Poe will replace Aquino Cabinet


PARTIDO Galing at Puso presidential candidate Senator Grace Poe on Thursday said that she sees no reason for her to keep the members of President B.S. Aquino 3rd’s cabinet if ever she is elected as president of the country in May.

Poe was responding to questions from reporters about her plans regarding her cabinet and if she intends to retain some members of the Aquino cabinet.

“Many will be replaced. I think almost all of the cabinet members will have to go,” Poe said.

She clarified that cabinet officials will not be replaced just because they are allied with the president but because she wants her cabinet to be composed of people who are honest, effective and capable individuals.

Poe also assured that an individual need not to be an ally for him or her to be part of her cabinet because what is important is for them to have the expertise, knowledge, as well as a genuine desire to serve the people.

“Even if you’re an ally or if you have campaigned against me, as long as you are honest, hardworking, and with no record of corruption we will hire you,” Poe added.

She said she will also take a tough stance against corrupt and abusive people and vowed to put an end to the so-called padrino system (patronage) in government.

Poe said that her government will observe a system of strong merit and good governance wherein both allies and critics of the administration will be treated fairly.

“People would not have to worry that their concerns will fall on deaf ears just because their leader is not allied with the administration,” she said in her speech during her visit to Samar province.

She said the top priorities of her “Gobyernong may Puso” will be free college education in state colleges and universities or a “study now, pay later” scheme in private schools; free lunches in public elementary schools; agricultural reforms; job creation; and quality, climate-resilient infrastructure.

Poe said that a woman’s toughness is what the country needs. Women, she pointed out, never give up and get the job done.


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  1. Ms. Poe, kaya mo kayang ipakulong ang mga lumabag sa DAP at PDAF na ayon sa ating batas ay unconstitutional. Lalong lalo na ang ating Presidenteng Pnoy at si ABAD??? hindi lang iyong na ipinapangako mo.. Ito ang mahalaga, kaya mo bang ipakulong sila?? Iyan ang sabihin mo sa iyong pangangampanya baka sakaling makakuha ka pa ng simpatya sa aming mamayan…

  2. Excuse me! Respect our Constitution. Go back to the US of A and partner withTrump. Bagay na bagay kayo.

  3. Rodan Guerrero on

    What a FOOLISHNESS this PROSTITURE OF LIES! Dalawa ang klase ng BASTRDO/BASTARDA…yong una tahimik at mahiyain.. ANG PANGALAWA AY SI GRACE POE NA ARROGANTE, MAYABANG, LASINGGERA, SUNOG BAGA AT PINAKASINUNGALING NA BAGUHANG POLITIKO….It is very clear the 9 justices were bribed but we cant afford electing a person who profesionalized Lying to achieve her FOOLISH AND FUTILE AMBITIONS! Let us see how she will return back the money she is spending to her CROCODILE FUNDERS. WE cant afford having again a STUPID PRESIDENT WHO IS AN AQUINO MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE! I fthis arrogant woman will be elected…the CROOKS of this regime where she is a part will be made SCOT-FREE of their CRIMES….

  4. Aga naman yan Madam Grace Poe, sana di ka muna nagkumento nang ganyan. na wawala tuloy ang simpatya sauyo.

  5. “…woman’s toughness…” sounds sexist to me. “…get the job done.” What job, blow job? My hiney! You can promise the moon and the stars, Ms Llamanzares, but will not give you the qualification required to run this magnificent country of mine.

    • To the editors, how can these statements pass when words like blow job and my hiney was written down. Do you know what these words mean? To the writer, stop this nonsense using bad words. Please delete these statements and if you want my statements too if this go beyond your standards.

  6. Kana Ambisyosa on

    Kalokohan….we’ll not buy your paninda…Laos na yan to get our votes, KAPAL naman mukha mo. No to American citizen.