Poe, the first majority President?


IF we are to believe a recent Bloomberg survey among analysts and bankers, first–time Sen. Grace Poe emerged as the choice to lead the country as President of the Republic come 2016. From among the 23 surveyed, 12 voted for Poe, three for Vice President Jojo Binay and four for Interior Secretary Mar Roxas.

That must be heartwarming. To be leading in almost all if not all surveys. But it can also be pressure on the senator. Surely she must be thinking already will I be able to handle the country’s gnawing problem of jobless growth, overpopulation, climate change, food security, the elusive peace in Mindanao and now, China’s relentless pursuit of disputed territories?

Her inexperience in running a government is one issue being thrown at her other than her citizenship. Other than the MTRCB, she did not hold any other government post. But it seems the masses do not feel this is an issue. They probably would rather hedge their bet on someone with no track record of corruption and scandal rather than to a trapo.

Poe has the benefit of starting her political career on a clean slate with only the reputation of her adopted father Fernando “Da King” preceding her. And that is why it is important that Poe surrounds herself with excellent advisers who can counsel her with the right motives. Not only when that time comes when she wins as President but right now while she is a senator. Other than Sen. Chiz Escudero, I am not aware who Sen. Poe seeks counsel from nor who composes her Senate office staff. And other than the Freedom of Information Bill, which she authored, I have not heard of other causes that she has championed.

No doubt Sen. Poe is a runaway winner in all the polls and surveys conducted. She exudes a mystical charm and people feel her genuineness and simplicity. But she has to learn the ropes of how to run a presidency with all its intricacies if she is seriously thinking of taking a crack at the country’s highest post.

I am always reminded of what Ka Dolphy said when people were egging him to run. Madali manalo pero ano gagawin ko pag nanalo na ako? My personal wish is for Sen. Poe to be the first majority President elected. Then maybe there will be less politics and more governance for the people to benefit.

God is Great!



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  1. A very small sample of respondents is not an accurate representation of the voters !

  2. Binay pa rin! He is the man who is experienced and can solve the grave problems of our nation…poverty, inequality, traffic, floods, public utilities and transportation problems, pollut! he is the man with experience!!!Truly, we had six years under an incompetent leader, under wisdom and experience!!!a student government. we still have a lot more to face….climate change, food crisis,epidemics. We need not just an intelligent and articulate leader but a man of of great wisdom and experience !!! Binay pa rin!

  3. Sa case lang ng mamasapano wala siyang naibigay na direct decision at wala siyang nagawa na report kung sino ang may sala. dito lang makikita na natin kung may karapatan siyang maging presidente ng Pilipinas. Tulad din siya ni Abnoy na ginwang TRIAL AND ERROR and pagpapatakbo ng Pilipinas.. Now it totally mess. Aside from her program, she is doesnt have any 5 years plan for future of our people. Ganito ang magpresidente. SHe won because of popularity contest again, aside from her name as came from Celebrities. HIndi na nadala ang mga Pilipino sa pagpili ng kanilang iboboto. Naku po. magisip naman kayo. No to Poe, because i can feel the way she talked, , she will not able to cope the problem of the Philippines. She is not strong enough..please huwag namn sana. kawawa na ang pilipinas. baka makuha na nmn ng china ang isa pa nating isla sa kabobohan at kaduwagan nitong presidenteng abnormal…

  4. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Grace has to first tell the truth about her citizenship and residence qualification to be what the writer wrote. From all indication, the senate hearing of the Mamasapano sounded like a dead grenade because of Grace not respecting her commitment to tell all no matter the consequence. God bless the Philippines.

  5. I would rather go for an inexperience politician with honesty and integtity rather than the experienced and corrupt politician. But if BBM chooses to run for president, I will vote for him

  6. what? 23 respondents only? in a random sampling method you need at least 500 to have some significance. 23 is smaller than a classroom. That’s not credible.

  7. the late columnist Max Soliven wrote that one day, he saw president Ramon Magsaysay crying. He asked the president what was wrong. Pres. Magsaysay exclaimed that “ang dami daming problema ng Pilipinas.”

    Is Grace willing to sacrifice and work almost 24 hours a day if she becomes president? she says she is qualified to run as president, but can she honestly admit that she is competent to government the entire Philippines?

  8. Amnata Pundit on

    Do you really believe that Grace Poe is the public’s most favored choice to become president. Like many people including professional pundits who should know better, you have fallen victim to the FALSE REALITY that those in power have created. Imagine that this is the Marcos regime, with all its failures like Yolanda relief efforts and the scandals like the DAP and pork barrel scams, not to mention the SAF 44, and this is only a short list of kapalpakan and kawalanghiyaan, and yet the surveys show that the people still prefer the candidates being pushed by the Marcos camp. How believable is that? What we are watching is a real struggle, but inside the yellow camp only! Unless we wake up to the reality that all this drama is a charade being put up by the clowns and chimpanzees of the Yellow EDSA regime, this nation is doomed.


    We are already tired of P-noy administration for almost 6 years of non performance and scandal and cover up for his allies corruption issues and a lot more to speak off… this is because of his in experience. Now, here again another 6 years of inexperience administration? Come on! give us a break! Ok lang yan sa mga mayayaman at edukado kasi hindi sila apektado ng nangyayari sa gobyerno… eh kami na mahihirap kami nanaman ba ang magdudusa ng another 6 years susugal nanaman ba tayo ulit??? I hope God will intervene this time and let the truly experienced person will be elected as our saviour from this poverty, traffic, bad public transportation!!! and more!!!

    • Manny Alintana on

      Hindi lang basta experience kundi malawak na experience. Legislative experience alone is nothing. What we need is a guy with full background in economic, financial, people and situational management. Seasoned enough to be able to survive in the snake pit, i.e., the presidency. Kahit pagbalig-baligtarin nyo ang mundo, never na makakaya ni grace ‘to. Dapat kay grace e magmayor o mag-governor muna, then be a member of the cabinet at saka pa lang ang presidency. Maraming bigas pa syang kakanin at sa ngayon e maituturing natin siyang high risk. Maniniwala na ko na talagang napakagago na ng pinoy pag nanalo pa si grace.

  10. People are just frustrated that’s why they think Poe is a better choice among the current candidates…… She obviously has no experience and nothing to prove about. Just riding again on a popularity name. As the saying goes ” Don’t bite more than you can chew”.
    If she truly loves this country….she must First take small steps andTackle issues that will improve our country before Aspiring for higher office .
    She must learn to humble herself to understand and work the problems of this country .
    Otherwise, She can be manipulated and become another Problem .
    Our country will suffer the Consequence again!

  11. Mukhang nagbabakasakali na lang tayo! Nasa na, kung paano ang pagkakagiliw natin at gaan ng tiwala kay Poe,kahit hindi alam ng tao kung ano talaga ang mabuting magagawa sa bansa ni Poe!!
    Ang mga edukado pala minsan nagiging utak mahirap na rin-!wala akong nababasa na against ang maraming edukado kay Poe!
    Bakit kaya?Mukhang walang mapagmataas na edukado ang nagsasabing bobotante ang boboto kay Poe!!himala!!

  12. a candidate who wins a presidential election but is not prepared from the very start of his presidency, will never learn because every day lots of papers continuously pile up on his desk, he will never have time to study and learn his job. .

    • Manny Alintana on

      Correct. Pano pa makapag-aaral kung hanggang ulo na agad ang trabahong naghihintay. Be reminded that kabi-kabila ang mga iiwanang problema ng penoy administration. Ang kailangan natin e hands on president…

  13. Johnny Ramos on

    The 2 weeks moment of fame of Grace Poe is gone. This country wil never a president who choose to be American and renounce her filipino citizenship. She became popular because of FPJ. It was only the praise her to glory where even her stint in the senate is still questionable.