• ‘Police drug dealers should be killed’

    President-elect Rodrigo Duterte

    President-elect Rodrigo Duterte

    President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has warned policemen involved in the illegal drug trade that death awaits them if they do not stop their dirty business.

    In his message during his thanksgiving party in Davao City on Saturday, Duterte reiterated his vow to wage a “bloody war” against crime, especially illegal drugs.

    He threatened to order the killing of policemen who are involved in the illegal drug trade.

    “Don’t take this as a joke. Hindi ako nagpapatawa [I am not trying to be funny here],” Duterte said.

    “[If] nandyan ka pa sa droga, ipapatay kita… ipapatay kita [you are into illegal drugs, I will have you killed… I will have you killed],” he added, referring to policemen involved in the illegal drug trade.

    “If you destroy the youth of this country, I will kill you… Madugong lababan ito [This is a bloody war],” he added.

    He encouraged ordinary citizens to effect the arrest of or even “use deadly force” on criminals.

    Under the law, Duterte said, the public has the authority to arrest drug suspects.

    “If he [drug suspect]fights and he fights to death, you can kill him,” he added.

    Duterte said if the suspect is armed and resists arrest, he will tell the ordinary Filipino, “Barilin mo [Shoot him]. I will give you a medal.”

    He was in party mode during the thanksgiving party to celebrate his overwhelming victory in the May 9 elections, catapulting him to the presidency.

    Rock bands and break dancers entertained the crowd, which began to build from mid-morning under overcast skies on the outskirts of Davao City.

    A mix of local and national security forces were in the city both for the event and for the safety of the incoming President.

    The “One love, One nation” event at the Crocodile Park involved around 6,500 security personnel from the Presidential Security Group, the military and the police.


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    1. James Mcpherson on

      It is official, the inmates are running the asylum. Alice’s Restaurant coming true right before your eyes. Hell, if someone looks like they are thinking about someone who might be thinking about someone who wants to sell drugs, kill them too. Why, lets just kill, kill, kill, because it makes us feel better. Idiots all.

    2. Many police officers are involved in recycling of drugs that they get with the arest of pusher ung iba ginagamit as evidence but the bulk ends up in the street and peddle again so many operatives or officers assign at anti narcotics are rich. Kaya its high time to end their evil ways until such time na walang nasasampol d maniniwala
      Yang mga yan.

    3. Duterte was interviewed by foreign press regarding extra judicial killing of criminals. He said that this is the only language that criminals know. Kill or be killed. There are really a lot of bad Pilipinos. They are lazy to work. They now resort to criminal activities. Duterte has a point. What will you do with these bad people ? They will keep on doing bad things. Arrest and next day bail out. That is our outdated criminal justice system. I will suggest that no bail on drug pushers, addicts, drug lords, killers and other heinous crimes. That will 100 percent solve extra judicial killings. Let not our own people be forced to do vigilante killings.

    4. Killing the people involved on illegal drug business should start start with the 3 police generals. Kill them now ,immediately, not by just asking them to resign to avoid humiliation.