Poe violated two solemn oaths


There is something about an oath that points to humanity’s highest values. A “solemn promise, invoking a divine witness regarding one’s future action or behavior, “ the Oxford Dictionary defines it.

Next to the family, an oath is an ancient and universal institution of human civilization, first documented as made by the ancient Hebrew Deity himself in Genesis 8:21. Oaths were what bound societies as diverse as those of the ancient Greeks, Romans, early Europeans. On the other side of the globe, Chinese and Japanese warriors lived, killed and died (and even killed themselves) within the confines of their oaths of loyalty to their feudal lords.

Even in modern times, humanity has relied on oaths as the primary means to ensure that a leader truly leads, and members of an organization fulfill their duties to it. All government positions around the world require the recital of oaths of office, with Christians placing their left hands on a Bible to signify they are making sacred oaths.

Even the Catholic Pope has his Papal Coronation Oath, recited unbroken since it was first made by Saint Agatho in 678 A.D. An ordinary gangster becomes a “made man,” a member of a Mafia family after he takes an omerta oath of silence and one of obedience to the mob.

I find it therefore astonishing that many are very seriously considering making Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares president, when she has violated solemn oaths. And these aren’t just oaths of membership in some social club, but membership in the most important organization next to the family, one a human being is a member of—the nation.

We’re sure Llamanzares had become a US citizen when she was in America, since Philippine immigration records show she presented a US passport at the counter on Dec. 27, 2009. While she hasn’t disclosed when she became a US citizen, she was required under US laws to swear the following oath to assume American citizenship.

Llamanzares, taking oath of office in October 2010 as MTRCB head, in which she swore allegiance to the Philippine constitution. Inset, the kind of US citizenship ceremony Poe had joined, in which she swore allegiance to the US constitution, to which oath she was still bound in 2010.

Llamanzares, taking oath of office in October 2010 as MTRCB head, in which she swore allegiance to the Philippine constitution. Inset, the kind of US citizenship ceremony Poe had joined, in which she swore allegiance to the US constitution, to which oath she was still bound in 2010.

Renouncing the Philippines

“I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.” (Emphasis mine.)

Llamanzares had renounced and abjured allegiance and fidelity to the country she wants to be president of now.

Indeed, the US oath of allegiance is of the genre of the Decalogue’s thou-shalt-not-have-other-gods-before-Me commandment that I have idealistic friends who shirked from being American citizens upon reading it, and instead chose to simply remain being green-card holders.

Poe claims she renounced her US citizenship and assumed Philippine citizenship in 2010, before she was appointed head of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board.

However, she hasn’t publicly made available the documents to support her claims. This is strange since these aren’t confidential documents, unless she wants to hide the date when she renounced her US citizenship. I also find it strange why, according to her, she renounced her US citizenship before a Pasay City notary public.

What apparently she was not aware of—or pretends to be not aware of—is that there is a process by which one loses his or her US citizenship. One loses one’s US citizenship when the US government says so, and there is even a formal ceremony for an American citizen to renounce his or her allegiance to the US, and the renunciation is accepted by the government represented by its authorized  official. If she were abroad, she has to renounce her citizenship at the US embassy and to an authorized diplomatic consul.

Not unilateral

And as in the nature of oaths, one doesn’t unilaterally free oneself from an oath.

There is a publicly available official document, the US government’s published Federal Register that lists “the name of each individual losing United States citizenship with respect to whom the Secretary received information during the quarter ending June 30, 2012.”

Llamanzares is listed there as among those losing her US citizenship in that quarter ending June 30, 2012.

That means she was still a US citizen and took the following oath of office when she was appointed on October 10, 2010:

“I, Mary Grace Poe-Llamanzares, hereby swear to uphold and defend the Philippine Constitution; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to it; obey the laws, legal orders and decrees promulgated by the duly constituted authorities; will well and faithfully discharge to the best of my ability the duties of the office or position upon which I am about to enter; and that I voluntarily assume the obligation imposed by this oath of office, without mental reservation or purpose of evasion. So help me God.” (Emphasis mine.)

How can she swear to uphold our Constitution when she was still bound by her oath as a US citizen in which she renounces all allegiance to a foreign state, swears to defend the US Constitution, and even take up arms to defend that nation?

By taking the two oaths she swore to her God, professing allegiance to two nations. In the US citizenship oath, she even renounced “all allegiance and fidelity” to the Philippines.

That means she was simultaneously violating two solemn, so-help-me-God oaths.

If ever she becomes president, can we trust her that she truly means to live up to the President’s Oath of Office which she will be swearing to before millions of Filipinos?

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  1. Hon. R D Tiglao – explained that Grace Poe Llamanzares violated two solemn oaths (United States of America & Philippines) Proved that she is Disqualified to run for Pres. or VP.

  2. There is a saying, “first impression is lasting.” Grace Poe is just building an image and she is not yet the president of the Philppines. What if she become President..Who knows Philippines might be change to “Poelippines.”

  3. Rey P. Alcalde on

    I wonder what happens to the requirement that one should be a Natural Born Filipino Citizen for him or her to be qualified to run for President? Poe was once an American and it was clear she had renounced her US citizenship to become a Filipino citizen again. Would she still qualify?

  4. In this country, you can lie, cheat and flaunt the laws of the land. (1) no one will stop you if you have influence; (2) something will have to change, sometime, somehow… in the meanwhile, that’s the reality here – like it or not.

  5. Many traditional politicians have an oaths to serve the people and protect their rights but it’s the other way around, they are protecting only themselves, stealing our taxes, building empire and protection only for themselves, yet they are still under their solemn oaths.
    My god open your eyes it’s happening everywhere, it’s the reality in our politics do not fool us by simply writing this article and saying how important solemn oaths should be that in the real world is not really happening in Philippines especially in our government.

    • Who cares what Poe’s present citizen status says! As long as her objective to serve the interest of the Filipinos is sincere, it is ok! Poe has served a government agency with flying colors and now as senator is showing a great potential for a higher office. Why abort such good motives with such legalistic moves? Don’t you know that it is your kind that prevents change in the country’s status now of being one of those in the gutter? Be ashamed of yourself!

  6. cesar climaco on

    Oath of Allegiance vs Oath of Office.
    You can change your mind about Allegiance to a Nation such as the USA.
    You can not change your mind about Oath of Government Office, and start to steal ever which way as long as you are not caught.
    Most Politicians try to enrich themselves and not get caught in Office.
    To all commentators: How many Public Officials have you known as corrupt and informed the Ombudsman? If none then do a better job. Graft is all over the place you can not miss.

  7. Alam ko na lahat ng Filipino nasa abroad kahit ano pang nationality pinili nila SA ISIP, SA PUSO SA GAWA ay filipino pa rin sila at mananatiling filipino, dangan nga lang sa hirap ng buhay sa Pilipinas dahil sa pagnanakaw ng mga nasa gobierno napipilitan sila manirahan abroad. The question of nationality is in no value unless mayroon kang katapatan, hindi magnanakaw at tunay lamang na maninilbihan para ma isalba ang patuloy ng ng paglukmok sa kahirapan ng mamayan filipino dahil sa kagagawan ng mga politikong ganid sa kapangyarihan para magkamal ng maraming salapi. Isa akong OFW for 22 years now at haggang ngayon inisip ko pa rin kung paano wala na ng filipino nag aabroad pero hanggang sa ngayon napakasakit isipin na wala pa akong nakikitang liwag. We maybe disagree with Grace Poe pero wala akong ibang nakikitang pwede tumalo kay Binay na isang magnanakaw. If Binay win God save the Philippines.

    • Sir,

      Nasa modern age na po tayo at ang batas ay ginawa para magkaroon ng kaayusan sa mundo.Kaya nga po iba iba ang batas ng bawat bansa kasi po bawat bansa may sariling mga batas na dapat sundin.Ano po kaya ang mangyayari kung di po tayo susunod sa batas ? halimbawa sa Saudi lalo na sa Riyadh bawal ang makipagusap sa babae sa mga pam publikong lugar kung di mo ito kaano ano,pwede ka bang mangatwiran na wala ka namang ginagawang masama?kasi nga hindi ito bawal sa Pilipinas.Sa katulad na paraan kahit maganda ang intensiyon mo kung di naman ito naayon sa batas mali pa rin di po ba.

  8. Roger Paglumotan on

    Forget about your votes, the PCOS is here! No matter who you write in your violate, it’s the PCOS that decides who’s the next President.

  9. Grace..a name that brings back first love memories in HS. But this Grace is something else. Not proud of her husband for not using his name (My Grace will be proud of me) ..I see this as the ultimate justification of her being not to be trusted. I will not entrust to her my very right of suffrage. Because in case of fire she will not break the glass (as the common saying goes), she will break the Filipino hearts. If ever she will run for RP Pres in 2016 I urge RP citizen to write in the ballot box her married name..not POE, so she will have to suffer disowning her right to her husband’s name. By voting Llamanzares COMELEC should not credit those votes to Grace Poe. Let her feel the wrath of being unwanted the way her husband is quietly enduring.

  10. Maliwanag na Citizenship for Convenience. Oportunista, kung saan kikita duon siya..Mahirap yang Doble Çara, talo ang Filipino
    dyan. Pang sarili interes lang pala.
    Kaya dapat suriin natin mabuti kung sino ang karapatdapat.

  11. Odnalor Obirt on

    As a senior citizen, I fully believe that experiences are really needed to perform a good job but those experiences need to be coupled with wholehearted will to do good and honest to goodness jobs. In Philippine Politics, I also fully believe that those who are so experienced are very, very good in hiding their corrupt deeds and hidden agendas. Those well experienced politicians, I am comparing to old dogs that cannot learn new tricks. They will keep doing what they use to do.

  12. Why is Grace Poe not using her complete name as GRACE POE- LLAMANZARES? Why is she omitting her husband’s family name – LLAMANZARES? Is it because for political popularity reason because of FPJ’s popularity? Grace Poe was elected senator because she used the family name POE when she ran for public office.Remember the old Ramon Revilla? He lost the senatorial race when he used his name as RAMON BAUTISTA for Senator. But when he ran again for the second time as candidate for senator – he used his screen name – RAMON REVILLA and the crazy voters elected him Senator.That is what Grace Poe did. She omitted her husband’s family name LLAMANZARES. Grace Poe-LLamanzares does not deserve to be elected President.

    • jose taganahan on

      Same reason that Sen Nancy Binay and Rep Nancy Binay are still using their maiden names although they are both married and have children

  13. For me there’s no issue about the citizenship, to how many years of experiences she got from serving in the government. As long as she had the dignity, honesty and integrity to serve the country and fellowmen then why should we vote those politicians with lots of experiences but are not honest and just love themselves and the position for them to steal money from the people. If Ms. Grace Poe wins in the Presidential elections as independent candidate, hope that first thing she do is to terminate those people in the government by paying their year of service and replace with new ones who do not have experiences as some people are saying but without any experience too in committing wrongdoings such as corruptions. Because if that happens then all people who have blood of satan in government will be avoided for sure…

    • Michael Sanchez on

      I don’t think yours is a good idea. Imagine a government with all neophyte leaders. They will end up hiring consultants and lawyers to predict their next course of action. What if the consultants are the ones corrupt? Then we tend to make corruption even worst. We cannot afford to have another Student Government President as Sen. Joker Arroyo describes it.

      Do note that a public office is guided by a solemn Oath. And this should be his guidepost in his entire term of office.

  14. Poe knows the Convenience of being a dual citizen. She is all about herself.
    We need a leader who has experience and show of the strength of Nationalism and bound by Duty/Honor to his Country.
    I don’t see Mrs. Grace P.Llamanzares having this qualities.

  15. Johnny Ramos on

    Ang ating Panatang Makabayan ay isa din sumpa na magiging tunay na Pilpino sa isip at sa Gawa. When Grace Poe took her oath to be an American she broke her oath. If she decides to run for President the possibilities that she will break her promise because she broke her oath here and even in America. Her words and action can no longer be trusted.

  16. Teddy Sevilla on

    Fine piece of investigative journalism. It delivers a strong EMOTIONAL argument as to why we should ignore Poe’s candidacy. For reasons not having anything to do with her citizenship at all, I do not think that Poe is fit for the presidency, and I feel that she should save us the trouble by not running.

    Just a damper though. I am not a lawyer but there might be some legal points working against some of the arguments in this article.

    If and when Poe’s candidacy is legally challenged, I do not know how much weight our courts would place on the US process of citizensip denunciation. If Poe’s oath before a ‘mere’ Pasay City notary public is acceptable according to our laws, then that should be respected. Philipine laws and processes should be supreme in our own land. It is a matter of national pride. We should not let the US or any other country dictate to us who our citizens are or should be.

    • P.Akialamiro on

      However, if she did not follow the proper procedure for renouncing her U.S. Citizenship, then the ‘tie’ with the United States is not severed. Therefore, she cannot assume Filipino Citizenhip which is a requirement to run for or hold a government position.She has violated the law and may be subjected to a criminal prosecution..

  17. I have acquaintances holding multiple passports: One a high ranking officer of the Israeli armed forces and also directs the oversight and testing of the new weapon system of the U S Armed Forces, I have an Armenian friend who holds an Iranian, British and American passports, and there are American citizens from New York who are members of South American Congress.The question of politicians with multiple citizenship was decided long time ago. Maria Grace Poe Luminarias can invoke Stare Decisis” to stop her detractors from demonizing her being an American citizen.

    • I fully agree with you, Rolly,. I am currently holding two passports. Only, I am not in politics though the family is…. does this means I will be in trouble if in case I’ll join politics? Thank God,, no one will challenge mine being dual citizenship.

    • mario san antonio on

      the problem with Grace Poe is not just her citizenship… she needs to be a natural born citizen to run for president. also, she lacks the required residency. why does she think she can lead this country? she is inexperienced. she is so dishonest. she is a user of people and an opportunist. the good virtues of honesty and sincerity that Grace wants us to believe she possessed, are all a myth. she is a professional deceiver.

  18. Who else will I choose to be my President of the Philippines!?
    I won’t vote for a:

    Wonder if any of them are without this qualities.
    So help me God!

  19. An alleged American citizen who came back to the Phil. to serve her country is now the butt of all maligning and name calling as an opportunist and is being discredited as not qualified to run for a higher position, bow. A bona fide Fiilipino citizen who became president spent years in a more sanguine prison atmosphere found guilty of plunder was pardoned unconditionally and is now a mayor of a major city. Another bona fide Filipino citizen who became president was accused of plunder and is now under hospital arrest at VMMC? Indeed, it is better to run like hell by Filipinos who are corrupt and pathological liars and thieves? Hypocrites, indeed? How many current senators,congressmen, Army and PNP generals and major services officers and other govt. officials have their families already sworn allegiance to the US flag while their spouses act as govt. officials in the Phil.? A sitting senator with his wife caught by US Immigration with $ 50,000 dollars at a US airport and another wife and son of a general caught with $1000,000 in another US airport? Indeed you can make a log list of govt. officials who applied for green cards and later on will pledge allegiance to the US while a long lost foundling has come back to her own motherland in a reverse Diaspora?

  20. Now you know why persons like me are not in favor of Dual citizenship. How could you expect loyalty of only one country when you’ve sworn allegiance to 2 countries. The dual citizenship law encourages traitors and “stool pigeons” amongst Filipinos. It’s like asking: could you possibly love only one wife if you have 2 wives whom you loved.

  21. I’m glad you pointed this out. From what I’ve been reading in the news regarding the plight of American expats or US born foreign nationals, renouncing US citizenship is not as simple and easy. Merely swearing an oath of citizenship with another country does not automatically cancel one’s American citizenship. It is apparently a process that takes some time and lot of formal work including filing tax returns for 5 years prior. I suppose someone will have to challenge her legitimacy through the courts. It might be best for her to come clean instead of tarnishing her late father’s popularity.

  22. Fidelcastro Quintana on

    Grace Poe is a disgrace to the Filipinos who wanted to become an American citizen and decided later to become a Filipino ‘again.’ for what? what’s the motivation? so seldom this happens. when she became a ‘filipino’ again, she became the chair if the mtcrb, a one-term senator, and now prodded to become the highest Filipino as the country”s next president in 2016? wow! ganun lang ba kadali! Filipino naging Amerikano tapus naging Filipino ulit at gusto maging presidente kaagad ng bayan natin. onli m da filipins.

  23. She is AMORAL, she sees others imperfections but not her own.

    Just like her suitor who authorized two “STAND DOWN ORDERS”,
    Once during the infamous SAF44 massacre and during YOLANDA
    when the expected rehab, search and rescue and peace and “order”
    restoration and management should have been provided by the uniformed
    services as is the universally practiced resolution during disasters.

  24. opinion reader on

    huwaw!!! natuto ako sa column na ito, nice one Mr. Tiglao, ganun pala yun , may proseso pala sa pag renounce ng citizenship, parang tila ata “pagawa sa recto” style ang ginawa ni Sen. Poe sa pag renounce ng kanyang pagiging american citizen. Kung hindi sya dumaan sa tamang proseso, ibig sabihin ba nito, eh hanggang ngayon eh american citizen pa rin cya? kaboom , rock and roll to the world!!, woohh!!

  25. i agree with the author that grace poe llamanzares is not a filipino citizen. but i believe she can bring his case to the court for fairness sake.

  26. ferdinand concepcion on

    In this Aquino mis-govt. anything unlawful and against the Constitution is possible, because the President is the #1 violator. Grace Poe was put in govt. knowing she’s an alien. Grace Poe is the product of crony medias, and sad that Filipinos are easily swayed by these medias, through entertainments, and Grace Poe is one of the entertainers. Most Filipinos now don’t care, as long as they’re being entertained, so they’re willing to adopt Grace Poe, even if she’s continuously lying under oaths.

  27. Estelita D. Cordero on

    God save the Philippines from the tandem of Poe/Escudero! A man like Escudero whose own parents in-law couldn’t trust him with their daughter speaks a lot of what kind of man Escudero is. Hoping that Grace and her mother Susan would take a closer look into the character of Escudero. Yes Escudero is a glib talker, but Filipinos shouldn’t be taken by that alone. Now he says he is resigning from his powerful position to avoid being beholden to anybody in his pursuit of power but really who is the man behind him? Binay, Danding ? Please fellow Filipinos let’s be more discerning in choosing our next leader. Let’s not slide back, whatever gains small or big (depending from where you are coming from) must propel us to achieve more for our country. Mar /Poe tandem can do this for us!

  28. Aaah, hello! Grace is the first Presidential hopeful to ever tell a lie or be deceitful??? I think not!, she just joins the ranks of the rest of them!… same old, same old! and the beat goes on.

  29. Poe will run at her own risk….I like her cause she is new and fresh as politician: but
    with her eligibility in running for the highest position of the land in question she can wait until 2022.
    In my opinion, the Pacman can easily neutralize her among the class c voters when the Pambansang kamao appeals for his candidate for President in 2016.
    Both are celebrities but the Pacman is more popular than Poe. That;s the reason why Poe will run a double risk campaign…cause the Pacman will spoil the fun for those who wants Poe to run and control the country….a reality that Poe camp will have to contend if they decide to push her to run…

  30. Samuel Santos on

    What really hurts is that PNoy even wants Grace to run as Mar’ s vice presidential candidate.

    • Simply put , Aquino needs a President and Vice President who won’t put him in jail. !!!


  32. Alejo Rosete on

    Who among the 100 million Filipinos wanted a
    liar President?

  33. It was when Grace P. Llamanarez was appointed to the MTRCB when she found out, first hand how lucrative, money making and powerful a person is when she is in government, forgetting that when she was in that office. Somebody which could be Chiz Escudero who adviced her that she should renounce her U.S. citizenship because it is illegal. She found out too late because she never expected that she will be used as a political tool to some oligarch or crony. Besides, Grace also found out that she will make lots of money without really working so hard like what she did in the U.S. She is just being honest and making use of tons of opportunities here in the Philippines.

  34. now the skeletons on ms poe-llamanzares closet are revealed one by one! could this be the reason why she is vacillating on her decision to run for higher office? that when fully investigated and cases filed in comelec and the courts she will lose her senate seat as well?

    my oh my… her hubris and being so ambitious have backfired as ice-cold water thrown on her face!

  35. How can we even think of her being president if her residency qualification is still in question.

  36. P.Akialamiro on

    True, renunciation of U.S. Citizenship is not ‘unilateral’. A written statement to that effect and ‘acceptance’ by the U.S. government (State Drpartment} completes and confirms such request.

    The renunciation before a Pasay City notary public is not valid ay all. With these basic facts, I don’t understand why she is being groomed to run for President or Vice President, when she is even subject to disqualification as a Senator. And, such disqualification entails criminal liability. Besides, background and ‘experiencewise’ she is not qualified. Unless, the powers-that-be would like to make a ‘mockery’ of the Constitution of the Republic and reaffirm the trend of election by popularity of the ‘bobotante’..