Poe: The worst ever presidential candidate in our history, fielded by the worst President


That is an assertion I make with full conviction and after much study, and with no exaggeration at all. I’m sure you, dear reader, would agree with me if you looked at the facts objectively, and shed irrational mindsets, such as the tendency to believe that a good-looking person is most likely a good person, and therefore, in her case, she is not likely to do evil and may even be capable of performing miracles in governance.

She is the worst candidate for four reasons:

1. Barring that perennial crackpot candidate Pascual Racuyal, Llamanzares is the least qualified ever to be in the running for the highest post of the land. Corazon Aquino also had minimal qualifications as Poe. But Cory didn’t run because of her qualifications but as a symbol, the avenging widow of the murdered opposition figure Ninoy Aquino, and as a rallying figure to unite the opposition and to rouse people’s anger against the ruler. Cory’s story has not been an unfamiliar one, with several widows or daughters of slain government heads succeeding them: Ceylon’s Sirimavo Bandaranaike; India’s Indira Ghandi; Pakistan’s Benazir Bhuto and Bangladesh’s Kalida Zia.

Llamanzares’ candidacy is based on her belief that the masses will still believe that, like Cory and these other Asian women leaders, she will continue the vision and promises of her late father, Fernando Poe, Jr., which, however, were really those pledged by the movie hero he played onscreen.

We have had actors and comedians who became senators, who all have really proven to be disasters, if not totally useless at the Senate. Is there any special reason – an amazing quality Llamanzares possesses – to convince us she will be different from them?

Never in our entire history has there been anybody like Llamanzares who is running for the presidency with such meager qualifications. Can we rationally believe that somebody can just learn to fly a Boeing 747 overnight? The presidency of this Republic is as complicated as that, and if this “vehicle” crashes, the casualties will be in the tens of millions, much bigger than that jetliner’s 300 people.

What qualifications have Llamanzares’  following work experience given her to think she could run a nation of 100 million people: an assistant watching over toddlers in a pre-school, clerical jobs in obscure US government agencies, and then upon returning and (as a token of sympathy for her late father FPJ, who ran against President Arroyo), head of the movie and TV censors?

Unholy alliance of the yellow and the orange: Grace’s biggest backers.

Unholy alliance of the yellow and the orange: Grace’s biggest backers.

Yes, she was senator for three years, but as I will reveal in detail in a succeeding column, she did practically nothing there, except chair the committee that investigated the Mamasapano massacre of 44 elite police troops. This was really her entrance fee to the presidential race, since she allowed the main culprit President Aquino to go scot-free.

Supreme Court dragged down

2. In terms of qualifications, there had actually been a candidate worse than her: her father Fernando Poe Jr. But Llamanzares is a worse candidate than her father in that she didn’t given a damn that her pursuit of the presidency would drag down the Supreme Court, the bastion of the rule of law, to the gutter. Senior Justice Antonio Carpio also pointed that out in the very first sentences of his dissenting opinion:

“This ruling of the majority will lead to absurd results, making a mockery of our national elections by allowing a presidential candidate with uncertain citizenship status to be potentially elected to the Office of the President, an office expressly reserved by the Constitution exclusively for natural-born Filipino citizens.”

FPJ never renounced his country in order to be an American citizen, even if it would have been so easy for him to do so, as millions of Filipinos with an American parent who became US citizens know. FPJ never left the country that would create an issue over the 10-year-residency requirement for the presidency.

Read the entire Supreme Court decision written by the ponencia, and the six others who voted in favor of allowing Llamanzares to run for the Presidency, and you will easily imagine these justices squirming and wriggling in their seats, prattling and babbling nonsense in their desperate attempt to convince themselves that they were not deciding for Poe because someone told them to.

The justices who voted for Llamanzares, I’m sure, would later on woe the day they were appointed to the Supreme Court. The concurring opinions they wrote would be favorite topics in law schools as case studies, either of utter legal incompetence or of ridiculous intellectual acrobatics to conceal a simple truth – they were asked to let Llamanzares run.

Take the opinion of Chief Justice Sereno, as one example. Her main argument, concealed as simply citing the opinion of one justice in the citizenship case involving FPJ, is “let the people decide.” What? If that is the case, then repeal all laws on who can run for public office or not, amend even the qualifications specified by the Constitution! And that argument comes from the Supreme Court Chief Justice?

Celebrity politics exploited

3. The third reason why Llamanzares is the worst candidate ever is this: A UP college student and then political science graduate at Boston College, Llamanzares knows in her heart and mind that she is fooling the electorate, and that she is exploiting the deep flaw in our democracy – that leaders could be elected by mob thinking, and by celebrity politics.

Mature democratic systems have checked this flaw by adopting indirect voting, in which leaders who were voted to office choose the supreme leader, as in the case of parliamentary systems. The two-party system, and particularly the American process of caucuses and primaries – as now seen on TV – also serve to filter candidates, weeding out those with little qualifications. We don’t have such gauntlets to separate the frauds, and so we are so vulnerable to celebrity politics.

Llamanzares knows that her ratings do not have anything to do with her qualifications, but with the masses’ illusion that she is the princess of the cinema hero Panday, in their minds not fiction but reality. Yet, she insists on running for the presidency. This is really cheating of the highest level: people are fooled to vote for a fictional person.

4. The fourth reason why Llamanzares is the worst ever candidate is that she is running for the presidency not only because of her own ambition, but because it is the crucial part of President Aquino’s only way to evade justice in the next Administration.

Think about it. Llamanzares is intelligent, 48 years old, and presumably in the pink of health as she has had three children in the span of a decade. She could have run for vice president and won,  get a Cabinet position, so at least she could have an idea on how to run government. In six years, she’ll just turn 54, so she’ll still be among the youngest to hold that highest post of the land. (Median age of Philippine presidents is 55.)

Why does she want to be President right now?

There can be only one reason. Aquino needs her very badly, not six years from now, but this year, as soon as he steps down from office.

Aquino needs the next President to be so beholden to him that she would, with the powers of the presidency, protect him from the hundreds of people raring to prosecute him for crimes during his regime – from malversation of funds (the Disbursement Acceleration Plan budget hijack controversy) to petty (his unexplained Porsche) and big-time corruption (jueteng proceeds) to criminal negligence (the Mamasapano massacre) to treason (his pact with the MILF and the billions of pesos he gave to that Islamist group.)

The DAP case alone involves more than 3,000 budget allocations for projects unauthorized by Congress, and therefore, involves malversation of funds. This means that Aquino and his budget secretary, Florencio Abad, could face 3,000 separate charges of malversation. Hacienda Luisita in an Administration seriously implementing agrarian reform would cease to be a hacienda, the Aquino-Cojuangcos’ mansions there bulldozed to the ground.

His candidate since 2013

Sources have, in fact, disclosed that Aquino, with Abad and Senate Franklin Drilon – the troika that runs the Yellow Cult – chose Llamanzares to be his candidate, a secret one though, right after the 2013 elections. They calculated that the 20 million votes she got (much bigger than their vice presidential candidate Manuel Roxas 2nd’s 14 million) could easily translate into votes for the presidency.

The troika had been stunned by the defeat of their vice presidential candidate Manuel Roxas 2nd in 2010 despite the finances he used up, and now it no longer believes he can succeed Aquino in 2016. The offer to Poe to run as Roxas’ vice president was a scripted move, intended to hide Aquino’s plot. Has Poe ever criticized Aquino?

This is the only explanation why even Solicitor General Florin Hilbay, in a totally unprecedented move as he is supposed to be government’s lawyer and not any individual, defended Poe in the Supreme Court hearing and why four of the five justices Aquino appointed to the Court allowed the candidate to run, and for three others to acquiesce to that decision. “Isn’t it quite obvious – nobody else could pull that trick except the President?” the source claimed.

To take the spotlight from Aquino, his spin-doctors have managed to portray tycoon Eduardo Cojuangco, Jr. and San Miguel controlling stockholder Ramon Ang as backing up Llamanzares. This is so off the mark, the source claimed. Cojuangco has been very sick, and he doesn’t really care about “the world” now, the source said. Ang, on the other hand, has been known to be such a shrewd businessman that he wouldn’t put all his chips on a single number.

The two figures behind Llamanzares are former President Joseph Estrada, who feels he has a responsibility to back her up stemming from a sense of guilt that what pushed her father to his death was his running for the presidency, which he had asked him to do. The taste of national power also has never left Estrada, and feeling immortal, he thinks he can recover his losses from his failed presidential bid in 2010 through Grace, her goddaughter. The other is Chinese-Filipino tycoon William Gatchalian, Estrada’s biggest financial supporter and known to bet only on only one candidate. The two have brought with them most of the shadowy Chinese businessmen who had been Estrada’s cronies when he was President.

It is such an unholy alliance that reveals the hypocrisy of Aquino and the Yellow Cult: The supposed anti-corruption crusaders are in league with the most corrupt President we’ve ever had, the only one convicted of plunder.

That points to one reason why I assert that Aquino is the most corrupt President of this country. Money lost to corruption can be easily raised again in one fiscal year.

But the damage to our system of justice due to Aquino’s yoking of the Supreme Court to his wishes, in order to escape the wheels of justice when he steps down, can be repaired only after decades, after a generation. The cost of that to us is unimaginable.



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  1. I was surprised why the Integrated Bar Counsel of the Philippines and our PhilConsa is quiet on the issue. We need your opinion please talk and explain to us so that we will understand if our SC is correct or not ang nakasalalay dito ang kinabukasan ng Bansang Pilipinas…. what will happen to us if our Philippine Constitution is ruined or mock. To IBC and PhilConsa if you have great concern with the future of the Filipino people then do something what is right, we put you to the position inorder to protect our country and the Filipino as well. To all Filipino people we should learn from our mistakes, now we should be wise enough to elect a President who are God-fearing and has concern for the future of our nation. Whatever have passed is already finished.. Again, IBC and PhilConsa don’t keep quiet we need your to know what is right and correct.

  2. DEFINITELY. the yellow cult will not burn their butt singling out their chips at the non-charismatic MR PALENGKE…

  3. I hope you will write this in our native language, so that more Filipinos can understand your point, ang madalas na na victim ng mga ganitong klaseng politica ay mga kababayan natin na “masa”

  4. Demetrio Ponce on

    I have always maintained that if the people believe that BS Aquino exerted influence on the Supreme Court on the Grace Poe Llamazares case in order to assure himself and his administration from rendering accountability once he steps down from office, then the logical move is to dump both Roxas and Grace Poe Llamanzares on election day. Because a vote for a candidate other than these two anointed ones by BS Aquino is the only way that would make this administration answer for its numerous failure while in office. It is very clear that Aquino is betting on two horses in this race (Roxas and Poe Llamanzares

  5. He is indeed the WORST president ever! never had an achievement and even used the death of his mother to satisfy his greed! SGP is a Liar in disguise! She looks and speaks like and Angel but has evil plans in mind. Could’t even admit that she is a daughter of the late president Marcos. I challenge SGP, the Marcoses,the rumored mother of SGP, Sister of Susan Roces, and Susan Roces to take the DNA test. I hope when he steps down, people will pursue the case against the worst president! God forbid SGP from winning.

  6. Dear Madam Miriam, you of all the people are very silent about what transpired just recently in the SC. I missed the days that you coined words about bouhaha committed against the public…what do you call now this SC? Coined them a word or two Madam Miriam. Reagrding your forte..CONSTITUTION.. you teach with fervor. Never mind SC, if I hear from you about NATURAL BORN that Ms. Poe is, I am at peace with it.

  7. I’ve yet to read an article of yours that didn’t make sense or that wasn’t intellectually spot on. This one is no exception. I’d love to say that it was a great read but unfortunately it is depressing. It’s depressing because its’ true. As usual you’ve done your best to throw the truth out there for people to understand. I am beyond appalled that PNOY, Poe, Estrada, et al got away with it. I have never been more ashamed and saddened to be a Filipino than I am now. Words cannot describe the impact these events will have on the nation for years to come. We have been and will always be for sale. If our leaders can’t manage to govern with integrity, how can we expect to even understand the word’s very definition? We cannot know what we do not experience…and integrity…justice…these are non-existent on our little rock we call home.

  8. Eric Legaspina on

    Nasaan na ang position ng Integrated Bar of the Philippines na kinakailangan sa ganitong kiritikal na yugto ng kasaysayan. Hwag mag bingibingihan o magbulag bulagan. Bilang isang institusyon at haligi ng ating lipunan, hinihintay po namin ang inyong panig.

    feed your beautiful mind people. vote wisely… try to compare the actual accomplishment of these candidates, whether they can be deserve to be a leader of our nation.. Dont bring your emotion….be practical…

  10. Calling the attention of Integrated Bar of the Philippines and PHILCONSA what you doing for this kind of situation. Our SC Justices are making mockery of Our Constitution. Is there a way to remove these SC JUSTICES who are not upholding and protecting our Constitution aside from Impeachment? How about Citizen Arrest is this applicable for these situation? People of the Philippines calling all your attention make necessary action for this matter we have to do something so that these SC Justices can’t disobey our Constitution. We have to make up this is not good for Our Country make up your mine. Also, BAYAN KO calling your attention to take action for this matter.

  11. Daniel G. Tamala on

    I am not a spammer I am a person of knowledge and understanding. Mr. Tiglao’s opinion deserves and remains to be seen, is it base on facts or mere perceptions and/or speculations?

  12. RESPETUHININ ANG BATAS AT SUNDIN ANG PROSESO. Yan ang sinasabi nyo kay Sen. Grace Poe, ngayong nagdesisyon na ang Supreme Court, kayo naman ang di gumagawa nito… ANO BA TALAGA?

  13. I will vote for anyone who can drag this country down even lower…WHY? so we can (hopefully) truly come to our senses about people we choose to lead our country….PNoy is not the worst, nor others before him…otherwise natuto na tayo…pero parang hindi…so papunta palang tayo was worst…sad, sad, sad but am not optimistic with the way things are going in Philippine politics.

  14. Biboy Gonzales on

    Indeed I predict a backlash on this SUPREME COURT decision allowing POE to run for the presidency. I am inclined to VOTE FOR DUTERTE / MARCOS.

  15. Supreme Court has 15 Justices including the CJ. Among the 15 Justices, eight (8) Justices are supposed to be the official majority when it comes to en banc decision. Did Justice Carpio is right in saying that there was no majority votes in favor with Sen Grace Poe specially on the issue of residency and citizenship? I think Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) should comment on this and present their official views to the Filipino people. Thank you.

    • No. The 3 justices didn’t abstain. They’re part of the deliberations but choose the legal option of not voting. En banc is 15. 8 is majority. Check Antonio p. Contreras Facebook for legal details.

  16. If only she will really examine herself and truthfully assess her own person and take away her desire or ambitions to be president, she will be more honorable if she will withdraw gracefully so our nation can move on and get over the mistakes. She has caused the Supreme Court to lose its face, its credibility and its integrity! It has become a mocked court!

  17. Poe bullshit go to hell alone! Leave filipino’s alone. We don’t need you! Poe your the spammer the mind of filipino’s! Your the big shit booooo!!!!!!!!

  18. Huwag kayo’ng mag pa UTO na para bang kayo ay mga dakila’ng SANDAMAKMAK na Mga MANGMANG –

    LANTARAN NA nilapastangan NANG MGA BINAYARAN NA SC JUSTICES na bumoto para jan sa Anak nang Tupa na atat na atat na umupo jan sa Palasyo ng Malakanyang
    na anak daw nang Panday na Da King.

    Ang pananaw kasi nitong si Inday Grace – ang pag Number One niya sa 2013 Senatorial elections gamit ang mga bogus na qualifications ( Residency and Citizenship Issues) ay isang legitimate political affirmations ng publiko sa kabila nang mga legal issues about her – ang gusto kasi ni Inday Grace ay baliin na lang ang lahat nang Constitutional constraints and impediments – para ma i salva niya ang kabiguan ni DA KING nang 2004. ISANG KARUMAL DUMAL AT PAGLAPASTANGAN SA SISTEMA PULITIKAL ANG MGA GUSTO NILANG PAIRALIN NAG MGA SARI SARING KAMPO – ISAMA MO NA ANG MGA KULTO NG MGA DILAWAN NAG MGA AQUINOS, POE LLAMANZARES, COMELEC…AT HOKUS POKUS NA MGA BOGUS NA PCOS MACHINES – at nabuko na ang kanilang MOdus Raket nang Pandaraya na Voter Receipt Audit Trail…..

    • Nanette Espinosa on

      There should be a total boycott of the May 9 elections! It s all HAW SHAO in every aspect! OMG!
      1) Candidates legitimacy and credibility
      2) Candidates’ Qualities, abilities, capabilities
      and characters
      2) Comelec credibility
      3) PCOS machines effectivity

  19. The SC used probabilities and possibilities!!! It did not stick to the concept of “BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT!!! Is there an “IOTA” of doubt about the citizenship of doubt? Is there a reasonable doubt in Candidate Poe on her “Honest Mistake”! Is there reasonable doubt in Poe’s documentation as to her declaration of her intention to be a permanent resident citizenship resident of the Philippines when all of her family are american citizens!!!

    • Fair N Square on

      Lutong Macau na. The concurring justices cited very high probability. What kind of argument is this? What if the numbers were 50.1per cent? They would still vote to allow Poe to run, of course.

      What if Poe wins and her father and mother are found to be non-Flipinos (could be Indonesians, Malaysians, etc). Will the Supreme Court then at least accept accountability for not safeguarding the Constitution they swore to uphold?

  20. The current situation the Philippines is in right now didn’t happen overnight. It is as a result of decades and decades, if not centuries, of mismanagement by the so called “brightest and experienced” the society had to offer. However, after every election cycle the vast majority of people experienced not much of an improvement in their daily lives. So here we are, another election upon us, is there anyone amongst the crop of politicians who you believe may have the courage to reverse what has been taking place in the country since the Republic was established?

  21. Odnalor Obirt on

    I am really against Senator Grace Poe to be our next president but not because of the reasons given by Mr. Tiglao. I just believe she do not have the right knowledge and guts to handle the problems of our nation. Also, I don’t want Grace Poe to be disqualified as candidate for president because I don’t want to remove the proviledges of those Filipinos voting for her. I am putting my trust to majority of Filipinos who now are more knowledgable than those who participated in the Peolple Revolution of 1986. Let’s pray and hope that whoever win in the next election will procecute the Yellow Culprits including those members of OPAPPS for treasons, Appointed Managers of Bureau of Customs, NAIA, MRT & LRT for corrutions and Ombudsman & CHR for abuse of Authority and Selective justices.

  22. I will not vote for a weak president, lest a woman, facing the horrors of China’s Bullying and territorial greediness, what I need is somebody like DU:30..”An antidote for a Bully is another Bully”.., Second, kahit sino pa ilagay nating presidente, cronies will eventually be corrupt, some in the cabinet, others, gov’t officials from the PNP, AFP, etc..The scandals will not stop, the unholy alliances, the conspiracies..However, If the President like DU:30 will remain loyal to his advocacy, then, wala ng malakas at may kapit..everybody is touchable and imprisonable!(pls forgive the term)..We law abiding citizens have nothing to fear..sila meron!…Lets vote for Duterte and Cayetano so there is smooth direction coming from Malacanang.

    • duterte will not defend the west philippine sea. his stand in that issue is that he wants to make a deal with china so that both countries will make money.

    • Richard Abarca on

      And who can defend the west philipinne sea? Do you think those candidates can do that? He is giving alternative. Anyway, this has not happen if only cory did not allow it.

  23. All the chaos that are happening in our country right now — indeed, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong — have convinced me that we need a radical change if we are to save our country. That means voting for Duterte, who I realized is the only presidential candidate at present who is running because he wants to solve our country’s problems and not for personal ambition. As for his bad mouth and womanizing, I wish he weren’t guilty of those, but considering that I think he’s the only one among the lot who loves his country that’s why he’s running, I’m willing to concede that his vices are a matter between God and him. All that said, though, I believe that all these things that are happening in our country are happening because we Filipinos are not willing to rule ourselves or to assert our supreme power in this our supposedly “democratic” (rule of, by, and for the people) country. We don’t make our collective stands known in a manner that could produce the most potent results: by protesting on the streets, as the ordinary citizens now do in many countries worldwide. That’s why our leaders don’t have any qualms about trampling on our rights and on our democratic institutions in any way they want to. God save our country from ourselves!

    • Bungkag dvo 7 on

      Ako ay davawenyo at andito sa America ngayon for 10 yrs now. All i can say about our mayor digong is sincere sa mga sinasabi nya. Bilib ako sa kanya dahil we enjoy our peace and order. Talagang safe and clean ang syudad. Saan ka makakita ng mayor na nagtatrafic sa kalye, nagpapasakay o tumutulong sa taong nangangailangan, nagbibigay ng mga pagkain sa mahihirap. Mabagsik nga siya sa mga taong taliwas sa batas pero respetado sya ng mamamayan. I am a living witness sa kabutihan nya. At totoong magaging buzy ang punerarya kapag naging presidente sya kung di titigil sa mga bawal na sinabi nya. Hopefully time will come makapagretiro na ko… Syempre sa Davao. Dapat iboto natin si digong para masimulan nyong ( to all outside davao resident) maranasan ang tinatamasa namin.

  24. Hahaha. I thought no one could be worse that Noynoy Aquino for you?? What happened? Are you loving PNoy now??? Sorry but exaggeration and being OA will not help your cause. I will still vote for Grace Poe!!

    • The Philippines is in the situation it is in because of people like you. You need to smarten up, and so should people like you.

    • Robert Robert on

      Just asking will you approve of the Republic of the Philippines to have a US of A citizen for a first gentleman and first family who are american citizens?

  25. Nuada Rodolfo M. on

    Is this the kind of Justices we have in our country ? nakakalungkot isipin na ang kataastaasan Hukoman ay wala rin silbi, Kung anong klase ang pumili ay kapareho din ang napili Haizzzz at ang nakapagtataka ay niluluko na tayo ng harapan ay wala pang kumilos 6 na taon ??? Hindi ko alam kung tatagal pa ang ating bansa, malamang kung hindi tayo mag kagulo ay Instsik ang sasakop satin. Mas malupit pa kay President Marcos ang Panot President na ito. atleast noong martial law eh may laban ka at may nakikita kang proyecto ang bansa at mataas ang pagtigin ng ibang bansa sa atin ngayon basura na ang tinngin sa tin. Sanay gumising na ang taong bayan sa mga harapang katiwalian sa ating pamahalaan ngayon. Sa ngayon ay pinaglalaruan na lang ng mga taong gobyerno ang mga tao !!! masakit isipin na pinag aral tayo para malaman natin ang mali at tama, pero hindi ko lubos maisip kung bakit mayroon tayong Presidente at Justices na ganito, ano ito parusa ng dyos ??? Magsigising kayo hangat may panahon pa !!!

  26. Amnata Pundit on

    Something is not right if Grace has been adopted by the yellows to save Boy Sayad and his gang of thieves after BS steps down from power. Wasn’t FPJ a Marcos loyalist? So is Erap. So is Danding and presumably his CEO Ramon Ang. Is Grace the Marcos trojan horse? If so, I can swallow the idea of Grace becoming president without question. Besides, baka nga anak siya ni Macoy, o di Marcos pa rin talaga, di ba?

  27. The culprit is the nine (9) incompetent justices who allowed her to run for president.If somebody will initiate a people power to oust this justices my entire family will enjoin the uprising to unseat them.

  28. “We have had actors and comedians who became senators, who all have really proven to be disasters, if not totally useless at the Senate.”

    Your right Mr. Tiglao. That’s why our Senate now is like PELIKULA and now emulated by SC. Erap na puro PORMA ang ginawa, JINGGOY na ginaya ang AMA, Revilla ginaya ang mga IDOL (ERAP at JINGGOY), Sotto na puro pa cute ang ginagawa sa Senado (paiyak-iyak pa ang kumag bwisit ginawang teleserye ang Senado)

    • Nanette Espinosa on

      There should be a total boycott of the May 9 elections! It s all HAW SHAO in every aspect! OMG!
      1) Candidates legitimacy and credibility
      2) Candidates’ Qualities, abilities, capabilities
      and characters
      2) Comelec credibility
      3) PCOS machines effectivity

  29. 2001 – Naging US Citizen si GPL
    July 2006 – Na re aquire Nya Ang Filipinong Citizenship. So from July 2006 – May 2016 = 9 years,10mos lamang sya at sa July 2016 pa sya maging 10 years in Residency Status sa Pilipinas.
    Another: 2011 – Nirenounce Nya Ang kanyang US Citizenship. Dapat rin bilangin yan Residency Status Nya starting 2011.
    Hindi Dapat binilang yung 2005 uwi Nya at namatay si FPJ at US Citizen pa sya.
    Kung si Kauswagan Mayor Arnado na DQ ng SC dahil sa pag gamit Nya ng kanyang US Passport after ng renunciation Nya e Ganito din ginawa ni GPL e bakit OK Lang sa SC at si Mayor Arnardo diniQ Nila. Dito pa lamang talagang pinalusot ng 9 SCJAs si GPL. Grabe talaga at simple math e Hindi Nila alam o nagbubulagan lamang at money talks siguro. Paano na si Kauswagan Mayor Arnardo at parehas yung case Nya Kay GPL sa issue ng pag gamit ng US passport after ng renunciation ng kanyang US Citizen?

    • Nanette Espinosa on

      GP was a US citizen till 2011, because that was the only time she renounced her citizenship, therefore, she could not have been a permanent resident anywhere else. I was just wondering why NO ONE GOT any LEGAL DECLARATION from the US agencies handling such issues.

  30. Tama lahat ng sinabi mo Mr. Tiglao. Ang tanong ngayon eh saan kaya kumukuha si Poe ng kapal ng mukha para lokohin ang mga Pilipino ng harap harapan para ipagpilitan na pwede syang maging presidente kahit na sa anong paraan?

  31. The admin, npc and sc triad is trully deadly. Their candidate has a questionable credibility. As early as now, she is experiencing the realm where money and power are most potent. But I still believe and hope that the triad will fail in their plans. I will vote for Duterte and NOBODY can change my mind. I will vote for the REAL CHANGE. DU30 para sa pagbabago.

  32. Yolanda V. Encarnacion on

    The disgraced Poe is to describe her in two words – OPPORTUNIST BITCH!

  33. Douglas Rosete on


  34. Stop bashing a presidential candidate once the verdict of the Supreme Court has been handed down, I will vote for Sen. Grace Poe and if you don’t want to vote for her and you cannot accept the decision of the Supreme Court then why don’t you just build up the candidate that you want to vote for. Inform us the top qualities of your intended candidate so that your readers might be enlightened by your opinion. Conspiracy theories are always just theories, we just want a democratic election.

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      The way the verdict was presented by the CJ is not in accord with TRUTH and FACT. The Filipino people has been duped by the CJ when she did not correct her facts. The evil ones are out to destroy our nation. The only recourse is faith and please God save the Philippines.

    • Truth really hurts. What makes her think she can make a difference after just a few years in the Senate? Look at BS Aquino, even six years on that office is not enough for that morrrrron to learn.

    • mike ELUMBARING on

      Wow ha. Contradicting statements I noticed. Share us your criteria or qualities for presidency so we can too make our intelligent guess who to elect. Please!

    • Then give us your true name and address so we can run you out of this country. This nation doesn’t need Filipinos like you.

    • Robert Robert on

      Are you in favor that the Republic of the Philippines will have an American citizen for a first gentleman and first family who are also American citizens?

    • How can 7 votes of 15 justices be majority ruling of the SC? Real vote count was 7-5-3, therefore that SC ruling on your candidate is nether here nor there

  35. Kudos. Si Tiglao well said.

    I always consider politics to be infested with bloody sucking mosquitoes. They never got tired sucking the public.I will not be surprised if there suffering from Zika virus “heads are getting smaller by birth” because they can be swayed according to the whims and capricious of those whose intention is just to get rid from future incarceration.
    This is karma politics. If during your administration your intention of service is bigger than the journey of revenge.
    But what is verified information about Poe winning the Supreme court’s decision is another man made catastrophic consequences of failure to be just a normal president.
    Everybody is a puppet of one’s greed false dream.
    What is worst running a million times of democratic demons disguised for good governance.
    We will always be the subject of this bloody sucking mosquitoes.

  36. All the arguments I have heard/read thus far in favor of Grace Poe Llamanzares coming from as authoritative sources as the pro SC justices and so called legal experts to as unlearned sources as some vociferous star-struck ordinary voters, the common thread and line of reasoning are all in avoidance of the clear Constitutional provisions and stipulations on the strict qualifications for any candidate seeking the presidency.
    Like Grace herself, many of those advocating that she could run are good speakers and very articulate.
    But words are cheap and words have no meaning unless they have clear basis in fact and in law.
    The worst argument I read lately comes from some alumni of my beloved university, that was known in the past as institution for poor but deserving city scholars which contended that Grace, having a cleaner record ( not surprising for one who has less than five years of government service ) is the most desirable alternative.
    That does not just totally evade the whole constitutional question but reflects a very fallacious conclusion that only the star-struck movie fans who cannot differentiate the reel from the real ( which is precisely what Grace camp through her campaign ads have been promoting ) can come up with.

    • Well said, sir. Exactly my sentiments. The country has fallen deep down into grave desperation that many have embraced the world of make-believe. Perhaps reality is so hurting so to continuously take this road is one way of escaping the unbearable pain.

  37. Your article will be eye opener for many that I hope Filipinos would come to realize how this administration has become a true failure choosing a President, a descendant of false but assumed heroes. How can we ever stop this Patronage Politics?

  38. These are all mere accusations. I stand by Senator Grace Poe as she faces these numerous issues thrown at her.

    • Please explain your position. Not just basta grace na lang para naman ma-encourage mo kami for her.

    • oo nga naman fran ramos. ganun lang yon?? kasi marami bumabatikos sa kanya kaya mo sya iboboto??? paki isulat mo nga ang mga katangian ni llamanzares na talaga syang pwedeng mamuno sa bansa?? hindi namin makita e. baka sakaling matulungan mo kaming makita ang dahilan mo kaya todo bigay ka kay llamanzares at baka sakali ring makumbinsi mo kami.

    • Julian Tulay on

      This is Erap’s presidency look alike in the making, sooner or later the people who brought her up will be the first one to bring her down.What our country has become?

  39. I think the only way to offset the ruling of the Supreme Court to allow Poe to run is NOT TO VOTE FOR HER.

    Let her go down to the dust bin. DO NOT VOTE FOR HER AND CHIZ ESCUDERO!!

    “Let the people decide” – so do not LET HER WIN .

  40. Always good article. Voters wake up. For once let’s not be fooled by the SC and Grace Poe…oooooohhhhh.

  41. Yan na! Llamanzares dumbs down everything in her wake.Seeing her face even sickens me. And Sereno should be impeached. As for Aquino, he will find himself in jail.

  42. Something has to be done to finally disqualify this ‘anomalous’ personality. If ruled finally that she could run, I give up my suffrage privilege as a citizen, in silent protest to this ‘mockery’ of the Phiippine Constitution perpetuated by the SC. Also, something has to be done to rerurn the supremacy of the Constitution and not the members.

    May God save the Philippines.

  43. Halatang halata na gusto nilang linlangin ang mamamayang Filipinos. They are playing trick on us. Obviously, they want to deceive the Filipino people. Wala tayong kamalaymalay ay nilulutong makaw na pala ang kapalaran, kapakanan at kinabukasan ng ating bansa. Pinaglalaruan at walang pakundangang nilalabag ang ating mga batas at nilalapastangan ang ating Saligang Batas. Wala na ba silang respeto sa ating bansa at mamamayang Filipinos?

    Putragis. Pati ba naman sa Supreme Court ay may dagdag bawas sa bilangan ng votes? Ano ba ito? Palusotan at dayaan? How can the justices of the Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Sereno do such a thing with impunity? They should be penalized to the full extent of the law for culpably violating the Constitution, betraying public trust, and committing grave abuse of discretion. Are they trying to insult the intelligence of the Filipino people? Anyare? Bakit nangyayari ang mga ganito sa ating bansa at mamamayang Filipinos?


    Mananahimik na lang ba tayo kabayan at palalampasin na lang ba natin ang lahat kahit na hindi tama ang kanilang ginagawa sa atin?


    Calling all our honest and trustworthy leaders and elders, justices, law enforcers and protectors of our Constitution. Are you still out there to serve and protect our country and its people? Calling all our kababayan. Please HELP!!!! SOS!!!!

    • sa tanong mo kung anong anyere sa ating bansa ito ang sagot ni MLQ

      “I prefer a government run like hell by Filipinos to a government run like heaven by Americans. Because, however bad a Filipino government might be, we can always change it.”

      We can always change daw a bad gov’t pero di yun kelanman nangyari. ang nangyari they can alter the essence of constitution to justify their appetite of self interest. Our leaders run our gov’t like hell that’s why we Filipinos are on hell. It’s MLQ cursed.

  44. But the damage has already been done by the SC decision. From here on, the country will go down the gutter and be lost forever! Kawawa naman tayo lahat!

    • sa kalagayan ng bansa ngayon kokonti na lang ang may malasakit at nagiisip.sa sobrang hirap ng buhay marami sa mga botante nabibili ang boto. dahil sa salat na kaalaman mas marami ang nalilinlang.makita lang na maamo magsalita, maamo ang muka at sikat ayon iboboto na. MAS MARAMI SILA. kaya kahit di natin iboto si grace poe hindi yon sapat. parang ang labanan ngayon basta may pera at sikat panalo na. di na baleng magnanakaw, sinungaling, walang experience at di matalino ok na.

      ako di ko binoto si erap at penoy kasi wala talaga akong kabilib bilib at tiwala sa kanila..pero nanalo sila.. mapera at sikat sila eh.

      at malamang ganon na naman…

  45. Carlos de Castro on

    I tell you Mr. Tiglao, Filipinos are very fun of picking up a stone to pound om their head. I cannot think of anything that will qualify her to become President even the family name Poe is no good except for FPJ film. My suspicion is that she is being used by others who has their own political agenda. Ms. Susan Roces wants revenge for her husband debacle last and chiz escudero wants to become President via the back door.if both wins cjhoz will file a dq via the backdoor.and the financer Danding wants his glory back n San Miguel beer.an you imagine she is accepting contribution from a casino co, by the hundred ofmillions. Para sa kanya basta siya ang president and her husband got adesk next to the US ambassadoe eh bahala na kayo sa problema.

  46. Come to think of it, the grinds of justice will surely find ways and means for now President Aquino to face all these accusations of shenanigans and claimed corruption under his presidency irrespective of who ever takes the next reigns of stewardship of the country. It would be imperative to start legal preparations in this regard in the most discrete manner to insure conviction beyond reasonable doubt. For one, a plus factor being no less than the highest court of the land having long declared of an adverse decision against the DAP!

    On the bid of Senator Llamanzares for Malacanang, it is strongly felt that the majority of the Filipino voting public will NOT give her a clear mandate. Her imagined popularity is purely a mirage being projected manipulatively by her supposed financiers and prime movers. They just cannot get over the benefits they derived after a short-lived occupancy of the Presidential Palace. They want another crack at a Palace Residency.

    Indeed, it is these shadowy opportunists who once made practically a “stooge” out of an elected President that should be unmasked of their uncanny intentions before the voting populace. Surely, this will help alleviate our fears of the specter of a “foreigner presidency”. (Mohra Naga)

  47. Basta huwag lang magnakaw sa kaban ng bayan.A lot of voters who are desperately seeking for an alternative to the yellow cults see her as the least evil among the presidential candidates.While I dont believe you are in the payroll of Binay I read your arguments objectively but found it wanting. Any intelligent voters can easily pinpoint Poe’s difference between her and the Binay dynasy , foul mouthed Duterte and the sick Santiago. She might be the least qualified but except from questions about her citizenship she got no baggage for corruption and dishonesty to public office.

    • Lying in her COC is dishonesty. And according to her adopted mother Susan Roces, a liar is the sibling of a thief. Claiming to be a natural-born Filipino is also dishonesty and the intention is fool the Filipino people into voting for her.

    • Agree. But looking from a distance, Cory Aquino appeared immaculately clean. She has not dipped her fingers in the cookie jar. But who did? Her peninsulares and insulares. And who gained a lot? Not the poor. It’s the Plutocrats.
      Now history is crossing the start of the 2nd leg. Let the cheering begin!!!

  48. Most of us who migrated to another country did it for the purpose of finding opportunities that were difficult to find in our country. Most of us were from poor families, who could not compete against those who came from well-to-do families. From those who graduated from exclusive schools and universities. If I were in her shoes. If I had parents like her, who were well-off and could give her almost everything in life, would I leave our motherland? Of course not. One of my sisters, who is now gone, did very well in the Ph. She had the chance to migrate to the U.S. also, But, she chose to live and die in the country. Mrs. Poe claimed that she is, by heart, a Filipino. Then, why did she leave the country and renounced her Filipino citizenship? She was not like us. Desperate to make it in life. She had everything a child could wish for in the Ph. So, how could she convinced me that she truly loves our country. It wouldn’t surprise me if, things would not work out for her, that she’d be gone. A foundling child, raised like a child born with a silver spoon, would find it hard to face some adversities in life.

    • dahil si POE ay isang mapagsamantala..sinasamantal nya ang kabobohan ng majority ng ating populasyon na utak teleserye..kasalanan din kasi yan ng ating mga media at entertainment outfits..puro walang kakwenta-kwenta ang ipinapanood sa mga Pinoy..at ang mga pinakamalaking sala sa pagka utu-uto ng mga Pinoy ay walang kundi ang mga pulitiko natin…ayaw ng mga pulitiko natin na umangat ang mga Pinoy sa buhay dahil gusto nilang may forever silang mauuto..

  49. Politics is perception.

    Rodrigo Duterte is perceived to be the only candidate without anything to do with the Daang Matuwid Liberal Plunderers led by our dearest beloved autistic Boy Sisi and his Three Stooges MAR ROXAS, FRANK DRILON, and FLORENCIO ABAD.

    Grace Poe is perceived to be BOY SISI’s pet.

    Jojo Binay was part of the original YELLOW CULT of the now infamous and scandalous EDSA PEOPLE POWER REVOLT (kuno!) I say INFAMOUS and SCANDALOUS because there seems to be an ever growing DISGUST and REPUDIATION of this bogus revolt led no less by the oligarchy. Proof is BONGBONG MARCOS popularity in the polls in spite of the tremendous demolition job directed at the young man by the YELLOW CULTISTS.

    Between GRACE POE and JOJO BINAY, hands down the LESSER EVIL is the young lady.

    Duterte could have been the alternative candidate but he is full of himself and keeps shooting his own foot and apologizing for it in the process. That is not the kind of trait a nation of 105 millions souls would want from a leader.

    Forget Miriam, let her enjoy her dying days on this temporal existence we call life.

    • What, therefore is your recommendation to make things right and not just adding insult to the injury?

  50. He said it all. I hope that we, Filipinos will be smarter now to spot this tactics that our dirty leaders are playing. We’ve been fooled for so many years now. Let us not elect another candidate who by then just be a puppet of her backer, of her sponsors and of the people behind her back.

    I guess it would be better if Mr. Tiglaod cited out who he think would be best to uplift not just the lives of the Filipino people but also who he think would be best to repair the damage this Yellow cult has done not just to our democratic system but to our justice system.

    I hope we are all smarter now, aside from Duterte who introduced good programs and established good name in Davao, we also have Miriam Santiago as the sole Presidential candidate with excellent public record who never been subjected to fraud cases in her long years in public service. Her doctors had testified that she can run and serve us. Let us not waste this last chance to use her talent to fix what needs to be fixed in the government and for her programs to continue elect Mayor Duterte as her succesor so we have long straight good governance under this two excellent leaders.

    Kabayan, gumising po tayo. Wag po tayong patuloy na magpa-uto sa mga madadramang pulitikong tulad nila Pnoy, Mar Roxas na may isyu rin ng korolapsyon na tulad ng Pamilya Binay at ang nagtatagong si Grace Poe na ang totoo ay tagong manok rin ni Pinoy para hindi sya makulong sa pagbaba niya sa pwesto. Kabayan, Hoy, Gising!

    • Judith Marasigan on

      I agree with your comment and so with the author. It is amusing to see ‘polpoliticians’ elected by ‘bobotantes’ to merely entertain the crowd during campaign period and yet do not perform well at all.

      Certainly Sen. Llamanzares has potential, but please do not run under the shadow of FPJ. It baffles me why she banks on make to believe teleserye of ‘kawawa’ na palaban. Now is the proper time not to run for president.

      I am rooting for Duterte’s advocacy.

  51. WORSE IS PNOY’S ACTIVE PURSUIT TO COMPLETE HIS FOREFATHER’S COLLUSION WITH MALAYSIA OVER SABAH, and now offering more of MINDANAO TO MALAYSIAN BUSINESS INTERESTS…and Gr.Poe became pivotal in Pnoys damage-control over Mamasapano Massacre…..

  52. Sir, I certainly agreed! Therefore, voters must be aware of the “Grand Scheme” being planned by this administration. Anyhow, any evil plans will not prevail unless they alreadysold theirs souls to the DEVlL.