Police hold sexagenarian over concealed 9mm bullet


ANOTHER sexagenarian passenger was denied boarding a plane on early on Sunday morning because of a bullet concealed in her handbag. Sixty-five-year-old Nimfa Fontamillas from Cavite, who was travelling along with her daughter identified as Menchu Tan, refused to open her bag until a lawyer appeared for her. The two were supposed to board a Tiger Airways flight TR2729 for Singapore when the interception occurred at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 final x-ray scanner at 5:30 am on Sunday. A lawyer identified as Clint Estandarte who later appeared to represent Fontamillas allowed the authorities to open her bag but requested to let the bag pass through the x-ray machine one more time.


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  1. Disband the OTS. Jail them extortionists. Talgang kgaraal at matitigas ang mga ulo nang mga ungas na ito. They must have protection from higher ups. Fire Honrado. These OTS are nothing but an agency of extortionist being tolerated by Honrado. Magkano kaya ang parte niya?