• Poe vows no Noy bashing

    PARTNERS Sen. Grace Poe faces her running mate, Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero, during their “coming out” party at Club Filipino.

    PARTNERS Sen. Grace Poe faces her running mate, Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero, during their “coming out” party at Club Filipino.

    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd on Thursday said he harbors no ill feelings over Sen. Grace Poe’s declaration of her intention to run for President next year, noting that the lawmaker even sent him a text message promising that she will not bash his administration to score brownie points.

    “We’re thankful that she gave us credit, particularly in fighting corruption. If that is also their objective, I don’t see any reason to get angry with them. Eventually, it’s the people who will decide who deserves to continue treading the straight path [daang matuwid],” the President said in Filipino.

    He was holding a news conference to address the Mamasapano issue just as the event announcing the team-up between Poe and Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero wound up (See related stories).

    Poe, who topped the 2013 senatorial race under the administration coalition’s ticket, was earlier being eyed as running mate of former Interior secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd.

    No less than the President reportedly tried to convince Poe to set aside her presidential ambitions and give way to Roxas as what the latter did in 2009.

    Poe was trailing Vice President Jejomar Binay in pre-election presidential preference surveys early this year.

    She however, wrested the lead by the second quarter for her deft handling of the Senate investigation of the Mamasapano incident, coupled with the corruption allegations that hounded Binay, who will run for President under the opposition United Nationalist Alliance.

    During the news conference, Aquino disclosed that Poe sent him a lengthy text message at 10 p.m. Tuesday, or the night before she announced her candidacy about her scheduled declaration.

    “I was actually elated with her message, in a sense, she bid me farewell and clarified her intentions,” the President said.

    He added that Poe promised that he would hear no attack coming from her during the campaign.

    “Dadating tayo sa kampanya na kung saan makakarating sa kampo mo na inaatake kita at never kong gagawin ‘yan [During the campaign, your camp might hear that I was hitting you and I will never do that],” the President said, quoting Poe.

    He added that he replied and thanked the senator and gave her his assurance that if ever he would be criticized, “it should be in the right context based on facts.”

    Though Aquino assured that he has no “hard feelings” with the declaration of Poe and Escudero, he asked how the two could “surpass” what his administration has been doing right now.

    “[If they can capture the imagination of our voters, maybe, they will side with the two of them],” he pointed out.

    He said if Roxas, the Liberal Party’s standard-bearer, could prove that he can continue the principle of good governance, then voters might side with him.

    “Ang importante sa atin, huwag tayong bumalik kung saan tayo nanggaling. Huwag naman sanang lumabas na itong limang taon na ito ay kumbaga nagkaroon lang tayo ng intermission, tapos babalik sa katotohanan na pangit. Dito na tayo, pagandahin na natin ‘yung magandang nangyayari na sa atin [The important thing for us is not to go back to where we came from. It should not appear that the past five years was just an intermission then we’ll go back to the ugly way. Let’s stick to this, let’s make sure that what we improve on the good things happening to us now],” Aquino added.

    The President, however, said during the campaign period, there would be “brand differentiation,” meaning there will be conflict in “marketing” candidates.

    He asked both Poe and Escudero not to resort to mudslinging but instead showcase their platforms.

    “Just like what I was asking from the true opposition, they should talk based on the truth and that they should be truthful on their promises. Do not promise the moon and stars even if they know they can’t reach them,” the President said.


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      This early candidate Poe is already making the assurance that she will not bash
      Aquino. What? She is not going to speak out about the wrongdoings of this
      incompetent president abnoy? If so, Pilipinas better not vote for her because this
      early she is already manifesting to the whole world that she is no better than these
      who looted the government thru the DAP. At least, Poe clearly showed her true color.
      If she wins what is she going to do with Aquino. For example the DAP that even the
      Supreme Court has declared unconstitutional. Will she just sit on it and say nothing
      to protect Aquino at the expense of the Filipino people? If that is her attitude, then
      she does not deserve to be president.

    2. WE NEED A CONSTITUTIONAL OVERHAUL. We need FOI, anti-dynasty and dissolution of pork barrel laws. All our regions should be represented by at least one Senator, Police/AFP Generals, Chief Justice and have a salary standardization for all agency heads and employees. Only then we can call it representative government needless of autonomous regions. This way also we can say we’ll have public servants and not prima donnas. We need leaders and not thieves so we could stop other people calling filipinos stupid. We should condemn candidates who buy and intimidate voters and we should require them to a debate so we know their intentions and strenghts. We the people must act now!

    3. Poe has made a pact with the devil! It was obvious with her clandestine meetings with BS Aquino . She made a promise to BS Aquino that she will not touch him if she wins …….what about the Filipino people and our country?
      How can we trust someone who is balimbing!
      Will say anything, do anything and return anything to gain what she wants!
      Philippines wake up and rise to see the truth!

    4. They way Grace Poe is acting there is a tendency that she will not touch Pnoy when she will become president. No suit, no case against Pnoy whatsoever. Like what you will expect Mar Roxas will do if he is the president.

      • Agreed, Aquino has two horses in that race, either one gets elected they will pardon him. They will also let the plundering liberal party politicians that looted the treasury the past 5 years get away with it.

    5. Only Sen.Alan Peter Cayetano have the real vision and plan for the country,he should be the next President 2016.

      • Cayetano got campaign funds from Napoles and he spent the last year on the yellow ribbon committee trying to smear Binay which resulted in a whole lot of wasted time and the peoples money instead of doing what he was elected to do

        Cayetano is just another useless trapo..

    6. All of the 3 Presidential candidates does not deserve the Presidency because they have already manifested, though not openly, their submission to ABNOY. When the time comes that ABNOY is taken to court, anyone of them will try to influenced the prosecution of ABNOY so that he will not be put to jail. Binay has said that his administration will not be vindictive and will be for unity, while Roxas has openly repeated the “Daang Matuwid” mantra of his boss, and now Poe has openly said that he will not say anything bad about the present administration. The people should give these a deep thought. Abnoy should go, and the whole government should be replaced by a government that will truly serve the best interest of the people, especially the poorest of the poor. We should not allow an ABNOY clone to rule us for another 6 yrs. GISING BAYAN!

    7. That is one of the problems with the politicians in the Philippines, afraid to speak out against the graft, corruption, wrongdoings.

      Where were the voices of our representatives when billions disappeared into the politicians pockets via the pork barrel allocations ?

      Where were the peoples representatives when billions disappeared via the DAP fund ?

      Where were they the past 2 years while over a hundred thousand people live in tents still after Typhoon Yolanda ?

      Why are they called “The people’s representatives” ?

    8. The handwriting in now on the wall, Pnoy got two candidate for president next year. Both will continously hit Binay but none of them can stop the guy from winning. It will be impossible for Grace to get the pro Binay votes since she can not really blend with the masses. How can she win in Iloilo when the whole island of Panay is bailiwick of Mar Roxas? The biggest obstacle of Grace Poe is how can she say that taking an oath to be an American is a sign of love of our country?