• Police-killers’ reinstatement earns expletive from Lacson


    Sen. Panfilo Lacson on Thursday dropped an expletive-laden bombshell on the reinstatement of Supt. Marvin Marcos and 18 other policemen involved in the killing of former Albuera (Leyte) mayor Rolando Espinosa in November 2015.

    “The [18 other policemen] were given demotions and six-month suspensions. This [punishment]effectively disregarded the conspiracy angle. In sum, there is a phrase to describe this whole damn thing: P*******a!” Lacson said, using the shortened vernacular for “Your mother is a whore.”

    What irked the senator was the administrative penalty imposed on Marcos by the Internal Affairs Service of the Philippine National Police and subsequently approved by PNP chief Ronald de la Rosa.

    “It is not even a reinstatement. Rather, it was back-to-duty status after serving his four-month suspension order. According to the decision, Marcos was not physically present when the raiding team killed Espinosa and Raul Yap, but [he was]outside supervising the operation,” he said.

    Yap, a drug suspect, was occupying the same detention cell in Baybay, also in Leyte, when he and the former mayor–also a drug suspect–were killed.

    Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th said President Rodrigo Duterte “not only set the murderers free, he now gave back their badges and guns so they could murder again with impunity.”

    “Why? Because Duterte fears that these policemen might rat out on him for what they know about his involvement in the Espinosa murder,” Trillanes added.

    Espinosa and Yap died in an alleged shootout with a team of policemen from the CIDG (Criminal Investigation Detection Group) Region 8 on November 5, 2016 who were out to serve them search warrants for guns and drugs.

    Sen. Grace Poe said Marcos’ reinstatement to active duty “may further tarnish” the PNP as an institution that should value and uphold the rule of law in the performance of duty.

    “Such reinstatement may just encourage a culture of impunity among the ranks. The PNP could very well carry out its duties in protecting our people without somebody like Marcos and his cohorts,” Poe added.


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