19. Granting Poe wins, how can she be pro poor when she grew up in luxury? She had live in a mansion worth a million dollars in the U.S. She DIDN’T KNOW how to struggle just to have a poor man’s meal. She was lying to her bone….and she knows it.

    20. I may not be an expert on constitutional.However, once during my college days, I had the opportunity read and study the constitution myself. College students now also must have read it since it it a required subject in college. It is not really hard to understand. The provisions of the constitution are very clear even for a high school student. Laws are created for the benefit of every Filipino and not of the few.

      “Sino pa kaya ang tatakbohan nating maliit kung and batas na dapat ay para sa lahat ay nagagawang lapastanganin ng iilan.”

      Sana magising na tayong mga Pilipino!

      • Claudia Mendez Guingao on

        The article will really help our Filipino people understand the situation in our country sana ma itranslate sa tagalog and visayan language para lalong maunawaan sa lahat kung ano ang saluobin nitong artikolo

    21. Lilibeth S. Pates on

      I hope this article be translated to Filipino and Visayan so that the masses (who still idolize of FPJ thats why they will vote for GP) can understand.

    22. arturo b. odejar on

      I don’t think Ms. Grace Poe is running for the Presidency per se A greed of Power. She is the only candidate who doesn’t have a stain of corruption and she has only the desire to serve and help the poor like what her adopted father’s role in the movies. There is definitely nothing wrong. Let’s give her a chance to serve with the peoples’
      \ will come election they…

      • if elected,we have a american First gentleman,american First children..even them cannot vote for her..now you tell me..tama b yan..we had Cory before,just like what u said,she doesnt have a stain of corruption and would love to serve the filipino people..look what happened?/corruption dito at doon..came as poe,sino nkapaligid dito??estrada,gatchalian/,,good luck syo

      • She’s running for the highest office of the land. She knows that her residency is questionable. She did everything to thwart what’s in the constitution. It’s not about greed or her not having a stain of corruption, but her qualification as what is required in our constitution. Shameful indeed!

      • jose jr villanueva on

        no stain of corruption? i disagree! corruption for me is not just stealing money… blalant lies, greed for power, etc….
        who do you think will be grace poe first gentleman if she wins the presidency??? her husband, who is an american citizen, my GOD!!!

      • Butch Villavieja on

        I would like to comment with a feeling of sadness what is happening now in the Philippines.If Grace Poe wins in the presidential election, she may have the chance to serve the poor but to what extent?, by giving (pantawid gutom na tulong) or dole out system of help to make her administration look good?(These were always the practices of the past administrations ran by corrupt officials). Surely,only her benefactors will have the real gain from her presidency and in turn will enrich themselves more and thereby worsen the deepening shadows of poverty in our beloved land.The real problem is Governance, Poverty is just one of the consequences from the main problem. Our country needs a strong leader that could bring abrupt change by adopting solutions to problems like corruption,drugs,crime,poverty etc.Do you really think that Grace Poe is the candidate that can deliver? Who earned the respect of the Filipino people in the real sense of the word? If so, then we have to mourn for our country.

      • There is nothing wrong in giving people or someone a chance. But because times are so bleak, both in the local and international scene, giving Grace Poe a chance is one luxury we could not afford. We could not afford an inexperienced leader in moments like these that we are facing now.
        The ship is sinking, or termites are eating the last post which makes the house still stand. But here we are, we allow an inexperience person to get us out of the rut.
        I guess it’s okay if the times are not dire, but right now, we are in an emergency.
        May the good Lord help us in our moments of stupidity, and help us see and realize what we should see and understand.

      • It was all scripted from the get-go. “Moro-moro” as we call it. Why? If the Comelec was serious in Grace’s DQ, when they clearly saw the logic of her disqualification, they should not have included her name in the ballots. Should have been and said: “Sorry, we think you are disqualified, we are running as per schedule, we have to print the ballots; next elections ka na lang tumakbo. For the meantime, work out your citizenship issue; and this will also give you time to settle the residency issue”.
        The fact that this did not happen means they were in on it too. This was how Pnoy’s Plan B would worked when they (his cohorts) saw tat their running horse (Mar) wasn’t going anywhere in the race.
        You could also see this in the timing the SC released its decision; it took a while for this to happen, because there was still a chance Mar’s campaign would kick-off. Another alternative is Plan C, which is for the SC to insist with the Comelec to issue the Voting Receipt; wherein Comelec will postpone the election (if the puppet master sees the need for it).. It is in the timing of these announcements and events.

      • yes she doesnt have a stain in corruption, but look where and how long she serve the country philippines.
        she must know by herself the constitution of the philippines, so by this alone. how could you be a good president if you do not know the philippine cinstitution, sad and shame.

    23. Anna del Rosario on

      These judges should examine their conscience during the Lenten break, that is if they still have their conscience intact. What an example for their grand children to see and hear from the people…..that their grandfather’s integrity had been sacrificed in the name of MONEY…. Shame on you, Grace Poe !!!

    24. Elish Pimentel on

      I wish there was a tagalog version of this so that even those who cannot understand English well, will be able to understand how they’re all manipulating them.

    25. We cannot tell Ms.Poe not to run as President.She is entitled to pursue her ambition and it is up to us, voters, to vote her or not. What bothers me is the line of thinking of these Justice members of the S C, on how they can interpret our written constitution into their whims.

    26. Neil Florendo on

      I salute you for this well written article. There are only just a few journalists in the country that can write up with a very critical mind just like you.

    27. The $upreme Court has $poken. There’s nothing more we can do. This is judicial tyranny at its best.

    28. laguatanlawfirm on

      Aquino or ABNOY have systematically bastardized the SC. The 9 SC justices allowed themselves to be bastardized by a shameless President. Shame on you ABNOY; Shame on these SC justices who threw to the winds the rule of law. Much has been said against the SC justices who, for reasons only their conscience know, have sold their souls to the devil. So I need not anymore prattle on the subject that the 9 SC justices did not consider the basic rule of law, at least, as sacrosanct. For the sake of “delicadeza”, Grace Poe-Llamanzares should discontinue her aim for the highest office of the land. I am totally disgusted at the behavior, honesty, and integrity of SC justices who made all 100M Filipinos look like zombies, soulless, faceless, shameless because of their SUPREME ERRORS, IRREVERSIBLE BLUNDERS and WISDOM.

    29. Penoy Okey-No on

      … then came a vindictive Penoy whose father was shot and whose mother was shamed point blank by GMA…. and soon a vindictive Grease whose father Panday was cheated for the Presidency would come knocking in Malakuya to get her revenge…..

    30. Inggit lang kayo!
      Agree or not, the SC has spoken!
      It did it’s job. The justices have interpreted the constitution. It’s not the first time that some legal and academic luminaries disagree with the decision but we have to respect it. Or do we want anarchy to rule the land?
      We don’t have statistics but I have a gut feeling, majority of Filipinos are in sync with the decision.

      • how can you sure wid this, majority of Filipinos are in sync with the decision? ang ibig mo ba sabihin mga bobo karamihan sa atin? yong pinsan nya totol kase may problema talaga alam nya, sabi pa nga ni cheryl cruz bat di na antay ng kunting panahon.. kung mananalo man xa gayong alam na alam natin na may gahaman na negosyanteng financier nya nkaka cgurado ba kayo a di nya bibigyan ng pabor yon kasama ng mga alepores nya? sakaling manalo yan only in the philippines na american citizen first gentle man ang american citizen family.. nasaan na ang pagkamakabayan natin nyan? mag isip nga kayo.. hwag maging BOBOTANTE..

    31. Mabuhay ka, Amba. Tiglao! You’ve nailed the issue once again! If every broadsheet could have at least one columnist as erudite as you, our people would have a deeper understanding of our basic issues ! Maraming salamat and more power to you and the Manila Times!

      Libby G.

    32. Cynicbuthopeful on

      “…the US can use that as a threat to make her act as a Washington puppet?” – this is a very “stupid” statement. She is a puppet. No threat needed.

    33. Practically, All governmental processes and functionalities have been bastardized and sodomized by these hordes of Yellow Menace led by a neurotic, narcissistic psycho Noynoy.. This Mongoloid Simeon da3rd who has practically no political capital to run for the presidency in 2010 – who dodged political debates with his other co- candidates – CAPITALIZED the death of his mother as his SOLE TICKET to run back in 2010 and make a FOOL of the Whole nation of Filipinos and convinced these morons Filipino electorate that the AQUINOS are the savior heroes of the Republic. In truth, these AQUINOS are the Scourge and Plague wrecking havoc throughout the Land by their TRAITOROUS BETRAYAL OF PUBLIC TRUST…

      Flash to the present, current pervading atmosphere as we speak, the Ambitious Grace Poe would like you put her in the same Malacanang Palace – a vindication for Da King run of 2004.

      Shameless, brazen, wanton disregard of the Fundamental constitution to let this impostor American passport holder Grace Poe run for the presidency. 2010 is a BIG DEBACLE for the Super Unqualified Noynoy(ing) Aquino. This nation can not afford a DOUBLE WHAMMY in 2016 with another Unqualified Poe.
      Digong duterte and BongBong are NOT your Perfect Candidates…BUT THEY ARE YOUR ONLY VIABLE CHOICES UNDER THESE ROTTEN SYSTEM IN PLACE….

    34. Those who voted against poe, and her petitioners should be ashamed of herself. and everyone else who questions her citizenship. how could they think that foundlings cant ever be considered as natural-born filipinos? Poe is lucky because she got a decent life but what about those who are not so fortunate? If you take away their natural-born status, they will not have a lot of options for work– which is unfair for them.

      She has met the residency requirement also, that is clear when she moved her family here as of May 2005.

      Everyone should let this issue rest because the SC has ruled that she is qualified, that’s that. They are the final arbiter of the Constitution.-

      • Nats Nazareth on

        Sheila (no lastname?), you are obviously voting Poe (I’m Duterte). It’s nice that you accept the law being violated by the final arbiters themselves. Its cute that you think the 9 of them are right. But you have to forgive the majority of us who are Filipino enough to feel insulted and violated by this treachery.

    35. Mr. Tiglao , its up to the people or the Hocus PCOS machine to decide who will be the next president of the Philippines. There are Natural born Filipinos who are traitors and treasonous. They sell Sabah to the Malaysians. Instead of reclaiming Sabah, it is now Mindanao who is in grave danger of dismemberment because of the machinations of these traitors for money. Even Ninoy would drop Sabah claim in exchange for recognition of Malaysia to his government during his returned trip in 1983. His father was a collaborator daw or Makapili, which the family don’t deny publicly. Now who is the real Filipino patriot’s. Ang mamatay ng dahil sa iyo or ang mamatay na sana kayo.

    36. we should not be fooled by her ” gobyernong may puso” effect. really she should be ashamed of herself.

    37. Abning na Abnoy on

      Mr. Tiglao, pakapalan lang ng mukha ang laban diyan. Nagkataon makapal ang mukha ng mataas mangarap na di naman dapat. Mapanginipin yan. Pati ang tatay na patay na, ginagamit pa! Ano naman ang mabuting ginawa ng tatay niyan eh ubod ng lassenggo noon! Asus naman puwede ba ano!

      • Imong Silingan on

        Wag ka ganyan ha. Parang wala kang alam sa History. Dont you know na ang daming pinatay ng tatay niya na masasamang tao. Mga kampon ni satanas …patay lahat sa kanya. Napakabait pa. Tagapagtanggol sa mga naapi. Kung ano ang tatay…di ba ganun din ang anak… Go go grasya.

    38. Glenda La Madrid on

      I’m so disappointed with the Supreme Court, with myself for voting for Poe as Senator. Let’s all read, read and read more about the candidates and vote wisely this time. Kawawa naman ang bayan natin..

      • ‘Kawawa ang bayan natin’–yan ang masakit na realidad! Mabigat ang puso ko sa naki-kita kong nangyayari sa ating bayan. Masakit. Malungkot. Umiiyak ang puso ko. Kawawang inang bayan.

    39. Mr Tiglao has nailed it. This is an excellent opinion and analysis. The problem here is that even if you hurl a hundred or a thousand “Shame on you” to Poe and her benefactors chiefly the chief of the retards B.S.Aquino 3rd, it will not hold because these are shameless people to the core. Callousness, greed for power, immoral actions, money games are their preoccupation. The rest of us are a pitiful lot.

    40. Bobby the SC is listening to the people many of whom are for Grace Poe though I am for Duterte. Even a SC justice who voted against Grace Poe has admitted that our legislature has to pass a law explicitly disqualifying foundlings from becoming natural born citizens in order to resolve the ambiguity of our laws regarding foundlings. In case of doubt the law should incline towards the people as I have learned though I am not a lawyer. Anyway it is the people who decide in the end who their next President will be. Our Constitution has so many provisions that are wantonly violated like life, dynasty just to name a few but no one cries to high heavens for this except for a very few. Why not move on on this Grace or else the boy crying wolf may apply to brilliant and well intentioned persons like you.

    41. BOBOTANTE rules in Philippine politics. Yan ang baraha ng mga balasubas na politiko sa systemang presidential. Kung naging parliamentary lang tayo – do you think itong mga representatives i elect nilang prime minister si POE? NOPE!! Since presidential form of government tayo at hawak ng many BULLSHIT POOR BOBOTANTES ang pagpili ng lider ng bansa kaya take advantage ang mga balasubas na politiko…

    42. Will the patriotic elements of the military please arrest Ms. Grace for espionage as an agent of a foreign power? She is married to an aremikan and in military parlance, that makes her an extension of the aremikan whose loyalty is to a foreign power. When she was allowed to hear state secrets in that Executive Session in the Mamasapano Massacre, that should have given the military the reason to detain her. On the other hand, if her claim as a Filipino citizen can be sustained, the husband can also be investigated by US authorities as an agent of a sovereign state.

      Be that as it may, can all those patriotic Filipinos in the US prod the US government to speed up the investigation of her use of two Social Security Numbers? I am sure the natdems in the US have all the associations and connections to have the federal investigation concluded yesterday. There should be enough time to get her indicted before the May election.

      • Korekeks! Para ano pa at gagawa tayo ng saligang tapos kaya rin lang baluktutin ng mga may kapangyarihan….iba talaga sa Pilipinas!

    43. Basta ako bilang Filipino, naramdaman ko ang pagiging taksil ng mga Justices sa ating Saligang Batas. Nababoy na dahil sa mga taong may kapangyarihan at pera. Huwag na tayo maglokohan at magbolahan. At kay Grace Poe, wala syang delikadeza at sinungaling sya. Ambisyosa pa. Kung saan sya convenient dun sya. Ano ang mapapala natin sa kanya? Eh pagiging Filipino tinalikuran nya na dati tapos ngayon mamumuno pa sa bansa. Hindi na nga natural born Filipino when it comes to the law, itinakwil nya pa ang pagiging Filipino once diba. Re-acquiring it is different because she is hired in MTRCB she has some purpose to run also because she feels that her adopted has some bobo masa supporters. Such a shame if this lady is elected. Pagtatawanan tayo. Huwag naman sana syang manalo.

    44. If Grace Poe wins, she will just be another LAME DUCK PRESIDENT, who knows nothing but movies. Good thing though, Philippines would become ONE BIG HOLLYWOOD for a country. Bad thing, “Greedy and Ambitious Politicians” like her would be the main cast, and the whole scenario would be a Box-Office Flop . . .BIG TIME!

    45. LIARS and CHEATERS are indeed intrinsically SHAMELESS! There is no cure for it, especially if this “disease” (being shameless) goes into one’s brain. It is endemic among people with extreme political greed and ambition.

    46. Mr. Tiglao, kudos to you!

      LIARS and CHEATERS are indeed intrinsically SHAMELESS! There is no cure for it, especially if this “disease” (being shameless) goes into one’s brain. It is endemic among people with extreme political greed and ambition.

    47. I am with you Tiglao. Even if we assume that Grace is qualified to run for president but considering her experience in service, she is not still a good choice. She lacks experience at all and we cannot entrust the PH to a newbie.

    48. To my fellow Filipinos, Malacanang is not a resident of US Citizen. Husband of Madam Grace is a Natural Born US Citizen and it can not even vote. Their Children likewise,,,,,think of it…!Mark my word….

      Not only madam Grace is shameless, but most of all , CJ Sereno including 8 supreme court justices and to all filipinos who want to vote for her…..

      • sereno ni her latest speech has asked the people to wait for the release of the text of the majority opinion which is still being composed. me thinks, even if that text is a hundred thousand words text, it is still violated the constitution. the sc amended what the constitution required for being a president without the benefit of a con-con or con-ass and ratified by the people. it made a mockery of the constitution which created the sc itself. just saying %$$#@!@#

    49. Poor Philippines… Politics eroded our justice system in disregarding our constitution by allowing Poe to run as president, however, her ambition depends on our hands and it is in our decision to select the most qualified candidate to bring this country great.

    50. Poe takes us for fools, for much the same reason that a dog licks its testicles: Because she can! Because our system, our shallow culture and mores allow it. Because we cannot look beyond the superficial and think of the substantive. Because we voted an incompetent, emotionally and mentally unstable person into the presidency in 2010 just because of sentimental and emotional impulsiveness upon his mother’s death. Because we never learn our lessons.

    51. Popularity! That’s the culprit. And she is riding on popularity and the gullibility ( read–mababaw na kaligayahan ng maraming botante ) to propel her to the Palace the opposition and the Constitution be damned!

      Pnoy wittingly and mostly unwiottingly has something to do to this rise in popularity of Llamanzares

      Almost forgotten by most old timer and largely unknown to most Pinoys except for the still persisting rumor that she was a love child of the former dictator who was lovingly adopted by the most popular moviedom couple in the late 60s, Grace has since gained much popularity when PNoy inexplicably plucked her from near obscurity to head the MTRCB at the start of his term.

      MTRCB under Grace was said to have reduced if not totally eradicated video piracy in the country. That is only partly true. The video pirates just went underground and the large factor for the video piracy decline is that video materials can easily be had and even for free in the internet.

      But her glamorous stint at MTRCB was enough to get her elected to the Senate.

      In the Senate, she gained most fame by riding on all populist issues, including the Mamasapano massacre in which she “bravely” tossed ( rightly) much of the blame on PNoy.

      And now re-living the memory of the so-called injustice foisted upon her late “Tatay” FPJ in his ill-fated run for the Presidency against GMA in 2004, Grace is unabashedly riding high on the crest of the star-struck masa to take her to Malacanan regardless of her lack of qualification and inexperience in public esrvice.

      God forbid!

      • There is no more sense of shame when you are popular and full of yourself. That also goes to a certain billionaire boxer who wants his fight to be shown despite the ban for such public exhibition under the fair election law, insinuating that malaki ang utang na loob ng bansa sa kanya ( Bakit, lumalaban ba siya ng walang bayad, at in dollars pa?)!

    52. Mr. Tiglao, i admire your article about this issue. However, it’s now in the hands of our voters to decide. the problem is majority of our voters are bobotantes. masyadong nagpapanood ng mga filipino teleserye at noontime shows kaya ang feeling e parang pelikula lang ang buhay..hindi naman natin masisisi ang mga bobotanten ito dahil ganun kasi sila na breed ng ating mga politicians..godd luck to Philippines

      • It is more likely that our vote will be in the hands of the hocus-PCOS.

        The major surveys like SWS and Pulse Asia are bloated and it was intended to make everyone believe that Poe is leading the pack, so that the 60-30-10 pattern can be easily implemented without anyone’s notice.

    53. I can feel you Mr. Tiglao. Me too is enraged by the SC decision. But I believe too that all is not yet lost. I believe the reason why the SC let out their voting even without their corresponding opinions is to feel the people. If it will not be accepted by the people, they can still do another re-voting.

    54. Francheska Ramos on

      I thought it would be a miracle to win this case. Because of the conventional view of law as black letter law that yields only one narrow interpretation. Because of the makeup of the Court – the political and ideological makeup. Because of what we were up against – the rivals who could not win if Poe was on the ballot. But right and good was on our side. And that’s why it’s a grand slam.
      9-6 is huge in a case like this and especially because we started, in my view, with very bad numbers. At the beginning, I thought Poe just had three votes. I based that estimate on the human rights records and/or affiliations of some of the Justices. But when the orals happened and I heard the arguments, and put myself in the shoes of the Justices, I knew we could win this. The moral and legal superiority of our position was just so clear that I knew that Por would, absent politics and corruption, would get the majority.
      In the end, I guessed right on the voting. But I thought it would be 11-4 with Bernabe and Reyes, both Aquino appointees, also voting for Poe. I wonder who among the 9 will be the ponente. I hope they would settle the substance and lay down good liberal doctrines on citizenship & residence. Regardless, this is a big victory for foundlings and global Filipinos- duals, OFWS, migrants, etc.

      • Dandreb Lim Zagado on

        You dnt ever include OFW’s in your reasoning because we never intend to leave home and put our allegiance to a foreign state for conveniences. And worse, retake our oath for PH citizenship for political lust and expediency. GP’s case is hers alone. The repudiation of the public with regards to the SC decision is towards her and her alone. Don’t ever take that as a resolution for OFW’s because it isn’t!

    55. Feliciano Bautista on

      Mr Tiglao – obviously you are not rooting for Poe. May I know your preferred presidential candidate? Unfortunately, all of them have down side. Too bad, it will be a case of “lesser of two evils” for us voters.

      • pedro mungkal on

        Mr Bautista, do you still know how to count up to ten? Please call the supreme court justices and show them how to count.

      • Concerned Citizen on

        Sir, Mr. Tiglao is right. Based on the constitution Ms. Poe is not allowed to run for the highest post of the land. It is clearly stated in our constitution. If this simple rule cannot be respected by Ms. Poe then how should we expect that she will respect the other laws? it’s not a matter of who is rooting for who..but its a matter of rule that what is being discused by Mr. Tiglao I hope you find in you to really weigh on what is happening with our nation..Ms. Poe is a good person but she is being manipulated because she has the appeal of the masses..also blinded by her lust for power then this what happens..they will move everything just to satisfy their agendas…Good day

      • You are the one rooting my boy, banking that this inexperienced fool of a woman can steer this country rooted on corruption and mayhem then you are dead wrong.

      • andrei rances on

        Obviously, he’s not… on the other side, he a point that should not ignored. Poe is just too eagerly ambitious that she can heal all the sufferings of the poor Filipino people.I had nothing against Poe.

      • andrei rances on

        He may be or he may not be, obviously, he has nothing personal against Poe but the manner the SC decided on Poe’s case with P-not hand on the positive ruling by mocking the Constitution and Poe’s eagerness to win the Presidency thinking that she can save our country away from garbage can. Mr. Tiglao has a very valid point when our constitution is at risk. Hello! A woman who’s integrity and honesty are in question. A woman whom her Filipino citizenship was renounced in favor of US citizenship who’s husband and children are US citizen. Mockery, indeed. Came back to the Philippines and began her ambition to be the President of the Philippines. WHAT A SHAME!

    56. You hit it right on her head. But it isn’t in her heart, so it won’t hit her still. Therefore, she isn’t and wouldn’t be ashamed. Greed for power and money is probably is what inside in her heart. That’s why she is using businessmen who will use her later. She is using a bogus survey to create a bandwagon effect. I say bogus, because it does not truly reflect the sentiments of the people. Before posting this comment of mine, only three of the 23 who have already posted here commented on her favor. That’s an astonishing 87% against her. So she will continue to use everybody including the fanatic electorate who are majority to attain her selfish ambition. That’s what I’m afraid of. We do not have a thinking voter. Your observation she becomes a puppet to the US of A is one of the many issues that scares me when she become President.

    57. I agree with you Mr. Tiglao a hundred percent. Kapal muks si Mrs. Llamanzares. The thing is….we will not vote for her….nevertheless, if she wins considering the mass illiterates of the voting populace….then, it will not take much time for her to prove to the people how totally inept and stupid she is….thus, it will be ripe to move for her impeachment. Of course, the loser here is the people and the country. Talagang hindi na tayo makakaabante. And that is indeed regrettable. Wasted time. One question…is it Gatchalian who is her primary funder or is it Ramon Ang of SMC?

      • Danding Cojuangco, Ramon Ang, Gatchalian, Atong Ang, Erap, Bobby Ongpin, these are the people behind the puppet..

    58. Ang Walang hiya na pooh na yan at ang mga walang hiya na judges. Ang kalabasan poohhhhhh.. tang in…..hhhhh na yan.

    59. Face palm pag manalo yan. ibig sabihin madami talagang bobo na bobotante. Kahit tanongin sila bakit gusto nla si Grace, tanging.masasagot mabait may puso kasi sa totou un lang kaya sabihin kasi wala panaman talagang napatunayan sa sendado yan. Wala nga law nagawa eh. ipagpatuloy nta dw nagawa ni FPJ. ano wari iyon?gusto nya mag Panday din siya?hahahah. bobotante

    60. what is so wrong with electing grace poe? if i recall correctly, this nation previously elected a regular house wife and also a former B movie actor.

      But they were natural-born Filipino citizens and they dud not lie in their COC applications.

      • Are you saying ebagados, that we can elect a far worst president than the two you have mentioned? Its nonchalant attitude of voters like you that have put us in the shit that we find ourselves for decades since EDSA 86.

      • Correction hijo, quo rhee was never elected. The presidency was given to her on a silver platter by Manong. Even the counting reflects that the winner was The Apo. The ploy of NAMFREL to walk out on the counting was a psywar as they observed that the onslaught of incoming votes were for The Apo.

      • Rody Duterte on


    61. Poe will be beholden to SMC …. If she wins PNoy will escape prosecution for Mamasapano,DAP….she is the plan B of PNoy a vote for Poe Chiz and Mar will lead to Aquino escaping prosecution….Do not vote for Poe Chiz and Mar!

      • Unfortunately, there are many Poe supporters out that either doesn’t know about this, or just ignoring this kind of warning, or could be Noynoy supporters too.

    62. Poe is very qualified to run as president considering the MARCOS blood running in her veins. She is not running to continue the promise of FPJ but to FERDINAND MARCOS that this country will be great again!

    63. Eh mga tanga ang mga botante,pruweba sa pagkabotyo kay NOYTARD.SirA -ULO SI abnoy,Kaya lalo nalugmok ang bayan.Walang ginawa ang gagong NOYTARD kundi maghiganti,manuhol magpabaya at manigarilyo ang gagong putang-ina.

    64. Grace Poe did not graduate from the UP. She only studied there for two years and then went on to finish at a Boston parochial college majoring in Political Science.

    65. Talagang walang hiya si Grace Poe. She exploits our people ung mga walang alam at mahihina – mga mahilig sa artista!

    66. Grace Poe Llamanzares should be ashamed of herself? She won’t because she is shameless! Lying Grace is power mad. It is hard to believe that this woman had a Catholic education. Her quest for the number one political position is irrational given her history and background. Her MO of lying constantly to achieve her quest is unhealthy and borders on the pathological. Why or where did she get this penchant for lying? Did her adoptive parents not provide her with a moral code to discourage her natural inclination to lie? Or is it a case of “a lying mother, and so a lying daughter”?

      The nine supreme court justices have just killed the Philippine Constitution. Many concerned citizens are mad as hell and and want to do something. Is there a leader out there who can mobilize and unite all of those who want to counteract this trashing of the Constitution? Please step forward. The country needs you!

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        There are many good leaders out there knowing and believing what is morally and legally right or wrong. But these good leaders do not have the capacity to match the gold of corporate backing disgraced GRACE is having and that includes the control of media. These corporate bigwigs equal the greed and ambition of dis-GRACE. All said, let us all be leaders by voting out as one disgraced GRACE. And, please God Almighty save the Philippines.

      • Ester Palmero on

        There is one and only one leader who can make all this country’s magistrates respect its Constitution and that is Rodrigo Duterte as he has the political power to change our depressing situation to a much much better one which we Filipinos so deserve! God bless all of us!

      • To my knowledge SERENO didn’t even pass the psychological evaluation that would qualify her to with the HIGHEST COURT of the LAND…and look what happen? She deserves to be impeached including those judges who gave POE a go-signal to run! They are a SHAME to reckon with who tramples our faith in our constitution.

    67. Mr. Tiglao wrong words used and i think you are the one should be ashamed because you can not accept defeat . u r Poor loser .

      Let us all move on ..respect the supreme courts decision …the 9 justices votes shown that our country Philippines has a strong democracy .We salute to all 9 honorable justices .

      Let us all vote for the untainted ,sincere ,smart, brave and compassionate candidate senator Grace Poe in may 2016 presidential election.

      We are thankful/grateful to all 9 SUPREME COURTS members who voted
      for grace Poe to run as president in may 2016 election ..MABUHAY POE SA

      I agree Natalia Salvacion

      It is really awakening to the Filipinos, because Senator Grace POE is
      our future great leader! Because a great leader must lead by example.
      By walking her talk, she becomes a person others want to follow. When
      she say one thing, but do another, they erode trust, a critical element
      of productive leadership! Vote for Senator POE this election.

      senator grace deserves every bit of succes na tinatamasa nya ngayon!
      well grounded humble and genuinely kind. the supreme court did a great
      job siding her. hoping for the best madame president!

      • Julio V. Cuevas on

        Lamon Lamon,

        Grace Poe is your leader in the country’s perdition.
        She’ll be the lap-dog and puppet of the US of A.
        Beholden to the US of A so as to keep her “exposed”
        secrets of irregularity in SSN.

        Will bend to the wishes of the US of A.
        That’s gonna be the ultimate job she’ll do.

        Adios Partia Adorada!!

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        The people respects the Supreme Court’s decision. We have to remember that the Court is made up of people with sentiments and biases. The reason for the divided vote.We have to obey and protect the Constitution which is the basis of all laws in the Philippines. The law is the law no matter how harsh it is. In this particular case, the people have to swallow the decision of the Court , to respect it, but comment and have it reconsidered because the decision is not the law.God save the Philippines.

      • How bogus can you be?
        People are taking the supreme court decision as it is even if lawyers are already saying that these judges violated the constitution – written law.
        What come around goes around. She may win this coming election but i wont be surprised if coup de tat will be present in her presidency.


      • Nats Nazareth on

        Lamon Lamon, if you are really behind your words, you could at least be proud and put down your real name.

    68. The Constitution is dead. Unrestrained naked force reigns supreme. And now, we are in for a time of troubles.
      The Constitution has now been relegated to the status of ‘toilet paper’ by nine treasonous justices who breached the public trust. By destroying the document that is the basis of their exalted positions, these magistrates may have sown the seeds for a jacobin response that will justify their own execution for treason.
      With naked force ruling the day, what would prevent the holders of organized force in the Philippine Polity from taking power for themselves. It was only the Constituion that was keeping the lid on latent military resentment and keeping them respectful of the supremacy of civilian rule over the military. Now that the Consitution has been torn to shreds it is open season for almost anything. After a jacobin response and a consequent thermidorian reaction, we may see a FIlipino Napoleon rising to power amidst the anarchiy that the absence of Constitutional Rule brings.
      In this context the coming elections has been relegated to inconsequnce. Grace Poe’s overweening ambitions and the manipulative actions of putative plutocrats may be the straw that breaks the camels back of the proto-democratic instituions of the Philippines.
      As for these nine treasonous magistrates the grace of mercy and forgiveness in the phrase “forgive them Father for they know not what they are doing” cannot apply at all. For they knew exactly what they were doing and forgiveness for them is totally out of the question.
      May God have mercy on their souls.

    69. Grace Poe is NOT a kindergarten Teacher…..that is also a LIE , she is a school attendant,she watch overkids play in playground and clean after them …its a decent job,but its not a Teaching job or a job for licensed Educators(teacher) like what Grace Poe likes to present to the people in pinas…..

      GracePoe is clearly being installed by the Powers that be…..the same animals who have been keeping our people poor for over 30yrs now….




      TAMA NA……!!!!!!!!!!!




      • I wondered about that myself and suspected that she was just a teaching aide because her degree was in Political Science, and one needs a teaching certificate ( 2 years of study after a B.A. or B.Ss) or a B. Ed. to teach in the US. As usual, she lied. This is her way: lie, lie, and then lie some more.

    70. How I wish everyone has the chance to read and verify what iare stated in this article. You said them all, Mr. Tiglao. As a journalist, you have done your share for the country’s sake. Where have all the “others” gone; the academe, the ‘intrelligentia’ group, the patriots, the legal eagles and the true Filipinos?

      May God bless the Philippines!

    71. What a brave analysis,i knew poe will be used only by the oligards and trapos who support her in seeking the presidency. After all,they could they can their ROI if poe wins.This is how our country now.justices can be dictates by the top rank govt .anyhow, she will not win,we will vote for the true peoples choice that is the punch.

    72. jeff jaramillo on

      Our judicial system is dead. This is dictatorship, courtesy of some judges in the Supreme Court

      Let’s work hard, then tackle this corrupted Supreme Court later. Make sure NOT to vote for Poe so we can hang Sereno etal

    73. It’s not Ms. Poe’s fault that she is a foundling and it’s her fault either that the SC declared she can run for president. Therefore stop blaming MS. Poe. Blame the SC and the people who will vote for her if she becomes the next president of the Philippines. In other words you are barking at the wrong tree.

      • Most of the blame should be on Poe. She fully knows she is not a natural-born citizen and her lying on her COC was not an honest mistake. ON the contrary, she was being dishonest to claim it a mistake when it was the truth or even less than the truth. She once vowed to fight for the U.S. against all enemy countries including the Philippines when she took her oath as a U.S. citizen. She fully knows that justice in the Philippines could be bought and she allowed herself to be an instrument of that fraud. Just like her benefactor Aquino, she cannot be trusted.

    74. Why is it taking so long to release the official written decision of the SC? Many Filipinos are eagerly awaiting. Lawyers and legal experts will tear their decision 360 degrees apart. It will be under microcosm. Facts cannot be twisted no matter how much technicalities and legalese words they’ll try to inject in order to confuse the people because the provisions of the Constitution regarding residency is very clear.

    75. Baring and excluding Grace Poe to be a Presidential Candidate is purely a conspiracy of the opponents candidates for them to secure their grips to ultimate power and manipulate the government to their advantage and strengthening the rule of graft, corruption and political DYNASTY building. Why are these people so scared of Grace Poe and let the well of the people decide who their President would be that will serve the interest of the people and the Nation and not their own personal vested interest to grow their political Dynasty, manipulate and dictate and enslave the Nation in fulfillment their will crooked aspirations.

      • Nats Nazareth on

        Its not about being afraid (she won’t win anyway), but about what’s RIGHT. The law clearly states she is not qualified. PERIOD. But the Supreme Court itself broke the law that they are supposed to safeguard. So tell me, is that right?

    76. Natalia Salvacion on

      Nagsalita na ang supreme court, kaya dapat respetuhin natin iyon. Lahat naman tayo, nagsimula sa pagiging ordinaryong tao, nangarap maging mabuting mamamayan, hinangad na makatulong sa kapwa, sadya lang talagang may mga taong hindi marunong tumanggap ng katotohanan. pinuno nila ang isip at puso nila ng mga pangit na strategy para lang mapanatili nila ang sarili kung nasaan sila, pinagtakpan ang batas dahil sa perang meron sila, kulang nalang maging by one take na ang hustisya. sa panahon ngayon isa lang ang taong nakikita kong hindi magiging bias, hindi magiging puppet, hindi pipiliin ang tutulungan at hindi mananahimik sa mga nakikitang problema. yes, hindi pa ganun kahaba ang kanyang karanasan sa politika pero hindi naman iyon dahilan para husgahan siya na walang kakayanan. tigilan na din natin ang pagkumpara sa kanya sa mga pulpol na pulitiko. nag iisa nalang siya na may paninindigan at kusang maglingkod. kaya naman senator grace poe, huwag ka papatinag, manatili kang matatag sa lahat ng hamon ng iyong mga kalaban at detractors. nandito lang kami na susuporta sa bawat laban mo :) ikaw ang aming presidente!

      • yes ur right we should respect it, but that doesn’t mean that i concur on it maliwanag naman ang pagkababoy sa CONSTITUTION diba..anyway andyan na yan, whatever our points/position is it’s already moot and academic. Good luck to Filipino people if POE will made it.

      • Mr. Tiglao I agree with your article 100%! The only way to stop this Poe is NOT to vote for her on May. Dapat nga po dito pinatalsik na ren bilang senador eh! Please continue writing articles about this imposter…research nyo den po yung angle na alcoholic daw po eto at drinking buddies sila ni Escudero, Ochoa, at a certain Romulo. I read it sa isang article ni Mon Tulfo.Thank you po for enlightening us.

      • ISA KA PANG TANGA…payag ka ng magkakaroon ng american First genteman at First children s malacanang..ni nde nga sila makaboto dahil puro mga american citizen yan..isa pa..dumaan na tyo kay cory na walang alam ng mamuno…ano nangyari s pinas..nagka letche letche..ngayon gusto mo iboto uli si poe??tignan mo nkapaloigid na mga tao kay poe…estrada,gatchalian,coujuangco…idilat mo mga mata mo..

    77. You struck the head of GRAPOE straight…..SHAME ON YOU GRAPOE. HINDI MO MAUUTO ANG TAONG BAYAN.

    78. Aaaaahhh,Lantarang Lokohan na itohhh…ang gustong ipamukha ni Inday Grace sa Masang Filipino ay anytime puede mong hubarin ang na acquired na American citizenship depende sa kapritso at hulma nang mga political agenda niya na bitbit ang Panday nang pangalang Poe…Poe-Tang-Tarang -Tang na ito…nagka windang windang na ang lahat nang rule of law at constitutionalities na sistema….sa ngalan nang Dilaw na Agenda nang mga Dilawan na mga KULTO…..odiyos maawaain kulto…maawa naman kayo sa binalasubas na bansa na itohhhhhhhhh

    79. Rodolfo V. Cabado on

      Bobi, I’m on your side. But please check your figures. The vote was 9 for Poe and 6 against.

      • pedro mungkal on

        you need to send the 9 justices to elementary school so they can relearn how to count. it says you need to have 10 years residency . . .

    80. mikhail hieronymus on

      Our country is indeed going to the DOGS, and the people are not doing anything about it. Not only that, but the common people, and even learned few are collaborating to accomplish this rape of our nation. It is indeed a very sad episode looming before us.

      If there is a time to demonstrate or even revolt against the tyranny of the minority, this is the time to rise and championed for our beloved nation. People…..wake up and realize our nation’s predicament!!!!

    81. Tiglao, I will tell my wife and 2 adult children not to vote for GP. Now that is minus three already plus your family, it will be quite a handful and counting…me I will not vote here in abroad.

      Start your column with NO TO POE logo till May 2016…and people will praise your courage and sing about your name when you’re gone. But be ready to face the consequences and be brave while you are still walking the earth…