Poe to Duterte: Open your bank accounts


BALANGA City, Bataan: Senator Grace Poe on Wednesday dared Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to prove that allegations regarding his undeclared P211 million bank account are false.


“Well, siguro nasa kamay niya na patunayan na hindi totoo ‘yon. Ang pinakamadali ay kung papayagan niyang buksan kung lehitimo ‘yung account na ‘yon [I guess it is in the hands of the mayor to prove that the allegations are not true. And the best way to do it is for him to open his bank account),” Poe said in an interview here.

It was Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th who revealed about the P211 million bank account of Duterte at the BPI Julia Vargas Branch in Pasig City (Metro Manila).

Duterte dismissed the allegations and also dared Trillanes to prove his claims although the mayor said he will not issue a waiver on his bank account.

The mayor’s spokesman, Peter Laviña, said Trillanes’ claim is a product of the senator’s "fertile and malicious mind.”

"Trillanes is a desperate man. A man who has not discarded his putschist past and who has not shown any remorse for his reckless acts,” Laviña added.

Poe said Duterte should show to the people that he is a man of his word by issuing a waiver on his bank account.

"He has been claiming that he is willing to die for the country. This [bank waiver]is one of the ways to show his sincerity. Now if he can’t do this simple thing, how can you expect him to fulfil more difficult tasks?” she asked.

UNA dare
The camp of Vice President Jejomar Binay on Wednesday also dared Duterte to honor the bank waiver he previously signed and allow the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) to pry into his assets and those of his closest of kin.

At the same time, United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) campaign communications director Joey Salgado challenged other presidential bets to do the same to allay suspicions that they have hidden wealth.

“The Vice President has said this last Sunday and we will say it again: Kung talagang wala kayong itinatago, ang aming hamon: Magpa-AMLC din kayo. At ilabas ninyo ang inyong SALN at Income Tax Returns [If yo[If you’re not hiding anything, we dare you to allow the AMLC to check your assets. Bring out your SALN]algado said.

SALN refers to Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth and AMLC, to the Anti-Money Laundering Council.

The UNA statement was issued after Trillanes claimed that Duterte did not declare in his SALN his P211 million bank deposit.

Salgado bewailed that when Binay first issued the challenge, none of the presidential candidates responded.

On March 14, Duterte and his running mate Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano signed a manifesto that stated that they “pledge to open all our bank accounts in local and foreign currencies both here and abroad in the interest of transparency and accountability.”

“Ipinagmalaki ng kampo ni Mister Duterte na siya raw ay pumirma ng waiver para buksan ang kaniyang bank accounts. Kanina ay naibalita sa isang pahayagan na mayroon siyang P211 million sa bangko na hindi niya nadeklara sa kanyang SALN. Nang tanungin si Mr. Duterte kung pipirma sya ng waiver, ang sagot niya ay hindi [They [They bragged that Duterte signed a waiver that will allow the opening of his bank accounts. When he was asked if he will sign a waiver, he answered no]algado said.

“Mukhang press release lang ang bank waiver na yon [That [That bank waiver was just a press release]e added.

The Vice President earlier signed a bank waiver, giving the AMLC access to his bank accounts as well as those owned by his spouse and children.


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  1. Duterte just laugh at this. Duterte is always one step ahead from the rest. For him this is cheap. Si Poe huwag na syang sumawsaw, ang focus nya ay dapat doon sa asawa nya na nagdenounce ng US citizenship nya sa Barangay Kapitan, WHAT? ito talaga klarong lokohan.

    • nakakaintindi kaba>? mag isip ka nga twice, hndi kalokohan yan ang hindi pag deklara ng SALN taga gobyerno kc, ay bawal

      tandaan mo ang yaman na hindi nadeklara sa SALN ay nakaw

    • Ikaw yata Ang Hindi nakakaintindi at yung pinakita ng idol walang authentication ng BPI ibig sabihin Fake! Strategy Lang yan ng idol para sirain si Duterte at laging No.1 Sa Survey Getz mo! Politics yan Ang mga kalaban ni Duterte ay desperado Na.

  2. armando astudillo on

    See? As if Poe is making good the common perception that she and Trillianes are a partnership for some dubious agenda thus showing her true colors..

  3. yes let us save this country from demon like Duterte. In the MBC he told his audience, who are the elite business owners and joined by some diplomats, that he will not allow Congress, the Commission on Human Rights and the Ombudsman to impede him in his operation against criminal elements.
    This to me spells disasters. magkakagulo. Let us prevent him from taking Malacanang while we still have time. Poe is greedy and has an amaturish view of the issues the Philippines need to address. In the last debate, i saw Mar to be the one who can be trusted to lead.

  4. As the saying goes you cannot put a good man down.Trillanes is like a dog barking under the tree to dramatized support of Poejuangco which is trailing behind Mayor Duterte.Why only now did they issue these fabricated lies it should have been before Duterte declare his candidacy for President.Purely mudslinging Duterte for real change 2016.

  5. Let the good senator prove his allegations and not duterte who’s denying them. Now binay’s camp is singing to the tune of WAIVER he should had done that during the senate hearings on binay family corruption charges. Shame shame shame?

  6. It is easy and simple, in order to humiliate the accuser Trillanes, Duterte should just sign a waiver, after all he says he is brave and daring at hindi daw siya berdugo ng bulsa ng mga tao.

    It is well known in the elite circles in Davao City the kickbacks the Duterte Family gets from various projects, including lucrative contracts with the city and the daily kickbacks/bribes in Custom in the Port of Davao.

    It is might be worthwhile to check the lifestyle of his children, the mansion and fleet of cars they can afford to buy.

    It is easy to check if the account at BPI is existing, just make a P500 pesos deposit in any BPI branch and if the bank accepts your deposit, then the account is existing.

  7. Josemakabayan on

    Kung walang tinatago dapat lang mayor na pumirma ka ng waiver.
    Bayaan mo maimbestigahan kung lehitmo ba o hindi ang pinanggalingan ng pera.
    Kung ayaw mo at di mo maipaliwanag yan sa isipan ng mga tao yan ay galing sa ilegal.
    Ano’t anuman mayor kung manalo ka man may paraan para malaman ng publiko ang katotohanan at ikaw ay mapatalsik!!
    May impeachement katulad ng pagpapatalsik kay dating CJ Corona!!!!
    Masakit un mayor, ginto na naging bato pa!!!!!’

  8. PEOPLE BEWARE OF DUTERTE, he is espousing a revolutionary government. Read the signs, the founder of CPP-NPA, Joma Sison who has been exiled for 30yrd, is going back here when duterte gets elected for what? For alleged peace process? Dont be fooled! Isnt it that what the communists are espousing is to have a revolutionary government where communist way of life is established and followed.

    Duterte is the biggest threat to our democracy. Duterte is already laying the ground work for the establishment of a strongman rule. He is condition the mind of the people that he needs to be unhampered by the institutions established in the constitution to safeguard our democracy i.e. congress, CHR, Ombudsman, warning thrm not to interfere with his alleged crime fighting or else.

    Wake up people, we are being lulled by the promise of his alleged crusade of eradicating criminality while the devious scheme of creeping communism is setting upon us. We all know what happened to cambodia, vietnam under communist rule, very oppressive regime where millions died.

  9. Olivia Charlotte Limcangco on

    Let’s promote transparency and accountability in government! The people should have the assurance that the next leaders of this country is not hiding their true self under a mask. Poe never lied about anything that’s why she is my president!

    • Allegations of PH211M deposit by digong and sarah not yet proven. Let Trillianes proved it.ingat Lang sa salita,Baka dila moy mapitpit,kamay maipit at 2m-bong moy tamaan Ng naglalagablab na lintik?

    • Hindi pa nga napatunayan e guilty verdict agad. Halatang paninira Lang yan at tinanggihan ni DUTERTE si Trillanes maging running mate Nya. Kaya hayan pumuputok Ang buchi at kulelat sa survey. Baka nalimutan mo si Trillanes Ang nag back Chanel sa China tungkol sa atin Scarborough Shoal at tignan mo Kung sino Ang nasa SS ngayon. Treason yan! Pag Naging presidente si DUTERTE e marahil ibabalik Nya Ang Death Penalty at Sigurado maraming masasalang mga Walanghiya sa atin bansa.

    • Poe never lied anything? She said she never signed the coco levy but documents shows she affix her signature. How about her residency status in Philippines? she lied on it. She told the media that she is against death penalty but she raised her hand favoring it during the 2nd debate in Cebu. Never been a liar ha?

  10. Kung wala naman talagang tinatago mag labasan ng mga bank account. para sa sang bayanang pilipino walang kasinungalingan dapat duterte.

  11. Licerio Antiporda IV on

    The money might have been deposited just recently for his campaign expenditures and came from donors. The money was deposited in BPI, Pasig City and most likely, that bank account didn’t even exists before Duterte filed his SALN. His personal assets and bank deposits would be in Davao City, NOT in Pasig City. Besides, the P211 Million is only a change (barya lang) comparing to more than couple of Billions Pesos already spent each by Roxas, Poe, and Binay. .

    All his political opponents are gang-banging on him because he is pulling away on surveys. There has been so many accusations thrown at him as well, but that did not do any damage, as of yet.

    • then when he was asked by Karen Davila to name his biggest donor why he had become evasive by saying it was Emilio
      Aguinaldo. what a crap!. Wake up people this man is evil and dirty. he could not even travel to US and the UN for fear of arrest. anong mapapala natin sa demonyong sinungaling na ito!!!!

    • Ay ano ba yan?akala ko ko ba dahil sa pagmamahal niya sa bayan kahit buhay niya itataya niya? Anong nagyari kung wala ka talagang itinatago di ilantad mo at saka mo sila pagmumurahin at sermunan dahil gaya nga ng sabi mo galit ka sa mga magnanakaw di ba isang uri din iyan ng pagnanakaw?pagnanakaw ng atensiyon dahil nangunguna ka sa mga survey ?ito ang pinaka tamang paraan kastiguhin mo ang lahat nag mga nagnanakaw ng atensiyon para mapansin lang sila bigyan mo sila ng magandang halimbawa kung ano ba talaga ang ginagawa mo sa mga magnanakaw at kasuhan ng libelo dahil sa paninirang puri sayo ito na marahil ang tamang panahon para malaman nila talaga na di ka nagbibiro sa mga sinasabi mo.PEACE TO ALL

    • Honest? Neg neg mo! Nabasa mo ba yung balita sa PDI at Ang enendorsed ng mga FILAMS sa US ay si Roxas at Robredo at Hindi si GPL. Kung malakas Ang pick up mo e Getz mo Kung ano Ang ibig sabihin Nila.

  12. Yes Duterte, open your bank accounts kung talagang wala kang tinatago, ipakita mo sa bansa at sa mga tao na wala ka ngang tinatago. Patunayan mo na totoo yang sinasabi mo hindi yang namimintang ka sa ibang tao ng mga ginawa nila sa iyo ang mga ganitong bagay.

    • Mark, sino ang nagbibintang eh hindi ba sina Trillanes? the burden of proof is in their hands. Prove with substantial evidence the allegation against Duterte not with excell sheets and deposit slip. Anyone can deposit any amount to anybody’s account if you know the account number. Duterte did not deny the existence of his bank account which Trillanes showed to the public but the alleged amount of 211 million is fabricated according to Duterte. Trillanes should prove the 211 million under oath on the court and not by media publicity. Kulelat kasi kaya nag-iingay.

  13. A man like Duterte is not the type to trust for the Presidency. The wealth of Duterte came from Davao’s rampant smuggling, revolutionary tax, and drugs. We all thought that this demon is a man who has nothing to pursue his candidacy but all the while he pockets all the money from Davao’s illegal activities and spends the money from China for his candidacy. Mas masahol pa pala etong Demonyong Duterte kaysa kay Binay. We only have less than two weeks before the elections and for this let us pray to keep and save the Philippines from the Filipino demons like Duterte and some corrupt politicians. Pare-pareho lang pala ang mga u-ugod-ugod na mga candidato sa pagnanakaw ng pera.

    • Keem Wong, your allegation against Duterte are all hearsay. Can you show any proof to substantiate your allegations? I bet you do not have any. Kung wala kang maipapakitang katibayan manahimik ka na lang dahil lumalabas na ikaw ang demonyo sa mga akusasyon mo.