• Poe still mum on political plans

     Senator Grace Poe PHoto by Russell PAlMA

    Senator Grace Poe PHoto by Russell PAlMA

    Sen. Grace Poe continues to play her cards close to her chest.

    During Thursday’s program marking the birth anniversary of her father, Fernando Poe Jr., or FPJ, at the Manila North Cemetery, the senator disappointed those who were expecting to hear her make an announcement about her plans for next year’s elections.

    As the crowd cocked their ears as she took the microphone, Poe paid tribute to the late actor and to her mother, actress Susan Roces, who was also present in the event.

    “What I learned from him are to be sincere in helping others, don’t be boastful but be humble, be truthful in what you do, and most of all is to help others. My parents taught me those lessons. My parents do not discriminate against people,” she told friends, relatives and fans who gathered at the cemetery.

    When it was the turn of deposed President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada to speak, he worked the crowd as he acknowledged Roces as “the only queen of FPJ” and Poe as the action star’s daughter. He then gestured to them to answer how to next address the senator, “Ang ating susunod na… [our next]…”

    And the crowd responded, “Presidente [President]!”

    Meanwhile, Caloocan City (Metro Manila) Rep. Edgar Erice, political affairs committee chairman of the Liberal Party, said Poe has virtually declined invitations for her to a meeting.

    Erice showed reporters text messages purportedly sent to Poe’s mobile phone number asking for an appointment. He also texted the senator to belie reports he had a hand in the smear campaign against her.

    “I can personally assure you that I am not part of those who question your being a Filipino, as being maliciously peddled in the social media. Last year, I was the first one who espoused the idea of a Mar-Poe tandem as the perfect team and up to now it is my belief,” his message to Poe read.

    Erice was referring to LP standard-bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd, who has been expressing his preference to have Poe as his running mate in next year’s elections.

    Erice’s succeeding text message to Poe did not sound too friendly.

    “I am sorry but it is my opinion that you are not yet ready for the presidency but I will respect whatever will be your opinion and decisions. After all, we are accountable for whatever we say or do as public officials. We can agree or disagree on issues but I will always respect you. Thanks, Maam,” the message read.



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    1. Truly, none among those who ran for president for the first time has experience per se. Everybody is equal. Experience is also very relative. It could be positive or negative, but in politics, please beware, political experience – specially for those who are kin in stealing from the government coffers like manny of our “trapos” nowadays – is not always best for the country and people. Let those who are pure in heart and intentions, those with not so superior education but smart and gifted with above average intellect and learning capacity, take the lead. In short, all the candidates and propective candidates like Roxas, Grace, Duterte, Mirriam, Bongbong – they all are qualified. Let the voters decide. No one can claim supremacy or monopoly of leadership quality.

    2. Leave her alone … Mr. Erice!! Mar will not win so far unless LP will use his vast wealth and influence to win the President Position. Waste of time, Money and Effort if you still stick with Mar.

      • John Cruz, I do not believe Grace Poe should be president of my country.Mr. Erice knows what he is talking about so Mr. Cruz keep that opinion in yourself. Mar Roxas is better.

    3. Roldan Guerrero on

      Grace Llamanzares is anticipating her disqualification and this is the reason why she cant proceed to her oplitical ambitions. She knows anytime from now that she will be unseated in her senatorial seat. As early as now, she must face the truth and save herself for further embarassment. The law always prevail, if she think popularity could save her from the circumstances of her LIES, she must be wrong. Ganoto ba talaga ang kakapal ng mga politico sa Pinas?

    4. Oh god, tama na Ang striptease Poe! Matatalo ka din naman. Save your money and reputation. Besides you’re going to need to face the court re. Your non citizenship.

    5. Poe is playing politics by not satisfying the people’s doubts & questions. If she runs, which name will she use: her husband’s or her father’s.

    6. mikhail hieronymus on

      The saga of Grace Llamezares
      “How dare they! Wala silang karapatang duru-duruin ang anak ko at sabihing hindi citizen ang anak ko (They do not have the right to point fingers at my daughter and say that she is not a citizen),” Roces was quoted as saying in the reports.
      Early Life and Career (From her Bio.)
      “Mary Grace Poe was born on September 3, 1968 in Iloilo City. Her biological parents are unknown and she was found abandoned as a baby by a woman, allegedly in the holy water font of Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral, the main church of the city. When the infant was discovered, the parish priest named her “Grace” in the belief that her finding was through the grace of God; she was christened by Jaime Sin, the Archbishop of Jaro and later Archbishop of Manila.”
      I believe the law in the Philippines is clear on this matter. Nothing personal, just the facts. Keep quiet, Susan.

    7. What kind of person this man is (erice) ! So ,so stupid, very arrogant . Do you think he is talking to a child ? ” na bobot pa si grace kaya slide ka na lang sa pagka vice . They think their machinery will do the tricks .Hoy Eraser si vilma at leni r. inayawan ang manok mong roxas palpak/manhid ,how much on Grace Poe siya ang no. one sa survey ,ano ka duling or hilo ? What a fool species! What kind of reasoning is that pang grade one ewan. JERK! and no common sense .

    8. Mr Erice please stop the idea of Mar-Poe tandem, instead it should be Poe-Roxas Tandem history will itself that the voters will vengeance for the questionable defeat & death of FPJ similar to a vengeance of the death of Benigno Aquino Jr that resulted to a Cory & Pnoy Presidency