• Poe signs Binay rap sheet


    ‘Loyalty should be with the people not with friends’

    A government official’s loyalty should be with the people, not with his friends.

    Sen. Mary Grace Poe on Friday made the statement as she confirmed having signed the draft report of a Senate blue ribbon sub-committee recommending the filing of plunder charges against Vice President Jejomar Binay, his son Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr. and their associates.

    “As in the PDAF inquiry, I join my colleagues in seeking further investigation by the Ombudsman of the matter and the consequent filing of the appropriate criminal complaint which in this instance appears to be plunder,” Poe said in a statement.

    PDAF refers to the Priority Development Assistance Fund, which is infamously known as the congressional pork barrel, whose alleged anomalous disbursement has led to the filing of plunder complaints and consequent incarceration of Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Ramon Revilla Jr. and Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada.

    Sen. Aquilino Pimentel 3rd , chairman of the blue ribbon sub-committee, on Thursday said the draft report on the alleged overpricing of the Makati City Hall Building 2 has been signed by the three other members of the sub-panel and was transmitted to the mother committee.

    Pimentel said he and Poe were among the four who signed the report. The two others were Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano and Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th, who initiated the congressional probe.

    He added that  the report needs to be signed by at least nine of the 17 blue ribbon committee members before it becomes official and presented in plenary.

    Poe, who is closing in on the elder Binay in pre-election presidential surveys, is a member of the blue ribbon committee.

    She said that after reading the sub-committee recommendation, she “found the same supported by documentary evidence as well as expert and personal testimonies that remain unrebutted by competent evidence to the contrary.”

    “I did not think twice in signing the report. In the over 20 hearings conducted by the sub-committee, it became clear that they have a big accountability to answer,” Poe noted  in Filipino.

    In a radio interview, she said while she acknowledges the Vice President’s ties to her late father, Fernando Poe Jr., Binay has to face the allegations against him.

    Binay was the late Poe’s general campaign manager when he ran for President in 2004.
    According to a biography of former senator Edgardo Angara, it was Binay who helped Poe become at ease with the ins and outs of politics.

    “Issue ito sa ating bansa sapagkat kinakailangan nating magbigay ng halimbawa sa ating mga kababayan mayaman ka man o mahirap. Ikaw man ay nasa pwesto o wala ay pantay pantay sa mata ng batas [This is a national issue and we have to serve as good role models to our compatriots whether rich or poor. Whether one is incumbent or out of power, all are equal in the face of the law],” she said in a radio interview.

    “Yan po ang aking sinisikap na ipakita sa lahat na kaibigan man o kapamilya, masakit man sa puso mo, andyan ang respeto subalit ang iyong pangunahing layunin ay ang iyong loyalty sa mga taong naghalal sayo [This is what I was striving to show everybody that whether the one involved is a friend or kin, with a heavy heart, you have to make a stand.

    Respect will always be there but your primary objective is your loyalty to the people who voted you into office],”  Poe added.

    The senator said she still values the friendship extended by Binay and she won’t be surprised if he considers their ties already cut with her decision to sign the draft report.
    “Sometimes, you really have to make hard choices,” she added in Filipino.

    Binay expressed sadness over Poe’s decision to sign the report, his spokesman Rico Quicho said.

    “Vice President Binay was saddened with the development as it seems that Sen.  Grace Poe took the side of her fellow senators who cheated her and her family and who bullied innocent people,” his statement originally written in Filipino said.

    “Sen. Poe should’ve taken time to read the affidavit that the Vice President submitted but was set aside by the sub-committee. The document clarified the issues raised and explained why the allegations against Binay have no basis,” he added.

    Quicho reiterated that accusations against government officials must be based on credible evidence, not from “perjured and polluted sources.”

    “Plunder is a serious charge which must be fully established based on facts and prevailing jurisprudence before requiring an impeachable official like the Vice President to explain his innocence,” he said.

    “Otherwise, this one-sided inquisition does nothing but promote trial by publicity that directly undermines the Constitutional rights to due process and brushed aside the presumption of innocence. It highlights the senators’ lack of respect for the rule of law,” Quicho added.

    Despite this, he said, the Vice President remained focused on the task at hand, adding the “biased” report of the sub-committee only makes him more determined to fight for pro-poor policies especially in the areas of universal healthcare, quality education and better job opportunities for all.

    “The focus of the upcoming elections should shift from personalities and mudslinging to executive experience and one’s readiness for the job,” Binay’s spokesman added.


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    1. Simply over ambitious. She’s like Macbeth whom the witches predicted he’ll be king. Now Poe is taking the whispers of the witches around her seriously that she’s willing kill all perceived obstacles to her ambition.


      The reason why the country is lagging behind other countries in Asia is because
      there are these officials in government as in the like Binay, Revilla, Enrile & Estrada
      who took advantage of their position to corrupt. Hindi na sila naawa sa kapwa nilang
      Pilipino. Kay dami-daming pobreng tao sa Pilipinas na halos hindi makakain ng
      tatlong beses sa isang araw. Habang may mga officials na gaya ng mga nabanggit
      sa gobiyerno ay walang mangyari sa Pilipinas. Si Binay, halos lahat ng kanyang
      pamilya ay nasa gobiyerno na halos kanila na ang Pilipinas. Hindi ba pagsasamantala
      ang kanilang ginagawa. Ang kakapal ang mga mukha nila. Si Enrile, ang tanda-tanda
      na nga ay corrupt pa rin. Karma ang tumama sa kanya. Sa pagtraidor niya kay Marcos
      noon ay pinagbabayaran na niya ngayon. Enrile, you should be ashame of yourself
      if you still have a consicience that is left in you. Naghihintay na si Satanas sa iyo.
      This Revilla? Puro kabulastugan at papugi. Noong una sabi niya hindi niya kakila si
      Napoles pero ang ganda naman ang posing niya sa picture nila kay Napoles.My
      countrymen please wake up. Think of your country. Think of the less fortunate people
      who needs help from the government. Think and consider people who are honest
      and sincere. Get rid of corrupt people like the BINAY’S & COMPANY.

    3. I Remember... on

      Poe has just lost the small respect we can have for her. She is in Election Campaign already partnering with the worst ever corrupted government.

      What about PDAF and DAP of Abad.. Drillon… what about corruption in Customs, worst ever!!!… what about the 44 killed because of the actual country leaders… about the 21 unusable helicopters… about the PDAF crooks others then Napoles…

      POE: you are not for People, you are ganging with crooks for your own self… you low unqualified politician.

    4. Roldan Guerrero on

      Grace Poe is sailing in two rivers. She will learn the consequences of her journey when she reaches the docking point she does not know at present. She must be over confident of her ability. Riding on persuations from USERS will put her to early political suicide. She should learn from how the PIGNOY rise in power (courtesy of Frank “the LOLONG” Drilon). A power given to him that continously deteriorated as a result of his incompetence. I believe Grace Poe is a product of HOKUS-PCOS which was a well planned strategy, putting Loren Legarda behind her to make the election rigging appear it did not happen. Grace Poe will be again another shame on the presidency if elected. Her cuddlers should advise her that she must follow the right steps in preparing for the presidency. Honesty is not enough. Grace Poe knows the necessary qualifications of a good president.

    5. sayang si sen Poe nag desperate na kita ng kanyang intensyon sana huwag na syang pumatos sa 3 itlog ngayn kasama kan sa mga trapo na ibig makuha ang insdorso ni panoy pero malabo mam kasi kay mar sa yon kaya nahuli ka ng trap ng 3 itog at ng mad. sori madam pero ano pa man explanasyon ang sabijin m wala na naging tuta kan ni panoy at cohorts. syang sayang kung tumayo ka lang ng sarili mo baka may malaking pagasa pa. sayang madam

      Susan Roses, Grace Poe and et al.. wants the Filipino to believed that Fernando Won, de nada never because of Cebu.

    7. Hindi naman nakakapagtaka ang ginawa ni Sen. Poe, dahil yun ang tama. Magulat tayo pag si Sen. Nancy Binay ang pumirma sa draft report of the senate sub-commitee. LOL

    8. Where is the legislative agenda that these 3 senators propose or present after 21 hearings? This was never mention in their reports instead, it was an investigation report na hindi naman trabaho ng mga senators niyan..

    9. I think Mr.13%VP Binay doublecross FPJ that is why he lose the election,inside job.Sen.Poe you did the right thing Mr.13% D king of magnanakaw only place to go will be Bagong Diwa there is no vacancy at the PNP Holiday Inn.

    10. Venerando Desales on

      I admire Sen. Poe’s values as a government servant. That should be the mindset and value system of all those in the public service! On this kind of value, let me share Justice Teehankee’s words in Galman v. Sandiganbayan:

      ‘The notion nurtured under the past regime that those appointed to public office owe their primary allegiance to the appointing authority and are accountable to him alone and not to the people or the Constitution must be discarded. The function of the appointing authority with the mandate of the people, under our system of government, is to fill the public posts. While the appointee may acknowledge with gratitude the opportunity thus given of rendering public service, the appointing authority becomes functus officio and the primary loyalty of the appointed must be rendered to the Constitution and the sovereign people in accordance with his sacred oath of office.’

      Too much politics and dynastysm are undermining our civil service and deprive the people of the basic services that they are entitled! If the anti dynasty law will not be passed legally, I’m afraid a civil war might be in the offing!

    11. Antonio Repunte on

      Kayong mga kasapi ni Binay dapat pabilhin ninyo si Binay ng isang isla at magsamasama kayo doon, kaya ng mga Binay bumili ng isla para sa mga taong bulag na katulad ninyo….kapwa walang awa sa riling bayan kung hindi puro pang sa rili lamang at pag hanga sa mga magnanakaw na katuld ng Binay at katulad din ninyo…..

    12. I don’t trust Poe. I am sure she has hidden agenda. But I will be happy to see the Binays in jail. They are thieves.

    13. rene catalasan on

      Grace Poe’s latest pronouncement, i.e. country first before friends. In short, it’s the right thing to do unheard of among politicians.
      Mabuhay ka Grace and God bless you!

      • May Sariling Isip on

        Lumang tugtugin na yan. Yan ang sinabi ni Estrada dati: “Walang kama-kamag-anak, walang kaibi-kaibigan”. Pero tignan mo ang ginawa ng mandarambong na Estrada!

      • I Remember... on

        She is a piece of sh… opportunist more than this, you die!!!! Idiot one.

    14. Samuel Santos on

      It may not be that perfectly apt, but this recent development reminds me of what someone once said: “In politics, there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests.”

      • I Remember... on

        You are 100% right. We can add that Crooks protect the Crooks. Poe will now protect Pinoy and the yellow crooks.

    15. Abnoy-noyingski on

      Is that right Miss Grace Poe? Why don’t you tell that to your best friend Noy? Why are you guys hiding so many things from the people? Why is your boss Noy not persecuting his KKK and you are letting him do it? And yet you would like to be part of his OR their administration ticket this coming election (I hope not!)? Mataas din ang pangarap mo ano? Nagsasabi lang po ng katotohanan….

      • rene catalasan on

        It looks like you subscribe to the idea of Erap and spokesmen of Binay,i.e. friends first before the multitude. Think about it, okay!

      • you are right…..Disgrace P. is now trap by Pnoy….I guess Pnoy with his financial blessing will ask Disgrace to run as independent candidate so that all PDAF/DAP eh maliligtas after 2016….this strategy is a win-win for LP also…Mar will be LP candidate and Disgrace is for independent…both are Pnoys robot…..

      • I Remember... on

        It is obvious now that POE, the useless teacher and daughter of STAR, had a Senatorial campaign paid by Pinoy’s associates… the Abad and company!!! All under PDAF and DAP… So the crooks will keep power with the other useless stupid innocent Roxas.

    16. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      As Poe said “found the same supported by documentary evidence as well as expert and personal testimonies that remain unrebutted by competent evidence to the contrary. I did not think twice in signing the report. In the over 20 hearings conducted by the sub-committee, it became clear that they have a big accountability to answer,”
      These are the same statements that you will hear from the Filipino people including the OFWs (most especially the U.S.) where the LIES and ALIBIS of the Binays cannot be accommodated. If you let the unpaid Filipino people read the sub-committee report, they will not have a second thought to be informed that Binay really stole billions of pesos from the Makati government. This means “hindi natutulog ang Diyos sa kasamaan ng mga Binays”. For the Filipino voters, let us all Pray to the Lord God to save the Philippines from the Binays and UNAs. This is now the time to unite and and vote for an honest official who will not let the Revillas, Estradas, Enriles, Arroyos go free when elected. Let us also vote for somebody who will not sell the Philippine islands to the Chinese for a 30% commission. To the Binays, please return your stolen wealth to the people and may you and your family rot in hell.

      • to nancy bulok cake, sa salita mong 30 percent commission ay nagsisinungaling ka. so ang lahat ng sinabi mo tungkol kay vp binay ay hindi naging toto o kundi paninira lamang. maraming panahon ang naigugul tungkol sa usaping Binay at Binay pa. Bakit hindi I follow up ng senado ang pag papasa ng foi bill. matagal na ito at hindi napapansin sa lower court. may sariling agenda ang mga majority sa mababang kapulungan kung bakit hindi itong foi bill umuusad sa plenaryo.

      • I Remember... on

        Who pays you!!! THE CROOKS are in power now… worst corruption ever! This country stinks of corrupted politicians, yellows and all. The Binays are Juniors compared to the Liberals, Yellows, Abad & Drillon… DAP + PDAF…

        I hope they pay you well…