• Police raid call-center office of US’ most wanted illegal gambling operator



    Police agents raided on Thursday a call-center office in Makati City allegedly run by America’s most wanted online gambling billionaire, Calvin Edward Ayre.

    A team from the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) of the National Capital Region broke into the office on the 22nd floor of Enterprise Tower on Ayala Ave.

    The team seized some gadgets and computer units that were believed to be used in taking illegal gambling bets.

    The CIDG-NCR director, Sr. Supt. Roberto Fajardo, said the raid confirmed that Ayre operates from the branches of call center and have visited the country.

    Ayre is a Canadian entrepreneur and founder of Bodog Entertainment Brand that operates online gambling websites.

    The business made him a billionaire in the mid-2000s but also earned him a bad-boy image.

    Ayre was indicted with three others in February 2012 in Maryland on illegal gambling and money laundering charges.

    Fajardo said Ayre, who is now a fugitive, was not present when the Makati office was raided. Fajardo has asked the Bureau of Immigration to check its records to determine if Ayre is still in the country.

    Fajardo said the call-center office was taking illegal bets from international clients.

    Ayre also has two more offices, in the RCBC building in Makati and Eton Building in Quezon City, that had permits to operate from the Security Exchange Commission (SEC).

    The Canadian used the alias “Calvin Wilson” while in the country, Fajardo said.

    Ayre is also facing charges of rape and kidnapping for ransom in the country, he said. ANTHONY VARGAS



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    1. pataygutomnaCIDGninakawpatiofficeTV on

      Pakulo. Gustong mamasko. Chavit Singson. Gustaffson? Who else is behind these attack? CIDG does not have the proper documents to conduct the raid. Oh well. Hintay na lang kayo ng karma.

    2. I was there! The accusations of CIDG has no basis. If their operation was legit then why did the search warrant have no date? Also, among the 5 CIDG persons in the Eton site only 2 Cidg men were able to present their ID’s. If this was a legit operation then media should have been the next to arrive and all gadgets should have been confiscated including the ones personally owned by the employees. The men at Eton Centris even ate pizza, took advantage of the free coffee and asked cigarette from some agents. And only laptops and high end fans were confiscated. This is bullshit! They held and detained many employees until midnight and that’s a clear violation of human rights! That’s illegal detention. CIDG Director, next time you conduct raids make sure you have concrete evidence and proper documentation and Orient your staff to be professional and not eat pizza, get free coffee and ask for cigarettes from employees! You want to do things then make it right! You didn’t even disarm the company guards and you should have coordinated with the Brgy or Police Station within the Company’s jurisdiction. You think people are stupid? Dami niyo inabalang tao magpapasko ginampanan niyo trabaho ng mga tao para ano? Para maka pamasko kayo?

    3. So many false accusations. Anthony Vargas, please verify your sources. Irresponsible journalism.