Police in counter-insurgency operations


Dear Sir, Some 90 police officers here in our province (Gen Santos City) have undergone training in counter-insurgency operations against New People’s Army (NPA) rebels. The training is necessary because of the increased NPA attacks against military and police, civilians here in Central Mindanao.  We are sure this training will help policemen to strengthen their skills to better and swiftly respond to NPA attacks.  The training is called SCOUT or the Special Counter Insurgency Operations Unit Training, which was conducted at the police headquarters in Gen. Santos City that lasted for 45 days. The men and women participants learned the rudiments of first aid, rope courses, immediate action drills, water/seaborne tactics, survival, community immersion among others. The training will bolster peace and order in our communities.  Its going to be a lot safer once these police officers are deployed in specific areas and to prevent and counter planned attacks of the NPAs. Now, it is not only the military that can go after the NPAs in the region.  This support from the police will definitely minimize killings and attacks. People in our community eagerly await the implementation of this endeavor soon.  Worthwhile training such as these should be a continuing one as more people especially in NPAprone areas reside will benefit from it.

Police in counter-
insurgency operations


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