Poe thankful for being back on top


Sen. Grace Poe on Sunday expressed gratitude for the support of the people and vowed to stay determined to reach out to as many voters as possible regardless of results of surveys.

Poe regained the top spot in the mobile survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) from April 13 to 14 commissioned by TV5, getting 34 percent.

She was followed by Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte with 33 percent, Manuel “Mar” Roxas, 16 percent, Jejomar Binay, 15 percent and Miriam Santiago, one percent.

“Results of the surveys vary, there are times when you are on top and times you on the rear, and now that we’re almost on the last stretch, your rating will depend on your actions,” she said in an interview. “What is important is that she remain focus and determined in letting the public know about your platforms and programs,” she added.

However, the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) led by Binay expressed displeasure with how SWS continues to lend credence to a technically flawed mobile survey system.

UNA spokesperson Mon Ilagan said that by insisting on using a questionable statistical methodology, SWS has become an instrument of political propaganda that fueled animosity, hatred and prejudice among Filipino voters.

“Apart from the convoluted surveys that are released weekly, the mobile survey is an extension of abuse and misuse of statistics. The results are never validated and are obviously designed to condition the mind of the voters. The fact that SWS has embraced an experimental method already says a lot about the intent to mislead and obscure the realities on the ground,” Ilagan said.

He added that the “mobile survey” uses a biased sample size of 1,200 respondents who were given smartphones to respond to text prompts.

“Mag-ingat po tayo sa mga lima-singkong naglalabasang mga survey tulad nitong mobile survey ng SWS. Ang nakakabahala po eh pati po yung mga kilalang survey firms ay nagpapagamit sa propaganda ng ilang politiko para ilihis ang katotohanan sa tunay na pulso ng taumbayan (We should be careful of these surveys such as this SWS mobile survey. It is alarming that survey firms are being used by some politicians to divert the truth,” he added.

“It is quite saddening that social media, as well as the mainstream media, have taken the results of these flawed surveys as irrefutable truths. These survey firms feed media and the social media with misrepresented data, and sadly, instead of responsibly creating an informed voting public, they have made Philippine politics as a blood sport,” Ilagan said.


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  1. Go lang ng go Senator Grace Poe. pls dont give up! let the dreams came true in behalf of your loving father Fernando Poe Jr. ituloy nyo po ang hangarin ng iyong ama na maging presidente ng pilipinas. #Poe2016

  2. Michael Santos on

    Its good that Grace Poe is in top again. I hope this will continue until the election day.

  3. The survey conducted by SWS, owned by an uncle of your step father FPJ and was commissioned by TV 5″s Manny Pangilinan, one of your known supporters, was a bias survey to favor Team Galing Magsinungaling at may Poeso at Pamilyang Amerikano.
    Your correct Peosong Amerikano at Asawang mienbro ng US Air Force at ng SCIA, Kailangan mo pa ipaliwanag sa Pilipino kung bakit ang iyong buong Pamilya ay ayaw maging Filipino maliban kung ikaw ay manalong presidente.
    Kayo ang humatol, Juan de la Cruz,

  4. Wow Binay-Nog Nog was overtaken by inept Mar Roxas?? The issue of Corruption and the Palpack is biting into Binay Nog Nog credibility! What a life in P.I. and Binay can’t believed that notion as reality.

  5. This is a very flawed and biased survey. Newspapers should not give credence and publicity to this kind of survey. Are Pinoys so gullible that they would actually believe a survey based on feedback from the same respondents who had been given mobile phones? The sample is nothing more than a focus group whose participants are asked the same question over and over again at different times. Only the results of a sample based on random sampling by a “neutral party (such as a University)” should be announced. Anything else is just propaganda and push-poll conditioning of the electorate. Let us not forget that SWS is a shill for Lying Grace.