• Police find migrants hiding in Maserati cars


    LONDON: Ten suspected illegal immigrants have been found hiding in the trunks of luxury Maserati sports cars, British police said on Thursday.

    The stowaways are believed to be from Vietnam, and were found by police in Surrey, southern England, on Wednesday.

    Police photos showed the brand-new Italian sports cars on the back of a trailer, with clothes and shoes in the trunk of one of the vehicles.

    “The nine adults were arrested and a juvenile was detained on suspicion of illegal entry into the country,” a police spokesman said.

    The spokesman declined to say where the trailer had come from.

    The adults were transferred to the UK Visa and Immigration center in Dover, a common entry point into Britain for stowaways on vehicles coming from France.

    Immigration is a sensitive issue in Britain and the new Conservative government is under pressure to reduce migrant numbers.

    The news came as Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday announced a draft law to tighten a crackdown on illegal immigrants.



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