• POEA bans deployment of OFWs to Egypt


    The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has imposed a ban on the deployment of newly hired Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to Egypt after the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) raised the alert level in Cairo.

    According to POEA Board Resolution no. 6-2013, newly hired OFWs will not be allowed to go to Egypt until their safety can be secured.

    “The POEA Governing Board resolves to impose a temporary suspension on the processing and deployment of newly-hired OFWs bound for Egypt,” the resolution issued on Friday said.

    Despite raising the alert level to 2, the administration would permit returning OFWs to go back to their workplace in Egypt.

    “Under Alert Level 2, only the processing and deployment of returning OFWs with existing employment contracts shall be allowed,” the POEA clarified.

    The Philippine Embassy in Cairo advised the DFA to raise the alert level as political tension mounted in the capital. However, DFA spokesman Raul Hernandez said that repatriation is possible if the alert reaches the third level.

    POEA records showed that around 6,000 OFWs are currently working in Egypt.


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    1. Azniro Anaici on

      Why our government officials are not telling our people about the conditions in Egypt when they are worst than us in terms of economic condition? Why our people want to work in Egypt as maids? Please stop this notion of allowing our women to work as maids in other countries. At any time we can see hundreds of run-away maids are being sheltered in our Embassy compound almost in all of the Gulf countries in the Middle East, and this is not happening recently but since in the early 1980s. The truth is even the government of host countries are helping us in terms of providing air tickets for the run-away maids to return home. Do not misunderstand that the government officials of the host countries are keeping their eyes closed; they know and they are compassionate with our fellow countrymen. The fault is flatly on our side because we condone our women to go abroad and be abused by their employers. They are not being abused by the host government but by the employers. For our women to work as maids is very degrading. We walk on the street and see our women washing cars of their employers. We can allow our women to work as nurses and others with having professional skills, but not as maids.