Police, Army brace for attacks on grid towers


COTABATO CITY: Police and military authorities in North Cotabato have taken steps to secure steel towers of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) after authorities discovered on Saturday an attempt to topple down these structures.

Chief Inspector Julius Malcontento, police chief of Carmen, North Cotabato, said Army bomb experts have confirmed that an improvised explosive device was used in an attempt to bring down NGCP Steel Tower No. 103 in Barangay Kitulaan.

“Based on findings, the attempt took place more than a month ago based on the corrosion in the structure,” Malcontento quoted an Army report.

He said authorities are still determining who could be possibly behind the attempt.

NGCP Tower 103 carries the 169-kilovolt line from Kibawe substation in Bukidnon to Tacurong sub-station in Tacurong City, passing by the town of Carmen in North Cotabato.

“We have taken steps to prevent similar attempt,” Malcontento told the Philippine News Agency on Sunday.

Carmen town hosts about 35 NGCP steel towers, some of which, were bombed in recent years.

Malcontento said residents told the police that they noticed a cut in the beams and parallel bars of the steel structure.

He added that village officials have been helping the police monitor the vicinity of the structures as part of community efforts to prevent power outages.

“Everybody suffers when a tower is toppled down, so the community has been helping us,” Malcontento said.

In April, two NGCP towers were separately bombed in the same village but the towers were not toppled.

Three improvised bombs were set off by still unidentified men at the foot of Tower 95 and 96 in Barangay Kitulaan.



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