• Poe verdict will cost the court and the nation more


    The Supreme Court verdict allowing Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares to run in the May election has cost her and her financiers a lot of treasure. It will cost the Court and the nation more by the time the reckoning is over.

    In ignoring the constitutional provisions for certain qualifications for candidates for president, the Court sent the Constitution into exile, and suspended the rule of law. This will galvanize people into action.

    The verdict’s impact on the presidential race could be seismic–causing major realignments, creating coalitions, perhaps effecting the withdrawal of some candidates.

    Obsessed with retaining some power and influence after the elections, President BS. Aquino meddled in the Court’s voting by ordering SC justices he appointed to support Ms Poe. Money did the rest of the talking.

    There’s talk that two former chief justices did the legwork for Ms. Poe’s camp in persuading and cajoling the justices to vote in Ms. Poe’s favor. She had money to burn.

    A cowardly, hair-splitting decision
    The score went 9 to 6 for Ms. Poe.

    The majority decision, along with the concurring and dissenting opinions, has yet to be released by the high court. The ponencia still has to be written by the justice newly designated to write it — Justice Jose Perez.

    In announcing the decision, court spokesman Theodore Te told the media:

    “I am authorized to say that there will be four concurring opinions to the Majority Decision, and five dissenting opinions. Please note that since the Court has only authorized the release of the vote, it may not be safe to report which ground the Court ruled upon and used as basis for the vote, i.e., between citizenship and residence. Thus, it may be best to simply say, ‘the SC grants Senator Poe’s petitions, 9-6,’ allowing her to run for the presidency.”

    The court was cowardly in refusing to rule declaratively on the citizenship and residency issues. This suggests that there will be a lot of hair-splitting in the justification of the ruling.

    How the voting went
    This is how the voting went:
    Four appointees of President Aquino were among the nine who voted to allow Poe to be included in the May presidential election, namely: Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno, Marvic Leonen, Francis Jardeleza and Benjamin Caguioa, Aquino’s latest appointee to the tribunal.

    They were joined in the majority decision by senior Associate Justices Presbitero Velasco, Diosdado Peralta, Lucas Bersamin, Jose Perez and Jose Mendoza.

    The six in the minority included Senior Associate Justices Antonio Carpio, Arturo Brion and Teresita Leonardo de Castro; and associate justices Mariano del Castillo, Estela Perlas-Bernabe, and Bienvenido Reyes.

    The six deserve the nation’s gratitude for squarely upholding the rule of law and the Constitution. They appear ready and willing to take a bullet for the nation, while the other nine ran to the arms of the oligarchs.

    Significantly, a number of justices who were never heard from during the oral arguments on the petitions, got suddenly active during the voting.

    The comparative integrity or dishonesty of the justices will be unveiled by their opinions, which will show their justifications for their vote. The rigors of reasoning and the test of legal erudition will measure them all.

    The court spokesman could only promise the release of the decision in the next few days, which means nothing substantial can be written now because we don’t know yet whether the court has ruled on the citizenship and residency issues, or on only one of the two.

    From my lay understanding of law and the Constitution, there’s one thing that must be said even at this point when we are still waiting for the decision and opinions.

    The Court’s verdict deserves respect.

    But the Constitution is supreme, paramount, and superior to any decision of the court.

    The Supreme Court is only a creature created by the Constitution; it cannot trump its creator.

    The public knows this, and will remember this.

    Shock, dismay and anger
    I share the shock and dismay of the private petitioners, who fully expected the High Court to uphold the Comelec decision to disqualify Ms. Poe.

    On my part, I am greatly surprised that the Sereno court did not have the guts to shut down Ms. Poe’s scheme to lie and buy her way to the presidency. But for some new appointees, this is the same court that confidently defanged Aquino’s Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP). I expected it to have a little more fortitude and integrity.

    Certain questions press for answers.

    What is the Court’s compelling argument of principle to justify its ruling?

    With all his appointed justices voting for Ms. Poe, did President Aquino, therefore confirm that Grace Poe is his candidate for president? What happens now to Mar Roxas?

    Will the President ride two horses in the May balloting?

    Does this verdict reduce the May election into an auction of the Presidency to the one who is prepared to spend the most money? Is the Philippines about to formally become a plutocracy?

    These unpleasant questions must wait until answers can be found and facts are established.

    How the presidential race will change

    With BS Aquino going to bed with Grace, does their pairing strengthen their respective political positions? I believe it will weaken them both.

    By meddling and strong-arming the High Court, Aquino does not make himself more of a factor in the elections, but more of a curse. He has saddled himself with an awkward problem—how to announce formally his support for Grace Poe in place of Mar Roxas? He will face disobedience from his party’s ranks and his administration when he issues political and administrative orders. Disobedience is the thing that will erode and diminish his authority and political capital.

    If Mar Roxas breaks away for being betrayed again by Aquino (Aquino betrayed him the first time in 2010), he could strengthen his hand by breaking free and becoming his own man. He could be fiercer as an enemy than as a friend.

    With Abad and other top administration officials already working in his campaign and with much of the public financing already set, Roxas will continue to have access to the largesse of government. He has the local machinery to count on.

    If Mar can change and sharpen his message, we may find a new Mar Roxas rising from the ruins. He will not talk about Daang Matuwid anymore.

    Grace Poe on the other hand must brace herself for the blowback from this travesty decision of the SC. There will be public indignation. Most people will blame her for corrupting their Supreme Court.

    Grace will face a sustained negative advertising campaign ahead – one that will play up all her issues, being a liar, a thief, a cheat, and a corruptor.

    She will become what many feared (I was the first to say so) – a Manchurian candidate.

    After recovering from the shock, the Binay and Duterte campaigns will regroup and sharpen their message and strategy.

    Everyone will redouble their efforts. Only Miriam seems out of it because of her health and lack of organization.

    Bongbong Marcos, after being specially targeted by Aquino and the administration, will find himself an object of courtship by several presidential candidates.

    Most unexpected of all, some candidates may decide to coalesce for a united front against Grace Poe and BS Aquino.

    This is not unlikely. The situation is fluid and volatile. Anything can happen.

    The only thing certain now is that Aquino is a lame duck. His number is up. He will be gone from Malacañang on June 30. Then will begin the reckoning for this earthquake that he has caused in the Supreme Court and the election.



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    1. Kung ayaw nyo kay GP eh bumoto kau para sa kandidato nyo. Hindi lang kayo ang PILIPINO. Kami din PILIPINO. At gusto namin si GP. Sabi ng marami dito DISQUALIFIED. Pero hindi nangyari. Bakit? Kase tulad ng pinagdesisyunan ng mga 9 na Justices, ganoon din ang opinion namin.

      Hindi pinanigan ang Opinion nyo. At yun Pagboto ng mga Justice pabor man o hindi ay desisyon nakaatang sa kanila. Hindi kahit kaninong mayabang dito na may opinion.

      Meron kaibahan ang mga sumusoprta kay GP at sa inyong mga hindi. KAMI pinagdarasal namin parati na sana pumabor ang korte kay GP. Kayo siguradong sigurado kayo na kayo ang tama. Eh mabait ang DIYOS. Pinakingan ang panalangin namin.

      Kaya kayong mga masasamang magsalita. Tingnan nyo ang PUSO nyo. Baka puro karunungan lang ang nangingibabaw sa inyo.

      WISDOM comes from GOD. KNOWLEDGE is learned.

      • You’re missing the point! The nerve to invoke God’s name! He is a God of truth, order and justice!

    2. mr.E.A.Eisden on

      Woe what a bunch of highly educated justices in law science commenting and scorning the SC.
      The SC passed a very well motivated ruling!
      It hasnt violated any constitution at all by giving an interpretation which is in accordance to modern time and international treaty laws>
      So all those who are screaming at the top of their head tht the SC ruled in an arbitrary way, pls see if there is a way to activate your worthless brains and if succesfully activated do yourself a big favor and : GO TO SCHOOL.

    3. a natural born filipini citizen are those who do not undergo any process to get…. meaning by virtue of being born as a filipino. what if you renounce it take oath on another country then you are not a filipino citizen anymore…… then one day you want to get it back… you ” re acquire” it by undergoing a process of naturalization or “re acquiring “that citizenship…… now can you be consider a natural born or a naturalized filipino citizen? the word ” re-acquire” is the operative word here… in the case of POE…… i am convinced that she can be consider as a natural born but a “naturalized filipino by virtue of re acquisition of the citizenship she onced renounced….

      • neil tristan yabut on

        yo, read r.a. 9225. it says it’s as if you never lost your citizenship in the first place

    4. lost respect with our supposed to be the last recourse, the Supreme Court. My children abhor you. I can’t find a word to scorn you. I am burning with fury with your mockery of our constitution. If I could only crush you into pieces…

    5. If the court ruled that all foundlings are natural born citizen, lahat ng foreigner pwede maging natural born na rin, kasi ang gagawin lang nila sa tunay na anak nila palalabasin na foundling… So instead of undergoing naturalization process they might as well adopt their own children..:)

    6. With Binay leading on poll surveys, Paquiao’s chances of being elected senator while admiring him as a great boxer, China’s occupation of Philippine islands, and Manila’s choking environment, give me that miserable feeling of not returning to the Philippines.
      With this Supreme Court’s decision, re: Poe’s qualification, it finally shield my desire to abandon the Philippines. Sadly, my beloved Philippines is LOST!

    7. The Constitution is dead. Unrestrained naked force reigns supreme. And now, we are in for a time of troubles.
      The Constitution has now been relegated to the status of ‘toilet paper’ by nine treasonous justices who breached the public trust. By destroying the document that is the basis of their exalted positions, these magistrates may have sown the seeds for a jacobin response that will justify their own execution for treason.
      With naked force ruling the day, what would prevent the holders of organized force in the Philippine Polity from taking power for themselves. It was only the Constituion that was keeping the lid on latent military resentment and keeping them respectful of the supremacy of civilian rule over the military. Now that the Consitution has been torn to shreds it is open season for almost anything. After a jacobin response and a consequent thermidorian reaction, we may see a FIlipino Napoleon rising to power amidst the anarchiy that the absence of Constitutional Rule brings.
      In this context the coming elections has been relegated to inconsequnce. Grace Poe’s overweening ambitions and the manipulative actions of putative plutocrats may be the straw that breaks the camels back of the proto-democratic instituions of the Philippines.
      As for these nine treasonous magistrates the grace of mercy and forgiveness in the phrase “forgive them Father for they know not what they are doing” cannot apply at all. For they knew exactly what they were doing and forgiveness for them is totally out of the question.
      May God have mercy on their souls.


    9. With Sereno as Chief Injustice, pwede nang tumakbo ang mga Sirena, Shokoy, Tikbalang, kahit Mga Manananggal…at mga baboy! Palitan na ang pangalan ng Pilipinas sa Babuyan Island at Babuyan na dahil kay PorkNoy!

    10. it’s hard to accept this decision; but it’s harder to respect SC anymore, whatever their explanations are. yes, grace can expect more intensified negative publicity against her.

    11. The time for diplomacy is over, the time for war has come. Democracy is dead, government has become the tyrant. Time to initiate the last protocol and invoke the people’s God given and inherent right – that is to recall it’s power from this government and tore the contract that binds it from them. This government and all its dirty politics have abdicate and consolidate all its power to favor the syndicate of traitors to this country. They all must be punished for their treason. The law is dead, the courts long paid and Congress bought. It is now the government of the few, the wealthy and powerful, and the church that blessed them. If you want all to be free, act! The time has come to burn the old and start a new. Siegriech!

      • neil tristan yabut on

        dude, how can you even expect to mobilize people to revolt if you can’t even spell words from 2 languages correctly?

    12. The time for diplomacy is over, the time for war has come. Democracy is dead, government has become the tyrant. Time to initate the last protocol and invoke the people’s God given and inherent right – that is to recall it’s power from this government and tore the contract that binds it from them. This government and all its drty politcs have abdcate and consolidate all its power to favor the syndcate of trators to this country. They all must be punshed for their treason. The law s dead, the courts long paid and Congress bought. It is now the government of the few, the wealthy and powerful, and the church that blessed them. If you want all to be free, act! The time has come to burn the old and start a new.

    13. The time for diplomacy is over, the time for war has come. Democracy is dead, government has become the tyrant. Time to initiate the last protocol and invoke the people’s God given and inherent right – that is to recall it’s power from this government and tore the contract that binds it from them. This government and all its dirty politics have abdicate and consolidate all its power to favor the syndicate of traitors to this country. They all must be punished for their treason. The law is dead, the courts long paid and Congress bought. It is now the government of the few, the wealthy and powerful, and the church that blessed them. If you want all to be free, act! The time has come to burn the old and start a new.

    14. The only thin thread that hold this nation intact is the SC , our belief in the rule of law. The atmosphere of mistrust against the executive. And legisltive arm of government have deteriorated us to be a nation of anarchist. The cancer of corruption have reach us to the lowest bgy level where even bgy officials are look upon to by the citizenry as corrupt. People only obeys laws by choice, criminality is rampant but govt seems not to notice and always tries to shove ito our throats statistics , as if statistics can keep us safe, provide jobs or even feed our family. With the prostitution of the highest court of the land by throwing away the constitution out of the window, by believing that the masses are stupid and can be continually insulted ,controlled and plundered. The danger of People revolution is now an open possibility. It might not be obvious at the momment but the tide is starting to nuild. If Edsa was a revolution led by oligarch supported by the masses. We are looking at a revolution led by the masses against the oligarch. Marcos controlled the country by martial law, the current governmant controlled the country by media opinions and mind manipulation. Statistics will not feed the hunger this country feels, promises will not cover the obviousness that we are still the weak man of asia and a country slave, propaganda can never cover the obvious that we could not even defend our self against the influx of drugs, smuggling, slavery, human trafficking , so much more to protect our sovereignthy against foreign power. It is obvious that we as a nation to protect our selves have to accept american slavery. This is the legacy that the current candidates wishes to continue. Hope that we as a nations should wake up early , that we should decide correctly and choose our leaders wisely before it is too late.

    15. The Cojuangcos, Abnoy and Danding, are taking the Filipinos”for a ride”, to keep their power and extend their control of the govt.

    16. Can’t really imagine how Grace Poe if she wins the presidency govern without a conflict of interest. Her immediate family are American citizens and bars them from sitting with her in Malacanang. Will Llamanzares be allowed to sit with her during cabinet meetings? I am afraid this will break up the family.

      • Hindi lang kayo ang Pilipino dito. Tanga lang ang magsabi na hindi Pilipino si Grace Poe. Bakit? Ipagtabi nyo siya sa kahit kaninong Pilipino at sabihin mong Foreigner siya. Ang hirap sa mga tao alam naman ang tama eh ayaw tangapin. Lahat binabaluktot.

        Panalangin na lang natin na sino man manalo ay gumawa ng tama. Tulad ng FOI, tama yan. Isulong ang mga magagandang adhikain.

        Si Mar Roxas hindi bagay maging Pangulo. Bakit? Dahil nung Yolanda, hindi nya matingnan si Romualdez bilang isang Pilipino na humihingi ng saklolo, bagkus ang tingin nya kalaban sa Politika at di dapat tulungan, dapat batikusin. Tsk tsk, Paano maging presidente ang ganyan, presidente lang ng mga kakampi nya.

        Lagot kayo pag nanalo si BBM. Bakit? Kase, gagawa yun ng mga kabutihan upang makabawi sa mga Pilipino. Oo. Marami sinaktan ang Tatay nya. Kaya nga hangang ngayon masama loob ng mga inapi nya. Pero ang pangako ng EDSA hindi tinupad. Kaya kung manalo si BBM, pipilitin nya na ironically, siya ang magbibigay katuparan ng mga mithiin na minsan din ay ganon para sa bayan ang inasam ng lahat ng naging Pangulo kasama si FM.

        Si Grace Poe nga lang ang pinakamahina sa mga kandidato kung kwalepikasyon. Pero lahat ng tumatakbo puro mayayabang at parang sobra galing. Ni minsan hindi mo nabalitaang nanghina. Mas gusto ko si GP. Alam nya mga layunin nya at alam din nya na mahirap ang tungkulin upang mapatupad ito kaya MADASALIN sya tulad naming mga umaasa at patuloy na nagtratrabaho ngunit minsan walang magagawa. Ang pagdarasal sa MAYKAPAL ay isang senyales kung anong klaseng tao ka. Kaya tama lang at PUSO ang slogan nya.

    17. If in the May 2007 elections, the government agencies possibly involved and may have relations in the confidential document were Office of the President, Comelec, National Printing Office, BSP and National Treasury, will it be possible that if the same circumstance will happen, this will now include the Supreme Court of the Philippines?

      • The Aquinos, mother and son, provided the curse that has led the Philippines to perdition. First, Cory created the money-gobbling monster Nognog by appointing him as OIC of Makati. Now, PeNoy repeated history by appointing power-hungry but inexperienced teacher Grace to be the chairman of the Movie Review Board, a position that will catapult her to the presidency. Good, PeNoy has no scion as his SO is questionable. Who knows what havoc a third Aquino appointee can do for the country?

    18. PGMA, according to confidential document available, had let BSP print P40 Trillion Philippine Currency and one of the objectives carried was that PGMA paid all election officials and influenced the results of the May 2007 elections. PNoy did not cause any investigation about the matter after assumption in office. Is there any possibility that this could be repeated this coming May 2016 elections? Only asking so the Filipino people will be informed.

      • I am just wondering where you get this info.? Do you know how big 40 trillion pesos is ? Our annual budget is 2trillion pesos. Imagine you will flood the market of 40 trillion pesos. The whole economy will collapse.

    19. Ang mga justices ba ang bayad o ang taong ito? Ilabas nyo ang mga ebidensya at mga taong magpapatunay dito, kung wala, please review your code of ethics… Responsible journalism, 2016 na!

    20. carmen natividad on

      So may people looking at the political perspective and not considering the bigger picture. The Supreme Court decided in favor of Grace Poe and for the right of other foundlings. I commend the for a job well done.

      • No one is stopping foundlings from running for as long as they meet the qualifications stated in our CONSTITUTION!

      • Luis Cahigas Jr on

        This is not about politics, this is about the Constitution. If Grace Poe did not satisfy the requirements of her citizenship and length of stay in the Philippines, then why is she allowed to run on the basis of she being a foundling?

      • My friend, the point here is not about the right of foundlings. The question is, “Is she a natural born Filipino? and “Did she qualify for the 10 years residency as required by our Constitution?”

    21. I am just happy that the majority of the Justices voted for Senator Grace Poe not to be disqualified. or else, it will hurt millions of foundlings. And to the rest of the comments, her husband and Brian will be able to vote for her,

      • What is 4000 ++ number of foundlings compared to 80 million to be affected because of this dangerous precedent?

      • yehey for the foundlings.. kawawa naman ang sambayanan. kung 5 million ang foundlings, 95 million na pilipino ang naperwisyo.

      • Your comment reflects how misinformed you are. Firstly, Poe’s family are ALL US CITIZENS so they won’t be able to vote regardless if they want to. Second ans most importantly,it’s not about being a foundling but her being a natural born citizen. When she renounced her Filipino citizenship to acquire US citizenship, she gave away ALL her rights to being a Filipino, including that of being a natural born Filipino. You don’t reacquire that when you AGAIN swore allegiance to the Philippine flag UNLESS you are physically born again! It’s very simple constitutional requirement which is why it disgusts a lot of Filipinos who still yearn for the laws to be upheld with honor and integrity. Your comment disgusts me.

      • Paano makaboto ang husband ni Poe american citizen xa, Wala na talagang pagka nationalism ng atin supreme court. Pwede na ang isang Pilipino na itakwil nya ang kanyang Pilipino Citezen at tatakbong Presidente ng Pilipinas. Nasaan kana Bayan ko?

    22. It will cost the court and the nation more if the ruling was not in favor of poe. are we just gonna take away the rights of foundlings to be considered as natural-born filipinos? if that happens, there will be second class citizens and that would be unfair to them.

      I highly think that the SC made the right decision and they avoiding harming the rights of foundlings and global filipinos.

      • It’s not her being a foundling which is the main concern here. The rules said she must be natural born citizen. When she renounces her Philippine citizenship to be a US citizen, she gave away all her rights to being a Filipino including her natural born right. Do you really want this traitor to her Filipino roots allowed to be a presidential candidate? Worst, do we really want a person who easily betrayed both oath of citizenships (Philippines and US) to end up occupying the highest post in the land? This disgusts me to the core. If you’re not, then you don’t love this country at all.

    23. Francheska Ramos on

      When this started, I thought it would be a miracle to win this case. Because of the conventional view of law as black letter law that yields only one narrow interpretation. Because of the makeup of the Court – the political and ideological makeup. Because of what we were up against – the rivals who could not win if Poe was on the ballot. But right and good was on our side. And that’s why it’s a grand slam.
      9-6 is huge in a case like this and especially because we started, in my view, with very bad numbers. At the beginning, I thought Poe just had three votes. I based that estimate on the human rights records and/or affiliations of some of the Justices. But when the orals happened and I heard the arguments, and put myself in the shoes of the Justices, I knew we could win this. The moral and legal superiority of our position was just so clear that I knew that Por would, absent politics and corruption, would get the majority.
      In the end, I guessed right on the voting. But I thought it would be 11-4 with Bernabe and Reyes, both Aquino appointees, also voting for Poe. I wonder who among the 9 will be the ponente. I hope they would settle the substance and lay down good liberal doctrines on citizenship & residence. Regardless, this is a big victory for foundlings and global Filipinos- duals, OFWS, migrants, etc.

    24. pilipino maharlika on

      “…The majority decision, along with the concurring and dissenting opinions, has yet to be released by the high court. The ponencia still has to be written by the justice newly designated to write it — Justice Jose Perez..”

      If that is the case, decision after ponencia. Wow! grace poe in and our Constitution became the foundling!

      “When the judiciary mediates to allocate constitutional boundaries, it does not assert any superiority over the other departments; it does not in reality nullify or invalidate an act of the legislature, but only asserts the solemn and sacred obligation assigned to it by the Constitution to determine conflicting claims of authority under the Constitution and to establish for the parties in an actual controversy the rights which that instrument secures and guarantees to them.
      — Justice Jose P. Laurel[1]

      The role of the Constitution cannot be overlooked. It is through the Constitution that the fundamental powers of government are established, limited and defined, and by which these powers are distributed among the several departments.[2] The Constitution is the basic and paramount law to which all other laws must conform and to which all persons, including the highest officials of the land, must defer.[3] Constitutional doctrines must remain steadfast no matter what may be the tides of time. It cannot be simply made to sway and accommodate the call of situations and much more tailor itself to the whims and caprices of government and the people who run it.[4]…”

    25. It is interesting to note that a few days before the SC decision on the Grace Poe disqualification cases was made public the Nationalist People’s Coalition of Eduardo Cojuangco of the Aquino- Cojuangco Oligarchy announced the party was adopting Poe as its presidential candidate. Who are the other filthy rich businessman bankrolling Poe’s campaign?

    26. renato irlanda on

      watch out for another SC palabas
      if ever Grace Poe loses in the presidential elections i’m very sure that she’ll again run to the supreme court and cry discrimination against foundlings and candidates lacking the residency requirement
      this time the SC with the nine “for sale judges” will rule that Poe has been discriminated upon and will naturally do the right thing which would be to disqualify Binay, Duterte, Santiago, and Roxas for being natural born citizens and for having resided in the Philippine for the last ten years

    27. Nine justices, bought and paid for. Sell-outs. Nothing changes in the Philippines! Will the Filipinos be mad as hell? Will they allow these nine justices to subvert the Constitution? As they say, “abangan”, or wait and see. Meanwhile, Heaven help the Philippines!

      I eagerly await for the publication of the opinions of the 9 justices and find out their legal rationalization for their decision. If any opinion directly runs contrary to the text of the Constitution, then steps should be undertaken by concerned citizens as soon as possible to impeach that justice, as justice moves so slowly and at a snail-pace in the Philippines. I know that there’s a lot of SC legal jurisprudence on the issue of residency and natural-born citizenship. These SC cases and decisions should be thrown back at these judges to show how they ignored and abandoned them for the sake of their personal agenda and self-interest.

      It is time for the betrayed Mar Roxas to cut his own path. His “daang matuwid” slogan does not resonate with the people as it often reminds them of PNoy. He and his advisers should have a “war room” to counteract any lie and accusations that are thrown against him by the other candidates. At this point in time, he is the least of all evils, and he must show that he has a vision for the Philippines that would benefit and advance its people. So far, some of his humorous riposte against Duterte seem to be working. More of the same, and a more forceful attack mode will work! This is not an election to be conducted with good manners and polite discourse. The fate of the country is at stake!

      • The day before the decision, there was news that PNoy was paying some of the justices to DQ Poe. Whoever wrote this should apologize and issue and errata. Even if some of the justices were paid, the money was not to DQ Poe but to allow her to run. What a country!

    28. At this time that tsayna has claimed sovereignty over the entire West Philippine Sea with benigno not doing anything about it and the Supreme Court of benigno has bastardized the Philippine Constitution coupled with benigno’s denial of ISIS in Mindanao, I guess it is time to start a new government of patriotic and law-abiding Filipinos (not citizens). But this will come at a price – a national discipline where a mischievous child will just have to accept the spanking from a parent who knows better.

      The first Executive Order will be giving full authority to Rodrigo Duterte to surgically discipline all drug lords, carnappers, kidnappers, smugglers, secessionists and jueteng lords in sixty (60) days. The second Executive Order is for Ping Lacson to remove/abolish all pork barrel allocated in the present national budget in whatever form and nature and use thereof for the next two years for building a credible national defense posture to include buying at least a weaponized unmanned aerial vehicle, twenty multi-role fighter jets and thirty patrol boats. The third EO will be for the Dept of Communications to provide a nationwide wifi service that shall make available all government services online and all documents viz government transactions available except those pertaining to national security.

    29. Truly, the recent decision of the supreme court was disgusting. Nababoy ang ating saligang batas; Ang supreme law of the land. Ang liwanag naman ng qualifications sa ating constitution tungkol sa mga nais na tumakbo bilang pangulo ng ating bansa; Simply ang pagkakahayag at malinaw ang sinasaad na provision para walang maging confusion sa interpretation ng supreme law. Pero bakit hindi pinagtibay ng mga 9 na justices ang simpleng provision na ito. Nakakalungkot na ang saligang batas na lang sana ang katigan nating mga simpeng mamamayan pero kaya palang tarantaduhin ng mga inaakala nating mga aral sa batas. Ano pa ngayon ang ating sasandalan? Kanino pa tayo tatakbo para sa tamang hustisya? Ano pa ang saysay ng SAligang batas kung ito pala ay nagagawang manipulahin ng iilang justices sa kung ano mang kadahilanan!
      Kawawang bansa kong Pilipinas. Gising kapwa kong pilipinong nagmamahal sa bansang Pilipinas! Gising po tayo at manindigan sa nararapat !

    30. All justices who voted in allowing Grace Llamanzares to run in Presidential election should be impeached and disbar them from performing their duties. They are considered Justice saboteurs. Shame on you!

    31. Each opinion, each vote that is democracy. The fact remains that a leading candidate has been cleared to achieve her possible presidential destiny without any legal impediments. This is an election so may the best candidate win but we should never predestine or judge what an honest presidential candidate will achieve in the future.

    32. danny cascolan on

      XLol there is nothing holy on this what craps that a group of aquino and arroyo appointed magistrates in a court of people’s institution that should have guarded the nation should be followed when they decide to overthrow and jeopardize our people, our nation and our Constitution??

      Pumasok na ang era sa pilipinas na wala nang tamang batas na susundin, really dangerous mabebenta lahat.

      Era uli ng kolonyal times, un maliit kawawa, un malaki at alyado sa malaki rules. But this time magevolve sa permanency of neoliberalist ownership ang bansa at walang lakas at titular na lang sovereignty ang citizenship ng masang pilipino.

    33. ernie del rosario on

      The VVPAT is God-sent amidst this sordid political developments. For with it cheating will be difficult to effect but let us STILL not put our guards down. The fight and our dogged watching shd remain. We should uphold, insist on, demand, force, its being implemented without any dilution of its designed intent or purpose. Let’s make the VVPAT and the RMA work together to preserve the sanctity of our votes.

    34. comment lang.. on

      sa simula’t simula pa lamang ramdam ko na na papabor ang korte suprema kay grace, WHY? sino ba ang nagluklok sa chief justice, ilan ba sa mga justices ang niluklok ni abnoy, sino ba nmang TANGA ang hindi tatangapin ang 50milyon para lang sa pagoo na payagang tumakbo si grace,kahiyahiya na tlaga ang PILIPINAS sa buong bansa hindi lang dahil puro MAGNANAKAW ang mga nkaupo sa gobyerno na pinamumunuan ng isang retarded at gahaman na pangulo ngayon naman ay ang mga silaw sa milyones na tinapal sa mukha nilang mga tagapagsunod sa batas ang binalewala ang kahulugan ng batas, sa mga justices na pumabor hindi niyo man lng inisip ang hirap ng pagsusunog niyo ng kilay para lang maging isang mahistrado ,tingalain ng mga tao dahil sa kahusayan niyo na ngayon ay binalewala nyo lamang dahil sa salapi. nakasaad sa biblia DON”T MAKE YOUR MONEY GOD, for it will not do any good for you, buhay pa kau sinusunog na ang mga kaluluwa niyo ngayon pa lang , mas lalo na tayong kakawawaing ng tsina dahil walang katuturan ang ating konstitusyon, kawawang PILIPINAS..

    35. A very incisive analysis of the political situation. The opposition will be well advised to regroup & unite in order to ascertain victory & discourage if not prevent cheating/manipulations of election results by Smartmatic/COMELEC. Best to watch/guard the TIKAS MACHINES.

      • I am now 67 yrs old. I have studied the definition of “natural born citizen ” in the constitution when I was still in high school- and until the 1987 constitution- nothing has changed much on the definition. It is only now that a ” FOUNDLING” is considered as a natural born! This Supreme Court has changed the constitution without any Concon, Con Ass, referendum or people’s initiative. This SUPREME COURT trashed our Constitution.

    36. I, too, am dismayed and perturbed or even enraged that 9 of the 15 supreme court justices sold their souls to the devil and trampled the Supreme law of the land for an American foundling. Only 6 of the 15 have the integrity and fortitude to uphold and respect the rule of law. Truly, this is a sad day in Philippine history. But we, the Maharlikas, must rise and depose these traitors from their seats in the highest court of the land where they do not belong. We should not and cannot succumb to these grievous act of the few. God be with us.

    37. Fred Pescador on

      “BS”Aquino had already”jump ship”long time ago when Mar Roxas never was ahead in the polls. That’s what a lot of Filipino politician is…

    38. The only thing certain now is that Aquino is a lame duck. His number is up. He will be gone from Malacañang

      The Oligarchs have run the Philippines into ruin the past 6 years and will continue to do so no matter which puppet is running the government.

      Get rid of the dynasties families that are looting the country, get rid of the families in government that are making it possible for the dynasty families to loot the country.


      Ignore the problem and accept that the people’s tax money is for the dynasty families and their minions running the government and not for the betterment of the country.

      • Those who are critical of PNoy should make a case that we would have been better off if Erap was the President for the past 5-1/2 years. Otherwise, just get it over with. He will be out soon.

        There is no assurance that the next President will do better than PNoy.

    39. cynthia eufemio on

      Of course it will not affect the result of election. Firstly, name is already printed on thr ballots. Binay is the man to beat always on top or second without backing from some really big businessman in the country. He is always consistent. I don’t believe much in survey.

    40. To any observant eye, a sort of quid pro quo arrangement has come to pass.

      Grace did her best to shield PNoy from constitutional and legal culpability in the reopening of the Enrile-led Mamasapano massacre probe earlier this year after cunningly gaining political mileage by putting much of the blame on him over the same tragedy last year.

      In return, PNoy through his appointees in the SC assured that Grace will also have no problems once her disqualification appeal reaches the High Court but only after sending her a chilling message earlier via the COMELEC decision disqualifying her and invalidating her COC..

    41. NO MORE CONSTITUTION! NO MORE RULE OF LAW. ANYTHING GOES! If a Lying Alien is allowed to run for president, any armed organization may overthrow the government and take over the country. It would be okay, kasi wala na batas.

      • with this divisive decision of the SC, people had been screaming and screaming some more, and at the top of their voices, until they run out of breath. then they calm down. the impunity continues and the screaming follows, and the rigmarole grinds on……..the Filipino people has a duty to enforce their sovereignty. they must show this by civil disobedience if their demand for the 9 injustices to resign for gutting the rule of law and for suppressing the Supreme Law of the land. if these acts go unacted, the natural course of things is to take arms and revolt. REVOLUTION!!!!!

    42. Common sense has taken a leave of absence in the Supreme Court, so star-struck as most of them were with Grace Llamanzares that we could surmise they started to believe she is indeed “anak ng tatay niyang si FPJ” as her campaign ads try to brainwash the public.

      Or else, for lack of legal/constitutional leg to stand on, they have borrowed the line the Senate Electoral Tribunal starring Tito Sotto that Grace represents the thousands of poor foundlings in the country and that denying her the chance to run for the highest post would be a disservice or injustice to these thousands of poor foundllngs!

      Say what!

      Levity aside, I would be very keen to know what is the legal/constitutional basis, if any that was used by the pro-Grace justices in their vote.

      Am not a lawyer or student of the law but I think the nine justices who ruled in favor of Poe would be having a lot of hair-splitting to do even if they put their collective minds into it to come up with convincing, acceptable and undisputable legal/constitutional basis for their vote.

      The constitution is very clear in its definition of who is a natural born citizen and in specifying the qualifications of candidates running for the presidency.

      Presumption cannot supplant what are clearly stated and stipulated under our fundamental law.

      • teodoro reynoso, kaya nga walang inilabas na ponente na nagsasaad ng dahilan bakit pabor sila kay llamanzares. hindi nila matapos gawin ang kanilang nakasulat na desisyon at paano sila nagdesisyon ng pabor. mahirap magisip ng dahilan na walang basehan sa sinasaad ng konstitusyon. para bang sinabi ng mayorya sa sc ng ilabas yung resulta ng kanilang botohan ay WALA LANG, BASTA LANG, GUSTO NAMIN E. ito lang yata ang desisyon ng sc na walang inilabas na ponente o isinulat na dahilan bakit sila bumoto ng ganoon. i maybe wrong but i think this is the first time the sc came out with a decision without accompanying ponente of the majority. am sure the minority has their own ponentes but it looks like the majority has none.

    43. Qualification for Philippine President according to the Constitution:

      1. natural born citizen of the Philippines:
      2. registered voter
      3. able to read and write
      4. at least 40 years of age on the day of election
      5. resident of the Philippines for at least 10 years immediately preceding the election.

      But subject to change with impunity by a majority vote of the justices of the Supreme Court without prior notice to the lawmakers and the sovereign Filipino people who ordained and promulgated the Constitution. Nawalan na tuloy ng saysay at halaga ang Saligang Batas natin. It is thrown down the drain or in the garbage bin. At nasagasaan na ng train. Onli n da Pilipins where people don’t really give a shit.!!!

      • ha ha ha, better nga palang lagyan ng asterisk at accompanying explanation ng comelec ang kanilang coc para maliwanag sa mga mag susumite ng coc in the future

    44. Leodegardo Pruna on

      What is not in the law is not part of the law. The law maybe harsh but it is the law. The law on qualification to be president is simply worded and the justices with all the learning they have could not have override what was in the law. Those who did must have sold their soul to mammon. The two retired Chief Justices who did a lot to mangle the situation and issue are bound to answer for their deed when their time come. But for now the only recourse that every Filipino must have is trust and mercy from the Lord. God save the Philippines.

    45. Huwag kalimutan Binay is also being supported by the Aquino’s… Walang Binay kung Di dahil Kay Cory…

    46. I was of the opinion she should be allowed to run & im glad she has been cleared. That said i dont want her to win. I was persuaded by the editorial from the philnews.com website. I agree her inexperience will or could cost the country dearly & i dont want that. I also dont want binay to win as he is the most corrupt. I would say roxas is the best bet for the country. But now the case is over with poe lets all get over it & move on & campaign for our candidate. Good luck to the Philippines.

    47. jeff jaramillo on

      Supreme Court distorted the law of the nation. It has gone to dictatorship by virtue of its power. It’s time to ignore the constitution

      Things would have been different if Abnoy did not successfully dislodge CJ Renato Corona.

      From the very beginning, there were doubts why one young Sereno was appointed CJ. Now, the picture is clear

      What do we do now?

    48. This Aquino administration has brought havoc to our nation. May God rebuke this man (Pnoy).

    49. What happend to the question of residency; what was the effect of the falsified or spurious birth certificate/adoption documents submitted as evidence; was the use of American passport after ‘reaquiring’ Philippine citizenship valid in this case as opposed to recent rulings of the SC of late; and, isn’t the general ruling on foundlings as naural-born citizens equivalent to legislation, etc., etc.?

      What happened to the case of former CJ Corona is ‘virtually’ repeated in the case of Poe-Llamanzares in a matter of months. What’s next and where else to go? Anyone who cares about the future of the country?

      Quo vadis Philippines?

    50. My condolence to you, Yen. Hoping you will finally find peace of mind, heart and soul and let it pass like water under the bridge. Layman that you are, you can never grasp the reasons, whethe legalese or journalese in the SC majority opinion. Stand aside because wala kang alam talaga.

    51. Watching the lady’s grace under pressure from poor losers I am more than convince that Poe is the least evil among the presidential candidates. I see no public indignation from the people but jubilant FPJ fans dancing with joy from the verdict. I even saw the beatific smile of commie Coliminares besides Poe at the Liwasang Bonifacio as she declared “sabi nga ni Panday sa bandang huli tayong mga inaapi ang siyang mananalo! I am glad that the nine SC justices underscored our right to choice who will lead this country after the presidential elections.Indeed Grace Poe created a seismic movement from the balance of political equation, Duterte and Binay becoming good bedfellows and Mar Roxas turning into a different man of himself sans the yellow cult.Take console that Noynoy is becoming a lameduck and panicking. But the verdict halted Bongbong Marcos march back to Malacanang as Poe remains Chiz formidable partner, a sigh of relief from Martial law victims. Your paper predicted a surge for Grace Poe in the surveys, the neutral political analyst Prof. Casiple said once it reaches 40% it becomes unstoppable. Dont get bonkers, this is what our election of 2016 is all about!

      • Daniel B. Laurente on

        We will remain naapi folks, “forever” over the coming years because the educated ones we presumed will lead us to better future and make our country a better place for everyone, the exodus will just continue for the poor and the elites will just enjoy the abundance of their exploits under the guardianship of the law twisted by the few. Good luck / no luck Philippines.

    52. Demetrio Ponce on

      Now that the Grace Poe Llamanzares and BS Aquino alliance is made clear, the only prudent step for the Filipino electorate, who are sick and tired of the incompetence and vindictiveness of Aquino, is to make sure that she is not elected President. That is the only way this administration of BS Aquino can be held into account.

    53. the day democracy in this country died, after nine Supreme Court (SC) justices who have been mandated by the Constitution to honor, obey and defend the Constitution, ‘

      But they clearly have to repay the monster who c installed them in the SC…. theSC justices raped and killed the Rule of Law and the very Constitution that they are suppose to defend and define…not usurped the sovereign power of Filipino people –

      Hindi natin pwedeng payagan ang manga animal nayan maupo…para lang pagsilbihan ang manga animal na NAGPAPAHIRAP SA BUHAY NG PILIPINO….. Lalo ngPu…..I Marivic Leonen na yan….. kung meroong sugapang traydor na kailganang mabitay…..siMarivic leonen na yun….ang iho de — yan ang nagdraft ngBBL naversion ni noynoy….kahit na hindi naging judge or trial lawyer…..binigay pa rin sakanya ni noynoy angSC …..at ngayon,nakikita nating lahatkung bakit……KAHIT ANONG GARAPAL….KAHIT NA KITANG KITA NGMANGA BULAG ANG DISQUALIFICATION NI GRACEPOE…..PINUWERSA PARIN NILA,MASUNOD LANG ANG AMO NILANG SI NOYNOY……KAWAWA ANG PILIPINO PAG TUMAGAL ANG MANGA JUDGES NA YAN SA KORTE SUPREMA NATIN…

    54. Julian Tulay on

      History always repeat itself. Abnoy’s grandfather was a Japanese collaborator during First World War, his Dad was Kumander Dante in disguise, Abnoy face look like a chameleon that change color, and her sister Kris admitted in national TV that she contracted ” tulo” . What a family?

    55. Grace Llamanzares is a LIAR, a THIEF, a CHEAT, a CORRUPTOR… The Abnoy-dominated SC allowed her to run for president, against the Constitution… We need to protect the Constitution.We need to protect our country. Is there someone who will lead us?

      • Will you be willing to be a part of a movement for a parallel government that shall pursue to make the country the best in the Asean Region – with or without benigno or the supreme court? Surely, all freedom-loving Filipinos will be one with us including those patriotic elements in the military. LKW never installed martial law but Singapore or even Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand are essentially still under martial law up to now – but they call it discipline.


    57. Huh ? your slip is showing,,,,,,,study the issues more.it is obvious you are not familiar with the Dual Citizenship law.
      Better be nice cuz a lot of the more intelligent and educated people have dual citizenship and it has nothing to do with patriotism but more for moving in a more globalized world.
      Remember our country is so backward that a lot of countries have little respect for
      the PH passport,,,,,,,,only when we develop our country to the level of those of the 1st world will we have the respect that we should strive for.
      The corruption , the crab mentality, the provincial and parochial attitudes we have masked in patriotism and nationalism is one of the causes of our DAMAGED CULTURE as defined by a well know write,,,,,,,look it up who said that ….

      • the more GPoe cannot be qualified being a DUAL CITIZEN intelligent boy. Dont make other Filipinos ignorant of the law. You belong to those causing the Philippines’ under development. Ang galing mo magsalita….. More, yung manok mo kahit asawa at mga anak niya eh di siya puwedeng iboto kasi nga, mga AMERIKANO…. no one is stopping you from voting for her, wag na lang masyadong matalino kung makasalita mali-mali naman ang grammar…..tsupiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    58. virgil ampil on

      If she wins how about the amboyhusband and children? How is that, E D WOW!!!!!! :-(