Police foil Bulacan jailbreak


BALAGTAS, Bulacan: The purported escape of 85 inmates from the district jail here was aborted on Saturday morning after combined police elements from the provincial command secured the facility.

Bulacan Provincial Police Director Senior Supt. Ferdinand Divina said the detainees staged a noise barrage at about 8 a.m., banging and shaking the iron walls causing its near collapse.

The noise barrage was called off a few hours after a negotiation between Balagtas Mayor Romy Castro and Jail Warden, Inspector Ramon Cantero, with their prison mayor (prison leader) George Urquiola.

The inmates were complaining of congested jail, interference of jail guards in their internal “rules” and alleged indecent proposal of to some of their wives.

Balagtas District Jail is said to accommodate only about 20 to 30 people at a given time but presently it has a population of 85 male and 15 female detainees with poor ventilation.

On the other complaints Cantero said they will look into it but denied allegations that some jail guards were courting the inmates’ wives.

Cantero insisted that the intervention made ??by his personnel in the on punishment imposed inmates, particularly the new detainees, was to correct the way they “punish” their fellow prisoners being their command responsibility.

Cantero added that immediate repair on cracked walls will be done with ventilation to minimize heat inside the cell.


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