Police raids illegal cockpit in Bulacan


Pulilan, Bulacan: Operatives of the Philippine National Police and Philippine Army as well as  officials of Barangay Sto. Cristo in Pulilan arrested Roning Santos, allegedly one of the top gambling lords in the province early dawn on Saturday.

Santos was arrested after authorities received a complaint from Barangay Chairman Dennis Cruz that Santos has been holding cockfights via the Internet and has been using his restaurant as a front.

Santos, on the other hand, said that he has permits from Global Online Cockfighting to broadcast the games. He admitted that cockfighting inside his restaurant has been operating for the past three years. However, Cruz said that Santos’ permit gives him the right to show the fights online but doesn’t allow him to collect bets from clients inside his restaurant.

Pulilan Deputy Chief of Police Greg Santos said Santos even collects entrance fee from patrons just like what is being done in a regular cockpit arena.

Police said Santos resisted arrest, holed himself up in the cockpit with some  relatives and threatened the authorities that he would rather die than surrender.

The standoff lasted for almost five hours and ended when the authorities used a bolt cutter to open the entrance of the cockpit where Santos was hiding.


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