• Poe’s citizenship records sought


    FORMER senatorial candidate Rizalito David is asking the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) on Tuesday to issue a subpoena for documents related to Sen. Grace Poe’s citizenship, among others.

    Earlier this month, David filed a petition for quo warranto (by what warrant) seeking to unseat Poe from office on the ground that she is allegedly not qualified because of her questionable citizenship.

    In a motion filed before the SET, he said, “[I]t is respectfully prayed of the Honorable Tribunal to grant this motion and issue subpoenas duces tecum [an order for the production of documents]to the Bureau of Immigration and the National Statistics Office [NSO], for them to bring to the Tribunal, with certified copies to be provided the petitioner, the aforesaid records, in the higher interest of justice.”

    David is seeking Poe’s petition for citizenship “and related documents she supposedly filed” with the Bureau of Immigration, as well as her travel records.

    He is also requesting for the senator’s birth certificate from the NSO.

    In an interview with reporters, David said the official records would form part of the contentions in the petition for quo warranto when they argue the case.

    He also alleged that the last time Poe used an American passport was in December 2009.

    “But then, supposedly, she is already a Filipino citizen in 2006…Why is she using an American passport up to 2009?” David said, claiming Poe secured a Philippine passport only in 2014.

    “So these are material manifestations of whether you are legally a Filipino citizen because we are still [of]the position that up to this time…she is stateless,” David said.

    “I think whichever way it [the SET case]goes, if it is in her favor or in favor of our petition, it will reach the Supreme Court. This is something important to our history because this is the first time that a foundling, not to denigrate her…may become President of the Philippines. And we may also have a first family whose members are American citizens. This seems like a first in history so we need to look into it carefully,” he added.

    Poe has no formal announcement on her plans in the 2016 poll.

    David told reporters that no one was behind the petition he filed for quo warranto.

    “This is a noble act…I don’t need somebody else to push me to do this. I did this on my own,” he said.

    When asked if he has plans to run for a Senate seat again, he said, “I really don’t know.” Asked if he is considering, he said, “My party will decide on that.”

    David ran in the 2013 senatorial poll under the party Ang Kapatiran.




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    1. Herman P. Hondojare on

      Dear Kabayan,

      Let the truth come out who was the founding grace poe? maybe she is a Vietnamese in blood and not Filipino, her husband and children still a US Citizen.

      Let us not be fooled again of icon of movie heroe – FJP Ang Panday to vote again grace poe a dishonest person.

      Mabuhay Tayong Lahat


    2. ariel c. manipula on

      Stupidity and heroism has a hairline distinction.Knowing fully well that you can’t win (suntok Sa buwan)could mean one way or the other.Still I take my hat off to Cyrano d avid for such selfless struggle.”NO GUTS NO GLORY”!

    3. Dominador Ocampo on

      I think it is favorable for Sen. Grace Poe that Rizalito David subpoena her citizenship documents for this issue to be finally settled. However, goodluck with whoever is with Rizalito David and himself. It might back fire against them.

      Sen. Grace Poe will again prove that she is on the right side. As always.

    4. Poe’s documents will already be presented in court, there’s no need for it to be subpoenaed. Mr. David looks like he’s just basking in the spotlight.

    5. This quo warranto petition is just to cause annoyance to respondent and waste of money, time and efforts of the courts because this will not survive:

      Firstly, when you file any action, it is expected that you have a prima facie case and evidence to support your action that will survive a motion to dismiss or summary judgment on the pleading. You do not file an action supported by bare and naked allegations without evidence and then order the court to produce the document for you through an innocuous motion that the court issue “subpoena” to produce the document for you; (if I’m the judge I will instead “issue’ you a contempt citation)

      Secondly, the purpose of quo warranto is to unseat the presently sitting person because he is disqualified and the petitioner is qualified and will fill the vacancy. Here, this Rizalito David has no standing to file this case because, assuming G. Poe is unseated, he will not benefit or fill that seat because he is very distant in the ranking of votes recieved. The right person would be the No. 13 slot which I think is Richard Gordon.

      Thirdly, per the Rules of Court, Quo Warranto petition should be commenced within one (1) year after the cause of such ouster, or the right of the petitioner to hold such office or position, arose. Here, its already about four years.

      This is nothing but a pure ‘harrassment’ case and the court should not countenance this kind of action by dismissing it and assess the Petitioner treble the expenses as damages and disciplinary actions against the lawyers who prepared the petition.

    6. once and for all submit all the docs to be scrutinize.

      Para tapos na ang mga alinlangan kaysa verbal exercises ng mga involve na nagiging circus in the media.

      let it be decided fair and square.

      I love voting for her but the rule of law prevails and it hurts one way or another.

    7. Mr. Rizalito David’s action MAY be noble but the timing of his “noble” itself is questionable. If he was concerned at all of having a “possible” foreigner in our government shouldn’t he have probed Ms. Grace Poe’s citizenship way back when she was running for senator? In addition, I believe that even after this matter reaches the supreme court I’m confident that Ms. Grace Poe will overcome this. To be honest, I think some people are getting way out of hand in terms of comments regarding her citizenship.

    8. Why can’t the other aspirants focus on their platforms and how to make themselves more appealing to the people without bringing other people down? Makes one think about their true character and that they clearly see the Senator as a potential threat.

    9. Walang kabuluhan at katotohanan ang mga pinagsasabi ni David. Sa tingin ko ay isa nanaman etong taktika para lang guluhin ang posibleng pagtakbo ng Senadora. Sa huli, mananaig parin ang katotoohanan at iyon ay sa panig ni Sen. Poe.