• ‘Police must get ‘tech-savvy’ to catch criminals’


    THE HAGUE: Europe’s police officers need to become “as tech-savvy” as the criminals they are trying to catch, its policing agency urged Thursday, saying it had identified some 5,000 gangs operating across the continent. “Policing has got to adapt and follow in the same way. We’ve got to have police officers with digital, forensic analytical capabilities. They have got to get used to following crime across the Darknet, however challenging that is,” Wainwright said, speaking to AFP on the sidelines of the report’s launch. The Darknet is a hidden online arena notoriously used by criminals to trade weapons, drugs and child pornography. “The point we’re making today is that the investigators of all forms of serious and organized crime now need to be as tech savvy as the specialists they used to rely on from the back room in the past,” he added.



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