If words could touch you

If words could touch you
Let them caress you like a long lost lover
Weary from battle, the war of raw,
An encounter with the inevitable

If words could touch you
Let the syllables play within the core
As the troubadours take part in
The more solitude be tolerable
Be with the words
Words whose cradle within
Returns to the primitive.

If words could touch you
Let them be but do not
Every word is an enemy of action
Every action a friend to none.

* * *


Let my hello catch you once more
A checkmate in our conversations
The blades of grass as high as the fence
Not yet mowed.

The river be a river
Envious of the pearls in your chest
The ones I gifted you
When we were riding a horse
The river weeping alone
Whispers a spring tune
To hide my hello

I know you listen to my hellos
Even if you are asleep
Dreaming of drowning from a river
Of obvious oblivion.

If my hello could salvage you
From the nightmares of maidenhood
Let my finger draw a hello
In the mirror on your bathroom


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  1. maximo p fabella on

    i like the mini poems. Reminded me of Ben Santos, who wrote man y novels of
    the Pinoys in America. I would have loved some poems from NVM Gonzales
    but, they are so few. I am also reminded of the poems of CORNELIO FAIGAO
    of Romblon!