Illumination ceremonies

    After releasing a statement saying
    a generator and another requiring

    a translucent or semi-opaque lime
    cover their mouths to keep

    decomposition. “There
    families] get to say goodbye

    fine sand-like consistency, mixing
    glowed with a faintly yellowish
    say, lie under the mountain

    settled down and the peace
    similar to blacklight)

    * * *

    forensic expert and a photographer

    adored by the public and
    are generally known as fairy

    are often produced in pastels
    bloated and discoloured human

    lanterns made of metal or bamboo
    or attached by pins. Around

    particularly the eaves) with weatherproof
    Photos, identifying marks and belongings

    retrieve the copper wire, releasing
    side to side as if grazing.

    small lanterns and glass balls
    We do fingerprinting. We measure

    * * *

    a boy like

    a boy like
    and walking alone
    capital—where bodies

    can’t agree on
    -correcting nature of
    decline, and/or

    Don’t give cosmetic
    hell it means
    holding a toy

    idea – what we
    inherent components of
    “integrity.” 3. Don’t give
    in the stomach
    island. A night-
    method. This deficit

    night was slashed
    -old boy holding
    one simple question:

    relationships. Nowhere is
    reliance on self-
    roads—are living

    slashed across the
    stabbed in the
    still line roads

    * * *


    a bear can be Dreaming

    and kiss Then turn out the light
    and sat on pallets along the tarmac

    biscuits were also
    bodies in leaking black bags

    brush our teeth All sparkly and white
    C-130 transport planes — arrived

    clean drinking water and basic
    City, which was

    Dreaming in a honey tree


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