• ‘Police can search houses for indiscriminate firers’


    THE Philippine National Police (PNP) on Tuesday said it was aiming for zero casualties of indiscriminate firing in New Year’s revelry even as its commander announced that he has ordered policemen to barge into houses when they hear gunshots.

    The PNP, at the same time, warned that it will be unforgiving to policemen who will be caught indiscriminately firing their guns to greet 2017.

    As of Monday morning, at least seven persons had been arrested by the police for indiscriminate firing of their guns.

    Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, PNP chief, told a news conference in Camp Crame in Quezon City that he has authorized policemen to enter residences in search of those firing their guns indiscriminately.

    Dela Rosa invoked the principle and doctrine of hot pursuit.

    “We want zero casualties this coming New Year’s revelry… this is a fair warning to everyone if you want change, let’s change. Let’s show the whole world that the Filipinos are disciplined. We appeal to everyone,” he said.

    The PNP chief appealed to gun owners to think first about those who might be hit by stray bullets if they opted to fire their guns in welcoming the New Year.

    “If you hear a gunshot, respond and go to the house. Knock, but make sure that you are in proper uniform and using a patrol car. In the regular performance of your duty, you will really encounter conflicts. A [policeman]who is never sued is a [policeman]who does not do his job,” dela Rosa said in Filipino.

    The PNP, for the first time in recent years, will be breaking its annual tradition of sealing the muzzle of the service firearm of police personnel to prevent indiscriminate firing in greeting 2017.

    “To the policemen who will fire their guns, you have been warned. I will not forgive you if you are arrested,” Dela Rosa said during the news conference.

    He added that he will sacked police chiefs or station commanders who will fail to arrest policemen behind indiscriminate firing in their areas within 24 hours of the incident.

    Dela Rosa said police personnel will not have any holiday break during the New Year’s celebration.

    These personnel, according to him, will patrol the streets together with village officials and watchmen from 5 p.m. of December 31, 2016 up to 5 a.m of January 1, 2017.

    “They have enough time to be with their families before 5 a.m. Forget your family and focus on your duty. Offer those 12 hours to the country,” dela Rosa said.

    Meanwhile, Dela Rosa on Tuesday said that the country is not yet ready for a total ban on firecrackers for this year’s Holiday Revelry.

    The PNP Chief said that it might be too late for the government to impose a total ban on the selling of firecrackers noting that sellers and manufactures have already bought their materials.

    .”The Philippines might not be ready for this policy. We’ll see next year because this requires long information dissemination especially for those making firecrackers as they may have already purchased their components abroad,” Dela Rosa said in Filipino.

    President Rodrigo Duterte last November said that he was thinking of imposing a nationwide ban on the use and manufacture of firecrackers following an explosion of a fireworks factory in Bulacan that killed at least two children. Anthony Vargas


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