Police probe possible explosive near German Xmas market


BERLIN: German police on Friday were investigating a possible explosive device close to a Christmas market in Potsdam, reviving fears of a repeat of last year’s terror attack that struck at the height of the festive season. The device was uncovered in a package found at a pharmacy just off the Christmas market in central Potsdam, a picturesque city near Berlin. Police said a pharmacist had sounded the alert after finding a canister with wires inside the package. Investigators initially said in a tweet that “suspicions of an unconventional explosive device have been confirmed.” But Brandenburg interior minister Karl-Heinz Schroeter later said a probe was still ongoing to determine “whether the device was actually capable of causing an explosion or not.” Police found a canister filled with nails and powder, batteries and wires in the package, as well as a powerful firework of a type not allowed in Germany. But investigators added that there was no sign of a detonator inside.



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